Chapter 62: Qin Yu’s Madness

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 62: Qin Yu’s Madness

Qin Yu and Qing Yun ran frantically the entire way until they finally reached the second floor.

There were currently three people on the second floor. Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian were supporting each other in a corner while Mo Badao was at the entrance, madly attacking the lock on the gate to the first floor with his demonic sword. However, a single person’s strength was limited. Even after he struck at the sealed gate till he was panting like a tired dog, the gate did not move by a single inch, and his hard work only resulted in a few shallow cuts on its surface.

“Pant, pant.” Mo Badao started to frantically attack again after resting a little; he had to break down the gate! Fortunately, the one who came down was Qin Yu. Mo Badao’s eyes lit up, and he shouted loudly: “Qin Yu, quickly, help me cut apart this gate. Otherwise, we’ll all die! After mentioning the possibility of death, a trace of deep and genuine fear appeared in his eyes.

Qin Yu’s eyes sharpened and he immediately walked up to the gate. Sure enough, it was sealed. He didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed: “All right.”

After replying, he had Qing Yun move to one side, before his blood saber appeared in his hand, seemingly out of nowhere.

Before this, none of them noticed it, but now that they were paying attention to how Qin Yu drew his sword, Dugu Feiyan, Li Yijian, and Mo Badao were all startled. Their eyes started to shine with greed.

Qin Yu had a space ring, something that was extremely rare in not just Luosang City, but the entire Qiongxi Country. Until now, they've never seen anyone in their generation who had a space ring in their possession.

Seeing a weak cultivator like Qin Yu actually having such a rare treasure truly filled others with envy and hate. If it wasn’t for their current situation, they definitely would’ve fought over it. The ring itself would be enough to drive people crazy, not to mention the things inside it.

Qin Yu didn’t have the time to take note of the hungry gazes of the three. He brandished his sword and walked to Mo Badao’s side. Staring at the lock on the door, he spoke in a calm voice: “Let’s strike together and use our strongest moves.”

Mo Badao snapped out of his thoughts, and he centered his gaze on the gate's lock. Right now, his life was the most important and other things can be discussed after they escaped. "Alright, I’ll count to three and we'll attack together.”

“Fine.” Qin Yu prepared himself.

“One... two... three! Demon Slaying World!”

“Blood of a Thousand Shadows!”

The two struck forth with their strongest moves. Streams of crimson and black interweaved like violently surging sea waves, painting a violent and frightening scene. Endless waves of Qi bombarded the gate, releasing ear-splitting booms on impact.

The gate finally couldn’t bear the terrifyingly strong joint attack from the two. A small crack appeared on its surface.

This attack allowed Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian to see Qin Yu’s real fighting strength. The two were stunned, especially Li Yijian who had fought with Qin Yu earlier. His heart shook. In their last battle, he had actually been holding back. This was his true strength.

He already knew the might of Mo Badao’s Demon Slaying World. If the move was unleashed on the seeded competitors, none of them would be able to resist it. This was the reason why they didn’t dare to look down on Mo Badao despite his inferior cultivation.

However, in front of Qin Yu’s Blood of a Thousand Shadows, Demon Slaying World was overwhelmed in a flash. When the red and black converged to form a powerful current, the red qi was stronger and more violent, with a bigger aura, and a greater penetrating force.

At this moment, they finally realized that Qin Yu was the true monster of Luosang City. They were already incapable of matching up to him and being his opponent. If they wanted to get revenge for today, they could only find others in their families and clans to do it for them.

“Heh, there’s finally a crack. Again!” Mo Badao shouted loudly. However, his shout hadn’t finished before the earth shook wildly and a loud rumble was heard.

“What happened?” Everyone looked up, startled, only to see the roof above their heads riddled with cracks and crumbling away.

“Not good, he’s coming! Quick, we must force open the door!” Mo Badao shouted loudly: “Qin Yu, let’s go again. This time, we have to succeed.”

“Alright.” Qin Yu’s inner strength surged and he directed it to his saber, making it glow brilliantly with sword qi.

“One, two, three, attack!”

The two released one more berserk joint attack.


Loud sounds of destruction rang out once again as the pagoda shook and large slabs of rock dropped down from above their heads. A bloodied person came jumping from the sky, landing on the second floor with a resounding bang.

“Ah!” Dugu Feiyan released a shrill, terrified scream at the sight of the man while Qing Yun turned pale with fright.

In a split second, the entire second floor was enveloped by crimson light as a strong, stench of blood assaulted their senses and caused them to choke. The terrifying bloodthirst in the atmosphere caused the blood in their bodies to turn cold.

Qin Yu and Mo Badao turned around quickly only to see the floor bathed in red light. In the middle stood a sinister looking man holding a blood red demonic broadsword. Qin Yu’s face changed slightly and fright appeared on Mo Badao’s face. He was already no longer a person, but a blood demon.

“He... he is the final victor of the pagoda’s competition and he killed everyone on the floors above. My Demonic Blade Sect has records about his sword, the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword. It’s a terrifying spirit tool.” Mo Badao stared at the sinister blood demon, his voice trembling with fear.

Qin Yu stared at the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword, his eyes widening slightly. The sword would fit exceedingly well with his Scarlet Blood Sword Art and would boost his power greatly. However, the sword was also very strange. Its current user no longer looked conscious and acted like he was a puppet. He seemed to have become a sword slave.

The blood demon finally saw that there were people around and his eyes filled with bloodthirst. He released a loud roar, and the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword trembled excitedly and crazily released blood devouring qi.

“Haha, there’s somebody to kill!’ The blood demon opened his bloody mouth and released a loud, hoarse laugh. His red eyes twinkled as he swept his gaze across the group, causing fear to sprout deep in their hearts. Finally, he rested his gaze on Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu felt his body turn cold. F*ck, was Laozi that attractive?

Actually, it wasn't because Qin Yu was attractive. Rather, the blood demon was attracted to the blood saber in Qin Yu's hands. However, in the blood demon's eyes, Qin Yu's sword wasn't even fit to be the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword's little sidekick. To think that Qin Yu actually took out such a saber to show off, he must really be courting death!

“Die!” The blood demon shouted. The Demonic Blood Devouring Sword chopped down, and strands of crimson qi that were as thick as a man’s wrist flew towards Qin Yu. Destruction ensued wherever the sword qi passed by as it danced chaotically.

A spirit tool’s strikes were truly devastating.

“Careful!” Qing Yun shouted, her delicate face turning ashen from fright.

“Wind, dodge! Cloudtrack Phantom!” Qin Yu dodged frantically, the wind spiritual qi and Cloudtrack Phantom working together to make his speed simply unimaginable, and it looked as if he was able to teleport. In a flash, he disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the floor.

However, his clothes were still cleaved apart by the sword qi, and a large hole appeared in his clothing. The good thing though, was that he managed to avoid the dreadful sword.

The strands of crimson sword qi swallowed up the phantom image that Qin Yu left behind, before smashing against the locked gate. The gate shattered into pieces, revealing an exit.

“Blood of a Thousand Shadows!” Qin Yu didn’t try to wait for the crimson sword qi to dissipate, and he directly used his strongest move. Bloody light erupted from his saber, and the blood demon was swallowed up in an instant.

Without waiting for the blood demon's reaction, Qin Yu quickly activated the wind spiritual qi and Cloudtrack Phantom. He grabbed Qing Yun and flew towards the exit with terrifying speed.

Behind him, the blood demon released a roar as he brandished the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword, and dispersed the crimson haze restricting him.

Qin Yu’s attack didn’t harm the blood demon at all but he did not expect to harm that monster. He only wanted to hinder that demon, giving them a chance to escape.

After the blood demon dealt with Qin Yu’s attacks, he discovered that his surroundings were long empty. Thunderous rage billowed from the blood demon as he raged.

A roar rang out as he stomped on the ground, causing the pagoda to shake violently as a sunken cavity was created in the floor. When he set down his foot, his entire body fell down to the first floor.

On the first floor, Qin Yu and the others were madly dashing to the first floor’s gate only to discover that, to their despair, the exit gate was locked. This gate was even thicker than the previous gate, so it seemed impossible to use brute force to break it open. Even if they could, there wasn’t enough time, as the blood demon was already hot on their trails, and was already right behind them.

“Heh, I didn’t expect that I, Mo Badao, would actually die here.” Mo Badao leaned against the stone wall weakly as blood flowed from his lips unceasingly. His clothes have already been dyed red with blood.

Qin Yu looked at Mo Badao’s sorry state and felt puzzled. “You’re wounded?”

Mo Badao stared at Qin Yu powerlessly, revealing a bitter smile, “I don’t have your ridiculous speed. I was wounded by the aftermath of that attack earlier. A spirit tool is truly terrifying.”

“Ee.” Qin Yu remembered that in the fight earlier, although the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword’s target was him, Mo Badao was right beside him, and with his speed, it was indeed hard to avoid being injured by the fallout.

In fact, Mo Badao’s speed was already very fast; after all, he was a seeded competitor for a reason. But unfortunately, in front of the spirit tool’s attack, his speed was still not fast enough. Qin Yu had to use two evasion techniques stacked together in order to evade the attack.

“He came, what do we do?” Qing Yun looked at the blood demon, her face pale.

Qin Yu locked eyes with the blood demon. His sinister features glowed with bloodlust as he stared at Qin Yu, and his desire to tear Qin Yu apart was reflected in his pupils.

Right at this moment, Qin Yu’s brain whirled and he seemed to have experienced a eureka moment. “You guys move to the side. I have a plan.”

After speaking, his figure flashed. He stood in front of the gate, his eyes gleaming as killing intent violently surged up. His will to fight ignited madly like a gigantic bonfire.

He roared provocatively at the blood demon, “Trash, just try to kill me!”

Hearing the word ‘trash’ made the blood demon even more furious and it roared crazily without end. The sound echoed in the cavern, causing the earth to quake and the pagoda to shake.

“What the hell is he doing, has he gone mad!?” Mo Badao stared at Qin Yu, his eyes wide and mouth open.

He was too crazy, wasn’t this just seeking death?

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