Chapter 54; Double Breakthrough

Defiant Martial God-

Chapter 54; Double Breakthrough

“The Demon Kills All!”

Qin Yu, relying on just his Origin Realm abilities, had forced Mo Badao, an Immersion Realm cultivator, to use the strongest attack from Modao Hall. This move was only used when the user was in extremely dangerous or risky circumstances.

After launching the attack, the silhouette of a demon silhouette appeared in the sky. Hundreds and thousands of black blades rushed out and formed a mighty torrent. They surged towards the blood-red blades which were blotting out the sky.


The impact was ferocious and space was continuously being deformed. Loud explosive sounds rang out continuously.

Gradually, the thunderous clangs turned into silence. The black and red blades faded away, leaving two slightly fazed men on a wrecked grassland. They confronted each other in cold silence.

Mo Badao’s black irises were fixated on Qin Yu, and surprise tumbled around in his heart. He thought that he was a rare genius. Yet, from what he had just witnessed, the man before him was the true genius. An Origin Realm cultivator had forced him, an Immersion Realm cultivator, into such a state. Even if this round was considered a draw, he had still lost.

Qin Yu stared at Mo Badao and was secretly shocked as well. Of the four seeded players, Mo Badao had the lowest cultivation stage. The rest of them were in the Middle stage of the Immersion Realm while he was only in the Beginning stage. However, he may have had the highest fighting strength. Although he managed to kill Qin Fang previously, trying to kill this dude today might be a hard task.

“You’re strong. Why don’t you and I stop fighting now?” What Mo Badao had said demonstrated his will to give way.

“We can stop on one condition - hand over all of your fireflies.” Qin Yu demanded. Mo Badao had initiated the fight and wanted to snatch his fireflies. Now that he could not, he should at least pay a price for it.

Of course, if Qin Yu was confident of killing this man, he would not stop at only wanting the fireflies. He would never be nice to those who had attempted to take his life and would kill them in return.

Mo Badao’s brows quivered and the light which shone through his eyes brightened.

“It seems like we can only continue to speak through our swords.” A murderous gleam flashed through Qin Yu’s eyes and his aura grew stronger. The light on his blood saber shone.

“Wait! Fine, I’ll give them to you.” Mo Badao’s sudden words shocked Qin Yu. His aura stopped growing and his eyes were fixed upon Mo Badao.

Without hesitation, Mo Badao opened his mouth and over twenty fireflies flew out into the air.

Roar! A black shadow in the shape of a tiger leapt out from Qin Yu’s forehead. It engulfed all of the fireflies in the air and retreated into his forehead.

Witnessing the scene, Mo Badao’s pupils dilated and his cold and stoic expression changed into a myriad of different expressions. Damn, who is this freak?

“Your name is Qin Yu, right? You’re stronger than Qin Fang. Qin Fang should have never been called the top genius of the Qin family.” Mo Badao’s tone had softened, and he lacked his usual indifference and dominance.

“Qin Fang is dead already.” Qin Yu spoke apathetically, yet the statement had stunned Mo Badao.

“Qin Fang? Dead? Who killed him?” Mo Badao was shocked. As a fellow member of the four seeded players, he was aware of Qin Fang’s abilities. He may not be as strong as him but he was definitely not weak.

“I killed him.” Qin Yu grinned with a tinge of evilness.

Mo Badao’s cold face froze. He stared at Qin Yu for some time before a strange smile emerged on his face.

“Good, I will remember you. Farewell!”

After saying this, he vanished into the vast mountain ranges. A man who could even kill Qin Fang... he had better stay out of Qin Yu’s way.

Qin Yu did not chase after him as he watched Mo Badao’s silhouette merge into the dense forest and disappear. Only then did he open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Qin, what happened to you?” At the back, Murong Yue hurried over and shouted anxiously.

Qin Yu used his hand to wipe away the traces of blood at the corner of his mouth. He then turned around and smiled.

“I’m fine, this is just a minor injury. Why are you here?”

“You hadn’t come back for a long time and I got worried. Hence, I came out to search for you. Coincidentally, I discovered intense fighting in this area and I hurried here. I never would have thought that you would really be here.” Mu Rongyue quickly rushed up and held onto Qin Yu’s hand. Her face was full of worry.

“Brother, quick, let’s find a place to treat your injuries.”

“Hmph, okay.” Qin Yu nodded and quickly left the area with Mu Rongyue’s assistance.

The two of them returned to the mountain cave where Ruo Feng, Mu Rongyue’s guard, used while he was recovering from his injuries. Ruo Feng’s wounds were mostly healed after these few days. He was just about to set off to search for Mu Rongyue, only to see her supporting Qin Yu into the cave.

“Miss, you’re back.” Ruo Feng rushed up in a pleasant surprise. Yet, he discovered Qin Yu, who was currently looking unwell. He hurriedly inquired about the situation.

“Master Qin is hurt? Please come in.”

Ruo Feng hurriedly helped Mu Rongyue support Qin Yu into the cave. In reality, Qin Yu had not suffered such serious injuries and did not need both of them to support him.

“Xiao Yue, I’m fine. Both of you could just guard the cave entrance for me and I will treat myself.” Upon entering the cave, Qin Yu sat down and smiled calmly as he spoke.

“Hm, okay. Ruo Feng, let’s go.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The both of them were afraid that they might disturb Qin Yu as he was healing his wounds and left the cave immediately.

Qin Yu sat down and meditated, the self-recovery ability of “Secrets of Eternal Life” began to operate. The wounds on his body began to heal themselves slowly.

At the same time, within his consciousness, the Earth Spirit Pearl rotated rapidly without rest as it refined all of the fireflies. Turbulent energy surged into his body.

Maybe the Earth Spirit Pearl knew that Qin Yu required a great amount of energy for his breakthrough, and did not leave any energy for itself this time around. All of the refined energy was transferred back to Qin Yu.

Upon feeling the surge of energy that was channeled into him, Qin Yu began to absorb the abundant energy. At this moment, the meridians within his body were heavily pounded by the sudden burst of energy and began to loosen and expand.

All of a sudden, a boom resounded. The air around Qin Yu had exploded and crazy wind torrents formed around him. The currents ruthlessly tore his tattered clothes and his jet black hair.

“Brother.” Mu Rongyue heard the commotion within the cave and thought that something had happened. She was shocked and rushed in.

“Brother, are you alright?” Mu Rongyue rushed towards Qin Yu and stared at him, her eyes brimming with worry.

“Huff.” Qin Yu breathed out in comfort as he grinned.

“I‘m fine, I just broke through.”

“A breakthrough?” Mu Rongyue stared hard at Qin Yu, her face full of doubt. The aura on Qin Yu still indicated that he was at the peak of Origin Realm.

As he saw the doubt on Mu Rongyue’s face, Qin Yu smiled. Suddenly, a strong aura burst out from his body and turbulent airwaves rolled around him, causing his robes to flap about majestically.

“The Beginning Stage of the Immersion Realm! Brother, you had broken through at such a fast pace! That’s great!” However, even while rejoicing, Mu Rongyue was still curious. “Since you’ve already broken through, then why was your aura…”

“I practice ‘The Skill of Aura Hiding’, and I am able to cover up my aura.” Qin Yu grinned as he answered. He then withdrew his aura and reverted to the peak of the Origin Realm once again. Mu Rongyue was fascinated.

“Congratulations, Master Qin. You’ve merely broken into the Immersion Realm yet you’ve caused such a huge impact. It’s the first time I’ve seen this.” Ruo Feng walked over with a shocked expression on his face. A sudden explosion of the air due to a breakthrough was unheard of. This was merely breaking into the Immersion Realm from the Origin Realm. If he were to be breaking into higher realms in the future, what phenomenon would he stir up?

Qin Yu stood up and felt power surging within him. What had made him happier was that the “Refined Qi” of the “Secrets of Eternal Life” had leveled up to the second level now. This meant that his self-recovery would be at a higher speed. This was more worthy of celebration compared to a breakthrough.

After he achieved a double breakthrough, Qin Yu now felt emboldened by his strength and ability. He felt that now was the time to head towards the center of the Illusory Battleground. That was the true arena for killing.

“Xiao Yue, we’ll go to the center of the Battlefield.” Qin Yu was full of fighting will. Since he was in the Illusory Battlefield, he should head to the real killing grounds. Within his sea of consciousness, the Earth Spirit Pearl was extremely excited as well. The more Qin Yu kills, the greater the number of fireflies that it would be able to refine for the energy it needs to evolve.

“Okay.” Mu Rongyue agreed and she looked towards Ruo Feng at the side.

“Ruo Feng, how’s your injury?”

“Miss, I’m fine already.” Ruo Feng answered readily, strength apparent in his voice.“

“It’s good that you’re okay. Let’s go.” Mu Rongyue followed Qin Yu’s pace and hurriedly stepped out of the mountain cave.

The middle area of the Illusory Battlefield was a true place of killing. Anyone who enters this area, even if they did not wish to kill, would still be influenced by the bloody spirit of the array. Their innate bloodlust would be uncovered and they would be compelled to kill, to madly indulge in the carnal pleasure of murder, until their enemies were all dead, or until they themselves were downed by their enemies.

The three of them had just neared the central area and yet they could already sense the murderous aura which wafted towards them.

Qin Yu was the most attuned to his senses, and he was able to perceive the influence of the will of the central arena, which carried a strong thirst for blood and murder. This will was able to permeate into one’s body unconsciously and subtly control one’s behavior and actions. It can cause one’s blood to boil.

Those with weak willpower would lose themselves to their innate thirst for blood and forgo their humanity. They would then turn into mindless killing machines obsessed with slaughter. Even if it were the people close to them, they might not hesitate when killing them.

Of course, this bit of will would not affect Qin Yu. He had lived twice, with his past life as Xie Di. Trying to influence his will would be a difficult task. However, it would be difficult to say the same for Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng, who were standing behind him.

“Truly ruthless.” Qin Yu stopped walking and looked towards the central area that was shrouded in mist. He could not help but think about the mercilessness of the person who had set up the array. This was going to kill countless people.

“Brother, what's wrong?” Mu Rongyue saw Qin Yu stop and rushed forward, her eyes fixated at the area full of murderous aura before her. She frowned as her blood started to become restless.

“Quick quick, faster. If we’re slow, we’ll be too late.”

Qin Yu was about to answer Mu Rongyue’s question when a group of men dashed forward from behind, yelling loudly. They had rushed past the three of them at lightning speed and seemed to be competing for something.

Behind them was another group of men who were hot on their heels.

“Hey, It’s Qin Yu.” One man within the group saw Qin Yu and stopped running immediately.

Qin Yu turned and his gaze paused after he saw him.

“Mo Badao.”

“What a pleasure to see you.” Mo Badao’s cold face had a slight grin.

If those who know him had seen the smile, they would all feel extremely shocked.

Mo Badao always had a cold expression and an overbearing aura. No one dared to come close to him or to make friends with him. Neither had anyone seen him smile at someone before. It was strange for him to actually smile at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu felt weird as well. Mo Badao seemed to be very friendly to him.

“Are you going to fight for the Spirit tools as well?”

“Spirit tools?” Qin Yu’s gaze brightened, and a trace of doubt appeared on his face.

Spirit tools were weapons that would make numerous cultivators go crazy. They had exceeded the standard of normal weapons and were of a higher level. Only Spirit Tool Masters could produce them and the entire Country of Qiongxi had none. This shows how scarce Spirit Tools were.

A spirit tool had appeared! No wonder so many people went berserk. A river of blood might have already been spilled for the sake of obtaining the spirit tool.

“You didn’t know?” Looking at Qin Yu’s expression, Mo Badao’s pupils contracted and he grinned strangely again. “Heh... it doesn’t matter if you didn't know. I’ll leave first. Goodbye!” After he had spoken, he chased after the figures before him and left.

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