Chapter 50: Unending Chain of Attacks

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 50: Unending Chain of Attacks

Qin Fang heard Lu Wushuang’s cry for help behind him and roared. He brandished his sword with renewed ferocity as he broke through the crimson waves of sword qi and swiftly ran to save Lu Wushuang.

He displayed a frighteningly fast speed that was worthy of a contestant in the middle stage of the Immersion Realm. With a quick turn, he waved his sword, and it flashed across the sky like a shooting star. His blade chased after the rays of sword qi that were flying towards Lu Wushuang.

Crack! Qin Fang broke the sword qi into fragments, and only a few wisps of remnant qi hit Lu Wushuang, leaving her with torn clothes. However, she was not hurt, and there was no blood.

She had the Golden Silk Armour protecting her body and the pitiful traces of dispersed qi wasn’t able to hurt her.

“Shaung’er, are you alright?” Qin Fang rushed to Lu Wushuang’s side and asked hastily.

Lu Wushuang took a look at her torn clothes and was furious, “Ugh, another set of clothes ruined. Qin Fang, kill him.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be living much longer.” Qin Fang grinned nastily as he replied. However, he had just finished speaking when his face suddenly changed. The sky above his head changed into a deep red color as waves of blood covered the sky and began pouring towards them.

“Blood of a Thousand Shadows! Die!”

Qin Yu released a powerful attack that completely enveloped the pair.

“Careful.” Facing this move, Qin Fang didn’t dare to be arrogant and he soared into the air. His longsword danced in his hand and magnificent sword qi blossomed, forming a wave that shot toward the crimson shroud enveloping them. The wave of blood was sundered in half.

Middle Stage of Immersion Realm cultivators had extraordinary strength and were truly formidable. Qin Yu couldn’t help but secretly sigh with admiration. He didn’t dare to idle, unleashing another attack as overflowing tides of sword qi warped like lightning, blanketing the sky and covering the earth as it rushed at Qin Fang.

The mass of sword qi gathered into a singular, momentous strike, completely and utterly engulfing Lu Wushuang and Qin Fang.

On the other side, Qin Zhao was rooted on the spot as he was stunned by Qin Yu’s overwhelming strike and unexpectedly forgot to attack Mu Rongyue. Meanwhile, the other two men were still battling with Mu Rongyue.

Qin Zhao had already once experienced how terrifying this move was while they were training in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Qin Yu had used it while battling Qing Yi. He had been deeply shaken at that time, and even after experiencing it a second time, he was still shocked. It seemed like this move was even fiercer and possessed even deeper killing intent now.

How could an Origin Realm cultivator use such a powerful skill?

If it wasn’t for personally seeing this with his own eyes, he really would’ve found it hard to believe. He had also once been an Origin Realm cultivator and couldn’t understand how Qin Yu was able to release such a powerful attack while being in the Origin Realm. Even with his current strength as an initial stage of Immersion Realm cultivator, he could not produce a strike with similar strength. He had initially believed that if he ran into Qin Yu, he would be able to kill him as easily as slaughtering a dog.

He couldn’t understand how Qin Yu became such a monster.

As a cultivator, everyone clearly understood that strong fighting techniques would have frightening power. However, the person had to have the capability to execute the techniques properly, otherwise, his effort in cultivating the techniques would be wasted.

For example, a big hammer was much stronger than a small hammer, but the big hammer must be used by strong people. If it was used by a weak child, the child would barely be able to lift it up and even if the child could, it would be good if the child could avoid hitting his own feet, much less hit others with it.

But he didn’t know that Qin Yu being at the apex of Origin Realm and him being at the apex of Origin Realm were two completely different concepts. Qin Yu’s cultivation method was an unknown multitude of times better than his.

If Qin Yu was willing, he could actually ascend into Immersion Realm at any time. He was only suppressing his cultivation and preventing his advancement.

These days, Qin Yu had always been unceasingly reforming his constitution, creating a stronger base, a steadier foundation for his cultivation.

Now, it seemed that his cultivation realm had never changed and never made any improvements from several months ago. However, his constitution had actually undergone a heaven shaking and earth shattering transformation and he no longer had a rudimentary body like before. Therefore, although he technically only had the cultivation of an apex level Origin Realm cultivator, he could still contend against Immersion Realm experts.


Right now, the frightening waves of blood and sword light that covered the heavens had already faded. Qin Fang and Lu Wushuang’s figures could faintly be seen.

The two were still standing, proving that they hadn’t died yet, but their figures appeared quite pitiful.

Qin Fang’s clothes were torn apart, leaving several holes in them that revealed the male suit of the Golden Silk Armour he was wearing. It had originally been worn by Qin Zhao, but now it had already changed masters and belonged to Qin Fang. This treasure had actually helped him a lot. In the attack just now, although he probably wouldn’t have died without it, he would’ve still been injured.

The ‘Blood of a Thousand Shadows’ Qin Yu used this time was different from the one he had used against Qing Yun; he held nothing back and exerted all his strength to kill Qin Fang and Lu Wushuang.

Unforutnately, he still wasn’t able to kill them. Qin Fang was very strong and he also wore the Golden Silk Armour. Wanting to kill him in one strike wasn’t so easy.

Behind him, Lu Wushuang was in a far more miserable state than Qin Fang. Her clothing was cut into rags and even a large chunk of her hair had been cut off. If it wasn’t for Qin Fang protecting her just now, even if she had the treasured armor, she still would’ve undoubtedly died. After all, the Golden Silk Armour only protected her body, not her head unless there was also some Golden Silk Helmet she could wear.

“Power Like Rushing Thunder!” Qin Yu didn’t give the two any time to rest, and a clap of thunder rang out as he struck forth with a palm strike.

Since his sword couldn’t do anything to them, he could only use palm techniques instead.

“Huh? Rushing Thunder Palm?” Qin Fang was a proud son of the Qin Family and naturally recognized Rushing Thunder Palm and studied it. However, Qin Yu’s rushing Rushing Thunder Palm was completely different. The clap of thunder even made him jump a bit; this was the true sound of thunder rolling, this was the true Rushing Thunder Palm.

“Scarlet Firmament’s Nine Swords, attack!” Qin Fang didn’t dare to be careless. Nine illusionary swords coalesced from sword qi rushed forth from his sword, chopping towards Qin Yu one after another. Right now, he was going all out.

The sword qi struck with an almost unstoppable might. Qin Yu’s face changed slightly as instantly retracted his palm strike and swiftly dodged to the side, leaving a phantom in his former location.


The nine sword qi swords chopped through the air. Even their sound it made as it sliced through the air was enough to make a person’s heart tremble; the swords directly sliced through the air like scissors through a cloth.

“Surge Like a Gathering Storm!”

Qin Yu unleashed the second form of Rushing Thunder Palm, and the wind whistled fiercely while the clouds rolled. A gloomy and cold aura of death filled the air. Indeed, Qin Yu had released the Demonic Yin Qi.

Qin Fang still hadn’t gotten the chance to raise his sword when Qin Yu had already exploded forth with the second form of Rushing Thunder Palm. Offense was the best defense, and Qin Yu’s style was to use fierce, neverending attacks to suppress his opponent.

This second move seemed to completely shock Qin Fang and his pupils widened abruptly in shock, disbelief coloring his eyes. The palm strike contained both elements of wind and clouds. Qin Yu had truly achieved the effect of ‘Surge Like a Gathering Storm’, and he wanted to know how Qin Yu managed to achieve this.

This was because he had also mastered this move, but when he used ‘To Surge Like a Gathering Storm’, barely even a puff of wind would come out, not to mention clouds forming. It was nothing like the skill’s name.

But not only were there clouds when Qin Yu used this move, the clouds even contained a deathly aura as it was swept along by the whistling wind. Its speed was swift and violent as it threw itself at its target, as if trying to swallow the person up.

“Heaven Concealing Swordplay! Break for me!” Qin Fang’s face was steady as his longsword danced, forming a wall that pushed back at the black fog. He wanted to explode forth and completely disperse all the winds and cloud brimming with death.

Suppressed by his swordplay, the swiftly attacking black fog was blocked up by his sword wall, unable to move even an eighth of an inch forward.

“Hmph, your attacks aren’t bad. Unfortunately, in front of me, you’re simply overestimating yourself.” Qin Fang smiled arrogantly as the sword light around his sword strengthened somewhat, gradually dispersing the black clouds.

“Bone Eroding Evil Winds Palm!”

The clouds and fog still hadn’t been completely broken up when Qin Yu launched his true killing strike. This time, it was the true ‘evil winds’. The aura of death surged as his killing intent billowed out.

“Not good.” Qin Fang’s heart shook. This damned deathly qi was too dreadful; it hadn’t even reached him, and yet he was already feeling suffocated. Even his vision was obscured by the surging black tides. The black fog continued to rush forward, an aura of death permeating the air. Now, he could no longer rely on the wall he had formed earlier with his monstrous swordplay. He was just a beat slower than Qin Yu.

“Qin Zhao, help me!” Qin Fang shouted loudly in fright as he continued to resist with difficulty. The sword wall he had formed wasn’t very strong at all, and he stumbled backward in panic.

Qin Zhao heard Qin Fang’s yell for help and sneered coldly. Not only did he not help, he even retreated to avoid being accidentally wounded.

The other two were currently fighting fiercely with Mu Rongyue and had no chance to help at all.

“Blood of a Thousand Shadows!”

Qin Yu released another killing move and his sword once again struck out. The scene became bloody as densely packed sword qi striked through the surging demonic qi, chopping towards the cheating couple. He didn’t give his opponents even a second to gasp for breath, instead using an unending chain of attacks to annihilate them.

“Ah, Qin Fang, save me!” Lu Wushuang screamed again.

“You piece of trash, you’re so f*cking annoying, scram!” Qin Fang bellowed, kicking Lu Wushuang far away with one leg, tumbling far into the undergrowth and disappearing into who knows where. By doing this, Qin Fang actually saved her life.

But the tragic thing was that Qin Fang’s foot made him just a little bit slow and in a flash of an eye, the surging deathly demonic qi and crimson sword qi that filled the skies already charged opposingly towards him.

“Heavenly Sword’s Revelation, attack!” Facing the threat of death, Qin Fang released a hysterical roar as he used his strongest move, suddenly exploding with sword qi. The next moment, sword qi weaved in and out as it soared in the air, charging at the curtain of blood. The countless rays of sword qi gathered together in the sky, gathering together and weaving into a braid as it issued a terrifying boom.


“You guys look, it seems like somebody’s fighting over there. What terrifying power!” On a hill far away, there were a few people alarmed by the fighting, one by one turning to look with shock.

“Let’s go and look. Maybe they found some sort of treasure and died after fighting each other all out. Otherwise, the fight wouldn’t be so intense.” Somebody said.

His words made the others eyes light up one by one. There really might be some treasure and nobody wouldn’t want a treasure. Therefore, the group didn’t have any hesitation as they flew to the battle site.

On another hill, there were several people wearing identical black robes also paying attention to the battle. These were precisely the hunters.

The leader looked at the powerful moves released in the battle and immediately spoke, “There might be some strong people there. Immediately gather those in our surroundings to hunt; follow me!”

“Yes.” A few people each divided up the work. Some of them followed their leader to first fly over to the battle site while some others went to other areas and released the signal that told the surrounding hunters it was time to hunt.

To deal with the powerful, they needed to completely and utterly crush them with sheer force.

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