Chapter 61: Blood Demon Descends

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 61: Blood Demon Descends

Mo Badao sensed Qin Yu’s sharp gaze and sighed, “Hahh, I’m just passing by. I still have business on the next floor now, so I’ll be seeing you.” Without the slightest hesitation, He left, jumping up to the fifth floor and disappearing from sight. He’d experienced Qin Yu’s strength before and didn’t want to be dragged into the mess.

“Mo Badao, you…!” Li Yijian’s face was ugly. He had thought that, as they were all selected players, they could join hands to deal with Qin Yu; but, he hadn’t expected Mo Badao to run away even faster than a rabbit. What “business on the next floor”?! That was all a load of bull!

“Who will you gang up with now?” Qin Yu had a faint, mocking sneer on his face.

“Hmph!” Li Yijian glowered at Qin Yu. “Qin Yu, I don’t need to team up with Mo Badao; I, alone, am enough. There’s no way that I, at the middle stage of Immersion Realm, could possibly fail to crush you.”

“Very good then. I’ll kill that woman beside you first so you’ll know how to crush me after.” Qin Yu’s face held a disdainful smile.

“Attack Dugu Feiyan if you dare, Qin Yu! If you touch her, the Dugu Family and my Hidden Sword Villa will raze the Qin to the ground,” threatened Li Yijian.

“Heh, Laozi is soooo scared. Die!” Qin Yu shouted the last word, and the saber in his hands suddenly lashed out. The ice sharp edge of the blade slid swiftly towards Dugu Feiyan’s delicate nape.

Dugu Feiyan screamed in fear. “No, save me! I don’t want to die!”

“You dare?!” Li Yijian reacted immediately. Born from the Hidden Sword Villa, his sword techniques were naturally far from ordinary; they were swift, fierce, accurate, and unpredictable.Qin Yu’s saber was just about to slice through Dugu Feiyan’s neck when a klack sound rang out as if his blade was struck by something. A powerful force had blocked him, stopping his weapon.

“Die!” A howl burst out of Qin Yu’s chest as power violently surged within him. Forcefully, the young cultivator broke through the resistance and ran a stroke across Dugu Feiyan’s neck, creating a rain of blood.

“Aaaaahh!” Dugu Feiyan released a mournful scream as she fell to the floor, paralyzed. Blood pumped violently from the gaping wound on her neck.

“Feiyan, quickly! Come here!” Li Yijian shouted, and the flexible sword in his hand fiercely darted forward, like a viper. Earlier, he’d used precisely this flexible sword to shove away Qin Yu’s blade. Although much blood flowed from Dugu Feiyan’s neck, she wasn’t dead, and her head was still connected to her body; thus, Li Yijian’s move had, indeed, been effective. Qin Yu quickly realized he’d underestimated Li Yijian earlier. He hadn’t anticipated that Li Yijian still had a final move.

Originally, Li Yijian always carried one sword on his belt while another that he never touched was on his back. Up until now, he’d only used the flexible sword from his belt, attacking Qin Yu when he least expected it. Furthermore, the way Li Yijian used his sword was always very strange: He’d allow opponents to attack, then seize any gaps to counterattack and take control of the battle. Hidden Sword Villa really did appear to be quite skilled!

Qin Yu erased the contempt in his heart and brandished his saber, causing countless crimson stripes of sword qi to form and strike outward. Immediately, the originally blood-red sword qi twisted together with silvery qi strands in a violent clash. Li Yijian engaged Qin Yu in a fierce battle, giving Dugu Feiyan a chance to escape and survive. She was still one of the best of the best; and, upon discovering that she wouldn’t die, her reaction was swift. She didn’t care about her image as a lady and rolled away, using her fastest speed to evade Li Yijian and Qin Yu’s battle. A dark red bloodstain painted the ground as she slipped away.

“You think you can escape?!” Qing Yun’s Azure Edge Sword burst with terrifying sword qi, and she fiercely chased after Dugu Feiyan. Earlier, Dugu Feiyan had wanted to take Qing Yun’s life, so how could she possibly let this chance slip by? Currently, Dugu Feiyan was completely defenseless. Her neck was wounded; and, in the chaos, she was unable to fend off Qing Yun’s attacks. Apart from dodging, Dugu Feiyan could only cry out for help, “Yijian, save me!” Not so long ago, how could she imagine that she, the powerful and proud, talented miss of the Dugu Family, would be reduced to a state like this?

At this moment, Li Yijian was forced back again and again by Qin Yu’s fierce, criss-crossing blades of crimson sword qi; and, Li Yijian could barely look out for himself. His sword was very fast, but Qin Yu’s reactions were even faster. Particularly his base speed was unimaginably fast, so much so that Li Yijian couldn’t even fathom it. The longer they fought, the more apprehensive Li Yijian became, slowly giving birth to feelings of despair and helplessness. At this critical juncture, Dugu Feiyan suddenly cried out for help; and, Li Yijian’s focus wavered, allowing Qin Yu’s sword to snake through his defenses for a vicious strike.

“Nooo!” Li Yijian howled. In his frantic retreat, his sword danced wickedly, fighting to fend off Qin Yu’s ruthless attacks.

Qin Yu’s eyes were red, and his killing intent surged along with his will to fight. “Die!” His blood saber chopped through all obstacles, slashing forward relentlessly.

“Aaahh!” A mournful, ear-piercing shriek shook the pagoda, echoing terrifyingly within the pagoda. Li Yijian desperately retreated. His hand, lopped off, lay bloody on the hard ground with sword still in its grasp. For a swordsman to lose his hand was an undoubtedly destructive blow.

Meanwhile, Dugu Feiyan also screamed. Qing Yun’s Azure Edge Sword had left two eye-catching scars on Dugu Feiyan’s considerably beautiful face, disfiguring her. The thing a woman cares about most is her face. If her face is destroyed, it’s enough to make a woman go mad, especially if the woman’s born a beauty. “I’ll fight you to the death!” Dugu Feiyan screeched hysterically as she leapt forward. She fiercely struck out with a palm that rumbled like thunder at Qing Yun. With no regard as to whether Qing Yun’s counterattack would hit her or not, Dugu Feiyan was truly staking her like on this attack.

Qing Yun didn’t want to risk her life. She had the ability to kill Dugu Feiyan if she countered, but the palm strike would still hit her body. Although the injury may not be fatal, her previous wound still hadn’t fully healed, and the attack would definitely aggravate it. If Qing Yun’s condition worsened again, it’d be a huge burden to Qin Yu, and she didn’t want to owe him anything more. Therefore, she chose to retreat, dodging Dugu Feiyan’s life-or-death blow.

“Slut, I’ll kill you!” Dugu Feiyan’s eyes had turned bloodshot, as if she’d gone mad. Even though Qing Yun withdrew, Dugu Feiyan refused to let her go and furiously pursued her with palm strikes.

“Scram!” A snarl echoed, and a sudden clap of thunder boomed. Qin Yu dashed forward, releasing “Power Like Rushing Thunder” with a rumble. The two palm strikes collided, forming a berserk wave of qi rippling out from between their palms. Qin Yu was forced half a step back while Dugu Feiyan was sent flying, slamming painfully against the pagoda’s walls before falling to the ground with blood spilling from her lips. Although Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian were both in the middle stage of Immersion Realm, their actual fighting strength didn’t match; otherwise, how could they be struggling against only Qin Yu?

Li Yijian endured the lancing pain in his arm and ran to Dugu Feiyan’s side, supporting her with his remaining hand. “Feiyan.” He didn’t know what to do. “Feiyan, how’re you doing?”

“Keh.” Lifting her head, Dugu Feiyan coughed up a mouthful of blood and then gasped for breath for a time. Filled with resentment, she glared at Qin Yu and Qing Yun and gnashed her teeth. “Yijian, let’s go. Today’s hatred, we will remember.”

“Go? Did I say you two could leave?” Qin Yu’s gaze was icy as he intimidatingly paced forward.

Suddenly, his sleeve was grabbed by Qing Yun. “Qin Yu, they’ve already paid the price. Just let them go.” Qing Yun looked at him, a trace of entreaty in her eyes. She remained softhearted.

Qin Yu looked at Qing Yun, startled. “Are you sure you want to let them go? When they tried to kill you, they didn’t intend to grant you mercy.”

“Let’s just let them go. Consider it as doing me a favor.” In any case, Qing Yun already owed Qin Yu, so owing him another favor wasn’t anything big. Since Qing Yun had already said as much, Qin Yu could do nothing more. In any case, even if he let the wicked pair go, they still wouldn’t be able to leave the tower. In the end, escaping their fate of destruction would still be hard for them, so he might as well do Qing Yun this favor at little cost to himself.

“Alright, I’ll handle them as you’ve asked. However, I must remind you: A cultivator’s road often doesn’t allow one to be kindhearted. If you don’t pull a weed from the roots, you’ll eventually only harm yourself when pricked by its nettles,” warned Qin Yu solemnly.

“I understand. Thank you,” Qing Yun said and and walked forward to stare upon Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan. “You guys can go. If you’re still this vicious the next time we meet, then I, too, will be ruthless.” Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan’s eyes were indifferent as they glanced at Qing Yun before turning around and supporting each other out without another word. They stumbled down to the next floor.

“Hahh.” Watching the two leave, Qing Yun released a sigh and turned again to Qin Yu. “Qin Yu, thank you.”

Qin Yu laughed. “You’ve already said ‘thank you’ twice now. You don’t have to be this courteous. Everything that occured is all because you decided to help me; isn’t that right?”

Qing Yun shook her head, “I didn’t really help you with anything, so I一” She didn’t get to finish speaking when a bang suddenly sounded. A person had just dropped from the upper floors, causing Qing Yun to jump in surprise. Qin Yu was also startled. When Qin Yu saw who had jumped down, a trace of shock appeared on his face. The one who’d come was none other than Mo Badao. His body was wounded, and blood poured from his mouth.

“You guys are still here? Quickly, run!” Mo Badao climbed to his feet; and, with that brief command, he swiftly dashed to the exit as if fleeing something. But, indeed, he was running away.

“What happened?” Qing Yun asked, puzzled. Qin Yu also didn’t know what had happened upstairs, but he suddenly seemed to sense something. His face changed, and he yanked Qing Yun’s hand, only shouting a single word: “Run!” His shout hadn’t even settled before the two disappeared on the spot, jumping down to the lower floor.

In the wake of their retreat, a bloody, petrifying killing intent rushed towards them and washed over the duo. A beast-like roar resounded, shaking the pagoda shook ceaselessly. A booming rumble immediately followed, and the entire fifth floor collapsed loudly with a bang. Holding a broadsword still dripping with fresh blood, a man completely stained in scarlet jumped directly out of the collapsed ruins. He seemed just like a rampaging, murderous demon. The bloody demon looked around the fourth floor and discovered not a soul in sight. He raised his head, released a shout, and stomped heavily on the floor. Another rumble sounded as the floor collapsed, revealing the exit to the third floor. The blood-soaked figure headed straight for the exit and descended.

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