Chapter 69: A Bad Premonition

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 69: A Bad Premonition

Five days later, ten hunters had been killed, averaging two a day. The huge loss infuriated Can Bao, King of the Hunters. The ten hunters who died, in addition to more than a dozen men who had died previously, amounted to nearly thirty hunters lost. To lose a third of the hunters was a greatly unanticipated catastrophe.

“Da ge, this can’t continue! We have to change our methods. That Qin Yu is completely unpredictable and difficult to handle. If things continue at this rate, how are we going to account to Prince Qi in the future?” At the highest level of the pagoda, Shi Yan spoke furiously as he stood behind Can Bao. “That bastard Qin Yu is way too cunning, attacking our men when they’re alone. Furthermore, it’s doesn’t seem to be him alone.There should be at least four others.

“Only four people are necessary to bring us to this pathetic state. Don’t you find that embarrassing?” Can Bao’s scarred face darkened.

Shi Yan was depressed as well. “Da ge, I’m useless. Please punish me.”

“And how would that be useful?” Can Bao chided, turning around.

“Erm… Da ge, I have a plan to overturn our situation and regain control.” Three Eyes rolled his eyes and approached them. “There are around a thousand people left within the Illusory Battlefield. Why don’t we use them to make up for the lack of manpower on our side? We can still pit them against each other; it’ll be a win-win situation.”

“Elaborate on your plan.” Can Bao’s spirit lifted slightly, and he looked toward Three Eyes with hope.

“Da ge, we can split our forces: Some of us will spread the news that Qin Yu has found a Spirit Weapon, and the rest will offer a reward for Qin Yu’s head for murdering the guard in the tower. The reward will be five Black Grade Pills.” Hearing the plan, everyone’s eyes lit up. This was, indeed, a perfect solution! Either the Spirit Weapon or the five Black Grade Promotion Pills were sufficient incentive to have cultivators go crazy for them.

“Three Eyes, this is a good plan; but, where do we get the five Black Grade Pills?” Shi Yan asked with a frown.

“Hehe,” Three Eyes snickered. “Do you really think that we’ll give them the Promotion Pills?”

“How evil!” Everyone was impressed.

“Okay, do it now,” ordered Can Bao.

“Wait, Da ge, let me add,” Shi Yan interrupted quickly. “The three men who we captured know Qin Yu. We can release them and have them help us with our plan.”

“Sure, the both of you will go personally. This time around, I do not wish to hear of any of our men dying.” Can Bao’s eyes cast a cold glare upon the both of them.

With chilled hearts, Shi Yan and Three Eyes replied in unison, “Yes.”


At this time, Qin Yu and the rest had no idea their opponents were changing tactics; instead, the group had found something unusual: The hunters around them were decreasing gradually. They either vanished or formed groups of four or five. Hunters no longer operated in pairs or alone as they had before. “Master Qin, do you think they’ve given up on catching us now that they’re afraid?” Ruo Feng asked excitedly. Qin Yu and Ruo Feng were hiding in a bush, watching the hunters retreat from a distance.

Qin Yu shook his head immediately. “Don’t be too happy. Something’s strange.”

“Then, what’s going on?” Ruo Feng asked doubtfully. He lifted his head from the grass and looked at the silhouettes vanishing from sight. Qin Yu did the same and felt something was wrong. Unable to wrap his head around what the hunters were doing, Qin Yu had a bad premonition. He told Ruo Feng, “I’m going to check. Go back to Xiao Yu and Qing Yun and tell them that the ambush is canceled.”

“Okay.” Ruo Feng cautiously backed out of the bushes, and he ran to where Mu Rongyue and Qing Yun were hiding. Qin Yu had changed out of his tattered gray clothes and was now clad in the clothes he had peeled off a hunter. If people were to see him from the back, they would mistake him for a hunter as well.

The sky grew dark. Mu Rongyue, Qing Yun, and Ruo Feng waited for Qin Yu under a tree as they’d agreed upon before. “Ruo Feng, why is Qin Da ge not here yet?” Mu Rongyue, staring at the black sky, asked with worry. She was afraid Qin Yu would encounter trouble.

“Miss, I’m not sure about this either. However, with Master Qin’s strengths, he’ll be fine; rest assured.” Ruo Feng comforted her.

“I’ll take a look. The rest of you wait here,” Qing Yun suddenly declared after remaining quiet for some time. She turned to leave; yet, unusual sounds came from nearby. “Who is it?!” Qing Yun questioned the figure hidden in the dark and gripped her Qing Feng Sword.

“It’s me.” Qin Yu’s familiar voice calmed all of their hearts. He walked past the trees and reached them, his face grave.

“Da ge, how was it? Why have they retreated?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “I wanted to catch someone for questioning, but the hunters were extremely guarded. Four or five of them would gather together, sometimes even more than ten of them. I couldn’t find a chance to attack.”

“This means we have no idea what they plan to do,” Qing Yun interrupted.

“Yes.” Qin Yu nodded. “We better be careful these next few days and keep an eye out.”

“Hm, this is all we can do.” The group was silent a moment and settled into their respective places to rest. They planned to pass the night before anything.

Qin Yu leaned against a tree, his hands folded behind his head. He lifted his head and looked at the starry night through the gaps between leaves. His parents’ figures floated into his mind. After being away for so long, Qin Yu missed home and wondered how his parents were doing. He had entered the Illusory Battlefield straight after leaving the Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain, so his family was probably still worried.

“Da ge.” At this point, Mu Rongyue made her way over silently and squatted beside Qin Yu.

Sitting up, Qin Yu stared at Mu Rongyue with curiosity. “What? Can’t sleep?”

“I-I have some things to say to you.” When Mu Rongyue spoke, she attracted the notice of Qing Yun, who lay on the other side. The other woman didn’t move an inch, but her ears perked up to full attention as she listened in on the conversation. She even began to feel anxious; was Mu Rongyue going to confess her feelings to Qin Yu? However, even if Mu Rongyue were to confess, why should Qing Yun be anxious? It wasn’t her problem anyway. Nonetheless, she was still worried that Qin Yu might agree if Mu Rongyue confessed. It was still none of Qing Yun’s business even if Qin Yu agreed; but, she could not control her feelings.

“Speak your mind.” Qin Yu sat up attentively.

“It’s about your parents.” Mu Rongyue’s words shocked Qin Yu. However, Qing Yun relaxed a little; it wasn’t a confession.

“What about my parents?” Qin Yu’s voice abruptly rose, and he looked at Mu Rongyue with a bad feeling in his gut.

“Da ge, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about this earlier; but, these days…” Mu Rongyue felt guilty.

“Oh, Xiao Yue, I don’t blame you. Please, tell me quickly,” Qin Yu urged her solemnly.

“Before I entered the Illusory Battlefield, I heard Master Tie Shou say your father created chaos within the Qin Family after hearing that you were forced into the Forbidden Area by Qin Chong. Not only did he set fire to the family lands, he broke the taboo of the Elder. Thus, your parents were ordered to be thrown into jail,” Mu Rongyue explained the situation plainly.

“What? They threw my parents in jail? Bastards!” Qin Yu was livid. “Qin Chong, I’ll make you pay the price!”

“Da ge, please, don’t be impulsive. Qin Chong is protected by the Elder Qin Yuandao; you can’t fight him. I heard that he’s an old monster already beyond the Transformation Realm.”

“Hmph, so what if he’s in the Spirit Realm?! Whoever dares to lay a finger on my parents, be it the Jade Emperor himself, I will skin him!” Qin Yu released a cold and icy aura that threatened to freeze the air around him. “The day I leave this array will be the day when they pay the price. Qin Chong, we’ll recount all of our past grudges at that time.” Qin Yu gritted his teeth in a murderous manner.

“Da ge, you must calm down,” Mu Rongyue advised him. She had dared not inform him of these happenings because she was afraid that he would respond rashly. She knew Qin Yu was strong, but he would never be a match for old, monstrous Qin Yuandao. Qin Yu needed time to surpass him. “Da ge, I won’t allow you to do stupid things!” Mu Rongyue grabbed Qin Yu’s hand and pleaded. “With your talent, you won’t need long to surpass Qin Yuandao. You can go back then to deal with them.”

Qin Yu was stunned. He looked at Mu Rongyue’s worried expression and gradually quashed his cold and murderous aura. He stretched out his hand to grip hers, and a smile emerged on his face. “Xiao Yue, don’t worry. I wouldn’t do something stupid.” Mu Rongyue stared at her hand in Qin Yu’s and blushed slightly. She lowered her head shyly with happiness in her heart.

“That’s good then, Da ge,” Mu Rongyue responded in a warm tone; but, she suddenly remembered something. “By the way, that day when you left us and entered the central area alone, we met Lu Wushuang, Qin Zhao, and the three men following them. Ruo Feng and I fought the five of them!”

“Lu Wushuang and Qin Zhao, they’re back together?” Qin Yu looked puzzled.

“En.” Mu Rongyue nodded. “I don’t know what’s going on between them either.”

“Hmph, she’s a bitch indeed. But, I’ve got to acknowledge how lucky she is. She won’t continue to be so fortunate though.” Qin Yu snickered in disdain, a murderous glint flashing across his eyes. Lu Wushuang had escaped Qin Yu twice and had been remarkably fortunate.

“How did that fight go?” Qin Yu then asked. Two versus five, Mu Rongyue had definitely been at a disadvantage when it came to the number of people. However, Mu Rongyue was safe and sound; so, Qin Yu was very curious about what had happened in that fight and if Lu Wushung and Qin Zhao were alive.

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