Chapter 47: Killing three in one battle

Defiant Martial God

Killing three in one battle

“Who are you?”

The remaining three Hunters looked at the corpse of their companion with horror. When their gazes shifted onto Qin Yu, their eyes stared blankly, as if they have seen something impossible.

The peak of the Origin Realm? How could this be possible?

They were extremely clear of their own abilities. The weakest of them were still at the Beginning Stage of the Immersion Realm and they were the elites who had survived the selection trials of a group of one thousand people. Every one of them had experienced countless life and death situations and had participated in merciless killings. There were few within the same cultivation stage that could rival them, and fighting others beyond their cultivation level was nothing new either.

However, an Origin Realm cultivator had killed one of their Immersion Realm cultivators and saved Mu Rongyue at such a crucial moment.

This was more than fighting opponents of a higher cultivation rank. This was a cross-realm fight!

Were they seeing things? Or could this actually be a hallucination?

Nonetheless, when they blinked hard and looked again, their doubts were confirmed.

The youth was dressed in ragged and old gray clothes, looking like a bumpkin from the countryside.

Yet, his delicate features, arrogant stare, and his daunting disposition made it difficult for people to believe that he was really from the countryside.

They were extremely curious about Qin Yu’s identity.

Qin Yu ignored their questions and looked over to Mu Rongyue, whom he held in his embrace, and asked with concern.

“Xiao Yue, are you alright?”

“Brother, is it really you?” Mu Rongyue asked in disbelief. She could not believe that this was real.

“It’s me.” Qin Yu nodded.

“Brother….” Mu Rongyue grabbed Qin Yu and hugged him as she cried bitterly. The repressed shock and pain she felt while watching her subordinates die one by one were now fully released, and they manifested themselves as the flood of tears that rolled down her face.

She had been strong since she was young, but she was still a woman. When she finally had someone to rely on, she could no longer hold back her emotions and released them completely.

When a strong woman could no longer maintain her strong image in front of a man, her heart will gradually be captured by that man. These changes in feelings often happen without the knowledge of those involved.

“Xiao Yue, don’t cry - I’m here.” Qin Yu comforted Mu Rongyue tenderly. Then, he lifted his eyes and shot a cold gaze towards the three hunters. His murderous aura could be felt in the air.

“A few men bullying a weak lady, shameless indeed.” Qin Yu spat out the words indifferently with a voice filled with contempt.

The three Hunters who were shocked by Qin Yu’s terrifying attack slowly calmed their nerves. He was merely a cultivator in the Origin Realm. Even if he was at the peak of his Realm, it was still merely the Origin Realm. There was a huge disparity between his cultivation and the Immersion Realm. Maybe they just failed to take note of him which allowed him to successfully carry out his sneak attack.

Now they were prepared, and they had one Beginning Stage Immersion Realm Cultivator and Two Middle Stage Immersion Realm Cultivators. If such a lineup was insufficient to kill Qin Yu, they should commit suicide by banging their heads on a piece of tofu.

“Hmph, how dare a cripple in the Origin Realm be so arrogant. You must be tired of living, aren’t you?” A hunter replied Qin Yu with similar indifference.

“Don’t waste your words on him. If he wants to die, I will grant him his wish. Kill!” The other Hunter could not be bothered with small talk and his figure zoomed into the air with a whoosh. The light of his blade shimmered as he slashed down ruthlessly. It sliced through the air, creating a piercing whistle.

“Wind, retreat.”

“Knife, slaughter!”

Qin Yu, who was carrying Mu Rongyue, suddenly vanished on the spot like the wind. A streak of red flitted across the air as Qin Yu’s blood saber pierced towards the man who attempted to slash him with his knife.

“You’re overconfident! Break!” The Hunter twisted his blade in the air and sliced towards the red streak.

With a muffled crash, the blood-red streak dissipated. The Hunter suffered from the impact as he fell from mid-air. He staggered backward, and only managed to correct his stance after a few steps back. This time, the way he looked at Qin yu had changed greatly.

A mere Origin Realm cultivator, yet he could deal such a strong blow?

Even though the Hunter who attacked had the weakest ability amongst the four, he could easily kill a cultivator of the same Realm as him. An Origin Realm cultivator would never measure up to him.

“Make this fast, attack together and kill him!” The two men at the back - one who fights with his fists and the other who uses a sword - yelled as they charged. The combined force of their attack formed a ferocious turbulent current of air.

“Brother, beware.”

At this point in time, Qin Yu had gently put Mu Rongyue down. When she saw such a merciless attack coming from them, she shouted with uneasiness.

“Blood of a Thousand Shadows! Kill!”

Qin yu did not dare to underestimate the combined strike of the two extremely capable cultivators. Hence, he countered with his most powerful strike.

A blood curtain swallowed the greyish-white sky above the Hunters. Hundreds and thousands of blood-red blades were conjured up from within the blood curtain, and they looked like countless clusters of lightning bolts in a stormy sky. The blades twisted and turned, and explosive roars echoed in the sky. They brought about the terrifying threat of complete and utter destruction, and those present seemed like they were about to be swallowed in a rain of swords!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”


The thunderous howls echoing from within the blood curtain shook the sky. Occasional glints could be observed as swords and sabers collided with flying sparks and shadowy figures struggled against each other.

“Sky-Breaking Metal Fist, break them apart!” The Hunter with fought unarmed growled. With a heavy fist, he continuously deflected and broke apart the sabers that were flying at him.

Crash! Wherever his fist flew forwards, there would be a never-ending echo of shattering sounds

“How strong.” Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. As the blood curtain was about to fade, he sheathed his Blood Saber and his palm quivered.

“First form of the Rushing Thunder Palm - Power like Rushing Thunder! Die!” Thunderclaps resounded as a tyrannical palm flew forward.

“Second form, Surge like a Gathering Storm!” In the time it took to take a single breath, he overlapped his palms over one another, and a violent surge of power blasted out from them! Thunder boomed continuously, and the Hunters’ eardrums were constantly ringing.

“Sky-Breaking Metal Fist, break.” The unarmed Hunter fired off another tyrannical punch with his fist that was as hard as metal.

“Snake Shadow Sword.” The sword-wielding Hunter waved his sword and formed countless snake-like shadows. They hissed and flicked their tongues as they drew near for an attack.

“Dominant Knife Cut!” The Hunter who was armed with a knife followed up immediately by furiously plunging his knife down from mid-air.

The combined attacks of the three Hunters rendered Qin Yu helpless as his capabilities as an Origin Realm cultivator was limited.

“Wind, retreat. Bone Eroding Evil Winds!” Qin Yu’s body merged with the wind and drifted along with the wind currents. All of a sudden, the Yin Demonic Qi that Qin Yu released burst out from the wind and roared. It rolled along the wind, emitting a deadly aura filled with desolation and destruction, as it attempted to engulf the three Hunters.

“There’s something odd, move away!” The Hunter with the sword realised that something was amiss and told the others to retreat.

However, his warning fell on deaf ears and the other two hunters ignored him and continued charging at Qin Yu.


Qin Yu’s clothes were torn by the huge knife and the tip left a long bloody wound on his body. The other Hunter’s metal fist shattered Qin Yu’s Rushing Thunder Palm and fell onto his body, causing Qin Yu to be blown back by about a meter.

The Hunter’s Sky-Breaking Metal Fist was too powerful. Fortunately, Qin Yu’s series of strikes had diffused most of the impact of the punch. If it had struck him directly, he would have to suffer a fate that was much worse than merely being blown back by a meter. He would probably at least end up with broken bones and injured tendons.

Of course, Qin Yu’s injuries were nothing compared to Hunters’ fate. Out of the three Hunters, the two who did not retreat paid the price of their lives for their actions.

They disregarded the black mist and were consequently engulfed by it. After a short moment, they personally experienced how horrifying the Yin Demonic Qi was.

Their muscles corroded and made strange hissing noises that would make one’s hair stand on end. The noises resembled the sound of tens of thousands of bugs chewing on food.

However, the crucifying pain that the Hunters felt as their muscles rotted away were far worse than the unimportant sounds.

“Argh…Argh!” Terrifyingly piercing screams emerged from the mountain range. The screams were worse than the cries of ghosts being tormented in Hell.

Those within a few kilometers of the mountain peak would be able to hear the painful screams, and amongst those people, those who were more timid would tremble in fear. They would stare at the mountain trail in fear and would lose the courage to continue walking. It was horrifying.

At the spot where the screams originated from, the two Hunters were sprawled on the floor, with nothing much left of their bodies other than a pool of dirty blood. They were beyond recognition. Including the previous Hunter, three Hunters had died from this battle.

The remaining Hunter saw what had happened and had nothing left but fear. He had lost all of his courage to battle Qin Yu and retreated madly.

“Demon, you’re inhumane, inhumane, ahhh!”

The man broke down as he bawled and dashed into the dense forest. He disappeared soon but his terrified screams still broke out once in a while. He seemed to have received an overly big shock that made him mentally deranged.

Qin Yu had been injured as well and had no energy to go after him. Furthermore, he had more important things to do. He had to rob the corpses of their fire bugs!

“You’re mine!”

Before the two bodies sunk into the ground, Qin Yu rushed up and sucked out all of the fire bugs from the bodies of the two men.

Dozens of the red and green fire bug flew out at the same time.


The Earth Spirit Pearl buzzed and coalesced into the phantom of a ferocious tiger. It didn’t even consider Qin Yu as it opened its mouth and swallowed all of the bugs at once and flew back into Qin Yu’s consciousness to refine them.

“Zhu-er, that’s unfair.” Qin Yu was depressed.

Seven Peak Mountain, Jade Space Temple.

Within a Great Hall, the scent of wine wafted out. Melodious music and dance complemented the drinks.

A chubby middle-aged man sat in the center and a Taoist Monk sat beside him as an assistant. The rest of the people sat at the left and right sides of the Great Hall.

In the middle of the Great Hall, a group of graceful beauties in revealing clothes danced to the music. The group of men at the sides stared at them with lust, especially those with low alcohol tolerance. They stared at the sensual parts of the ladies with bloodshot eyes, wishing that they could pounce onto them and fulfill their fantasies.

“Your Royal Highness, how are they? Is there anyone you’re interested in?” The Taoist Monk asked the middle-aged man in an attempt to curry favor with him. His features appeared wretched as he spoke.

“Haha, not bad, not bad.” The man was a little drunk with a slight redness under his eyes. Flames seemed to burn within his eyes as he stared at the lady leading the dance in the middle.

“Your Royal Highness, do you like her? You have great taste, she will serve you tonight then. Haha.” The Taoist Monk smiled evilly, delirious in his joy.

Suddenly, someone rushed in from the outside in a great hurry. He did not care if those inside were at the peak of their excitement and screamed upon his entry.

“Your Royal Highness, Master, it’s bad! Someone died again.”

He interrupted the dance as the ladies stopped and stared at him. They stood there awkwardly, having no idea of whether they should continue the dance or if they should back down.

“Someone died, that’s all. Why the fluster? Do you want to die as well?” The refined and elegant atmosphere was disturbed and that infuriated the old Taoist Monk.

His fury shocked the man and he plopped down onto the floor to kneel and kowtow.

“Your Royal Highness, Master, forgive me. I was in too much of a hurry. This time, three of our men died, and two - two of them with their corpses…”

“What? Three men died!” The middle-aged man did not wait for the man to continue his sentence and his cold aura chilled the hall. He stood up, and flipped over the wine cup in front of him, causing the ladies to scream in fear.

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