Chapter 53: The Demon Kills All

Defiant Martial God- Chapter 53: The Demon Kills All

Bam! The door of the cell was pushed open. Qin Wu, who sat on the floor with tangled hair, lifted his head with a snap. His initially blank eyes cast about a fleetingly sharp gaze, then became blank again. Holding a lunch box, Qin Zong walked in alone.

“Master,” the warden had greeted Qin Zong respectfully. The Qin family head had ordered the warden to open Qin Wu’s cell door and to stand guard outside while he went in. Qin Zong’s arrival seemed to have no effect on Qin Wu and his wife. Qin Wu’s wife continued to stare into space and repeatedly call her son’s name, “Yu-er,” while Qin Wu looked indifferently at Qin Zong and remained silent.

Qin Zong didn’t speak either. He stepped forward and squatted in front on Qin Wu. Opening the lunch box, he took out a few plates of delicious dishes and wine. With wine and meat, it was a sumptuous spread.

“Is this my last meal?” Looking at the rich lunch, Qin Wu’s indifferent expression cracked slightly.

“Sigh…” Qin Zong exhaled deeply with resignation and guilt. “Qin Wu, you shouldn’t have acted rashly then.” And, the man sighed once more.

“Hmph.” Qin Wu smirked coldly. “Master, may I ask you a question? If your son had been killed by someone, could you remain calm?”

Qin Zong sighed again. “I understand how you feel, but you shouldn’t have offended the Elder.”

“I never wanted to offend him in the beginning. But, Qin Chong killed my son and accused him of a malicious crime! You dare not punish him, and even the Elder sides with him! Isn’t it just because Qin Chong is the Elder’s illegitimate son?” Qin Wu said with hatred.

“Qin Wu, you…” Qin Zong wanted to stop Qin Wu, yet he could only sigh. “Qin Wu, Qin Chong being the Elder’s illegitimate son is taboo. If you say as much, how can he tolerate you?”

“So be it then. I’m just going to die right? That’s nice; our family can reunite in Hell,” said Qin Wu apathetically. In these many days, he’d long prepared for today.

“If I tell you that Qin Yu’s still alive, would you still think so?”

Qin Zong’s words stunned Qin Wu, and he trembled and widened his eyes. “What did you say? Yu-er is still alive?”

“Yes, he is. He is currently in the Battlefield of the Martial Competition,” Qin Zong stated with certainty.

“You…you…you aren’t lying?” Qin Wu shook with agitation.

“I…” Qin Zong was about to say something when another loud bang came from outside. The door of the cell burst open, and a few men rushed in with deadly auras. Qin Chong led the way for Qin Biao and his men.

“Master, you’re here as well,” a little stunned, Qin Chong greeted Qin Zong. The family head rose and emotionlessly shifted his gaze over Qin Chong and his entourage. He knew why Qin Chong had come, but there was nothing much he could say.

“Their last meal, let them finish it,” he ordered with a gloomy face. Qin Chong’s gaze fell upon the meal set in front of Qin Wu and grinned sinisterly.

“ Sure, I’ll give Master the respect and allow them to finish this last feast.”

Qin Zong nodded and shifted his helpless gaze to Qin Wu again. “Qin Wu, eat properly for now. I’ll take my leave,” his deep voice resounded. He turned away and left immediately as he could no longer stay in Qin Chong’s presence.

Seeing that Qin Zong had left, Qin Chong’s gaze hardened as he spoke to Qin Biao beside him. “Qin Biao, how much time do we have left?”

Qin Biao understood and stepped forward to answer, “Second Uncle, time is up.”

“It seems like we don’t have long to wait. The dishes aren’t finished, so you should help him,” ordered Qin Chong.

“Yes.” Qin Biao approached Qin Yu’s parents with a twisted smile, and he picked up the dish from the floor. In a flash, the dish was dumped over Qin Wu’s head. Strands of meat and vegetables stuck to Qin Wu’s messy hair, and the grease flowed down onto his forehead and face. But, it was not over yet: Qin Biao opened the bottle of wine and, with a mad grin, he poured the wine all over Qin Wu’s head. Qin Wu quietly tolerated Qin Biao’s humiliation with a numb look.

“Hahaha! A cripple indeed! Absolutely useless!” Once he’d poured out the wine, Qin Biao threw the bottle to the floor. “Second Uncle, the food is finished.”

“Fine, take them away,” Qin Chong coldly commanded.

“Yes.” The men ferociously dashed forward, yanked up Qin Wu and his wife, then dragged them outside.

Within the Illusory Battlefield, Qin Yu had killed another hunter and absorbed all of his fireflies. Today was the tenth day since Qin Yu had entered the Battlefield. Within this time, he had killed a total of ten hunters; and, on average, killing a hunter everyday could be regarded as insane. He’d killed a tenth of the hundred hunters.

As the main perpetrator, Prince Qi’s heart ached and suffered each blow. Other than the ten killed by Qin Yu, there were still more hunters killed by others. In ten days, many more had died. At this rate, after three months, there would be significantly few left of the hundred the Prince had painstakingly groomed. Only now did he realize that he had underestimated the abilities of the participants of the Martial Competition. And, the man who had created the array still could not be found. Prince Qi could only watch as bodies fell, one by one, from the Slaughter Array.

Qin Yu couldn’t care less how Prince Qi felt. For now, the young cultivator was hunting isolated hunters. After he killed them, he snatched up their fireflies and found a place to refine them. The hunters had killed many, so he had plenty of fireflies; but, with his current ability, it was difficult for him to refine such a large number of fireflies in a timely manner. Qin Yu could only borrow the refining abilities of the Earth Spirit Pearl. The pearl would then take some energy for itself and return the rest to Qin Yu to be absorbed. Upon receiving the refined energy, the energy in Qin Yu’s meridians would surge and batter the wall between the Origin and Immersion Realms. A few times, he’d almost broken through; yet, he suppressed it. Qin Yu planned to absorb one last wave of refined energy to stabilize his foundation before he broke into the next Realm.

“Leave the fireflies you now hold, and I’ll spare your life!” Qin Yu was about to soak up all of the fireflies he’d just gained and find a place to refine them when a cold and dominating voice burrowed into his ear. His gaze sharpened, and he looked toward a nearby forest.

A dark figure walked out of the trees. The man was clad in black and looked oppressive. Approaching, he released an overbearing aura and gripped a black knife. The weapon was sheathed, but one could feel how cold and sharp it was. Qin Yu knew this man. He had seen him in the arena in Luosang City; one of the four selected players, this man was Mo Badao of Modao Hall.

Mo Badao drew closer with his black irises fixated on Qin Yu. Mo Badao’s eyes released a demonic aura. He was from Modao Hall indeed. Qin Yu stared back at him with an equally icy gaze.

“You know about the fireflies?” Qin Yu thought only he knew of the supposed fireflies and never expected Mo Badao to know of them as well. Thus, there was a high chance that Mo Badao also had killed a hunter. Those who could kill the hunters were definitely strong.

“If you could know, why can’t I?” Mo Badao asked with arrogance, as if he was born to a higher status than others. “I will repeat myself one last time: Leave the fireflies, and I’ll spare your life.”

“Hmph.” The corner of Qin Yu’s mouth twisted in disdain. “You want the fireflies? If you’re strong enough, snatch them from someone else!”

“Be it from you or others, I’ll take them anyway. Why should I let you go?”

“Erm...” Qin Yu paused for a moment. This logic seemed to make sense. Yet, a strange smile emerged on his face. “Good, but are you sure that you want to steal from me?”

“I’ve given you a final chance; you didn’t cherish it. Now, not only your fireflies, but I’ll take your life as well.” Mo Badao released a strong, murderous aura.

“Is my life something which you can take so casually? Blood Saber, kill!” Qin Yu went ballistic and attacked first with his saber, drawing a blood-colored streak across the sky as he slashed toward Mo Badao.

“A mere ant in the Origin Realm, you dare have the guts to be so arrogant in front of me?! Die!” The demonic aura from Mo Badao erupted toward the sky. Without unsheathing his sword, he thrust it forward to block Qin Yu’s saber. He wouldn’t even bother to unsheathe his sword for an Origin Realm cultivator.

Ding! A piercing sound resounded when the two swords met. Fiery sparks jumped in all directions, and the two men both retreated a few steps from the impact.

“Huh?” Mo Badao had never expected himself to be pushed back. A numb and sore feeling came from his arm. At the point of contact of the two swords, the sheath of his sword had been cut through, and the black blade inside was exposed. “So strong?” Mo Badao was a little shocked.

In the meantime, Qin Yu attacked again. This was Qin Yu’s style. Once he attacked, he would use the greatest speed to continuously hammer at his enemy. His defense was to attack and gain the upperhand. “Blood Waves Dashing to the Skies, kill!” Qin Yu’s Blood Saber danced in his hands, and the sword qi that emerged became crimson waves that flooded forth in an attack.

Mo Badao’s facial expression changed, and he no longer dared to act arrogantly. His Demonic Sword unsheathed, its demonic qi was dense and its aura overbearing. The pair morphed into black sword qi waves, and they rolled and expanded in attack. Boom boom! Crack crack! The red and black waves collided. The battle emitted growling noises and the clatter of blades shattering.

“A Thousand Blood Shadows, kill kill kill!” Qin Yu’s murderous aura rushed upward, and a bloody curtain swallowed the sky above. Thousands and hundreds of blades fell from the illusion and crashed down in a mad fashion. As Qin Yu had refined a lot of fireflies, this move was much more stronger than in the past.

A terrified expression formed on Mo Badao’s face. He knew he’d made a terrible mistake, underestimating Qin Yu’s abilities. Was this a mere ant of the Origin Realm? Damn, even a cultivator in the Immersion Realm may not measure up to how strong he was! “Hou!” Mo Badao growled demonically from deep within his chest. He was going all out, and his Demonic Blade released its strongest attack.

“The Demon Kills All!”

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