Chapter 60: The Price of Underestimating your Opponents.

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 60: The Price of Underestimating your Opponents.

Qin Yu was using the "Secrets of Eternal Life" to cure Qing Yun. Her injuries were extremely severe, to the extent that he was not done healing her even until now. However, Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian were now cornering them while emitting murderous auras.

“Qin Yu, it’s them! Don’t mind me and leave quickly!” Qing Yun stared hard at the two who were coming closer and spoke with anxiety.

Qin Yu sat behind Qing Yun and his palms were pressed on her back. He revolved the “Refining Qi” powers of the “Secrets of Eternal Life” and rapidly directed its energy into Qing Yun’s body. It swiftly healed the injuries within her.

They were at the crucial moment of the healing process and all of their efforts would be in vain if they were to give up now.

“Don’t move, you don’t have to care about anything. Just cooperate with me while I circulate my energy.” Qin Yu spoke and his tone resembled that of an order. On his forehead were beads of sweat.

“But…” Qing Yun’s heart quivered and she felt touched from the bottom of her heart.

“Hang in there for a while and trust me. I’m here - nothing will happen.” Qin Yu’s tone softened a little.

Qing Yun was silent for a moment. Tears welled up in her eyes as she was deeply moved.

“Okay, I trust you.” After that, she closed her eyes and adjusted her breathing to cooperate with Qin Yu fully. She could not be bothered with those cornering them now. Even if she was to die here, she would have no regrets. Numerous people had already died here today. Ever since she stepped in here, she was ready for death. At least, someone had moved her heart for the last time before death.

“The both of you better step back. Otherwise, you would have to bear the consequences!”

When Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian were less than a meter away, Qin Yu coldly spat out a threat as he released an icy aura that extended towards the two and sought to pressure the both of them.

Dugu Feiyan walked in front and snickered in disdain. “Save it. You’re as good as dead.”

“We’re not sure who’s going to die yet.” Qin Yu’s voice got even colder as his aura got stronger.

“A mere cripple at the Origin Realm. How dare you act so arrogant in front of me? I’ll send you to hell now.” Dugu Feiyan released a murderous aura as a cold green light flickered in her hand. She unsheathed a long sword. It was precisely the Qingfeng sword she snatched from Qing Yun.

With the treasured sword in hand, Dugu Feiyan was as arrogant as ever. “Although I could not make it to the tenth story for the Promoting Pill, killing you would also get me one.”

You must be so desperate for the pill that you became crazy just from thinking about it." Qin Yu replied, ridicule thick in his voice. He was currently trying his best to delay for time.

“Obviously you would be ignorant about this. When you had barged in, Official Song was infuriated. Hence, he promised us direct admission to the next round as well as a Black Grade Promoting Pill as long as we killed you.”

Qin Yu’s brows creased at what Dugu Feiyan said. His sarcastic smile deepened. “You’re pathetic. From the moment you’ve entered the Illusory Battlefield, you are already destined to be the hunted and the sacrifice of a royal battle. It’s funny how you would believe in a dog official’s verbal promise. You’re stupid beyond comprehension.”

“I would be stupid if I were to trust you.” Dugu Feiyan snickered.

“Feiyan, he is delaying for time. ” Lin Yijian stepped up to remind her.

“I’m aware.” Fugu Feiyan replied indifferently. “He’s a dead man anyway, it’s fine to let him speak.”

“Both of us may have to die here because no one is getting out of this tower.” Qin Yu’s tone was as calm as ever and seemed to be completely undisturbed by the both of them.

“Bullshit. A man has already left before us.” Li Yijian replied. Mo Badao was ahead of them initially and he was nowhere to be seen. He must have already left. However, the truth was bound to leave Li Yijian disappointed.

“He’s right, we can’t make it out of this tower.” A deep cold voice came from behind him. A black silhouette flashed as a man jumped up from the entrance below.

“Mo Badao?” Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian were both stunned.

“You haven’t left?” Li Yijian asked with an apathetic expression as he obstructed Mo Badao by standing in front of him.

“The path is blocked at the first story and I could only come back.” Mo Badao replied expressionlessly.

“Blocked?” Everyone quivered. The path being blocked meant that all of them could not leave and would be stuck here forever.

“Are you speaking the truth?” Dugu Feiyan’s face turned pale. She did not care about Qin Yu and spun around to question Mo Badao loudly. She did not want to die here! She had a great life ahead and a bright future.

“You can go look for yourself if you don’t trust me.” Mo Badao replied with a stern face.

“This…, Yijian, what do we do?” Dugu Feiyan looked towards Li Yijian with anxiety and indignance in her eyes.

Li Yijian calmed himself down first. “Feiyan, keep calm first. I think that the tower would not remain closed as such. When the battle above is over and there is a result, the tower should be opened.”

Upon hearing what Li Yijian had said, Dugu Feiyan’s brows eased as she understood. “Right, the tower wouldn’t be closed forever. Hmph, Qin Yu, you want to use this method for us to let you off? Do you think that’s possible? You have to die today!” Dugu Feiyan spun around as she pointed her sword at Qin Yu and shouted.

“Really?” Qin Yu grinned as he stood up slowly. He had finished curing Qing Yun.

Qing Yun stood up as well. Although it would be impossible for her to recover immediately, she had no more major injuries. She could now fight.

As she stood up, a piercing and icy glare shot out from her eyes toward Dugu Feiyan. She had almost lost her life when Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian joined up against her. Now that the two women had met face to face, their eyes turned red instantly as they looked at each other like hated enemies.

Dugu Feiyan did not flinch or avoid Qing Yun’s piercing glare. To her, Qing Yun was of no threat. Her injuries could not have completely healed. Furthermore, she had nothing to use against her without her Qingfeng Sword.

“You’re lucky! Not only did you not die, but there’s also someone to treat and heal you.” Dugu Feiyan spoke sarcastically.

“How could I die when you’re still alive?” Qing Yun’s gaze fell onto the Qingfeng Sword being grasped by Dugu Feiyan as a burning rage surfaced in her eyes. The Qingfeng Sword was an antique heirloom of her family. How could she face her family if she had lost it?

“You’re not qualified to want me dead. I’ll let you experience the feeling of death again! Die!” Dugu Feiyan’s wrist turned as the Qingfeng Sword sliced through the air, leaving behind an illusionary green sword light. It shot towards Qing Yun like a gust of wind.

“Hey, wait.” Mo Badao suddenly called out.

“Brother Badao, what do you want to do?” Li Yijian stepped in front of him immediately, his hand grasping the handle of his sword that he carried on his back.

Mo Badao’s face twitched in a rather sinister way. “I just wanted to help you. What a pity…” After he had spoken, he retreated as he sighed helplessly.

“What do you mean?” Li Yijian’s brows knitted together. He seemed to realize something as he spun around quickly.

Behind him, Dugu Feiyan stood frozen as she held her sword that pierced the air. She maintained her stance and posture and she dared not move even a single inch. This was because a blood-red blade was now resting on her neck. The blade was cold and carried a heavy and blood-thirsty aura.

“Erm, how could...?” Li Yijian’s mouth fell agape as he could barely believe his eyes. Was Dugu Feiyan so weak? She was conquered so easily by Qin Yu, who was merely an Origin Realm cultivator.

“I see, you’re not in the Origin Realm.” Dugu Feiyan’s voice trembled and her heart was filled with regret.

She had underestimated her opponent too much due to her pride and would pay a terrible price for it.

Qin Yu was not some cultivator who was merely at the peak of the Origin Realm. Within a split second, he had unleashed an ability that could only belong to Immersion Realm cultivators. Furthermore, his speed was so fast that he was nearly invisible to the naked eye. Before she was even able to make any mental preparation, Qin Yu had already gained control with a single move. She felt so aggrieved that she wanted to spurt blood.

If only she had paid a little more attention, with her abilities, she would never have been controlled by Qin Yu so easily. What was funny was that she thought little of Qin Yu and felt that he posed a smaller threat compared to the already injured Qing Yun.

“Not in the Origin Realm?” Li Yijian was about to rush up when he halted his footsteps and stared fixedly at Qin Yu as if he was an unbloomed flower with many hidden secrets.

At this point in time, Qin Yu felt no need to continue concealing himself. He released all of his aura with great momentum.

“The Middle Stage of the Immersion Realm.”

Li Yijian face blanched greatly with shock. Similarly, Mo Badao's emotions fluctuated wildly and his changing facial expressions reflected the wild tempestuous storm brewing within his heart.

Mo Badao had fought Qin Yu once. The ability which Qin Yu had shown was indeed that of a cultivator at the peak of the Origin Realm. It had only been a few days, and this brat had not just made it into the Immersion Realm, but broke into its Middle Stage! Damn, why was he bringing down everyone’s self-esteem like this? Mo Badao had been in the Beginning Stage of the Immersion Realm for a really long time and had yet to reach the Middle Stage.

He could not have recently just broken through; this was definitely impossible. There could never be such a crazy breakthrough speed in this world. He must have restrained from using some of his abilities and stopped himself from going all out in his earlier fights. Mo Badao would much rather believe this than to believe that Qin Yu had just recently broken into the Middle Stage.

Even if he believed in this reason, Qin Yu's ability still left him feeling incredibly shocked. Previously, his abilities at the Origin Realm apex was enough to make him flee for his life. If he were to display his abilities at his current stage, how scary would it be? He dared not imagine it.

Someone else was equally as shocked—Qing Yun. She had never thought that Qin Yu had hidden his ability so well. Of course, she had no time to be shocked. She needed to snatch back her family’s heirloom, the Qingfeng Sword, before anything.

“You don’t deserve the Qingfeng Sword.” Qing Yun went up and snatched the Qingfeng Sword from Dugu Feiyan. She let out a sigh of relief the moment the sword was back in her hands. She had finally gotten this treasure back.

“Qin Yu, how about we stop fighting?” Li Yijian’s aura immediately weakened and he released his sword from his grip. The aura released by Qin Yu was too strong. Although he was also in the Middle Stage of the Immersion Realm, he was definitely not as strong as Qin Yu.

If Dugu Feiyan was not held captive, the two of them would definitely stand a chance against him. However, Dugu Feiyan was now under Qin Yu’s control and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“Stop?” Qin Yu laughed, seemingly with great happiness. “Do you think that this is possible?”

“Yijian, save me!” Dugu Feiyan’s body trembled as she cried for help. At this point in time, she finally knew what it was like to fear for her life.

Li Yijian's face turned cold as he saw Qin Yu's brazen attitude. “Qin Yu, I hope that you can consider the outcome carefully. By hurting Feiyan, you’re offending both the Dugu family and my Hidden Sword Mountain Villa. Do you think that you have the ability to go against these two great influences? Even the entire Qin Family cannot contend against us. Furthermore, if you really killed Feiyan, I will team up with Brother Badao and kill you as well!”

“Mo Badao?” Qin Yu’s sharp gaze fell onto Mo Badao.

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