Chapter 39: Qin Yu was the murderer

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 39: Qin Yu was the murderer

After Lu Wushuang killed the man clad in black, the battle in the second arena was over and the elimination test officially ended.

The remaining thirty competitors would advance into another round of competition and killing.

While some families rejoiced, other families wallowed in misery. Those who successfully advanced into the next round were exhilarated, but those who were eliminated could only leave in disappointment.

Those who were unfortunately killed in the battle had their bodies carried away by their bereaved family members. The families were aware that people would die in the Martial Arts Competition and that it was only a matter of who. After all, in order to obtain glory and honor, one must constantly face the possibility of death. Once they stepped onto the platform, they ought to be aware that they may be killed mercilessly, so there was no one to blame for their death.

Of course, they could still blame others and take revenge without being obstructed. However, the prerequisite was having the strength and power to enact revenge. The path of cultivation only valued the strong and having strength was everything.

“Haha! Zhao’er and Shuang’er didn’t let us down indeed! They both made it into the next round.”

From the spectator stand in front of the arena, the Qin family members sat with the Lu family members as Lu Jing spoke. He was currently extremely excited.

“Hmm, indeed. I do hope that they achieve good results in the subsequent round.” Beside Lu Jing sat the elder of the Qin Family, Qin Chong. The old man caressed his goatee and was full of smiles.

“Third Uncle, please don’t worry. Based on Zhao’er’s current strength along with the Golden Silk Armor gifted by the Master of the Lu Family, it is guaranteed that he will make it into the top ten. He could even make it into the top three!” Qin Biao responded proudly. He could picture his son making it into the top three and having tens of thousands of people congratulating him already.

The Golden Silk Armor of the Lu Family consisted of a feminine and a masculine one. Lu Wushuang wore the feminine armor while the masculine armor was given to Qin Zhao by the Lu Family. This signified an improvement in the relationship between the Qin and Lu Families. Otherwise, the Lu Family would’ve never allowed anyone else to wear their treasured Golden Silk Armor.

Lu Wushuang and Qin Zhao already had their marriage date settled. They would get married when Qin Zhao was allocated a spot to fight at the Capital and return with glory and honor.

Qin Chong was much calmer in comparison to Qin Biao as he spoke seriously.

“Qin Biao, Zhao’er will definitely make it into the top ten but you can forget about him getting into top three. Don’t forget about the seeded players who have yet to compete.”

“Err,” Qin Biao choked off. He had really forgotten about this.

The so-called “seeded players” were those who didn’t need to participate in the Elimination Test and would directly take part in competing for the top ten positions in the pre-selection. They were truly gifted and talented.

The seeded players of Luosang City were usually chosen after every Martial Arts Pre-Selection Competition. Starting from the eleventh place and below, four young talents who were no older than seventeen years old would be chosen.

Each of the youths that were selected as seeded players would be the focus of the major powers. Some of these major powers would neglect the cost and spend a lot of resources and money to send their seeded players away into the most famous schools and institutions. This was to help them develop into unbelievably powerful geniuses in a span of three years.

However, whether or not these seeded players would develop into geniuses after three years would depend on their destiny and natural endowments.

All of the four seeded players chosen in the previous batch came from the greatest powers within Luosang City. They were: Dugu Feiyan from the Dugu family, Qin Fang from the Qin Family, Mo Badao from the Modao Hall and Li Yijian from Hidden Sword Mountain Villa.

After being chosen as seeded players three years ago, there had been no news about the four of them. Some said that they had been cultivating in seclusion while others said that they had been sent to famous institutions for enhanced development.

No matter what, they would definitely arrive today.

No one knew how much their strength had grown within the last three years.

However, from Qin Biao’s past experience, he estimated that the four seeded players were at the Beginning Stage of the Immersion Realm. His son Qin Zhao was also at the same stage and had the Golden Silk Armor. That’s why he was sure that there was a very high chance for his son to rank in the top three.

“Second Uncle, with Zhao’er’s ability, I don’t think he would be inferior to those seeded players. I think that there is a high possibility he will rank in the top three. Haha!”

“Hmm… Brother Qin is correct! With the Golden Silk Armor of the Lu family, Zhao’er will never fail! I do hope that he lives up to our expectations,” Lu Jing added on.

“En, what you’ve said also makes sense.” Qin Chong nodded as he stroked his beard. “Then let us wait and see, I do hope that he lives up to our expectations.”

“Third Elder, rest at ease and have faith. There won’t be any problems.” Lu Jing was extremely confident in Qin Zhao, but in reality, he was actually confident in the Lu Family’s Golden Silk Armor. With that, it would be equivalent to having one additional life. How could he not rank in the top three?

After Lu Jing spoke, a butler of the Lu Family rushed over, looking flustered and anxious.

“Mas—Master, something… something bad happened!” *Huff* *Huff* The butler panted as he spoke and it seemed as if he ran all the way here.

Lu Jing turned and glared at the butler.

Angrily, he said, “What are you doing? Did the sky fall? Even if it does, Laozi will hold it up for you!”

After a few pants, the butler finally squeezed out a full sentence. “Master... it’s Young Master! Something happened to him!”

“Something happened to Bao’er? Hmph! Isn’t that normal? Why are you so flustered?” Lu Jing thought little of what the butler said. He knew his son Lu Wubao well. He was idle every day with nothing better to do other than stirring up trouble everywhere. It was normal for something to happen to him. It would be abnormal things stopped happening to him.

Looking at the state of the butler, Lu Jing guessed that the situation might be slightly problematic. He might have messed with someone he shouldn’t have messed with. Even so, it was nothing much. Even if the Lu Family was not influential enough to settle the problem, they still had the Qin Family backing them up. They were emboldened by the support from the Qin Family.

The butler stomped as he ground his teeth and spat out the truth. “Master, Young Master was… was killed by someone!”

“He killed someone? So be it then. Hmm? What did you just say?! He’s been killed?!” Lu Jing responded and abruptly stood up. His voice was loud, causing those in his vicinity to cast sidelong glances at him in succession.

He initially thought that Lu Wubao killed someone else—which was a normal thing for him to do—but it never occurred to him that Lu Wubao would actually be the one killed by someone else.

The butler responded woefully, “Yes Master, Young Master was killed in the tea house. His body is still over there.”

Lu Jing grabbed the butler fiercely as he shouted savagely, “Who the hell dared to kill my son?! If you dare to spew nonsense, I will skin you alive!” The butler was so afraid that he trembled all over.

Lu Wubao was his only son! If he died then Lu Jing would have no descendants. Furthermore, he got his position as the head of the family using dishonorable means, otherwise, a man like him who wasn’t even in the Transformation Realm would’ve never been in line for the position.

Now that he had lost his descendant, there was no one he could pass on his position to. His supporters would definitely waver.

As the saying goes: a change of sovereign brings a change of ministers. The same applied to a family. If the master had no descendants to continue his rule, years later someone else of a different bloodline would become the head of the family. Those who were secretly against Lu Jing might begin to oppose him outright. If they took over his position, there wouldn’t be a good outcome for Lu Jing’s loyal supporters.

The butler began to sob out of fear. “Master, how would I… how would I dare to lie to you? Even if you give me a hundred guts, I wouldn’t dare to!”

Qin Chong and Qin Biao rushed forward to stop Lu Jing.

Qin Chong remained level-headed as he persuaded in a calm manner, “Master Lu, don’t be agitated. Let’s go over to take a look at the scene.”

“Qin Biao, follow Master Lu to take a look. I’ll overlook this area.”

Qin Biao walked over immediately as he spoke with resentment and hatred. “Yes, Second Uncle.”

“Master Lu, let’s go over to the scene and see who had the guts to kill my nephew Wubao. I, Qin Biao, will be the first to tear his corpse into pieces!”

“Okay, let’s go.” Lu Jing emitted a deadly aura as he brought his men with him and left in an aggressive manner.

With so much happening over there, those at the spectator stand those who had heard and seen everything that had happened were shocked.

To kill Lu Wubao, one of the Four Evil Masters, was doing a service for the people by eradicating evil. Which God or Saint killed him? That person was quite courageous, after all, murdering Lu Wubao was equivalent to messing with the Qin and Lu Family. Very few in Luosang City would dare to upset both families at the same time due to their great influence.

In fact, the killer of Lu Wubao was in the crowd. Qin Yu looked at Lu Jing and the others who left in anger as he smirked coldly, the corners of his mouth turning up.

Lu Wubao was killed by him. So what?

Lu Jing and his companions had no idea that the killer was hidden amongst the crowd and was Qin Yu, the very person they into the Forbidden Area of Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain. To them, Qin Yu was already dead.

The group went forth with great vigor as they stormed into the tea house.

Upstairs, the crime scene was well-preserved since no one dared to touch or move anything. The people from the Lu Family had surrounded the place. The waiters and the owner of the tea house who was controlled by the Lu Family were currently shaking with fear.

“Wubao, my son!” The moment when Lu Jing saw Lu Wubao’s corpse, it was as if he got struck by lightning and that the sky had fallen onto him. He threw himself onto Lu Wubao’s corpse and burst into tears. Everyone knew how much he spoiled his son. Lu Wubao was his future. Now that he suddenly became a cold, lifeless corpse and caused Lu Jing to have no descendants, Lu Jing had lost his hope and future. How could he accept this?

“Master Lu, please restrain yourself!” Qin Biao seemed heartstricken as well, however, he was actually elated on the inside.

Lu Wubao’s death caused Lu Jing to have no descendants, so he would rely on the Qin Family even more.

Most importantly, Qin Zhao could now have the Golden Silk Armor for himself and wouldn’t need to return it. This was because the Golden Silk Armor Qin Zhao was wearing belonged to Lu Wubao, so he was only borrowing it for the competition.

Plus, with Lu Wubao’s death, Lu Jing could only place his hopes onto Lu Wushuang. When she married Qin Zhao, it would be equivalent to marrying the entire Lu Family to Qin Zhao. At that time, it would be extremely easy to control the Lu Family.

After calculating the benefits brought by Lu Wubao’s death, Qin Biao wanted to find somewhere with no prying eyes to laugh out loudly.

“Who? Who killed my son?! I am going to shred his corpse into pieces and eradicate three generations of his family! Argh!!!” Lu Jing raised his head as he howled while hugging Lu Wubao’s corpse. The entire tea house seemed to shiver as he howled.

“Master, it was… it was Qin Yu!” the butler replied in between sobs.

“Qin Yu, you bastard, I will wipe out your entire family!” Lu Jing continued howling like a lunatic.

“Wait!” Qin Biao suddenly stopped them. Lu Jing was overwhelmed by anguish and failed to identify the problem, however, Qin Biao caught on.

“What did you just say? The murderer is Qin Yu? Isn’t Qin Yu dead? Which Qin Yu are you talking about?”

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