Chapter 73: Betrayal

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 73: Betrayal

“Qin Yu!”

“Da Ge!” Qing Yun and Mu Rongyue cried out in fear when they saw Qin Yu fall and rushed toward him.

Qin Yu waved his hands and tried to calm the two women, shouting loudly, “Don’t come here! It’s fine! I’m alright.”

“You’re fine?” Prince Mu Rongrui came to a halt and stared with obvious shock at his opponent. Qin Yu was completely unharmed. Realizing Qin Yu wore the Golden Silk Armor, Mu Rongrui came to a clear understanding. He regretted attacking Qin Yu’s chest instead of his neck.

“You were lucky this time around, but you won’t be the next!” Mu Rongrui laughed sinisterly.

“Next time? Hmph!” Qin Yu snickered. “You won’t get another chance like this!” The young cultivator’s body trembled. His aura grew, and the winds roared and rushed about him.

Mu Rongrui’s eyes rounded, and his face showed a trace of shock. Quickly, he regained his composure and stated, “You really have been hiding your strength; but, you’re only at the middle stage of the Immersion Realm. Killing you will be as easy as killing a dog. Unable to defeat you and slaughtered one by one, the bunch of useless sloths under Can Bao are pathetic!”

“Kill!” Qin Yu ignored Mu Rongrui’s insults. With a holler, the young cultivator attacked with the first move of “Rushing Thunder Palm,” “Power like Rushing Thunder.” Thunder boomed and resounded throughout the entire mountain range. With his cultivation now in the middle stage of the Immersion Realm, the power of Qin Yu’s strike had grown manifold, so the thunder was much louder than before. Mu Rongrui was shocked, not by Qin Yu’s attack, but by the booming thunderclap. His heart jumped at the thunderous roar.

In that split second, Qin Yu’s palm grew rapidly in the reflections of the prince’s eyes. The ferocious strength seemed to suffocate him. How could Qin Yu be so powerful?! Mu Rongrui’s face changed, and he didn’t dare to let down his guard. Quivering, his long sword bloomed into a blade light. “Die!” Before the shout fully left his lips, Mu Rongrui attacked with his sword. His blade danced like lightning. Despite activating second, the shadow of the prince’s sword engulfed Qin Yu’s palm attack.

“Wind, retreat!” Qin Yu’s face became grave as he quickly retracted his hand. His opponent’s sword was too fast and too sharp. Qin Yu couldn’t fight recklessly. He could only evade the cutting edge; otherwise, his whole hand might be minced to pieces.

Seeing Qin Yu forced backward, Mu Rongrui grinned with a tinge of madness. “Phantom Shadow Kill! Die!” Man and sword became like ghosts. Although the pair seemed intangible, they still existed; but, just when one could sense their presence, that person would be only a half step from death.

“Blood Shadow Definite Kill!” Qin Yu shouted and struck with his most powerful move. Blood light erupted, and two crossing blood trails tore apart the shadow in front of him.

“Aaaaarrgh!” A terrible scream resounded as the two fighting figures broke away from each other. Blood flew and splattered on the earth around them, dyeing the leaves red.

“Your Highness!” The masked men, who had yet to attack, exclaimed and ran toward the prince. They flanked Mu Rongrui, protecting him on all sides. Simultaneously, Qing Yun, Mu Rongyue, and Ruo Feng ran to Qin Yu and glared at the masked men.

The final blow had dealt huge damage to both parties. Mu Rongrui’s shoulder was slashed badly, his wound a crisscross pattern. Fortunately, he had been fast enough or the wounds would have been on his face instead of his shoulder. With a huge slanted cut on his neck, Qin Yu was injured as well. If the angle had been a little steeper, his whole chin might have been sliced off. The gash on his neck extended up to his chin, and he was a bloody mess. It was horrifying!

“Qin Yu, how are you?! Are you fine?” Qing Yun saw the blood-chilling wound on Qin Yu’s neck and thought his throat might have been injured. Her tears were uncontrollable, and she sobbed with fear.

Mu Rongyue, too, cried out, “Da ge! Qin Da Ge! How are you? You…sniff…”

“I’m fine! Step back!” Qin Yu gritted his teeth and pushed them away. The “Secrets of Eternal Life” technique was healing his injuries, and blood soon stopped flowing. His wounds healed miraculously.

Qing Yun, gripping her Azure Edge Sword, stepped in front of Qin Yu and refused to budge. “Qin Yu, I’ll deal with him.”

“You’re no match for him.” Only Qin Yu knew how scary the prince was. His sword was ridiculously fast. Qin Yu had no doubt that even a normal Transformation Realm cultivator would have died to Mu Rongrui’s “Phantom Shadow Kill.” Mu Rongrui was a freak who could kill cultivators in higher realms than his own.

However, Qin Yu had left a greater impact on Mu Rongrui. Qin Yu was able to use a move as powerful as “Blood Shadow Definite Kill” although his cultivation was merely at the middle stage of the Immersion Realm. Not only had the attack ruined the prince’s “Phantom Shadow Kill,” he’d been injured as well. Even a cultivator at the peak of the Immersion Realm might not be able to match Qin Yu’s abilities. Mu Rongrui finally understood why Can Bao’s men had died. Qin Yu was truly a rare genius.

“Your Highness, we’ll kill him!” A masked man volunteered vengeance.

Stuffing a pill into his own mouth to stop his bleeding, Mu Rongrui stabilized himself. “Move aside,” he panted.

“Your Highness, this…” The masked man was in a tight spot. Mu Rongrui was already injured, and his men wanted to stop him from fighting. If anything happened to the young prince, his protectors would be to blame and would have to pay the price with their lives.

“I’m telling you to get lost!” A cruel expression appeared on Mu Rongrui’s face.=

“...Yes...” The man could only step aside unwillingly. Mu Rongrui stood up, and his piercing gaze that resembled knives slashed at Qin Yu. The prince’s fair face twitched. “You’re stronger than I had thought.”

“You’re good too.” Qin Yu stepped forward slowly. He passed Qing Yun and stood before them. His Blood Saber was ready. When facing such a intimidatingly fast swordsman, he wouldn’t falter again.

“Ha…” Mu Rongrui let out a small chuckle. “We wouldn’t have known each other if we hadn’t fought. I’ll give you one chance: Follow me. For your abilities, I’ll grant you unlimited money and glory. You’ll be much better off than if you stay with Mu Rongyue. Whatever she has to offer, I, too, have. What she cannot offer, I have as well.” The young prince desired to recruit Qin Yu. To Mu Rongrui, a genius like Qin Yu would be an incredibly useful asset.

Qin Yu grinned. “The conditions seem fine, but you lack sincerity.”

“What more could you want? As long as you ask, I can provide it,” Mu Rongrui replied confidently.”

“Is that so?” Qin Yu sneered. “Kneel in front of me and call me ‘da ge’; can you do that?”

“How dare you?! Who do you think you are to ask His Highness to kneel before you?” Hollering, a masked man rushed toward Qin Yu, but he stumbled to a halt beneath Mu Rongrui’s glare.

“I cannot satisfy this condition. I am royalty, and you’re supposed to kneel to me, not the other way around. As for calling you ‘da ge,’ I don’t think you’re worthy.” Mu Rongrui’s expression was frosty. He no longer possessed the serenity he’d had when appealing to Qin Yu. Qin Yu had been too excessive in his demands.

Qin Yu laughed loudly. “Didn’t you say that whatever I desired would be fulfilled? I take it you were talking out your ass then.”

“Hmph, as if you deserve any respect!” A malicious light flashed in Mu Rongrui’s eyes. “Then, I’ll grant your death wish!” The prince’s voice suddenly rose in volume, and it clanged like thunder. “What are you waiting for? Kill him!” As he cried out, he didn’t look at the masked men behind him, but behind Qin Yu.

“Die!” Someone screamed from behind Qin Yu, and a ferocious palm attack struck Qing Yun’s back. Qing Yun was thrown forward, and blood sprayed through the air.

“Ruo Feng, are you mad?!” Mu Rongyue shrieked.

“Qing Yun!” Qin Yu yelled, and he leapt up to catch Qing Yun in his arms.

“Phantom Shadow Kill!” How could Mu Rongrui wast such a good opportunity? Qin Yu had flown upward to catch Qing Yun and left his back unguarded. This was Mu Rongrui’s best shot. This time, Qin Yu wouldn’t be able to counterattack. The prince’s sword would never give him the chance to attack again!

“Rainbow Startling Sword!” Mu Rongyue had no time to deal with the traitorous Ruo Feng. She knew she had to stop Mu Rongrui; or else, both Qing Yun and Qin Yu would die. The princess was aware she’d never be able to stop Mu Rongrui on her own, but she could use her greatest ability to at least slow him down a little. A splendid light blossomed and beamed like the sun. At such a crucial moment, Mu Rongyue unleashed her greatest potential. The attack was imbued with incredible strength as it proceeded to clash with Mu Rongrui’s “Phantom Shadow Kill.”

“Eh?!” Mu Rongrui had thought little of Mu Rongyue’s attack; but, he suddenly felt an immense pressure. He was stunned. When had Mu Rongyue learned such a powerful move?! Mu Rongrui could ignore her to kill Qin Yu; however, Mu Rongyue’s attack might strike him, and he would either die or suffer grave wounds. If he hadn’t already been injured, her attack would mean nothing, and Mu Rongrui would simply kill Qin Yu immediately. But, that was not so, and the prince couldn’t sustain another injury.

“Get out of my way!” Mu Rongrui’s sword flashed and scattered brilliant light with a dazzling speed, and he launched himself at Qin Yu.

Although Mu Rongrui was very fast, he had hesitated for a breath. Normal people might find such a span of time insignificant; but, for cultivators, a breath could change the tide of battle. In this single moment, Qin Yu found the chance to retaliate. “Wind, dash left.”

“Cloudtrack Phantom, chase!”

“Demonic Blood-Devouring Sword, kill!” When the Demonic Blood-Devouring Sword attacked, the entire array shook, and the sky paled. The blood light flooded the blue overhead and brought with it the overwhelming odor of blood. In a bloodthirsty rage, the attack roiled and roared.

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