Chapter 5: The Powerful "Cripple"

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 4: The Powerful "Cripple"

The shop assistant who was crushed under the table painfully shouted, “Mo Yu Shixiong! [1. Shixiong means senior male apprentice student] Quick! Save me!”

Mo Yu couldn’t afford to waste time finding out who the culprit was, after all, saving the shop assistant was more important. He urgently stepped forward, lifting the front desk and pulling out the shop assistant.

“Shixiong, h—he wanted to kill me!” After the shop assistant was freed, he opened his bloodied mouth and did everything he could to gravely accuse a certain somebody of his actions. In fact, if Qin Yu really did want to kill him, he would’ve died a long time ago.

Mo Yu turned toward the doorway. When he saw Qin Yu standing there indifferently, the fierce expression on his tanned face couldn’t help but fall. “You…Qin Yu? How is this possible…?” He almost couldn’t believe what he saw was real. Wasn’t Qin Yu a cripple? How could he beat up the shop assistant to such an extent? In any case, the shop assistant was also a cultivator at the initial stage of Origin Realm, yet he still couldn’t defeat a cripple?

“Last year, your master had promised to give this young master a personally forged weapon. Now, I’ve come to pick up that weapon. However, I didn’t expect that not only did he not give it, he had even spoken words to humiliate this young master. This type of person is lacking in discipline and as such, this young master disciplined him in your place.”

Qin Yu’s words undoubtedly poured another bowl of oil over Mo Yu’s raging hot anger, causing his fury to reignite. The earlier bout of confusion completely disappeared from his mind.

“Shut up! You are not worthy enough to discipline any of Tie Shou Craftsman Shop’s people!” Mo Yu shouted furiously. “A cripple like you must be courting death by coming here to cause trouble. Now, even if I kill you, the Qin Family wouldn’t dare to stand up for you.”

Qin Yu’s face was filled with disdain. “Kill me? Are you even my match?"

Mo Yu was so angry that he started to laugh. “Haha! You are too arrogant. I really don’t understand what qualifications a cripple like you has for you to run around here so rampantly.”

Qin Yu could instantly determine the man’s cultivation at a glance. “I also don’t understand how you—an insignificant Origin Realm Middle Stage cultivator with the talent of a cripple—can call other people cripples.” A 30-year-old man who was only at the middle stage of Origin Realm was truly very weak. This was a common weakness between all Tool Refiners due to all their energy being spent on tool refining instead of cultivation.

“An Origin Realm Middle Stage cultivator fighting against a cripple is still enough to kill you.” Mo Yu laid down the person in his arms and his aura suddenly expanded as overflowing killing intent erupted from his eyes. In the next moment, his fist struck forward with raging fury, blowing forth a fierce wind.

“Cloudtrack Phantom!” Qin Yu’s figure flickered, disappearing from his original spot as he turned into a phantom. This was the body movement skill he had been practicing last night and although it still wasn’t complete, it was enough to deal with a trifling Origin Realm Middle Stage cultivator.

A shout rang out as Mo Yu launched himself fiercely towards Qin Yu, his fist striking out only to make a light sound as his punch met with air.

Mo Yu was completely stunned. “Eh? Where is he?”

The shop assistant shouted from behind him, “Shixiong, he’s behind you!”

Mo Yu turned his head in shock only to see an enlarged fist right in front of his eyes.

“No—!” Mo Yu fell back, screaming loudly in fear. “

*Boom* The sound echoed as the wind caused by the fist swept across, scraping against Mo Yu’s face, causing him to scream in fear once more.

Luckily, when Mo Yu stood up, he discovered that he was completely unharmed.

“That was close.” Mo Yu released a sigh of relief, but before he even got a chance to calm down from the scare, another surprise came.

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

A series of rushing footsteps echoed as a man’s figure violently surged forward in his direction. The man’s speed was very fast and he essentially had no time to evade him. He could only look on as the figure crashed against his body.

*Ka’cha* A noise rang out as the man’s figure urgently stopped himself from falling back anymore. He luckily stopped just as he was about to hit him. Mo Yu’s entire back was soaked in sweat as he realized it was only a false alarm.

“Master, it’s you?” Mo Yu discovered that it was actually a man he couldn’t be anymore familiar with. It was his Master, Luosang City’s outstanding and famous Master Tie Shou.

Mo Yu finally understood why he was actually left unharmed just now. It was all because of Tie Shou who had taken Qin Yu’s frightening attack for him.

He knew how strong Tie Shou was, after all, he was a cultivator at the beginning stage of Immersion Realm for many years, yet he was still unexpectedly pushed back all the way by Qin Yu. From this, it could clearly be seen just how terrifying Qin Yu’s strength was.

Qin Yu wasn’t a cripple? How could this be? Just how?

In fact, Qin Yu was also not having an easy time. He was directly sent flying straight into the wall behind him by the explosion. A burst of warm blood surged up inside him as traces of blood flowed from his lips.

Which expert is this?

He raised his head, astonished. His gaze landed on a short haired, square-jawed, and short-bearded old man. The old man was wearing a black Tool Refiner’s robe with three stars pinned on his chest, indicating his level as a third level Tool Refiner.

There was only one third level Tool Refiner in Luosang City and that was Tie Shou, Tie Shou Craftsman Shop’s founder. The former Qin Yu had fortunately seen many faces and the two were also acquainted.

Shock filled Tie Shou’s face as he stared at Qin Yu who was standing up across from him, his face frozen as disbelief and astonishment radiated from his eyes.

Wasn’t it said that Qin Yu got crippled by others? All twelve meridians were completely ruined and nobody in the entire Ancient Wu Continent could save him. He could only be a cripple for a lifetime. How could he be so strong now? And have such terrifying strength too?

An Origin Realm level cultivator had actually forced him, an Immersion Realm expert to retreat back so many steps while only suffering some minor injuries himself.

For Qin Yu, this was already considered a cross-realm fight. Tie Shou had heard of leapfrog battles within the same realms before, but he had never heard about this sort of ‘cross-realm’ battle before, and today, he actually experienced it himself.

This Qin Yu was even stronger than before. This kind of person is a cripple? If he was a cripple, then everybody in this world was a cripple! This was a genius, and a monstrous genius at that.

While Tie Shou was in astonishment, Qin Yu laughed bitterly in his heart. This body was still too weak and already suffered some internal injuries. His eyes could naturally tell that Tie Shou’s cultivation level was at Immersion Realm, higher than Origin Realm by one grade. However, the strength of Tool Refiners like Tie Shou were normally lower than what their cultivations suggested. This was because cultivation was of secondary importance to them and they rarely went out to train or battle others. Thus, even if they possessed Immersion Realm level cultivation, they wouldn’t necessarily possess that realm’s strength.

To still end up receiving internal injuries after dealing with such a person was truly shameful.

Of course, this was only inevitable. The former Qin Yu’s cultivation methods were too rudimentary and at present, wanting to completely repair everything needed time. If it was after he had adjusted it, dealing with an Immersion Realm cultivator who only dabbled in cultivation with a low level cultivation method to someone like him who was at the peak of Origin Realm wouldn’t even pose a big problem at all.

“Qin Yu, you really have guts, daring to come and cause trouble at this old man’s shop and injuring my [1. Here, he uses “Lao Fu” (老夫) to refer to himself, which is just a way of saying ‘I’ when being spoken by an old man] followers as well as damaging the shop’s things! Do you take this place as your family’s back garden where you can run amok?!” Tie Shou roared angrily. As shocked as he was, Qin Yu’s actions today absolutely could not be tolerated. “

As Luosang City’s sole third grade Tool Refiner, his status was venerated and the masters of every great power—including the City Master—had to show some form of respect when meeting him. Because of his status, ever since Tie Shou Craftsman Shop had been established, there had never been anyone who dared to cause trouble in the shop. Today was the first time somebody had smashed apart the reception area and even hurt his men. This was something nobody could tolerate so even if he killed Qin Yu today, it would only be fair. Besides, Qin Yu had already been abandoned by the Qin Family and even if he wasn’t, it didn’t matter what reason he had to kill Qin Yu because with his respected status, the Qin Family would be completely helpless.

At this moment, Tie Shou’s body emitted a gloomy and cold killing intent. This time, he truly had the intention to kill.

Qin Yu sensed the killing intent emitting from Tie Shou’s body and his face turned cold. He quickly circulated the《Secrets of Eternal Life》to help heal his injuries.

The first stage of《Secrets of Eternal Life》, “Refined Qi” had a powerful self-recovery ability. “Refined Qi” was divided into three stages and right now, he was only at the first stage of “Refined Qi,” so his self-recovery ability was still a bit weak. Luckily, he only had a minor injury and it was easy to heal.

While he healed his injury, Qin Yu’s sharp eyes landed on Tie Shou’s furious face. His expression was calm as he indifferently said, “Great Master Tie, this young master only came to pick up the weapon that you promised to forge for me. We can forget about your apprentice not giving it to me, but he actually went so far as to humiliate this young master saying I was a cripple. Thus, this young master taught them a lesson. This isn’t too excessive, right? Besides, if it was you being humiliated as a cripple, what would you do?” At the end, Qin Yu’s tone of voice changed into a question.

Tie Shou was startled and couldn’t answer. With his respected position as Luosang City’s only third grade Tool Refiner, nobody would dare to call him a cripple. If they did, he would directly swat them dead.

“It doesn’t matter how you say it. Today, you damaged my [3. Still using “Lao Fu” here] things, therefore, you must pay the price,” Tie Shou replied irrationally. Even if his people insulted Qin Yu, he still shouldn’t have damaged the place and injured his people because this was his territory.

Qin Yu exposed a sneer. It looked like in the end, strength was still what spoke. Without strength, what was right could also be changed into wrong. In a cultivator’s world, the fist was the basis to right and wrong.

Qin Yu believed that he was somebody who spoke reasonably but towards an unreasonable person, he would naturally use his fist to crush them instead.

“What price do you want this young master to pay?” Qin Yu’s face was calm and collected, exposing no fear under Tie Shou’s pressure.

“Considering this old man’s friendly relations with your Qin Family, you only need to break one arm yourself. If you make me move, you will need to die.” Tie Shou released all his aura, surging toward Qin Yu to try and oppress him.

Qin Yu’s face was filled with disdain. Wanting to use his aura to suppress him, would that accomplish anything?

“There’s no need to say any nonsense about friendly relations with the Qin Family, this young master has long since cut off all ties with them. If you really have the ability, go ahead and try to kill me.”

“I gave you face and you didn’t want it, so why don’t you just die?!” Tie Shou’s black robes suddenly surged up. He admitted that Qin Yu was indeed monstrous, but he was still a realm higher, which was enough to kill Qin Yu.

“Stop!” A tender shout suddenly echoed, interrupting Tie Shou who was just about to attack.

Qin Yu was also startled, turning his head to look toward the source of the voice.

From inside the blacksmith shop, a graceful and elegant figure of a young lady clothed in yellow slowly walked out.

Her lips were red and her teeth was white. She had a face like peach blossoms [2. This means she is as beautiful as peach blossoms along with white, flawless skin and a smiling face that is as brilliant as peach blossoms]. Her skin was rosy and she carried a refined and noble temperament along with a trace of a cultivator’s sharp aura.

The girl’s appearance shocked him. She appeared to be younger than him, yet her cultivation was at the initial stage of Immersion Realm, like Tie Shou.

Maybe a teen at the initial stage of Immersion Realm wasn’t regarded as anything outside, but in Luosang City, even if it was in the entire Qiongxi Country, she was a genius among geniuses. This girl wasn’t simple.

Tie Shou looked at the girl who had just entered and his face stiffened as his body seemed to quickly lose its intimidating aura like a deflating balloon. It dissipated in the wink of an eye as he turned his face toward the young girl with a respectful expression. “Miss, why did you come out?” [1. The ‘you’ was respectful]

Tie Shou’s reaction startled Qin Yu. Based on the former Qin Yu’s knowledge, Tie Shou’s arrogance was matchless and there were even times where he ignored city lords. However, a girl who was only in her teens could actually make Tie Shou turn so... deferential? Who was this young lady?


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