Chapter 56: Crazy Massacre

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 56: Crazy Massacre

Qin Yu entered the heart of the array. He waved his sword and easily chopped down one of the cultivators preparing to attack him, causing everyone to feel surprised.

Qin Yu was a peak Origin Realm cultivator and the cultivator that he just killed was an initial stage Immersion Realm cultivator. Leapfrogging realms and killing him with a single move was simply too terrifying.

Naturally, these people also didn’t waste any unnecessary time by paying attention to Qin Yu. They hurriedly passed by, swiftly blending into the stream of people madly rushing towards a pagoda in the center of the array.

Qin Yu could also see the giant pagoda that towered high into the sky.

The pagoda lied in the center of a very big plaza. Currently, the number of people gathering around the pagoda had already reached an astonishingly large number.

From Qin Yu's view, he could only see everyone's hair, so it looked as if the pagoda was flooded in a sea of black.

Looking at the sea of black, he estimated that there should be at least three thousand people, which was the majority of cultivators who had entered the Slaughter Array from the Martial Exam. The people scattered outside the array probably only amounted to less than a thousand strong.

At this moment, everyone standing under the pagoda was looking up at the tower, their eyes filled with fervor and madness.

Resplendent light of all colors shone brightly in all directions from the tip of the pagoda, and powerful waves of spiritual power were being released. The spirit tool must have been stored there, as only a spirit tool could cause such strong fluctuations of spiritual power.

Indeed, the spirit tool was located on the top floor of the pagoda. Apart from the spirit tool, there were also a few black-robed cultivators. They were all hunters and were the pagoda’s defenders as well as its rulers.

There was one person dressed differently amongst this group of hunters. Although he was also clothed in black, the hems of his robes were embroidered with gold, clearly exhibiting his special and superior status. He was the king of the hunters this time - Can Bao. He was called Can Bao (Brutal Leopard), but he was certainly more brutal than a leopard could ever be. He had never once cared about another’s life.

He stood at the tallest point of the pagoda, revealing a sinister smile as he looked at the crowd as if they were ants. An eye-catching knife scar was etched on the side of his face. In his eyes, everyone below him wasn’t people, but lambs for him to butcher.

“Da Ge, everyone’s been attracted here. Our plan can begin.” A person walked by, telling Can Bao.

“Ha…” Can Bao raised his head and sighed: “Very good, let’s begin!” After speaking, a mad, bloodthirsty glint appeared in his eyes.

“Everyone below, listen well!”

The crowd was attracted by the loud and clear voice that came from the skies. One by one, they raised their heads to look up in the direction of the voice.

“The pagoda in front of you currently has ten floors. Each floor holds a different treasure and the higher the floor, the better the reward. At the top layer lies a first-rate treasure - a top quality spirit tool, a top grade cultivation manual, and three black grade pills, one of each of the following: Promoting Pill, Qi Returning Pill, and Life-Saving Pill.”

The crowd flared up immediately. Before he even finished speaking, many were already standing up impatiently.

A spirit tool was already enough to make them go crazy, and yet, there were even a top grade cultivation manual and several black grade cultivation pills, causing them to completely lose control.

Therefore, countless people all wanted to rush into the pagoda. However, the pagoda’s doors were tightly closed and there were also several strong cultivators guarding the entrance. There was simply no way to enter. A few hot-headed ones tried to break through, but the only result was them being cut down by the guards, turning into a bloody corpse lying at the front of the gates.

“Hurry up and explain how we can enter. Just say it already!” Some people were already rashly shouting up at the sky for answers.

“If you want to enter the pagoda, it’s very simple. Every one of you will have a chance.” The voice coming from the sky didn’t speak any superfluous words, and he immediately went to the key point. “Due to the treasures being limited, there’s also naturally a limited number of people that can obtain them. Therefore, our treasures can only be given to the strongest. If you wish to enter, then you must do so by using your abilities to prove your strength.”

“How do we prove ourselves?” Many people shouted questioningly.

“Very simple. Ten heads; as long as you get ten heads, you may enter the pagoda.”

The voice coming from the skies made Qin Yu’s heart shake. How ruthless! Their goal was very simple; they wanted these several thousand people to kill each other.

However, the people surrounding him didn’t look shocked at all. Rather, their eyes actually lighted up with zealous bloodthirst and killing intent. These people’s wills had already been heavily influenced by the array and many had already lost their rationality. Naturally, there were also some who had strong wills that were able to resist the baleful aura of the array, and hanging on to a strand of sanity. However, those people only made up a small portion of the total group.

“I’ll give you all two hours worth of time. For two hours, the doors to the pagoda will be open to the strong. After two hours, the doors will close and those who didn’t manage to enter during the previous two hours will not get another chance. Now, let us begin. Geniuses, kill as much as you like; let me see who is the strongest!”

The voice reverberated in the sky as the doors to the pagoda rumbled loudly. Sure enough, the doors really did start to open.

“The treasure is mine, die!” A howl erupted from somebody within the crowd as blood splashed in the air. When the warm blood came in contact with the air, it was as if everyone was doused with a barrel of gasoline. In an instant, everybody exploded with attacks as the spark grew into a raging fire.

The crowd was densely packed with people. Blood spurted in the air everywhere as flashes of sword qi filled the scene. It was a complete slaughter.

“Kill him!”

A cold wind blew at Qin Yu as someone rushed wildly at him and attacked him.

It wasn’t just behind him; people were also attacking from his right and left. Qin Yu’s cultivation made him appear as an Origin Realm cultivator, and hence the others treated him as an easy kill and pounced ferociously on him.

Under these circumstances, even if he was completely free of the baleful influence, he still has no other choice but to kill.

“Wind, rise!” Qin Yu shouted loudly and his body fused with the wind, instantly disappearing from his original location.

“Just go die!” The blood saber danced in the air as he suddenly unleashed the ‘Waves of Blood Overflowing The Heavens’. They were all completely engulfed by the crimson waves.

When the waves of blood finally dissipated, three of the weaker attackers had died while the few stronger ones were mostly unharmed, but were left with ragged clothes.

“So strong!” The surrounding people all dispersed, their eyes staring in shock at Qin Yu who was only at the peak of Origin Realm. Nobody dared to challenge him again.

Many of their wills had been influenced by the baleful influence, causing their heart to brim with bloodthirst and killing intent. However, they hadn’t turned into fools who would court death with no regard for their lives. They all knew to prey on the weak and avoid the strong.

Qin Yu stared at the three corpses coldly. Suddenly, a trace of amazement appeared on his face. The three corpses had disappeared into glimmering lights, leaving behind three firebugs that flew into the air. He hurriedly raised his head and at that moment, he saw the sky packed with firebugs fluttering up to the highest floor of the pagoda before finally flying inside and disappearing from his sight.

So there was also such a method to collect the firebugs.

Everyone in the crowd were too busy killing each other, so hardly anyone saw the scene above their heads.

“Those three heads are mine, get lost for Laozi!” Somebody roared, rushing in madly. His sword swung forward, aiming to take the three heads.

“Die” Those people were killed by him, so there was no way Qin Yu would let somebody else take them. His saber flew out with great ferocity.

“I also want your head!” His opponent was very violent and roared as he charged at Qin Yu.

“Attack!” The surrounding people saw how strong the two fighting for the three heads were and naturally didn’t dare to join the fight. Instead, they attacked the others around them.

At this moment, the only thing visible in the square was a slaughter. Each and every one of them had turned into a killing machine as the fishy smell and crimson sight of blood constantly assaulted one’s senses. Swords were cutting through flesh everywhere, and people fought until their opponent toppled over or they themselves fell.

In a short moment, the plaza’s earth was completely dyed red with blood, becoming a crimson field.

“Haha, how wonderful! This way is so much faster than having to personally kill them individually.” On the top floor of the pagoda, Can Bao watched the mad slaughter. The scar on his face warped from his laughter.

“Da Ge, look, somebody already entered with ten heads.” At this moment, somebody reminded him.

Can Bao looked at those who entered the pagoda and laughed evilly, “These people are all the strongest.”

“Right, there’s no lack of monsters among them. I’m worried. If somebody really manages to rush up to the top floor, do we really have to give them the spirit tool and pills?”

“If somebody really does get here, it means they’re a rare talent. Prince An instructed that if I can use the person, then we can give him the rewards. Otherwise, we can just kill him!”

“Understood. I’ll go arrange it.”

The person retreated after speaking.


Below, Qin Yu had already killed the strong cultivator and very quickly gathered up ten heads and exchanged them for a token to enter the pagoda.

Since everything’s already gone so far, he might’ve as well enter the pagoda to take a look. He can investigate the hunters’ plot and simultaneously fight for the spirit tool on the top floor. With his current strength and a spirit tool, he’d be able to match a peak level Immersion Realm cultivator.

When Qin Yu walked into the pagoda, there were already twenty or so people inside.

When he entered, they all looked at him, their eyes glinting ominously with bloodlust and a hidden trace of surprise. Everyone here was the Crème de la crème. All of them were at least in the middle stage of Immersion Realm. However, Qin Yu was still only at the peak of Origin Realm!

Not only did a man of such meager strength not die, he even managed to get ten heads and enter. How did he manage to do this? Perhaps he was just lucky and snuck in by taking advantage of the circumstances?

Qin Yu didn’t pay any attention to their inquisitive gazes and just swept a cold glance across them before looking at the second floor. The path to the second floor was still not open and everyone could only stay here and wait.

On this floor, a neat row of shelves was set up. Cultivation manuals, weapons, and some pills were placed on it. However, these were all low ranked treasures and nobody was really interested, Qin Yu included. So, he could only sit there and wait together with the others.

People started coming in one by one. Everyone who entered was all covered in blood.

As time passed, two hours slowly came to an end. The fierce sounds of fighting outside gradually weakened, showing that the killing and death outside had more or less come to an end.

Correspondingly, this meant that the first floor of the pagoda had slowly gotten crowded. Earlier, it had been fairly comfortable with only twenty or so people, but now, at least 300 people were all packed inside.

Three hundred people. The three hundred had all come after killing ten people each. In other words, three thousand people had died outside. The Martial Exam contestants who entered the array could barely be considered as having gone through a fight. In fact, it was practically a massacre.

Mu Rongyue wanted to stop a situation like this from occurring but ultimately failed. Nobody had thought that in only twenty days time, thousands of geniuses would be completely wiped out.

This act was simply too cruel.

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