Chapter 66: Killing the Demonic Spirit

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 66: Killing the Demonic Spirit

The demonic spirit of the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was not aware that Qin Yu’s soul was that of the greatest king’s. The Void Realm thus paled in comparison.

Qin Yu snickered as he replied. “I said, I am the greatest king. What’s so rare about forming a blade attack in the air? I have stronger attacks that you will soon see for yourself.

“Pearl, move!” Qin Yu’s voice deepened as the air around him became swirled about turbulently. He stretched out a finger and a resplendent light formed on his fingertip, releasing a terrifying aura. Fear gripped the demonic spirit as his shadow shook like a leaf when faced with the aura.

“Im...Impossible! Who are you? If you’re so strong, why did you not show your abilities in the past three days?” The voice of the demonic spirit was filled with horror.

“Hehe.” Qin Yu snickered. “I was busy healing myself these three days and didn’t have the time to deal with you. Furthermore, my pearl needs to fight to strengthen itself. Since you’ve entered, you could practice with it.”

The demonic spirit was on the verge of spurting blood from anger. The great demonic spirit of the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was being treated as a mere training partner? If it were to have intestines, they would have turned green with regret. If it knew that this troublesome guy’s soul was so abnormally strong, it would never have tried to change its sword slave. It should have killed this man in a single strike. Otherwise, this man would never have the qualifications to act so arrogantly in front of it.

What a pity, it was already too late for regrets.

“I’ll ask you one last time. Will you give in? Otherwise, you shall perish!” Qin Yu spoke in an evil and overbearing tone and every word was like a sharp sword that pierced through that red shadow. That shadow quivered non-stop as a result.

At the same time, the resplendent light on Qin Yu’s finger had engulfed the entire space. The spirit had no doubt that if Qin Yu's finger were to point at it, it would certainly perish without a single trace.

However, the demonic spirit was indignant about surrendering. It was used to controlling others, so how could it bear to have others controlling him?

“You, do you really want to eradicate me? Think this through! Without me, the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword would not be able to release much power at all.” The demonic spirit attempted to push its luck.

“Hmph.” Qin Yu snorted coldly as a loud boom resounded. “Perish!” The glorious light fell and swallowed the space, resembling a fiery sun falling from the vault of the heavens which will eventually wipe out the entire world.

“No! I will surrender!” The demonic spirit let out a sharp scream. However, the light had already fallen and space had already shattered. Everything turned into dust and disappeared without a trace.


A few Hunters were carrying out a thorough search along the two sides of a mountain trail. Suddenly, the leader of the Hunters shouted loudly and halted his footsteps immediately, his face frozen with terror. Something severe seemed to have occurred.

“Senior Shi Yan, what happened? What did you find?” The people beside him rushed up and asked anxiously.

Shi Yan’s face was a little pale. “The Blood Soul Bell…” His hand pulled out a blood red bell which he kept on him, the one used to summon the Blood Demon.

Upon seeing the Blood Soul Bell being fished out by Shi Yan, the people around were horrified as well. “How did the Blood Soul Bell turn into this? Could it be… how could this be?”

Their faces all turned white, and their eyes were fixated upon the current Blood Soul Bell with disbelief in their eyes.

The Blood Soul Bell had already lost its bright color and faded significantly. What was even scarier was that small cracks had appeared on the Blood Soul Bell, and they were spreading throughout the bell.

Silence. The surroundings were plunged into a state of deafening silence. They were all mortified by what was happening in front of their eyes.

Ka ka ka. This was the sound made by the Blood Soul Bell as it cracked open.

Suddenly, with a bang, the Blood Soul Bell exploded and turned into countless fragments that scattered on the ground.

“This…” Everyone’s eyes widened with shock and their mouths were left hanging. The Blood Soul Bell actually exploded! This was something absolutely unexpected.

“Senior Shi Yan, what do we do?” Someone from the back asked with a shaky voice.

Shi Yan’s hand, which was initially gripping the bell, hung in mid-air and trembled. “You…the rest of you continue searching. I will go back and report this to our leader.”

“Yes.” The few of them nodded with a serious facial expression.

Shi Yan then proceeded to pick up the shattered pieces on the floor. He turned around and morphed into a whirlwind, swiftly leaving towards the opposite direction.

Mu Rongrui and Can Bao stood on a mountain peak, their eyes staring down at the mountain ranges beneath them as they waited for the search report from their subordinates.

Can Bao’s cold eyes found Shi Yan sprinting towards his direction and his pupils moved slightly. Did Shi Yan find something?

Mu Rongrui discovered him as well. He knew that Shi Yan was Can Bao’s best assistant. Something might really have been found if he was rushing to them at such a high speed. Hence, he looked at Shi Yan’s sprinting figure with anticipation in his eyes. If that man had been found, it would be his time to shine.

Shi Yan had soon reached Mu Rongrui and Canbao. “Your Highness, brother.

“What did you find? Did you manage to get that man?” Mu Rongrui gave no time for Shi Yan to even catch his breath, as he quickly took a great stride and questioned loudly.

“Erm.” Shi Yan’s face froze and he answered after some hesitation. “Your Highness, n-no.”

“No? Then what’s the point of you hurrying over like this?” Mu Rongrui spoke with a tinge of anger.

“Don’t be anxious, Your Highness. There must have been something urgent and important for Shi Yan to hurry over like this.” Can Bao had a calm expression as he interrupted with a deep voice. “Shi Yan, what happened?”

“Brother, take a look.” Shi Yan extended his palm slowly. On his palm was a heap of the broken pieces from the Blood Soul Bell.

Can Bao’s pupils dilated immediately. A ripple surfaced on his scarred face, the same face that always seemed emotionless, even in the face of a falling sky. “This is, the Blood Soul Bell…in pieces?” His voice seemed less calm compared to before.

“Yes, yes brother. The Blood Soul Bell exploded just now.” Shi Yan lowered his head, and he had no guts to look at Can Bao’s icy eyes.

“Wait, what did you say? The Blood Soul Bell shattered?” Mu Rongrui appeared to remember something as he shouted uncontrollably. He then rushed up and grabbed Shi Yan’s hand, his eyes fixating on the pile of chipped pieces as his face twisted.

“Bastard!” Mu Rongrui bellowed in anger as he whipped out his hand.

Pia! With a crisp sound, his palm struck Shi Yan’s face hard and Shi Yan flew out from the sheer impact of the slap.

“Your Highness, you…” Can Bao spun around, his cold eyes fixated on Mu Rongrui.

Mu Rongrui’s eyes contained flames of anger as he glared back at Can Bao. “What? Glaring at me like that. Are you going to rebel against me?”

Can Bao’s scarred face twitched a few times before he eventually suppressed it. This man before him was someone he could not offend, even if he was stronger than him.

“Can Bao dare not.” Can Bao had no choice but to soften his tone as an undetectable cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“It’s best that you don’t.” Mu Rongrui snorted coldly as he continued to speak in fury. “The breaking of the Blood Soul Bell meant the destruction of the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword. You bunch of fools, do you know what this signifies?!”

Mu Rongrui spat out the last few words, and his saliva landed on Can Bao’s face.

As the Highness of the Highness Qi’s Residence, Mu Rongrui was clearly aware of the importance of the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword. It was the most prized treasure of the collection in Highness Qi’s Residence. It was not just a Spirit Weapon, it was a Spiritual Weapon with its own consciousness - the demonic spirit. The formation of the Demonic Spirit makes it an existence that surpasses the usual Spirit Weapon and its power was comparable to a normal Sacred Weapon.

A Sacred Weapon was a weapon that only exists in legends. The Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was comparable to a Sacred Weapon and this only shows how terrifying its value was. A Demonic Blood Devouring Sword without its demonic spirit would not be a Demonic Sword. Even if it were to be recovered, it would at most be a normal Spirit Weapon.

Thus, it was difficult for Mu Rongrui to not be livid.

To be called fools by Mu Rongrui straight in the face, the Hunters, including Can Bao, had soured expression. However, they could only bear with it when they were being scolded by Mu Rongrui.

After Can Bao’s facial expression changed slightly, it returned back to his normal gloomy and peaceful expression once again. “Your Highness, I will account to Highness Qi for this.”

“Account? How are you going to do so? The Demonic Blood Devouring Sword is ruined now. How are you going to be responsible for this?” Mu Rongrui bellowed in an uncontrollable rage.

“With my life. What do you think about that, Your Highness?” All of a sudden, Can Bao’s expression turned cold as he released an icy aura.

“You…” Mu Rongrui stared hard at that scarred face and whipped his sleeve after some time. He spun around in anger as he yelled at the men he brought. “All of you, follow me!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The ten men he had brought answered in unison as they followed his footsteps and left furiously.

Watching Mu Rongrui and his men leave, Shi Yan who had long crawled up from the floor walked to Can Bao as he spoke worriedly. “Brother, we have infuriated this young prince. I fear...”

“Ignore him.” Can Bao spat the words out coldly. His tone hardened even more after his gaze swept across Shi Yan’s swollen face. “You haven’t found any clues on that man?”

Shi Yan shook his head, his expression sour. “Brother, the mountain ranges are way too vast. We have limited manpower and it is difficult to find him in such a short period of time.”

There were a total of a hundred Hunters who had entered the Illusory Battlefield. Excluding those who have completed their mission and left the Illusory Battlefield along with those who had died, only a few dozens of people were left. The number of men was insufficient if they want to comb through such a wide range of mountains with complicated geography.

“Brother, we’re back.” While the two were speaking, someone ran over as he spoke with excitement.

Can Bao and Shi Yan looked to his direction and they saw a man with triangle-shaped eyes bringing three people up the mountain.

This was another useful helper of Can Bao, called Three Eyes. He and Shi Yan were the two most useful assistants of Can Bao.

If Qin Yu were to be present, he would definitely recognize the three men.

Mo Badao of Modao Hall, Dugu Feiyan of the Dugu family and Li Yijian from the Hidden Sword Mountain Villa.

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