Chapter 68: The Power of a Spirit Weapon

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 68: The Power of a Spirit Weapon

Qin Yu saw how shocked Qing Yun was and he smiled in a cool manner. “If I hadn’t killed him, how could the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword be in my hands? However, it’s power may be much weaker than before.”

The demonic spirit of the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was destroyed and it became a normal spirit weapon. Nonetheless, it was still ten times better than normal weapons.

“Huff.” Qing Yun took a deep breath to calm herself down and looked at Qin Yu strangely—as if she was looking at a monster. “Just how strong are you?"

“Erm, that is hard to say. Just know that I can deal with a couple of Hunters with ease.” Qin Yu said confidently.

“Okay, we will collaborate.” Qing Yun nodded and agreed. With the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword, they would have a chance against the Hunters.

“Smart choice.” Qin Yu grinned as he kept the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword into his ring. He turned towards Mu Rongyue. “Xiao Yue, do you know how many competitors entered the Illusory Battlefield?”

Mu Rongyue kept silent and thought for a while. “I’m not sure about the exact figures but there should be an estimated four to five thousand people.”

Qing Yun was surprised by the number and could not help but interrupt. “So many?”

“Of course. This is the most conservative estimate.” Mu Rongyue spoke firmly. “There are more than a hundred cities within Qiongxi Country. Every city chooses about ten to a hundred elites. Small cities like Luosang City will choose about a dozen people while larger cities like the Capital will choose around three hundred competitors.”

“If we were to calculate it like this, there are only about a thousand people left in the Illusory Battlefield. There may be even fewer.” Qin Yu sighed.

Mu Rongyue’s facial expression and tone changed immediately. “Brother, what did you just say? Only about a thousand left? How could it be? It hasn’t even been a month, how…”

She entered the Illusory Battlefield to stop the scheme of the Hunters. Now that thousands had died, there was nothing which she could do.

“He’s speaking the truth.” A few days ago, three hundred of the strongest elites entered the Tower during the fight for a Spirit Weapon. Every one of them killed at least ten people. With this, before we entered the Tower, at least three thousand people died and only a few of us among the three hundred elites had managed to escape. The rest of them are all dead.

Qing Yun’s tone was rather solemn. In that battle, thousands of young heroes lost their lives within a single day. It was so cruel that their hairs stood on end.

“Plop.” Mu Rongyue staggered and fell on the floor, her face as white as a sheet.

“Miss!” Ruo Feng shouted as he rushed up to her. However, Qin Yu was a step early and was helping her up already.

“Xiao Yue, are you fine?” Qin Yu asked worriedly.

Mu Rongyue looked very sick. She leaned on Qin Yu’s shoulder and spoke in a trembling voice. “Does it mean that Qiongxi Country is doomed?”

Qing Yun saw how Mu Rongyue behaved and felt puzzled. This lady was too concerned with the fate of the nation. Why would she be so worried about whether Qiongxi Country was doomed or not? However, Qing Yun was still unaware of Mu Rongyue’s true identity.

As the Princess of the country, it was natural for her to be concerned with the nations affairs.

The death of thousands of elites was a huge loss to Qiongxi Country. This would cause a drop in strength between the generations of cultivators. Their world prioritizes cultivation and a lack of talented cultivators would deal a great blow to the country’s capabilities. The strength of the country might decline. Qiongxi Country had been declining for many years and at this rate, the country would be doomed.

“Xiao Yue, whatever happened is irreversible. Don’t be too upset—what we need to do now is to protect the remaining people.” Qin Yu comforted her.

In reality, he did not have much interest in protecting these people. If it was not for Mu Rongyue, he would never bother himself with it. The path of cultivation was always cruel. Since they had chosen this path, they would have to depend on their own abilities and their destiny. No one could protect them forever. Furthermore, many of them had a greedy nature. If it were not for their greed, how would thousands of them die in the battle at the Tower?

“Brother, what do we do now?” Mu Rongyue stabilized herself and asked Qin Yu. A firm and sharp glint shone from her eyes, displaying a trace of anger.

She agreed with Qin Yu. In this situation, moping around in sadness would be of no help. It was crucial for them to protect the remaining talented youths. She had a different stand from the others—she had to protect the last hope of Qiongxi.

“It’s simple. The four of us will fight the Hunters together. We could lure them to fight us and attract all of their attention. They would then be incapable of attacking the others. Furthermore, with every Hunter we kill, we decrease their threat to the others.” Qin Yu’s plan was indeed simple but dangerous.

Qing Yun had realised the danger in this immediately. “If we do this, our enemies will spot us once we take action. Once all of them surround us and focus on attacking us, we won’t be able to hold out for long.”

A smile surfaced on Qin Yu’s face as he looked at Qing Yun. “Are you scared?”

Qing Yun was stunned—obviously she couldn’t say that she was scared. “What’s...what’s there to be afraid of?”

“That’s great. It’s only fun when there’s more people. Hehe.” Qin Yu laughed sinisterly.

“Fun? What a madman.” Qing Yun was speechless.


At this point in time, two Hunters arrived outside the mountain cave where Qin Yu and his companions were located in.

“Hey brother, where do you think the fellow called Qin Yu is hiding at? Why can’t we find him? Has he fled the Illusory Battlefield already?” One of them spoke in a depressed manner.

“That’s impossible, the Illusory Battlefield is already closed. If we can’t leave, how could he, unless he died and left as a corpse.” The other replied.

“Sigh, let’s hope that he’s still in the battlefield. However, we’ve searched everywhere else, and there’s only this little corner left. If we still can’t find them here, I don’t know what to do.”

“Stop complaining and hurry with the search. Hey, there’s a cave below. Let’s check it out. “少发这些牢骚了,赶紧搜吧。咦,下面有个山洞,我们下去看看。”

“There’s really a cave there! Let’s go! Even if there’s no one in it, there may be some good stuff inside.” The old man had placed some good things on this battlefield when he set it up. I wonder what he was thinking about when he decided to do so.

The both of them reached the front of the cave soon and they sense danger after staring at the pitch black opening. They hesitated and didn’t dare to enter.

“Hey brother, you’re older and stronger than me. Why don’t you enter first?” The younger one spoke.

“Bullshit. You’re younger and you should get in first.” The elder Hunter hollered angrily. “Haven’t you heard the idiom ‘the elder opens his mouth and the younger runs until his legs break’? You’re younger, so you run the errands.”

“Hehe, brother, don’t get angry. Why don’t the both of us enter at the same time? If there’s something good in it, we can split it. Hehe…” The younger one suggested.

The elder Hunter thought about it for a while. “Fine, let’s go.” He was also lured by the potential treasures that they might find.

As they spoke, the both of them stepped into the cave and drew their swords. They were stiff and cautious, and were constantly in an alert and battle-ready mode.

The two of them slowly made their way into the cave. Although the lighting was bad, they were both cultivators with better vision than the average man. They could see their surroundings within the cave. It was empty and there was nothing inside.

“Sigh, what a waste of my caution. There’s nothing.” The younger Hunter saw that nothing was inside and was obviously disappointed. His tense nerves relaxed and he slipped out of his combat-ready mode.

“Wait. Look, there’s pieces of torn cloth and a trail of blood.” The older one suddenly spoke.

“Hm?” The younger Hunter tensed his muscles again as he looked towards the floor. Indeed, he saw the pieces of cloth and blood.

“Brother, is it possible for that dude to have recuperated here?”The younger Hunter’s voice contained excitement. They had finally found some clues.

“That’s very possible. Leave now, we’ll report this.” The elder Hunter was excited as well. By being the first to find the clues, they would be greatly rewarded.

“Since the both of you are already here, why don’t you stay then.” A cold piercing voice rang out from within the cave suddenly.

“Who are you?” Both of them shouted at the same time. Before they finished yelling, numerous flashes of blood-red blade light flew towards them, in such a great density that they could blot out the sky and the earth.

“Retreat.” The both of them were elites and could take down opponents in the same realm as themselves. Hence they could still react timely to this sudden attack as they whipped out their swords and blocked the attacks.

However, all of their defence were in vain. They were not facing a normal weapon but the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword, a Spirit Weapon. Their weapons could only count as above-average normal weapons and were greatly inferior to a Spirit Weapon.

Their swords were broken into pieces and their bodies were slashed into pieces ruthlessly.

Two corpses fell onto the floor and Qin Yu rushed in from outside the cave. His palm struck the Dantian of the two men and he sucked out their fireflies.

It seems like the two had mediocre reapings from their previous battle, as the fireflies they had added up to merely twenty over fireflies.

At the back, Mu Rongyue and the rest had rushed in as well.

They had long discovered the two men and thus had left the cave secretly to let them in. One of them will then enter to beat them up.

Looking at the two bodies that were so badly slashed by the dense blades that they were beyond recognition, Qing Yun and the rest were extremely appalled.

Killing two men with one attack. A Spirit Weapon was indeed terrifying.

Qin Yu, on the other hand, remained calm. It’s merely the damage done by a Spirit Weapon, there’s nothing to be surprised about. Of course, compared to the cultivators of his realm, the strength of the Spirit Weapon was indeed shocking.

Although a Spirit Weapon was powerful by itself, the capability of a cultivator still originated from his or her own cultivation. To be heavily reliant on a powerful weapon would do more harm than good to one’s cultivation and growth in abilities. As one’s realm increases, the usefulness of a weapon would be reduced and one would have to rely on one’s own abilities. If one was too weak, they would not be able to unleash the potential of a strong weapon and could be defeated in a single strike.

Qin Yu knew about this and thus he would not use a Spirit Weapon unless he was in crucial moments. He much preferred the Blood Saber that he had refined himself.

“Qin Yu, what were those flickering, glowing things you’ve just collected?” Qing Yun’s gaze swept over the bodies and asked Qin Yu with a puzzled look.

“Energy fireflies. I’ll explain them later.” Qin Yu spoke in a deep voice. “Someone’s here, let’s leave before we discuss this further.”

“Okay.” The few of them spoke no more and left swiftly.

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