Chapter 57: Fighting For Tokens

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 57: Fighting For Tokens

Qin Yu swept his glance across the several hundred people and discovered a few familiar figures: the Demonic Blade Sect’s Mo Badao, the Dugu family’s Dugu Feiyan, and Hidden Sword Villa’s Li Yijian. Apart from Qin Fang, who already had died, all of Luosang City’s four great chosen contestants were here. In addition, Qin Yu also discovered another acquaintance, Qing Yun from Luonan City’s Qing Family. Before, the two had fought at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Qing Yun also discovered Qin Yu’s existence. When she saw Qin Yu, a trace of astonishment appeared in her eyes. Qin Yu was actually still alive?

Earlier at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Qin Yu had been forced by Qin Chong and the others to enter the Yin Demon’s Forbidden Zone, and she, too, had heard about it. Everybody thought that Qin Yu had undoubtedly died; and, at that time, Qing Yun had felt it was truly a great pity. Fortunately, he hadn’t died and was standing, alive and well, before her.

However, what suprised Qing Yun was that Qin Yu’s cultivation hadn’t changed at all; it was still at the peak of Origin Realm. Everyone else here was at least at Immersion Realm. She truly didn’t know how he had entered with his cultivation level.

Qin Yu watched Qing Yun attentively and also felt some surprise. When they had fought at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, she was only at the peak of Origin Realm; yet now, she was already at the middle stage of Immersion Realm. She had directly skipped two stages! Truly powerful! Apparently, she had gained much more from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain than the others.

Rumble. The doors behind them thudded, causing everyone to turn and find the gate had already closed. Two hours finally had passed. The first floor’s doors shut, so the second floor’s doors should soon open. The several hundred people on the first floor all stared at the shuttered threshold to the second floor with fervent gazes. With a bam that resounded, the doors to the second floor really opened.

A black-robed figure walked out and stood there aloofly, overlooking the crowd. “Everyone, congratulations for successfully enduring the first floor. You may choose whichever treasure you like from here.” After the black-robed person spoke, his eyes moved toward the treasures on the shelf; yet, no one moved to touch them. “Sigh… It seems the treasures of the first floor are beneath all you young talents. However, I guarantee that from the second floor onwards, the rewards will definitely be something of interest to everyone. But, to enter the second floor, you have to once again prove your strength.” With that, a strange, evil smile flickered across the black-clad figure’s face.

“Do we need more heads?” Somebody immediately shouted loudly.

“No, no.” The black-robed person smiled, but his grin was still very weird. “Right now, all of you have a token in your hands. From now on, every floor of the tower will readily open to you so long as you have enough tokens. If you have two, you may proceed to the second floor; if you have three, you can reach the third floor; four to fourth floor, and so on. If you wish to enter the top floor, you must take ten tokens; first come, first served.”

The black-robed figure hadn’t even finished speaking when somebody roared. “Give me your token!”

“You’re dreaming if you think you can steal away my token.”

“If you won’t give it, then just die!” Fights detonated in a flash as the hundreds of people in the pagoda were engulfed in yet another savage confrontation. Very quickly, the pagoda’s floors were dyed red with blood.

“Just obediently hand over your token to me!” Five people rushed at Qin Yu together. He was only at Origin Realm; nobody would ignore such an easy target.

“Huh.” Qin Yu saw the five charging at him and felt somewhat awkward. “There’s five of you, so who should I give it to?”

“Obviously, give it to this Laozi!” A violent looking man yelled.

“Nonsense! His token is mine! Scram!” Another man countered and shouted as well.

“Go to hell!” The violent-looking man raised his hand, sword light blossoming as he ruthlessly slashed down. The other also released a roar and waved his sword. The two immediately began a frenzied battle. Neither of the two were weak, and their fighting was intense. Qin Yu and the other three didn’t want to be accidentally injured and moved back slightly, giving them room.

One of the remaining three laughed evilly, approaching Qin Yu. “Hehehe, you can just give your token to me.”

“Scram, the token’s mine.” The other two simultaneously stopped the other man. As a result, the three squared off for Qin Yu’s token. Qin Yu decisively threw his token in the middle of the trio before swiftly using the wind to retreat.

“The token!” The three saw the token falling to the ground, and they almost simultaneously reached for it.

“Get lost!”

“I’ll kill you!”

The three stooges collided and immediately started another chaotic brawl; but, just as they started fighting, suddenly, a crimson light engulfed the air above their heads. Inside the crimson wave of light, a berserk blood-colored sword light crackled fiercely, like lightning, and it howled as it rushed the trio.

“No!” The men shouted in fear; but, by the time they reacted, it was already too late. The wave of crimson sword qi exploded, tearing apart their bodies and spraying blood high into the air. Qin Yu had used one sneak attack to kill all three of them. He smiled and walked forward to pick up three tokens. Combined with his own, he already had four tokens and could access the fourth floor of the tower.

As Qin Yu retrieved the tokens, he saw three bugs fly out of the corpses’ dantian region. One was red while the other two were green. Qin Yu knew that the fire bugs could measure strength by absorbing internal energy within the dantian and found that none of the three were at all weak; though naturally, those who managed to enter the first floor were absolutely the most elite in the competition. None who remained could be considered inferior in any way. After the bugs came out, they didn’t fly to the top of the pagoda, like outside, but rather to the entrance of the second floor where they were absorbed by the black-robed figure guarding the gate.

At the second floor’s entrance, there were already a few people who had gathered enough tokens and swiftly rushed forward, chased by countless others. Everyone was worried the treasures on the higher floors would be taken by those just a step faster than them. “Youngster, give me the four tokens you have, and Laozi will spare your life.” A fiendish looking man soaked in blood suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yu, his bloodshot eyes staring sternly at him. Qin Yu’s pupils contracted as a blaze ignited in his eyes. His body released an oppressive killing intent. “What, you want to fight? Laozi will help you with that!”

The other person didn’t use a weapon and directly sent Qin Yu a swift punch. His fist’s speed was inconceivable, leaving QIn Yu not even enough time to unsheathe his sword; so, he could only dodge. Qin Yu was confident that hardly anyone could match his speed; but, this time, he had run into somebody who was just as fast! “Huh?” Clearly, the opponent also hadn’t expected Qin Yu could dodge his punch and seemed somewhat surprised. However, he didn’t stop, directly sending out another fist.

“Power Like Rushing Thunder!” A sudden clap of thunder rattled the air, the noise resounding within the pagoda. Not only did it surprise Qin Yu’s opponent, it also caught the attention of many of the surrounding people as well. Bang! The palm strike and fist smashed together.

Slam! Slam! Slam! The fistfighter was forced to recoil a few steps. In this moment, he suddenly realized that Qin Yu wasn’t a cultivator only at Origin Realm level. The power he demonstrated was definitely at the level of an Immersion Realm cultivator. The man had been deceived. Qin Yu was actually an Immersion Realm cultivator and not one to be easily bullied.

Even more unexpected was the sharp sword that stabbed from behind, like lightning, at the man . Currently, he was being forced to retreat, and there was no avoiding the attack. A schlip noise sounded as the sword pierced through his back, preventing him from retreating anymore and forcing his footsteps to a halt.

“Eh…” The swift martial artist’s eyes were wide with fury as he eyed the sharp sword poking from his stomach, still dripping with blood. A hoarse gasp came from his throat, and he slowly turned his head to vaguely glimpse the delicate face of a woman. The one who had attacked him was actually a beautiful, young girl.

“Your token is mine.” The girl’s voice was cold; and, she twisted her sword, creating a large hole in the pit of his stomach before pulling out her weapon. Blood flooded from the hole, bubbling like a fountain. With a boom, the man’s enormous body toppled over. Of course, his tokens all belonged to the girl, who removed three of them from his corpse.

After getting the tokens, the girl still wasn’t content, and her icy glare shifted to Qin Yu. Her voice was cold: “Since I helped you, give all your tokens to me.” Qin Yu stared back at the young miss. He recognized her; he had seen her during Luosang City’s Martial Examination: the only girl of the four powerful selected players, the Dugu Family’s Dugu Feiyan. This woman was helping him? What a joke.

In truth, Dugu Feiyan was exploiting Qin Yu, taking the chance when the swift martial artist was trying to retreat to mount a smooth sneak attack and easily snatch three tokens. Qin Yu had actually helped her; yet, she had made it sound like she had aided him and deserved his tokens as reward. Really ridiculous! “You’re helping me?” A trace of a sneer was on Qin Yu’s face.

“Tell me I didn’t.” Dugu Feiyan’s hand grasped her longsword, still sticky with blood, when he approached.

A black-robed lady walked forward. “You really are shameless. Obviously, it’s just you rushing over to steal other’s things when it’s convenient; and, you still have the face to say that you helped him?” Her voice was unusually cool and elegant; it was Qing Yun.

“Beautiful miss, this doesn’t seem to be any of your business. It’s best if you don’t butt in.” A white-robed man carrying a blade on his back stepped in front of Qing Yun and glanced at Qin Yu. He was Hidden Sword VIlla’s Li Yijian. Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan seemed to have some sort of relationship.

“You’d better get out of here!” Qing Yun’s hand held the Azure Edge Sword. Her frosty gaze filled with killing intent. Still smiling, Li Yijian didn’t move a single step. His body started to release a sharp sword aura. As one of the biggest talents of Hidden Sword Villa, just standing there, he gave others a knife-like impression.

Currently, the killing on the tower’s first floor was slowly dwindling; and, most had already proceeded to the second floor while the rest had become cold corpses left behind. Only a few people had lingered to watch the four face off. However, none of them dared to poke their heads in after seeing Dugu Feiyan’s strength, and they hurriedly ran to the next floor to fight for treasures. All who remained were Qin Yu and the other three.

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