Chapter 63: The Blood Demon’s Frantic Pursuit

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 63: The Blood Demon’s Frantic Pursuit

Qing Yun was plunged into great fear by Qin Yu's actions, and her heart was beating so fast that she thought it would leap out of her chest. She could roughly guess what Qin Yu wanted to do, but his plan was simply too crazy. He was basically playing with his life, but if he didn't do so, they would probably die anyways. The only choice left was to gamble for their lives.

“Die! Die! Die!”

The blood demon’s roar caused the earth to quake endlessly, and his killing intent surged forth like a tsunami when he swung the Demonic Blood Devouring Blade. A barrage of swish sounds could be heard as crimson sword qi rushed forth madly, layering together to form a powerful tide of sword qi that hissed wildly. Space warped in its path, and only destruction was left in its wake; it was simply too dreadful. Soon, Qin Yu was enveloped by the tide, and his figure appeared so small and vulnerable that it looked like he wouldn't be able to survive a single strike. The sword hadn't even reached him, but his body was already warped by the sword light, and he looked as if he would be torn to shreds.

“No——!” A hysteric scream escaped from Qing Yun as she recklessly rushed forward, only for her to be pulled back by Mo Badao.

“Do you not want to live anymore?!” Mo Badao shouted.

“Get lost, it’s not your business!” Qing Yun seemed to have gone mad as she fiercely flung off Mo Badao’s hand.

Boom! The gigantic wave of sword qi slammed into the location where Qin Yu was standing at, destroying everything around it. The sword qi’s momentum didn’t slow down at all as it directly struck against the gate, causing it to tremble violently before splitting into two pieces and collapsing on the floor with a loud crash.


A cacophony of screams rang out. The berserk qi continued surging forth and swept everything away. Qing Yun bore the brunt of the attack and was sent flying away powerlessly. Mo Badao, Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan were also caught up in the wave and were sent flying far away, their screams echoing in the air.

A spirit tool’s attack was simply too dreadful.

A hoarse, almost unhuman laughter came from the blood demon. "Die, you will all die!"

“Qin Yu……” Qing Yun clenched her teeth as she relied on her strong willpower to lift her head from the floor. Her beautiful eyes stared in Qin Yu’s direction only to find that there wasn’t a single trace of him. A teardrop silently rolled down her face, as she was subsumed in her grief. She suddenly felt an unspeakable pain in her heart, as if she had lost someone special in her life. She didn’t understand why it hurt so much and for some inexplicable reason, she only wanted to see that young man’s figure in front of her.

Qing Yun’s movement attracted the blood demon who suddenly turned around, and the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword released a dreadful glow of crimson sword qi, which flew toward the four sprawled on the floor.

The way to escape was just right there, but it was so close yet so far. Normally, he would only need a breath's time to traverse the short distance, but right now, he felt that the destination was impossible to reach. Under the monster's bloody gaze, he didn't dare to show the slightest trace of rebellion. He could only silently wait for his death and wallow in despair, despair at his powerlessness.

The others were all the same. Right now, there was only a gloomy sense of despair in the air, and all they could do was powerlessly wait for their deaths.

“Shahaha! Die!” The blood demon’s sword was about to swing down when a powerful wave of killing intent surged towards him.

“Oi, you piece of shit, Laozi still hasn’t died yet. Die!” A loud shout suddenly came from the gate behind the blood demon. His voice was still echoing in the room when the sky was filled with strands of crimson sword qi madly charging forth and swallowing the entire room.

The blood demon released another series of roars, and before he turned to face his opponent, his blade had already struck backward. Incomparably powerful sword qi sliced apart the crimson strands. A huge crack appeared as the blood demon charged out to fight with the one who had just insulted him.

After the blood demon left, the sense of death that had oppressed the four slowly disappeared. They gasped heavily, releasing sighs of relief as an emotional, joyful feeling spread throughout their bodies as a result of escaping from their close brush with death.

Qing Yun cried tears of joy. It wasn’t because she was happy that she escaped from death, but rather because Qin Yu was still alive. The one who had roared just now was precisely Qin Yu.

Mo Badao got up and walked to Qing Yun, his black eyes flickering. “Are you alright?”

Mo Badao’s heart was clear that Qin Yu could’ve just left alone earlier. The life and death of those within the pagoda shouldn’t have concerned him. Had he been in Qin Yu’s place, he definitely would’ve left immediately.

But Qin Yu didn’t leave, and he chose to fight against the blood demon without any regard for his life, to give them the chance to live. He definitely did this only for Qing Yun’s sake. If it wasn’t for Qing Yun, they would’ve undoubtedly died today. Therefore, Qing Yun had indirectly saved their lives.

As his benefactor that saved his life, Mo Badao at least had to care for her. Although many people called him a demonic cultivator, and he had a naturally cold and ruthless disposition and was not somebody one could easily approach, his heart was actually a lot stronger and better than most of those seemingly kind and sentimental beings.

For example, Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian. They saw that the gate was open and that the blood demon had already left, and so they immediately crawled up and fled for their lives. They didn’t even give them a single glance. If it wasn’t for the urgency of fleeing to protect their lives, they probably would’ve teamed up to try and kill Qing Yun again.

“I’m… fine.” Qing Yun got up with difficulty and replied to Mo Badao softly.

“If you’re fine, that’s good. Let’s go.” After saying this, he started to walk forward, tightly following the two’s pace ahead as they went to the exit.

Outside, Qin Yu had been frantically running away the entire time and already escaped from the mountain peak where the Slaughter Array was located. However, the blood demon behind him never stopped chasing him, roaring in pursuit unceasingly, like he was a mad dog. From time to time, a devastating attack of sword qi would explode behind Qin Yu, causing him neverending trouble. If it wasn’t for him having comprehended the spiritual nature of wind, even if he had ten lives, he still would’ve died.

But even so, he still looked like a sorry, miserable figure. He was completely covered with blood and although he evaded every strike, the remnant sword qi left from the attacks still left him wounded.

His clothes were completely ruined and became no more than a strip of ragged cloth. Only his sensitive parts were covered, and everything else was fully exposed.

Right now, he was somewhat regretting his actions back then. If he had just left directly back then, he wouldn’t be in such a wretched situation now. But because of Qing Yun, he had to return and lure the blood demon out.

It was just as Mo Badao thought. If it wasn’t for Qin Yu, there was no way he would’ve returned to lure out the blood demon.

Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian’s deaths were something he couldn’t be more eager for. As for Mo Badao, the two of them weren’t especially close and his life or death wouldn’t be of any concern.

However, he also could not be considered to be too familiar with Qing Yun. Yet, during the fights earlier, he wasn’t sure why, but the short time they spent with each other in the pagoda made him feel as if they had been good friends with each other for many years.

In fact, when he was thinking about returning, QIn Yu had hesitated a little. However, in the end, he couldn’t bear to abandon Qing Yun.

He couldn’t just watch on blankly as a young, beautiful maiden died in there. Furthermore, he had expended a lot of his strength to heal her wounds earlier. If he let her die now, all that effort would’ve gone to naught.

Naturally, he couldn’t just let such a remarkable, fine woman die just like that.

He didn’t regret saving Qing Yun, he just hated that he also saved Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan.

“Damn, next time I meet them, I have to settle this debt with interest. Others can be saved free of charge, but Laozi definitely won’t for those two.” Qin Yu actually had the time to think about revenge while frantically dodging the monter’s attacks.

If somebody knew that right now, he still had time to think about other things and wasn’t thinking for a way to shake off the the blood demon chasing him, their brains would definitely short circuit: F*ck, the most important thing right now is to save your own life, and yet you’re still thinking about others? Aren’t you worried that the monster will kill you with a strike of its sword?

At this moment, deep in the mountains, a fierce, thunder like roar could be heard. The blood demon was completely infuriated by Qin Yu. The more he ran away and dodged, the more he wanted to kill him.

Qin Yu was as slippery as a fish, and no matter how hard the blood demon tried, he couldn’t catch Qin Yu. He was simply playing with the blood demon who held a spiritual weapon, forcing him to run all around the mountain and countryside.

Several mountain peaks were even completely flattened by the blood demon with the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword out of anger.

Such big movements caused a huge commotion amongst those still in the slaughter array. The remaining youths saw the two, the blood demon hot in pursuit, while Qin Yu fled desperately. The blood demon's terrifying power made their hearts shake in fear. The mountain peaks were either stomped flat or cut apart. It was simply too dreadful.

Some unlucky guys were even dragged in, and they were caught up in the stray remnants of sword qi. If they didn’t die, they were crippled. Not everyone had Qin Yu’s freakish speed and ability.

At the peak of the pagoda, several people were standing and watching the frantic chase across the mountain range. Amongst them, was the hunter king Can Bao.

Can Bao stood at the very front, his eyes burning like torches as he fixed his eyes on the chase in the mountain range. A slight frown was etched on his face.

“Da Ge, the one we’ve chosen in the end and turned into a blood demon isn’t very good. It’s been so long and it still hasn’t been able to kill that guy. It even let four people escape from the pagoda. Do you want us to deal with them?” Somebody walked to Can Bao and asked with a flat tone as they watched the mountain range.

“No need, they can be saved for the true blood demon.” The scars on Can Bao's face twitch, and he revealed a strange smile.

“True blood demon?” That person was startled, “Are you saying we’ll need to find another person to replace him?”

“Don’t you think that if the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword was in that man’s hands, his strength would be far stronger?” Can Bao asked, his voice cold.

The person was startled and immediately laughed: “Da Ge is wise. That person seems just like Da Ge and also understands the spiritual nature of wind. His talent is truly astonishing. If he can become a blood demon, it’d naturally be better. However, seeing the circumstances, what happens if he dies? Should we act?”

“No need.” Can Bao shook his head again, “If he really dies, it just shows that he wasn’t strong enough and we wouldn’t need to change people for the blood demon.”

The people listening behind him understood his intentions and so they all just stared silently, no longer saying anything.

“I see you guys are still just doing superfluous work, huh.” An impolite voice sounded from behind them.

When they heard somebody speaking impolitely in front of Can Bao, they immediately turned around angrily, their eyes sharp. But when they saw who it was, everyone’s anger immediately vanished and the sharp light in their eyes disappeared.

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