Chapter 46: Rescuing Murong Yue

Defiant Martial God

Rescuing Murong Yue

The Taoist Monk who was engulfed in the deadly Demonic Qi rushed forth. Instantly, a panicked shout came from behind.

“Beware, stay away from him!”

Thankfully, the warning came in time and someone amidst the shocked crowd reacted instantly.

“Get lost!”

A young man roared and charged out from behind the chubby and fair middle-aged man and the old Taoist Monk. Sword energy exploded wildly, and from the moment he drew his sword to the moment when he resheathed it, the naked blade was never seen. Rather, only a storm of sword qi could be observed.

The man who was screaming for help fell onto the floor with a “plop”. Red and black blood flowed from his body, forming a gigantic pool.

The sword was incredibly fast!

Everyone looked towards the young man with fear in their eyes.

“Move aside.” From the back, an old man wearing a Pill Master robe rushed forward. He was the one who yelled for everyone to be careful.

“Master Dan.” The Taoist Monk and the chubby middle-aged man greeted him respectfully, suggesting that the man was of a high position.

Master Dan nodded at the two men and solemnly walked over to the rotting corpse shrouded in black air. He struck out with his palm, and a silvery-white light shot onto the corpse. The black air surrounding the corpse dissipated and the decomposition of the corpse was halted.

After he was done with this corpse, Master Dan walked towards another corpse that was so thoroughly decomposed that it was unrecognizable. He struck again and removed the Demonic black Qi from it.

After looking at his skills, the surrounding people deeply admired and revered him.

“Master Dan is getting better and better with his detoxification methods. I am impressed.” The chubby middle-aged man stepped forward with a smile on his face and spoke with admiration.

“You flatter me, Your Royal Highness.” Master Dan turned around and bowed slightly to the middle-aged man.

“Master Dan, what poison is this?” The old Taoist Monk came forward as well. He frowned deeply as he stared at the two corpses.

“Yin Demonic Qi, in its purest form.” Master Dan looked towards the two corpses with furrowed brows.

“Almost nobody would dare to touch this sort of Yin Demonic Qi. How did they even get poisoned by it?”

Naturally, the Taoist Monk was clueless too, and could only look for the disciple standing beside him.

“Master, these two corpses actually came from the illusionary battlefield. One of the juniors went to touch the corpses surrounded by the black Qi and…” A disciple of higher status hurriedly answered.

He did not need to finish his sentence for everyone to know what had happened.

“Does the Slaughter Array contains Yin Demonic Qi?” Master Dan asked as he looked at the Taoist Monk in doubt.

The old Taoist Monk shook his head.

“No, it’s impossible for that.”

“There’s only one explanation then - someone is using the Yin Demonic Qi as an attack within the Slaughter Array. If this is true, it will pose a huge threat to our people.” Master Dan spoke seriously.

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man’s heart skipped a beat. He was anxious. Grooming the group of one hundred elites took effort. If they were all to die in such a tragic manner inside, arranging this Slaughter Array would be equivalent to sabotaging themselves.

“Master, this can’t do. Can you please think of a way to resolve this?” The middle-aged man said worriedly.

Master Dan’s agitated expressions slowly turned gentler as he nodded.

“Worry not, Your Royal Highness. The man’s usage of the Yin Demonic Qi is not mature enough and I still have ways to resolve this. I have some pills which could cure the poison. However, I only have a limited number of them, and so they cannot be used on everyone. I suggest that we send the ten strongest men to hunt down the man using the Yin Demonic Qi.”

“Royal father, I’ll go.” The young man who had shown his impressive sword skills earlier dashed forward and asked with a deep voice. He had longed to enter the Slaughter Array for a long time but was not allowed to previously.

The middle-aged man looked towards the dashing and strapping young man and a glimpse of hesitance flashed in his eyes.

“Rui-er, the Slaughter Array is extremely deadly and dangerous. You… ...”

“Father, are you doubting my ability? Even if we include the one hundred elites that you groomed, there’s few of amongst them who can rival me.” The young man ground his teeth and looked dissatisfied. He wanted to show off his skills within the Slaughter Array and experience trials that involved life and death. He was a cultivator, not a flower which grew in a greenhouse.

To a cultivator like him, over-protection would limit his growth.

“Father, you’re a practitioner of Martial Arts as well. You should know that a cultivator has to undergo countless dangerous trials to become stronger and have a tougher mentality. Over-protection is only going to harm me.” The young man debated with persistence.

“This...” The middle-aged man was stunned and sighed with resignation.

“Fine, I promise you that you will lead this hunting team. However, you have to be extremely cautious.”

“Thank you, Father.” The young man was overjoyed. He couldn't care less about his father’s warning of being careful. He was confident that he needn't be wary within the Slaughter Array with skills like his. Others were the ones who should be careful.

Three days had already passed within the Slaughter Array.

Qin Yu exhaled with great force within a mountain cave. He raised his hand and wiped off the sweat on his forehead and cursed.

“Damn, finally gotten rid of that damned bug.”

Three days. Qin Yu took a whopping three days to refine and kill the bug. He finally regained all of his internal energy which was absorbed by the bug.

Now he had known that he underestimated the strength of this sort of fire bug. An average Martial Arts practitioner could not get rid of it at all.

However, he was impressed by the Earth Spirit Pearl as it engulfed over hundreds of that bug and only took three days to refine all of them. Not only had it recovered the energy which it had lost, it had also advanced. The surface of the pearl now had three green markings and was a pearl in the Third Tier.

Of course, Qin Yu had reaped some benefits as well. This type of bug was an energy-carrying body as well. Refining it helps greatly in increasing one’s abilities. If this bug was full of internal energy before it was snatched away for refinement, it’s effects would be greatly boosted.

There now seemed to be hope for him to advance into the Immersion Realm within the Slaughter Array.

Qin Yu was already devising a scheme to rob others of the energy-carrying fire bug.

“Miss, do leave now! I will block them!” Suddenly, loud shouting came from the back of the mountain, followed by intense clashes of weapons.

Killing was normal within the Slaughter Array. Qin Yu thought little of it and had prepared to leave for the center of the Slaughter Array. Only the center of the Slaughter Array would there be plenty of fire bugs.

“Arghhh…...” A scream pierced through the air. Someone seemed to have died.

“Yang Ji, no!” A girl cried out, grief evident in her voice.

Upon hearing that voice, Qin Yu’s footsteps halted suddenly as he spun around. His sharp gaze shot towards the back of the mountain.

“Litte Yue.”

That voice - it was Mu Rongyue.

How did she come in as well?

Qin Yu quickly pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind, and in a flash, he merged with the winds and left in a whoosh.

He quickly flew over the peak of the mountain. Glancing downwards, he saw Mu Rongyue and a young man clad in blue fight off four other black-clad men on the mountain slope. The four men were dressed just like the Hunters which Qin Yu had met previously.

Beside them, few bloodied corpses were sinking into the ground and disappearing gradually. Those who died within the Slaughter Array would automatically sink into the ground and get transmitted back to where they had entered.

“Miss, leave quickly, leave!” The young man in blue hollered as he put his life on the line to block the attacks from three of the men. His body was covered with bruises and injuries.

“No, Ruo Feng, we will leave together. So many had already died because of me, I can’t let the same happen to you!” Mu Rongyue ground her teeth and waved her saber around in a crazed manner, causing the man who was fighting her to retreat.

“Help me!” The man was thrown into panic and had to ask for aid.

Amongst the three men who were fighting the young man clad in blue, one of them jumped out of the battle with a feint and readied himself to attack Mu Rongyue.

“Stay here!” The young man in blue screamed madly and actually ignored a strike from his opponents. Instead, he chose to direct his knife towards the man who had just jumped away, and he slashed at him without caring for anything else.

“No, Ruo Feng!” Mu Rongyue’s scream turned into cries as she leaped towards the young man in an attempt to aid him.

“Leaving isn’t that easy.” The man who was previously flustered immediately retaliated and dashed towards Mu Rongyue’s back. His sword attacked ruthlessly.

Mu Rongyue had ignored it and her sword was directly aimed at the Hunter who was about to strike the back of youth in blue.

“Argh!” A terrifying scream broke out as the young man’s crazy strike sliced off the arm of the Hunter who had previously leaped away from the battle.

At the same time, another Hunter struck the young man from behind with his palm and the young man was blasted away due to the huge impact. Another Hunter was blocked by Mu Rongyue and he had to focus on fighting Mu Rongyue. Otherwise, the young man would have died from the Hunter’s cut.

Although Mu Rongyue had blocked a strike for the young man, the Hunter who had chased her from behind had already sunk his blade into her clothes within a split second.

Mu Rongyue could clearly feel the intense pain from the skin on her back. It was the feeling of being pierced by a sword. She sunk into coldness as a death-like suffocation enveloped her entire body.

Am I just going to die like this?

A miserable grin was etched on her intricate face. Before she died, a young, delicate and prideful face flashed before her eyes.

Qin Yu, the person she acknowledged as her god-brother.

Was this nostalgia before death, or was this an illusion?

“Brother, is that you?”

“Get lost!” Airwaves formed by his loud roar rolled around chaotically. A whirlwind with a ferocious aura crashed down from the mountain peak. Trees and grass in the surroundings shook crazily, and blood-red light erupted from within the terrifying whirlwind. Blade-light flew everywhere, bringing about a storm of rain and blood.

When the chaos was over, the Hunters found that Mu Rongyue had been whipped away by a young man dressed in gray.

There was now a huge hole in the abdomen of the hunter who had attacked Mu Rongyue from behind. He had long turned into a bloody corpse sprawled on the floor.

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