Chapter 49: Slut

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 49: Slut

Leaving the cavern, Qin Yu looked at Murong Yue’s sword and asked absentmindedly, “Xiao Yue, you like to use swords, right?”

Murong Yue was startled for a moment and glanced down at her sword before nodding. “That’s right, Da Ge. Why do you ask?”

“No reason. I just wanted to say that, although your cultivation’s pretty good, it’s really unfortunate that you don’t have a powerful sword art. How about I teach you a sword art?” Qin Yu’s voice was solemn.

Fortunately, it was just the two of them there. If anybody else had overheard this Origin Realm cultivator offering to teach an Immersion Realm cultivator a sword art, the two would probably attract a bout of sneers. The higher realm always taught the lower realm; yet, he, a lower realm cultivator, was actually opening his mouth and saying he’d teach his superior. Was that a joke? However, the extremely grave expression on his face didn’t seem to be joking.

Murong Yue naturally didn’t believe Qin Yu was just making a joke. She had personally experienced Qin Yu’s strength with her own eyes. In the Underground City, even a peak stage Transformation Realm master had suffered serious injuries from him. In regards to fighting strength, Qin Yu was completely qualified to teach her.

“Naturally, it’s good if Da Ge agrees to teach me. But in our current situation, I’m afraid that…” Murong Yue hesitated somewhat.

“It’s precisely because of our current situation that you need to increase your fighting strength, which is why I want to teach you a sword art,” Qin Yu emphasized. “Listen, this sword art is called ‘Rainbow Startling Sword’.

“Rainbow Startling Sword!” Murong Yue exclaimed. In the Underground City, she had heard this name and had seen its might; it was truly powerful! This was precisely the sword art that Yi Suo from the Yi Family in the Underground City had used earlier, and the one Qin Yu had called out by name. Apparently, Qin Yu had received some really powerful person’s inheritance. Murong Yue was naturally filled with excitement that Qin Yu was willing to pass such a powerful sword technique to her. As cultivators, nobody wouldn’t want such a big opportunity to increase their strength, nevermind her in such an urgent situation.

“Da Ge, thank you! I want to learn!” Murong Yue no longer quibbled and agreed excitedly.

“Very good.” Qin Yu nodded happily, “Because of time, for now, I’ll only teach you the first form, ‘A Sword-Startling Rainbow.’ I’ll try to simplify it as much as I can as I teach it to you. To improve as much as possible right now, you can cultivate on one hand while gaining practical experience on the other. Naturally, comprehending everything all depends on you.”

“Yes.” Murong Yue repeatedly nodded.

“Then, give your sword to me. I’ll demonstrate it for you once through, then teach you the chant.” Qin Yu extended his hand to Murong Yue. Murong Yue immediately placed her sword into Qin Yu’s hands.

Qin Yu took the sword and walked a few steps ahead. His expression was serious when he spoke, “Watch well. The strikes of the ‘Startling Rainbow Sword’ art must be absolutely stunning and dazzling to the eyes, as startling as a rainbow.” In the next moment, Qin Yu brandished the longsword in his hands and struck out. Intense, brilliant rays of light erupted like a twinkling rainbow. The sparkling, resplendent cold light from the strike surpassed even a rainbow in the sky. The brilliant light caused Murong Yue’s eyes to prick with pain; it was simply too breathtakingly dazzling, even better than Yi Suo’s strike back in the underground city, many times better! This, here, was the true “Rainbow Startling Sword.” Yi Suo’s strike was only the tip of the iceberg, only a hint of the sword art’s true power.

Murong Yue’s heart filled with excitement. If she mastered this sword art, her fighting strength would absolutely multiply. If the princess encountered an expert, she could suddenly erupt with this move, and it would catch them off guard. “Da Ge, I will definitely study such a valuable sword art well,” Murong Yue said emotionally once Qin Yu finished.

“Alright, take your sword.” Qin Yu returned the sword to Murong Yue, “I’ll give you half a day to practice this. After that, we’ll set off.”

“Alright.” Murong Yue took her sword and immediately began to practice the technique under Qin Yu’s instructions.The move seemed simple, but Murong Yue found it was actually very hard in practice. To reach the level of power Qin Yu exhibited during his demonstration in half a day was impossible.

“Yi, there’s actually people over there. Let’s go and look.” At this moment, Qin Yu and Murong Yue were on the top of a hill when they suddenly heard a woman’s voice, a very familiar voice. Qin Yu whirled around to look. On the mountain road, the figures of actually several people appeared: four males and one female. Qin Yu’s gaze suddenly sharpened upon seeing the group of people, especially the woman in the center.

“Qin Yu…?” The woman, too, was startled when she saw Qin Yu. “……”

It was no stranger, but actually Lu Wushuang. Four men trailed behind her, one of whom was another of the Qin Family’s contestants, Qin Fang. Qin Zhao was also there along with two others who Qin Yu didn’t recognize.

“Who did you say? Qin Yu?” Qin Fang rushed forward upon hearing Lu Wushuang’s cry.

Lu Wushuang suddenly reacted and pointed at Qin Yu, shouting loudly, “That’s definitely Qin Yu! Official Song said that if we killed him, not only would we directly advance to the finals, but also receive a Black Grade Pill.”: Her words made several people take notice. There might be nothing special about directly advancing to the finals, but a Black Grade Pill warranted excitement.

Qin Fang dashed ahead, his gaze sharp as he laughed loudly, “Hahaha…We’ve travelled far and wide only to find you easily. The Promototing Pill is mine! Die!” “……” A large gale whistled as Qin Fang flew forward in a flash with several others, wildly throwing themselves at Qin Yu and Murong Yue.

“Da Ge, they…?” Murong Yue stopped practicing and looked at the charging men in surprise. “……”

“It’s nothing.” QIn Yu was very calm.

Shouts rang out as the men rushed up the mountain, surrounding Qin Yu and Murong Yue on all four sides.

“Qin Yu, we finally meet.” Staring at Qin Yu with eyes filled with contempt, Qin Fang sent his aura surging violently towards Qin Yu.

To be frank, Qin Fang and Qin Yu had no relationship at all. Although the two were both from the Qin Family, for the past three years, the former Qin Yu had always seen Qin Fang as trash and unworthy of his attention. Therefore, the two had no great regard for each other. However, right now, Qin Fang had a very deep impression of Qin Yu. Several days after Qin Fang returned from practical training, he had heard rumors about Qin Yu. This youth whose name he had never even heard of before had actually replaced his position as the Qin Family’s number one genius. Qin Yu’s talent was apparently even better than his, which certainly displeased Qin Fang. The Qin Family’s number one genius was suppose to be him, not Qin Yu, and definitely not Qin Zhao! Though of course, presently, Qin Zhao was at the initial stage of Immersion Realm and a step higher than Qin Yu. In Qin Fang’s eyes, Qin Zhao had always been trash, nevermind Qin Yu who was now only a mere Origin Realm cultivator.

Qin Yu saw Qin Fang’s hateful gaze, and the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth curled into a trace of a disdainful sneer. He didn’t even bother to answer, much less return the greeting. Instead, he just coldly swept his eyes across them before finally settling on Lu Wushuang at the very back.

Sensing Qin Yu’s glare, Lu Wushuang was somewhat fearful in her heart, and she hastily drew close to Qin Fang and pulled at his hand. The two appeared very intimate. The pair’s appearance made Qin Yu’s eyes narrow slightly. A bit of doubt appeared in his eyes as his gaze shifted to Qin Zhao on the side.

Qin Zhao seemed rather miserable with part of his left ear cut off by somebody. Although he was looking in Qin Yu’s direction, his attention clearly wasn’t on Qin Yu, but Lu Wushuang and Qin Fang. Qin Yu saw the furious anger in Qin Zhao’s eyes. However, Qin Zhao didn’t seem to dare explode and only stared as his beloved was intimate with somebody else.Qin Yu watched Qin Zhao and guessed at his circumstances. It was very simple: Lu Wushuang had been snatched away by Qin Fang. In the moment, Qin Yu truly couldn’t help but admire Lu Wushuang’s shamelessness. She really loved to cheat on others, betraying one after another. No man with even a part of his brain intact would dare want such a woman. She could betray first one, then another, and yet the third as well.

Qin Yu’s gaze once again fixed upon Lu Wushuang’s body, his stare sharp with spite. Lu Wushuang naturally saw Qin Yu’s hatred toward her and knew he definitely sneered at her as a whore. Infuriated, she softly muttered in Qin Fang’s ear, “Qin Fang, Qin Yu once tried to attack me. Help me kill him. Furthermore, that woman at his side is a slut. Kill them together. So long as you kill them, tonight I will give myself to you.” Hearing this, Qin Fang’s eyes shined as flames immediately rose in his pupils. In order to get the Promototing Pill, he never would’ve let Qin Yu escape anyway; and now, a woman had even taken the initiative to gift him a happy, spring night. How wonderful!

“Hehe, Shuang’er, don’t worry. I’ll definitely fulfill your wishes.” A trace of a vulgar smile appeared on Qin Fang’s face, and his eyes lecherously explored Lu Wushuang’s fiery figure with barely concealed lust. Lu Wushuang currently wore little clothing. She originally had a coat, but, because it became tattered, she had directly thrown it away. Although she couldn’t be considered an unearthly beauty, she was still the flower of Luosang City with a body in full bloom. And, in her sparse clothing, Lu Wushuang was still quite seductive to the young and vigorous Qin Fang.

The two’s dialogue was both soft and quiet; but, all present were cultivators, and so their listening ability far surpassed others. The duo also weren’t whispering, so everyone could hear their sweet mutterings. When Qin Zhao heard Lu Wushuang’s words about giving herself away, his fists suddenly clenched even tighter. His eyes turned bloodshot as the humiliation and fury in his heart surged violently. However, Qin Zhao still suppressed it in the end. He didn’t dare do anything. The lesson Qin Fang had taught him, cutting off Qin Zhao’s ear, left him with a profound fear.

Qin Yu stared at Lu Wushuang, his eyes filled with cold killing intent as his aura swelled; it billowed through his surroundings, blowing at his robes with a whistling sound.

“Huh?” Qin Fang removed his stare from Lu Wushuang’s hot figure and turned to look at Qin Yu with a sneer. “A mere ant like you still wants to resist? You’re just courting death. Die!”

“You die!” Qin Yu suddenly shouted and struck out with his saber. His sword qi changed into a crimson blade and fiercely sliced forward.

“You, a little firefly, dares to think you can compete with me, the moon? You’re overestimating yourself. Die!” Qin Fang saw Qin Yu’s attack and jeered cruely. The sword qi around Qin Fang became even more dazzling.

“What are you guys standing there for? Why don’t you kill that slut? Qin Zhao, you’re still not moving? Do you want to die?!” Lu Wushuang saw Qin Fang and Qin Yu already fighting and immediately screeched an order for Qin Zhao and the others to kill Murong Yue. Qin Zhao and the two others had both been subdued through force by Qin Fang; so, after following him for a few days, Lu Wushuang could order them without hesitation. Lu Wushuang commanded Qin Zhao and the others to kill Murong Yue to enrage Qin Yu.

“Lu Wushuang, you slut, you’re seeking death!” Qin Yu roared and brandished his sword. “Blood Piercing Through the Vast Sky, attack!” A huge wave of crimson sword qi appeared, striking at not only Qin Fang, but also Lu Wushuang behind him.

“Qin Fang, save me!” Lu Wushuang screeched in fear, frantically fleeing.

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