Chapter 75: The Cursed Hell

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 75: The Cursed Hell

“Qin Yu, just you wait. I swear here and now, I will wipe out your Qin clan!”

This was what Mu Rongrui said when he fled the canyon.

Qin Yu stood outside the entrance of the canyon, bathed in crimson light, while fire burned in his eyes. His delicate face was ice cold, and he crazily emitted a torrent of cold wind that roared thunderously.

“Da Ge, what… what happened to you?”

Mu Rongyue chased forward, and she felt as though she was going to be frozen, even as she stood a few inches away. Something seemed off with Qin Yu. Thus despite the danger of being frozen, she forcefully came forward and asked worriedly.

Qin Yu’s body trembled for a short while, and the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword in his hands disappeared. The crimson light surrounding his body faded along with it.

“Phew.” He let out a sigh. “The Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was behaving strangely.”

“Behaving strangely? Could it be that the Sword was trying to take over control of your body? It looked like you were not yourself just now.” Mu Rongyue was more worried than before, “If this is the case, Da Ge, don’t use the Sword hastily next time. If anything were to happen… Sigh, this does not make any sense. Didn’t you say that you had already wiped the Demonic Spirit of the sword from the face of this Earth?”

“Exactly, the Sword’s Demonic Spirit was already exterminated by me. How could it be…?” Qin Yu himself was confused over what was happening. It seems like he had to study the sword when he goes back.

At the same time, this served as a reminder that this sword could not be used hastily. In the event that the sword was used, precautions have to be made. As he was chasing Mu Rongrui, he overused his strength, and a devious trace of consciousness took advantage of that very moment to rush into his sea of consciousness. Thankfully, the Earth Spirit Pearl in his Sea of Consciousness blocked that devious trace of consciousness for just long enough for him to react. Otherwise, the consequences would have been severe.

When he reacted and tried to deal with the intruding consciousness, it had already disappeared without any trace, leaving Qin Yu with no chance to strike.

Could it be that there was another Demonic Spirit within the Sword? A Demonic Spirit that exists in the form of a trace of consciousness. A Demonic Spirit in that form was hard to guard against and deal with.

It was exactly due to the untimely appearance of this problem that Mu Rongrui could luckily escape this time around.

“It’s a pity, letting that jerk run away.” Qin Yu sighed regretfully. He felt even more regret for his failed plan of receiving a huge amount of Energy Fireflies.

“Da Ge, let it be. There wasn’t any merit to catching him anyway.” Mu Rongyue said quietly. It was obvious she was not confident of this.

Qin Yu turned over and looked at Mu Rongyue, and spoke in a bland tone: “Xiao Yue, I know what you’re thinking of. You don’t want me to kill him. But I have to remind you, your benevolence will cause the deaths of many, including yourself. Think about it.” After he finished speaking, Qin Yu coldly turned and walked away, towards the direction of the canyon.

“Da Ge, I…” Mu Rongyue knew that Qin Yu was unhappy and her heart fell. She wanted to explain herself, but she did not know how to go about it.

She knew in her heart that showing any benevolence in a fight of life and death was a taboo. She was not a benevolent person as well, but when facing Mu Rongrui, who was from the same clan as her, she really couldn’t bring herself to be so ruthless.

Qin Yu returned to face Ruo Feng, and stared down at him with an icy cold gaze. The pressure from his gaze forced Ruo Feng to kneel on the floor, and he hung his head low, not daring to lift his head up for even a centimeter.

“During our journey here, I already knew that there was someone questionable in our midst, and that person was you! We did not meet anybody else during the journey, and yet we encountered an ambush just as we entered the canyon. What’s more, the leader of the ambush, Mu Rongrui, correctly guessed my identity. Xiao Yue and Qing Yun couldn’t be a problem. The only thing I didn’t expect was that you would sneak an attack on Qing Yun instead of me.”

“I have to say, you were very lucky, if you had sneaked an attack on me, you would have already been a dead man.”

Qin Yu’s words were not meant to scare him, and they were actually the truth. He was already cautious of Ruo Feng, and if Ruo Feng did try to attack him, death was his only outcome.

Cold sweat dripped from Ruo Feng, and he was immensely grateful for his prior decision. He knew Qin Yu was strong and hence he did not choose to attack him. Mu Rongyue was a princess, and he didn’t have the guts to act upon her as well. Therefore, the only option left was the unlucky Qing Yun.

“I am curious. Since you were their mole, you should have a way to contact them. You could’ve contacted them to tell them our location, especially during the period of time when I was injured. That was the best period for you to strike. Why wait till now?” Qin Yu probed further.

Ruo Feng raised his head up slowly, bitterness forming on his face “Young Master Qin, from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t want to risk my life for them. I was reluctant to listen to their bidding. But in the past few days, they have been forcing my hand. They gave me an ultimatum and threatened to sell my sister to a brothel. That was why I had to do what I did. Young Master Qin, I beg you. You can kill me, but please save my sister. You have to save my sister. Please, I beg of you.”

Ruo Feng kneeled on the ground, tears freely flowing down his face as he kowtowed.

Qin Yu let out a sigh. “Don’t worry, I will not kill you. If I wanted to kill you, you would’ve already become a corpse. Stay alive and return to save your sister.”

As he finished his sentence, he turned around and walked towards Qing Yun. Qing Yun’s injury has stabilized, but she still remained sitting on the ground, deep in meditation. She was injured, after all.

“Ruo Feng, get up.” Mu Rongyue came over and helped Ruo Feng up.

“Princess, I’m sorry, I…” Ruo Feng wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Mu Rongyue.

“It’s enough, I know you were being forced against your will. Stay alive, we will save your sister once we are out together.” Mu Rongyue consoled her subordinate.

“Thank you, Princess.” Ruo Feng went on his knees and kowtowed again.

“Go apologize to Miss Qing. Hopefully, she can forgive you.” As Mu Rongyue looked over at the meditating Qing Yun, a tinge of jealousy brewed inside her. Reminded of how Qin Yu was concerned about Qing Yun and how Qin Yu was unhappy with her previously, her heart sank.

“Yes, princess.” Ruo Feng naturally did not know what Mu Rongyue was feeling at this moment. He was only focused on following Mu Rongyue’s commands and went to apologize to Qing Yun. After all, he did sneak attack Qing Yun earlier, causing her to be wounded.

“Phew.” Qing Yun let out a breath of air as she finished meditating.

“How are you feeling?” Qin Yu asked softly behind her.

“I’m alright. Won’t die from this.” Qing Yun stood up slowly and turned around. The soft gaze from her sparkling eyes landed on Qin Yu, and she said softly, “Thank you, you saved me once again.”

Qin Yu smiled in return, “It was no trouble at all. Since you are fine now, let’s leave this place.”

“Sure.” Qing Yun nodded in return. Just as she was about to take her first step, Ruo Feng came in like the wind and knelt down in front of her.

Qing Yun shook her head, speaking blandly, “I already know of your reasons, so I wouldn’t blame you. Stay alive, return and save your sister.”

Finishing her words, Qing Yun took a step forward, brushing beside Ruo Feng and ignoring him. Even though she said that she would not blame Ruo Feng, deep down she still felt uncomfortable.

“Let’s go.” Qin Yu said to Qing Yun, as he followed her.

“Ruo Feng, get up, let’s go.” Mu Rongyue quickly followed after Qin Yu. Ruo Feng stood up and remained at the very back.

The team of four left the canyon under the cover of the night.

After they left the canyon, heads popped up from the bush near the entrance of the canyon.

“Boss, they’re only a group of four. Why didn’t we strike just now? Those two girls are so pretty.” A fatty spoke first, slurping his drool back into his watering mouth.

“Moron.” The man they called Boss stared at him. “You idiot, those people look so strong, they are not as easy to deal with as you might think. Now that it is nighttime, they will definitely have to find a place to rest. We can strike at midnight. Hehe!”

“Boss, what a great plan!” the group of men sucked up to him immediately.

“Hehe, midnight. I like midnight. Those 2 pretty girls, hehe…” The fatty smiled perversely.

“The heck are you smiling at.” The leading Boss kicked the ass of the fatty,  and he growled softly “Why are you still distracted? Go follow them.”

“Oh oh, yes.” The men finally reacted, and under the disguise of the night, they sneakily following the people in front.

“Da Ge, it’s late. Let’s find a place to rest. Miss Qing is injured, she should not tire herself out.”

Mu Rongyue suggested while looking at the dark sky over the mountain pass in front.

“I am fine.” Qing Yun replied blandly.

“Xiao Yue is right. Let’s rest first.” Qin Yu knew of the injury on Qing Yun and that she must not overexert herself. It was late at night too, and it was a suitable time for them to take a break.

The group stopped in their tracks as they looked around, looking for a resting place. It seemed like there were no suitable places. Finally, they saw a Great Hall on top of the hill in front of them.

There was a lot of similar Great Halls in the Slaughter Array, and each and every hall was a Transmission Formation that transmitted them here.

“Let’s go rest in that Great Hall.” Qin Yu made the decision and led the group towards the Hall.

“Qin Yu, I sense someone following us from behind.” Qing Yun whispered at this moment.

Qin Yu nodded his head calmly, “I know. A total of eight people. Ignore them.”

“Mm.” Qing Yun nodded. Since Qin Yu said to ignore them, he must have a way to deal with them. Qing Yun didn’t have to worry. Unknowingly, Qing Yun realized her trust for Qin Yu was exceedingly high for anyone. It was a form of unquestionable, doubtless trust that she did not have in anyone else, even her parents. Why was this so? She couldn’t find a word to describe this weird feeling.

In a short while, the group of four walked into the hall.

Inside the Great Hall, it was empty, dark, cold and scary. This didn’t seem like a hall for mortals, but a hall that belonged in the underworld.

Standing in the center of the hall, Qin Yu looked around, feeling the eerie and cold atmosphere. He was in doubt, is this hall only meant for the Transmission Formation? Then again, you do not need such a big hall for a formation. A simple cave or even flat ground would do. Why would they make such a big hall?

Could it be that this hall had other uses or secrets?

“Da Ge, this place… can we really rest here? This place is giving me the chills.” Mu Rongyue asked while shivering as she scanned around the empty and cold hall.

“I feel that this place is weird too.” Qing Yun continued on.

“Why not, let us find a second place.” Ruo Feng spoke softly; he didn’t dare to speak loudly now.

Qin Yu frowned, saying “The day is almost over now. It is hard to find another suitable place outside. At the very least, this place can shield us from the elements. We’ll just have to make do. Of course, if both of you are uncomfortable with this place, we can go out and look for a second one.” His gaze landed on Qing Yun and Mu Rongyue, and he asked for their opinions. He had to take care of the two ladies. As for Ruo Feng, he can scram to wherever he pleases.

“No problem, let’s just stay here. People walking down the road of Cultivation aren’t so pampered.” Qing Yun said.

She was the only one injured in the group of four. If she could say this, the others could not stand to say otherwise. The group went to tidy up the place.

Outside, the group of people who were following them came to the front of the hall, and stood about a mile away from it. They halted their steps and looked on with horror at the direction of the Great Hall.

“B..Boss, they had to audacity to go inside the Great Hall to rest. Th…th...this…” Looking at the Great Hall in front, the fatty’s face was filled with horror. It was like he was reminded of something horrendous, and he retreated uncontrollably. As he retreated, he stammered “I...I’m not following. You guys can go in on your own.”

“Hey damn fatty, weren’t you saying you wanted those two pretty girls to warm your bed for you? Why are you so scared now?” One of them teased.

“ have no idea what is inside. Screw the girl, you can take them both. I’m out!” Fatty was still retreating.

“Boss, what’s going on?” The group looked at their leader, confusion evident on their faces.

Even though the leader did not retreat with horror like Fatty, his face was still filled with horror.

“There was this one time, Fatty, I and a dozen of our brothers went in a Great Hall just like this. We wanted to rest inside too. B...But… “

“Stop, Boss, STOP! AHHH!!!!” Fatty hugged his head before letting out a scream as he turned and took off into the darkness.

Looking at Fatty’s weird actions, the men’s faces were filled with shock and their hearts trembled.

“Boss, what did you encountered that night that caused Fatty to go into this sort of frenzy?” one of them curiously asked.

“Stop asking, out of the dozens of men, the only ones who survived that night were only Fatty and me.” The leading man said. He clenched hard on his teeth before saying “Let’s go. Remember, never come to this great hall in the middle of the night next time.”

“But why?”

“Because this is a cursed hell.”

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