Chapter 55: Buried Alive

Defiant Martial God-

Chapter 55: Buried Alive

“Da Ge, are we going in?” Mu Rongyue looked at the crowd of people rushing in and asked Qin Yu.

Qin Yu frowned while looking forward, with a hint of hesitation hidden deep within his eyes. He only answered after a long time: “Little Yue, do you feel as if your internal energy is somewhat unstable, and do you feel a faint impulse to kill?

Mu Rongyue was startled for a moment before immediately nodding her head, “That’s right, how did you know?”

“Inside, there’s an array which makes people feel bloodthirsty. We are standing on the edge of that array. If people with insufficient willpower enters, they’ll turn into a bloodthirsty murderer that wouldn’t even recognize their own family, almost as if they became a homicidal puppet.” Qin Yu’s face was grave as he spoke.

Hearing this, Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng’s faces turned pale.

“Therefore, I don’t want you to go in. It doesn’t matter if you’re killing others or others are killing you, it will still be very dangerous.” Qin Yu continued with a serious tone.

“Miss, what Young Master Qin said was right. It’s better if we don’t enter.” Ruo Feng did not have any objections to Qin Yu’s advice and immediately stepped forward to dissuade Mu Rongyue. She was a princess - how could she go in there and risk her life when she was more valuable than gold? Ruo Feng absolutely would not allow Mu Rongyue to enter.

After hearing Ruo Feng’s opinion, Qin Yu made his decision. “You guys wait outside. I’ll enter.”

“No way. Since it’s dangerous inside, Da Ge shouldn’t go in! Otherwise, I will enter with you.” Mu Rongyue shouted.

Qin Yu shook his head, “Little Yue, it’s still safer if I go in myself. Even if I am influenced by the baleful aura, at least we wouldn’t end up killing each other. Besides, you should be clear about my strength already, so there is no need to worry.”

“Miss, what Young Master Qin said is right.” Ruo Feng naturally didn’t let off the chance to persuade Mu Rongyue.

Mu Rongyue was silent for a moment and pondered for a long time. Qin Yu’s words were reasonable and she was definitely unwilling for them to kill each other so she could only agree helplessly. “Fine, then you must be careful, Da Ge. If something happens, come out immediately. I’ll be outside waiting for you.”

“En.” Qin Yu nodded heavily, “I’ll be going now. Stay here and train the ‘Rainbow Startling Swordplay’ well.” After he was done speaking, he stepped inside and his figure was slowly swallowed by darkness.

A sad trace of melancholy flickered in Mu Rongyue’s beautiful eyes as she watched Qin Yu’s back disappear into the dark. Looking at Qin Yu’s fading back, she felt as if a piece of her heart was being taken away.

Why did she feel like this? Could it be…

“Qin Zhao, look! It’s that slut.”

A voice suddenly came from behind them, breaking Mu Rongyue from her chain of thought. She turned her head and was startled to see two familiar faces.

The phrase ‘enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road’ really applied here; the two who had come were actually Qin Zhao and Lu Wushuang.

Seeing the two together again, a strange expression flashed on Mu Rongyue’s face. She really didn’t understand how the two managed to get back together. After the incident earlier, the two should’ve broken up.

This time, there were three others following them, forming a group of five people Nobody in the group had low cultivation.

Qin Zhao also discovered Mu Rongyue and immediately charged forward, aggressively surrounding Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng with his group.

“What’re you guys doing?” Ruo Feng blocked Mu Rongyue’s body behind him, glowering at Qin Zhao and his group.

“Slut, where’s Qin Yu, that bastard?” Lu Wushuang shouted aggressively. She only dared to do this because Qin Yu wasn’t here. If he was really here, she probably wouldn’t even dare to release a fart.

“Shut up! Daring to call my family’s Miss a slut, are you tired of living?” Ruo Feng angrily yelled. How could he possibly endure his country’s majestic princess being called a slut?

Mu Rongyue’s gaze was icy. She didn’t bother to pay them any further attention: “Ruo Feng, let’s go.”

“Halt!” Lu Wushuang shouted, blocking Mu Rongyue’s path. She sneered coldly, “You think leaving would be so easy? Everyone, capture her! Don’t tell me you guys don’t want such a beautiful lady?”

Lu Wushuang hated Qin Yu and wanted his beloved woman to suffer all sorts of abuse from these men as revenge.

Her words immediately caused the men’s eyes to shine. Mu Rongyue’s beauty was truly rarely seen - how could they not want her?

“Disgusting!” Ruo Feng howled, his sword ruthlessly slashing at Lu Wushuang, “Die!” There was no way he could tolerate his princess being humiliated like that. Furthermore, this area had the murderous spirit of the central area that influenced his will and filled him with a strong urge to kill. The others were similarly affected and in an instant, killing intent from the five-member group filled the air as they made the first move.

And so, a fierce five versus two battle began.


In a desolate mountain range outside of Luosang City, Qin Yu’s parents, Qin Wu and Mother Qin, were forcefully bound and dragged to a desolate slope of land under Qin Chong and Qin Biao’s escort.

“Qin Biao, how about here?” Qin Chong looked at the black earth under his feet and turned to ask Qin Biao.

Qin Biao replied very quickly, a sly and evil smile on his face: “Second Uncle, this area’s pretty good.”

“It really is, heh heh.” The two chuckled sinisterly. Qin Chong’s face turned serious again as he turned to look at the accompanying servants: “Start digging, right here.”

“Yes.” A few of the accompanying servants immediately picked up their shovels and chose a soft area of land before digging at lightning speed.

Qin Wu watched their movements and asked angrily, “Qin Chong, what are you trying to do?!”

“Audacious! My Second Uncle is the grand and stately Third Elder; his name is not something you can casually call.” Qin Biao shouted and ruthlessly punched Qin Wu's stomach, causing him to cough up a mouthful of bile.

“Hehe, Qin Wu, I really advise you to be a bit more obedient so that you can avoid suffering too much before you die.” Qin Chong sneered arrogantly.

“What the hell do you guys want to do?” Qin Wu spat out a mouthful of bile and roared furiously.

“You’ll know very soon.” Qin Chong continued to laugh evilly as he urged the servants dig quickly.

The men were all cultivators so their digging speed was extraordinary. In a flash of an eye, a deep pit appeared in front of them.

“Alright, Qin Wu, it’s time to send you and your wife on your way.” A sinister smile appeared on Qin Chong’s face before he shouted an order, “Push them in!”

The Qin couple were immediately forcefully pushed into the pit. Mother Qin was still in shock, mindlessly calling out her son’s name as she fell into the pit. Qin Wu finally understood what he wanted to do and glared angrily at Qin Chong and Qin Biao, “C-could it be, you…?” His voice was trembling with fury.

“Heh heh, you just realized?” Qin Biao stepped forward with a sinister smile on his face, his voice filled with contempt: “Truly stupid. We’re going to bury you alive, hahaha…!”

“Bury us alive?!” Qin Wu roared, “Qin Chong, you old dog, you won’t have a good death. Qin Biao, you bastard, Laozi won’t let you off even when I become a ghost!”

“Death is already at hand and yet you’re still barking so fiercely. Bury him for me.” Qin Chong ruthlessly ordered. Immediately, the earth turned into a quicksand-like sludge that swallowed up the Qin couple.

“Qin Chong, you bastard son of Qin Yuandao! (The Qin Family’s Grand Elder) You father-son pair will definitely receive retribution! My son will take revenge for us and Laozi will be waiting for you in hell! Hahaha!” Qin Wu laughed crazily as if he had gone mad. “Qin Chong, who do you think you are? You’re nothing more than the vile spawn of that dog, Qin Yuandao’s shameful love affair with your mother! Your father was angered to death after knowing of the affair and your mother hung herself in humiliation, knowing she didn’t have the face to meet others!”

“Shut up, make him shut up for Laozi!” Qin Chong’s shout shook the skies as his eyes filled with negativity, making him appear very sinister.

“Kill him!” Qin Biao shouted at one of the servants.

“Yes.” One of the servants obeyed and advanced with a shovel in hand, ruthlessly smashing it down on Qin Wu’s head.

“Stop!” Somebody suddenly shouted, startling everyone on the scene. The servant who was about to smash Qin Wu with the shovel only heard a bang sound as his shovel was sent flying out of his hands.

In that split second, only a black-robed masked man could be seen melding into the darkness, jumping into the pit, grabbing a person in each hand and flying away with them.

“Don’t let him escape!” Qin Chong roared loudly as he released a fierce palm strike at the black shadow while chasing after him.

The masked man had a similar strength to Qin Chong. However, he was currently carrying a person in each hand and was unable to block the attack.

Just as the palm strike was about to land on the masked man’s back, a swoosh was heard as another shadow suddenly leaped out of the woods. A loud bang sounded as the shadow met Qin Chong’s palm strike.

Qin Chong was fiercely pushed back while he was in mid-air, and almost collapsed when he landed on the ground.

“Second Uncle, are you alright? Chase after them!” Qin Biao shouted at the servants sternly.

“There’s no need to chase any further, we won’t be able to overtake them.” Qin Chong’s arm was feeling sore, and his face looked somewhat pale. The man who had met his palm strike just now was absolutely an expert.

“S-Second Uncle, who saved them?” A drop of sweat dripped down Qin Biao’s forehead. He couldn’t believe that there was actually an expert who helped save Qin Wu behind his back.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, inform the Grand Elder immediately.” Qin Chong ground his teeth, his voice fierce: “Return and mobilize the whole of the Qin Family’s power. We will bury dismember Qin Wu into ten thousand pieces and bury his corpse in this three feet deep pit here! Furthermore, there’s still that Qin Yu. This time, we have to completely eliminate them!”

After Qin Chong finished speaking, his entire face was colored with malice.


More than ten kilometers to the northwest of Luosang City, there was a field covered in rampantly growing weeds. In the corner of the field was an abandoned cattle shed shaded by tall grass. Qin Wu and Mother Qin had taken over the cattle shed and was living in it.

On a hillside not far from the field stood two black-robed men. They had both already taken off their masks, exposing their true appearances.

If Qin Chong saw the two, he definitely would’ve been shocked. How could he have possibly imagined that the two would actually be the head of the Qin Family, Qin Zong and the Fifth Elder, Qin Zhan. They were two people who he couldn’t possibly be more familiar with.

“Old Fifth, is this a safe area to leave them in?” Qin Zong looked in the direction of the cattle shack, speaking with some worry.

“Don’t worry, Da Ge. It’ll be fine for a short time.” Qin Zhan was quite sure about this area’s safety, “When Qin Yu returns, it’d be best to have them immediately leave Luosang City.”

“I can only do this, sigh...” Qin Zong signed helplessly.

“Right, Da Ge, why did you come to save them?” Qin Zhan asked strangely.

“I’ve failed them and feel bad, so I wanted to come.” After that, Qin Zong explained what happened with the Grand Elder. Suddenly, Qin Zhan understood.

“That old man is really getting more and more muddled. Toward a genius like Qin Yu, he actually…” Qin Zhan was speechless with fury.

“Old Fifth, this was his decision. It wouldn’t be good for us to say anything. Who told Qin Wu to cross his bottom line. Right, why did you come here to save them then?” Qin Zong continued to ask.

“After I saw Qin Yu’s potential at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, I just took a fancy to him and couldn’t bear to see his parents killed just like this, especially with such a cruel method of burying them alive. Qin Chong’s actions were going too far. At the very least, Qin Wu was also a part of our Qin Family. Using this method to kill him was too wrong!” Qin Zhan rubbed his forehead angrily, the veins on his arm bulging.

A sharp light also appeared in Qin Zong’s eyes, his voice icy: “This time, Qin Chong had really gone too far.”

“Qin Chong and Qin Biao, that uncle-nephew pair aren’t good people. Sooner or later, the Qin Family will be ruined by scum like them.” Qin Zhan seemed somewhat stirred up.

“Alright, Old Fifth, let’s not speak of them anymore. It’s better to head back first. If only Qin Yu could return earlier, sigh…” Qin Zong sighed again before turning and leaving.


Inside the Slaughter Array, Qin Yu was currently fighting with someone.

“Where did this country bumpkin come from, stay behind for Laozi! Sword, stab forth!” Dazzling short qi shined as the sword strikes chained together like waves of water, striking out unendingly.

“You’re seeking death!” Crimson light rushed forth as Qin Yu’s blade swiftly chopped down directly through the long sword qi image in the air before slicing him in two. In a flash, the earth was dyed red with blood.

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