Chapter 51: Punishing Qin Fang

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 51: Punishing Qin Fang

The blood curtain vanished once again and the Yin Demonic mist was dispersed by the blade qi.

Qin Fang stood on the debris-filled grass, his clothes torn and tattered. The silver Golden Silk Armour shone through, and its surface was scarred with numerous blade marks that could be observed with the naked eye.

Indeed, the Golden Silk Armor was truly a good piece of armor.

“Qin Yu, you have surprised me. I am impressed by how strong you are. However, I have the protection of the Golden Silk Armour, so what can you do to me? You’ve had fun attacking, now it’s my turn!” A ferocious light gleamed in Qin Fang’s eyes.

Qin Yu revealed a chilling smile.

“Do you think you still have a chance to attack?”

“Why can’t I?” Qin Fang hollered angrily.

“Look at your hands.” Qin Yu said with a snicker.

Qin Fang raised his hand and looked. He saw a tiny black dot on the back of his hand, that made it look as if he was accidentally tainted with a small drop of Yin Demonic Qi. To him, he could not be bothered with this tiny bit of Demonic Qi. Thus, he spoke with disdain.

“It’s merely toxic gas. I can force it out immediately.”

“You could try.” The grin on Qin Yu’s face grew wider.

“Hmph, disperse!” Qin Fang hollered as he forcefully circulated his internal energy through his arm to force the black dot out.

However, it would have been better for him if he had not circulated his internal energy. By doing so, it was like pouring oil on fire - the Yin Demonic Qi exploded in a boom. The black dot immediately expanded and spread along his circulating internal energy. In just a short moment, the skin on the back of his hand had already turned black. At the same time, he began to feel waves of pain from his bones being corroded.

“No, no…” The disdain on Qin Fang’s face was replaced by horror.

“No, get the hell out!”

In his fluster, instead of stopping, he actually increased the force at which he circulated his internal energy and attempted to force out all of the Yin Demonic Qin on his hand. What he had done was equivalent to adding oil to fire. The poison spread at a greater rate.

Qin Yu looked at Qin Fang’s hand which was slowly being engulfed by poison as he grinned sinisterly. It was easy to get rid of the initial little bit of poisonous gas. He just had to cut off the poisoned part with his knife - the wound would heal and it would be better than having to slice off his entire arm.

Seeing his entire arm being swallowed up by the Yin Demonic Qi that was rapidly spreading at an alarming rate, Qin Fang seemed to realize something as well. Furthermore, the pain of his bones corroding was also intolerable. The only way was to amputate his arm.

After hesitating slightly, Qin Fang grit his teeth and a furious roar bellowed from his lungs. He gripped his sword with his left hand and sliced downwards.

In that exact moment, Qin Yu launched his attack. A sudden crackle of thunder blasted out as Qin Yu struck with ‘Power like Rushing Thunder’. The current Qin Fang could not fend off Qin Yu’s strike.


A pained scream tore through the air. A severed arm fell onto the floor. At this moment, Qin Yu’s ferocious palm struck Qin Fang’s chest, leaving a deep palm print and blasting him away.

Despite the strike being extremely powerful, it did little damage to him due to the protection of the Golden Silk Armor. Just like Lu Wushuang previously, he only spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell on the floor. He had survived the attack with only minor injuries.

This time around, however, Qin Yu would not commit the same mistake twice. Before Qin Fang could get up on his feet, a gust of murderous wind blew as blood-red sword Qi was released.

“No, Qin Yu, you can’t kill me! We’re all from the Qin Family!” Qin Fang shouted.

“All from the Qin Family? How come when you tried to kill me just now, you didn’t recall that we were both from the Qin Family? Just die!” Qin Yu snarled and the blade in his hand sliced down. A fountain of blood spurted in the air as a head tumbled down. The greatest genius of the Qin Family, a powerful contestant, was felled.

To the side, Qin Zhao watched Qin Fang’s head tumble down and released a weird scream before turning and running frantically into the woods.

“Hmph, you want to run? Leave your life behind first.” Qin Yu was about to chase after him when Mu Rongyue called for help, causing him to stop his chase.

“Da Ge, save me!” Mu Rongyue was in the initial stage of Immersion Realm and the two who were facing her also had the same cultivation. Everyone who had the ability to enter the Slaughter Array were the absolute elite of the elite. For her to have held on for so long against two elites with the same cultivation was already amazing.

In fact, she had long found it difficult to resist and her body was covered in wounds. However, her two opponents saw her as a rare beauty and found it a waste to kill her. They wanted to capture her alive and have some fun with her. Hence, they had restrained themselves when they attacked. Or else, Mu Rongyue would not have been able to survive for so long.

She had not asked for help previously as she feared that she might affect Qin Yu’s battle. Now that Qin Yu had finished off his opponent, she cried out for his help.

Qin Yu turned to look at Mu Rongyue, only to see her being hard-pressed to fend off the two men. Flames of anger burned within his eyes and he channeled his fury into a scary roar. Shortly after, blood-red blades that blotted out sky earth fell onto the two men.

“Beware, behind you.” One of the two men shouted in fear.

“What?” The other man was stunned initially but responded quickly. He spun around and was welcomed with the sight of a blood-red light rolling towards him, roaring and swallowing him immediately.

“No…” In a desperate cry, his sword unleashed its strongest attack but it was too late. He did not have the Golden Silk Armour protecting him and was pierced and minced by the countless blades. Even his bones were cut into pieces and a flower of blood spurted out to a meter high.

A cultivator in the Immersion Realm was killed in an instant by an Origin Realm cultivator. Although his response was a tad too slow, it was still shocking that he died so quickly.

The remaining man was shocked and his attack faltered slightly, giving Mu Rongyue an opportunity to catch her breath. She capitalized on this opportunity and shouted out.

“Fleeting Sword!”

A bright and resplendent sword light shone. Although it was not amazingly eye-catching, the sword light was still quite bright.

“No!” The remaining man screamed in despair but that did nothing to stop the sword from piercing through his throat.

The remaining man was now dead.

Mu Rongyue felt drained after killing the man. She had unleashed her potential and forced out the ‘Fleeting Sword’ attack. She had not predicted that she would succeed, and she did not expect that this attack would consume so much energy. She felt as if she had been sucked dry.

A glint flashed across Qin Yu’s eyes as he looked at Mu Rongyue in surprise and happiness.

“Xiao Yue, it’s great that you’re able to comprehend this attack in such a short period of time. Although you are lacking in some areas, you’re already very brilliant.”

“Huff.” Mu Rongyue panted and a smile emerged on her face. “It was pure luck, I don't know if I could still do the same next time.” After she spoke, the grin on her face froze as her eyes looked towards the mountain and her brows knitted together. “Da Ge, there are people coming over from that side. What should we do?”

Qin Yu had also discovered people coming over and there were more than one or two of them. The aura that they were emitting was extremely strong as well.

“We leave.” Qin Yu decided resolutely. With so many strong cultivators coming over, the best plan was to leave. Before he left, he searched Qin Fang and the other two dead men thoroughly. He took the Golden Silk Armour and also the fireflies within their body.

This allowed Mu Rongyue to see how greedy Qin Yu was. He was looting better than real bandits.

“Whoosh whoosh…”

Qin Yu and Murong Yue had just left when more than ten men rushed in from all directions and landed at the place where they had fought.

However, there was no one present, and even the three bodies had sunk into the ground and disappeared.

“No one?”

The men felt curious. However, when they looked around them, shock emerged on their faces. There was an utter mess around them and they could not find a single tree that survived the battle. They could tell the sheer intensity of the fight which had taken place just now.

They fought so intensely - there had definitely been a precious treasure. It was a pity that they were late and nothing was left.

“Let’s go, we came late.” At this moment, someone spoke depressedly.

“Ah, what a pity.” Another man sighed. “Let’s go.”

“Go? Where are you going? All of you will be staying here!” A shout came from the mountain peak. A black figure, resembling a black whirlwind, came from above and whirled towards them ferociously.

“No, it’s them, escape!” One of them seemed to recognize the black figures. They were a group of murderous demons.

“Run.” The rest of them responded and all of them mustered their fastest speed and escaped in all directions.

“Trying to flee? Kill! Leave none of them alive!”

With that roar, black whirlwinds emerged from all directions in the dense forest and attacked the cultivators who were attempting to escape.

Immediately, agonizing screams resounded as the young elites died one by one.

With no exception, all of the fireflies within their bodies were retrieved. Their bodies were abandoned, and they merged into the earth beneath them, returning to where they had come from.

Luosang City, the battle arena at the City Master Hall.

The spectator stands were still packed. Countless people stared at the Illusory Battlefield above the arena with serious faces.

For this Array, they could only see a few thousand meters into the Illusory Battlefield from the entrance. Once the people entered the vast mountain ranges, they could not be seen anymore. They were clueless about the things that had happened to the elites of Luosang City.

However, there was one thing which they knew. If someone died inside, their body would drop down from above and fall onto the arena.

At this moment, the Illusory Battlefield above the arena started to shake again. The chests of those below tightened as their hearts almost leaped into their throats.

Based on their previous experience, if the Battlefield shook, a body would drop from above. This is already the fifth body to drop in the past few days.

Twelve elites from Luosang City had entered the Array and five of them had died within a short span of a few days. That was almost half of them. At this rate, would there even be anyone alive after three months?

This time around, who was the one who died?

Soon, the shaking of the Battlefield above intensified and a slit cracked open in the air. A body plummeted down and landed on the arena with a thump.

With that thump, the hearts of countless people jumped. Those on the spectator stands tiptoed and stretched their necks to catch a glimpse of the bodies on the arena.

“Qin Fang!” Someone yelled loudly.

“What? That’s impossible!” Qin Zong, the head of the Qin family, stood up immediately and emitted a terrifying aura. His cold gaze shot towards the body on the arena.

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