Chapter 42: A Generous bounty for killing Qin Yu

Defiant Martial God Chapter 42: Generous bounty for killing Qin Yu

As Qin Yu’s silhouette gradually faded into the boundless mountain range, Official Song could no longer suppress his anger. A mere youth slipped away right under his nose after attempting to slash him with his saber! If this could be tolerated, what would then be intolerable?

Nonetheless, Qin Yu had already entered the Illusionary Battlefield and there was nothing much Officer Song could do for the time being.

He gazed fiercely upon Qin Yu’s back, before staring icily at the twelve competitors on stage.

“Listen. I will now adjust the rules. Anyone who manages to kill that man will be able to make it straight to the Capital. They will also receive one Black Grade Promoting Pill.”

After hearing the Official’s words, an intense discussion broke out amongst the crowd as they exclaimed in great surprise.

Being qualified to go directly to the Capital may not be of much importance, but a Black Grade Promoting Pill was a temptation that the cultivators that were present could not resist.

In the entire Country of Qiongxi, there was only one known Black Grade Pill Master. From this one could see how rare and precious a Black Grade Pill would be. Furthermore, it was a Promoting Pill that could directly upgrade one’s cultivation. The young talented cultivators, and even the old and strong cultivators who had been in the Transformation Realm for many years, would all be driven crazy by a Black Grade Promoting Pill.

Some of these old men were already itching for action, especially those who had been stuck in the Transformation Realm for many years and could not make any progress. They looked at Qin Yu with burning fiery gazes and wished that they could step into the Illusionary Battlefield and kill Qin Yu themselves in exchange for a Black Grade Promoting Pill. Qin Chong was part of this group of people who were out for Qin Yu's blood.

Of course, it was impossible for them to do so, and thus they place their hopes on the competitors who could enter the Illusionary Battlefield. They hoped that these competitors could kill Qin Yu and give them the Black Grade Promoting Pill as a sign of filial respect.

At this moment, the twelve young competitors could feel the expectant gazes of their seniors when they looked at them.

“No!” A loud voice rang from the platform at the back. The top tool refiner of Luosang City, Tie Shou stood up and leapt onto the arena.

“Official Song, we cannot do this.” Tie Shou hurriedly said as he landed next to the competitors.

Official Song stared at Tie Shou with a dark face. Tie Shou might have an extremely high status in Luosang City but in Official Song's eyes, he was insignificant. Thus, Official Song spoke impolitely.

“Master Tie, you don’t have a say in what I do. You’re merely a judge.”

Tie Shou folded his hands in front of him courteously.

“Officials, the one who had just entered is Qin Yu, who achieved second place in the Qualification Competition of the Martial Arts Competition. He is also one of the pre-selected candidates for this Martial Arts Competition. Hence, he has a valid reason to be able to enter the battleground.”

“So what if he is placed second? He did not participate in the Elimination Test just now and that means that he has given up. By entering the battlefield, he is openly defiant and has broken the rules. His punishment shall be death!” Official Song said ferociously.

“Official Song is right. Even though he was second in the Qualification Competition, he did not participate in the Elimination Test and he has forfeited his qualification to take part in the final battle. What he has done goes against the rules and can be seen as contempt for the law!.” Official Wu walked over as he spoke. He made Qin Yu's actions seem more severe by claiming that he was being defiant of the country's laws.

Tie Shou shook his head in resignation and laughed grimly.

“If you insist on your actions, I will not keep blabbering on. However, I would still like to give you a final piece of advice. Officials, think before you act.”

“There’s no need for that. I don’t need you to nag when I do things.” Official Song was upset about Tie Shou’s tone and his laughter.

“If so, I shall not say anything anymore. It’s pointless being a judge anyway, farewell!” After Tie Shou finished speaking, he flung his sleeve and left in anger. Many were confused by Tie Shou's behaviour. He had actually gotten angry and quarrelled with the officials over Qin Yu! Were there any intimate ties between him and Qin Yu? Many were confused by Tie Shou's behaviour. He had actually gotten angry and quarrelled with the officials over Qin Yu! Were there any intimate ties between him and Qin Yu?

When Tie Shou left, so too did another influential figure of Luosang City - the top Pill Master of Luosang City, Master Gu Chen.

He was on extremely close terms with Tie Shou and had always followed him. It was natural for him to take his leave alongside Tie Shou.

“Hmph, they don’t even know what’s good or bad for themselves.” Official Song grunted as he could not be bothered with their departure. The officials were the ones who called the shots today and the judges could only be considered as mere ornaments.

“Why are you all still standing around? Get in there!” Official Wu who stood at the side yelled at the twelve competitors in dissatisfaction.

The twelve competitors reacted to his words and an elegant and graceful figure flashed past. Dugu Feiyan was the first to fly into the light beam and entered the battleground above.

“Whoosh, whoosh.” She was quickly followed by the rest of the competitors as their figures flashed by. Soon, the competitors were transmitted into the Illusionary Battlefield.

When they were truly inside the Illusionary Battlefield, they discovered that the view inside differed from their view from the outside. The things found within the battlefield looked realistic rather than illusory.

The twelve of them found themselves in the same Great Hall. This was their entry into the battlefield.

“Qin Zhao, where is the renunciation token?” Once Lu Wushuang entered the Great Hall, she felt the gusts of chilly cold wind which blew into the Great Hall from the outside. She shrank away from them as she moved nearer to Qin Zhao.

To possess the renunciation token was like having an additional life. It was a safety net and she had to get it.

After Lu Wushuang’s questioning, the others had realised it as well. They were all promised a chance to get a renunciation token, so where was it located now?

“Hm? There, the token!” Someone shouted from the back as his figure morphed into a whirlwind and moved swiftly towards the back of the hall. There was a tall stone table with black tokens laid on them.

He was fast but the others were not slow either. There were whooshing sounds all around and countless figures rushed towards the table.

“Qin Zhao, quick!” Lu Wushuang shouted. However, there was actually no need for her to shout as Qin Zhao had already rushed out. The ones who did not dash out for the tokens were the four seeded players and Lu Wushuang.

It was not as if the four seeded players would be slower than them in snatching the tokens. Instead, they felt great disdain towards the tokens, and had never wanted to snatch them. They never had any thoughts of giving up since they entered the battlefield. Rather, they only kept one thing in mind: victory!

Lu Wushuang did not attempt to snatch the tokens as she had placed her hopes on Qin Zhao to do that for her. She had never thought of doing it herself and even if she had, she would not be fast enough to acquire it anyway.

“What’s this? There’s only three tokens? Weren’t we promised one for each of us?” Qin Zhao was the first to holler. He was a little late in responding and when he had dashed out, the tokens were all taken already.

“Is it possible that we have been deceived?” Someone asked with doubt.

Right after, a loud voice blasted throughout the Great Hall.

“How dare you? Why would an official like myself deceive juniors like you who reek of your mother’s milk?” The voice belongs to Official Song.

“I said that you would all have a chance to receive the renunciation token but that does not mean that everyone would have the token. There is only three of them and although all three are already taken, let me remind you that you still have a chance to receive the token. Everyone has a chance, and you can use whatever means you have to obtain the tokens. You will now decide on your future path without any hints or interference from me.

Official Song’s voice vanished from the Great Hall and everyone pondered deeply about his earlier words.

Suddenly, sharp gazes were directed at the three competitors who had a renunciation token.

The three of them shivered and immediately retreated a few steps back as they stared warily at the other competitors. One of them spoke indifferently.

“Why? Are y'all planning to snatch the token by force?”

“Hehe.” Qin Zhao looked at that person and took a step forward, a sinister smile hanging on his face.

“Official Song said that we will all have a chance to receive the token. Furthermore, whatever method we use, no matter how we get it, he would not interfere.”

“Hmph, you’ve yet to step into the battleground and yet you are already thinking of renunciation. How pathetic.” A cold voice rang out, slowing Qin Zhao’s steps as he hesitated. A black figure stepped out of the doors of the Great Hall. He was Mo Badao of Modao Hall.

“You can fight amongst yourselves for the renunciation token. I don’t need it.” A pleasant female voice rang out as an elegant figure followed the black figure and stepped out of the doorsill. She was Dugu Feiyan of the Dugu family.

“Hey, hey, Miss Feiyan, wait! Let’s go together.”Li Yijian from Hidden Sword Mountain Villa yelled as he chased her. His actions stunned the rest and the competitors immediately began to conjure up wild thoughts in their heads. Is the charming Li Yijian interested in Dugu Feiyan?

The three seeded competitors were the first to leave, and Qin Fang was the only seeded competitor left behind.

The first three did not want the renunciation token, making Qin Fang embarrassed to take one as well. He followed the other three as they walked outside, pausing slightly when he walked past Lu Wushuang.

“Follow me and you will not need any renunciation token.”

“Qin Fang, what do you mean by this?” Qin Zhao turned around furiously and stepped in front of Lu Wushuang, pulling her behind him. He glared at Qin Fang with an icy cold gaze and spat the words out.

“She is my woman and I am her man.

“Hmph.” Qin Fang’s prideful face showed his contempt towards Qin Zhao.

“You think a useless thing like you deserves to be her man?”

“You...” Qin Zhao clenched his fist and the situation quickly became heated.

“Why, do you want to fight me? There will be a chance to fight, but this is not the place. Considering that we are both members of the Qin family, I will restrain myself today. Goodbye!”

After that, Qin Fang walked towards the main door of the Hall. Right when he was about to step out, he stopped and turned to look at Qin Zhao.

“Remember, I am the rightful top genius of the Qin family. Qin Yu does not live up to this name, and you’re even worse. By the way, Miss Wushuang, if you have any needs, feel free to come to me at anytime. See you!”

A gust of wind blew and Qin Fang’s silhouette disappeared.

The four seeded players have left, with total disregard for the renunciation token.

“I do not need that bullshit renunciation token too.” Dugu Ao, who ranked first in the Qualification Test, proudly proclaimed. He treated the renunciation token with scorn and left the Great Hall.

Five strong cultivators had left and that brought about relief for the three token holders. The five may not fear death, but not everyone was like them. There was no reason for the others to reject a chance to protect their own lives.

“I will leave as well.” A competitor who had gotten the token took off running as he was afraid that someone would attempt to snatch his token.

“Kill!” A ray of sword qi slashed through the air, chasing after the back of that man.

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