Chapter 35: Exploitation

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 35: Exploitation

“Da Ge, could she perhaps be the Ye Siyu you previously mentioned?” Mu Rongyue looked at Ye Siyu who was currently laughing like a lunatic. She cleverly figured out that woman’s identity.

Qin Yu smiled and didn’t say anything.

His heart was currently ice cold as an intense feeling of crisis welled up. He was very clear on what Ye Siyu meant just now. She was an unpredictable lunatic who could do anything. Back then, the only one who could suppress her was him.

But right now he was Qin Yu who had no strength at all. Ten years from now, nobody would have the ability to suppress this madwoman. Furthermore, it was already five years since the ten year ban, meaning he had to restore his previous strength within five years or surpass Ye Siyu’s strength at the very least. Otherwise, she would cause unimaginable havoc.

Ye Siyu stopped her crazy laughter. Her attitude eased up slightly as she answered Mu Rongyue’s question. “Correct, I’m precisely the Ye Siyu that was mentioned.” She slowly began to return to normal, her voice also becoming somewhat softer. The gaze she used to look at Qin Yu was no longer as icy. “Youngster, being chosen by the grand Xie Di is your blessing. Tell me, what is your name?”

Qin Yu spat out two characters: “Qin Yu.”

“En, Qin Yu, Qin Hao, [1. Editor’s Comment: Going on a limb here but I’m guessing that Xie Di’s real name was “Qin Hao” because Xie Di is more of a title, I think. Xie Di means Evil/Demonic Emperor btw.] there’s only a one-word difference. Your names must’ve brought the two of you together by fate. But why does your name have to have the ‘Yu’ character?” Ye Siyu’s gaze turned sharp once again. They both had the same “Yu” [2. Qin Yu’s name in Chinese characters is “秦雨” and Ye Siyu’s name in Chinese characters is “叶丝雨,” so the “Yu” character they share in their names is “雨,” meaning “rain” in Chinese. Keep in mind that Qin Yu’s last name is “Qin” so technically his first name would be “Yu,” however, in Chinese it is common to call someone by their full name. Kind of like Yang Mi (she’s the female lead in “Ten Miles of Cherry Blossoms,” as well as “Legend of Fuyao” btw, check her out~ ;) is called her full name.] character in their names and she loathed the fact that someone else shared the same name as her.

Qin Yu laughed bitterly. This woman’s temperament really was getting more and more extreme. What was all the fuss for? It wasn’t like he chose his own name and could use whatever character he wanted, right? Besides, there were many people who used the “Yu” character to name their child.

Mu Rongyue spoke up from behind Qin Yu. She was worried Ye Siyu would make things difficult for Qin Yu because of his name, so she said, “Senior, a name is only a form of address used by the secular world. With Senior’s noble poise, Senior should’ve long since transcended the secular world’s coils and naturally wouldn’t care about these forms of address used by the secular world. Am I right, Senior?”

“Hmph. You’re quite eloquent, little girl.” Ye Siyu couldn’t declare that Mu Rongyue’s words were wrong. Otherwise, it would diminish her demeanor and noble poise.

Mu Rongyue smiled as she half bowed. “I thank Senior for her praise.”

Beautiful, noble, elegant, intelligent, and someone who followed etiquette.

This was Ye Siyu’s first impression of Mu Rongyue. She was very satisfied with this girl. Suddenly, an idea formed in her mind.

“Little girl, you’ve made This Deity very pleased with you. Are you willing to pay respects to me as your Master?” A faint smile appeared on Ye Siyu’s icy face. It had to be said that her smile was stunning enough to cause all the tender and beautiful flowers in the world to lose their luster. She was an extremely attractive woman. It was quite unfortunate that her temperament was simply no good and degenerated to the point that Xie Di had to banish her.

“Pay respects to you as my Master?”

It wasn’t just Mu Rongyue who was shocked, even Qin Yu was a little startled. He also hadn’t expected that Ye Siyu would want to accept Mu Rongyue as her disciple.

Apart from Ye Siyu taking a liking to Mu Rongyue, the most important reason was naturally Qin Yu.

Right now, Ye Siyu was thinking to herself about how Qin Yu and Mu Rongyue looked very much like lovers. Even if they weren’t sweethearts, their relationship was definitely still very intimate.

Since Xie Di fancied Qin Yu, then she might as well accept Mu Rongyue as a disciple. Once Mu Rongyue became her disciple, she would find a way to bring Qin Yu and Mu Rongyue together so he wouldn’t be able to run away. After the two became a couple, she would meet Xie Di again. At that time, she could use the couple to bring herself closer to Xie Di. [3. Editor’s Comment: In the original text, Ye Siyu says that she plans to use Qin Yu’s and Mu Rongyue’s relationship as a couple to pull her relationship with Xie Di even closer. Basically, what would happen if Mu Rongyue and Qin Yu marry is that as Mu Rongyue’s Master, she (Ye Siyu) would be connected to Xie Di (“Qin Yu’s Master”) through marriage, similar to how in-laws are connected through marriage.] This was called “before it rains, bind around with silk,” [4. Ye Siyu uses the idiom “未雨绸缪” (wei yu chou mou), which literally means “before it rains (wei yu), bind around with silk (chou mou).” The idiom translates to preparing for a rainy day, or taking precautions.] meaning to make early preparations.

But she didn’t know that the Qin Yu standing before her eyes was Xie Di. The thing she had loathed most was other women getting close to Xie Di. But now, not only was she accepting a woman who had gotten close to Xie Di as her disciple, she was even planning on playing matchmaker for them. If she found out the truth someday, perhaps she would’ve gone crazy.

“Senior, thank you for your good intentions but I already have a Master.” Mu Rongyue tactfully declined, causing Ye Siyu to fall into a bad mood. Being able to be her disciple was an extremely honorable thing, yet this girl had actually declined?

“It’s very simple. I’ll just go and kill your Master.” Ye Siyu’s voice once again turned icy. To her, killing a person was like killing an ant; it couldn’t be easier.

Mu Rongyue’s heart shook. “Senior, you can’t! You can’t kill my Master! An old man like him…”

“You don’t have to say it again. In this world, anyone that This Deity fancies can’t be conceded to anyone else! You can choose to not accept the offer, however, if that is so then I’ll kill the both of you together.” It was a threat… a bare and naked threat!

Mu Rongyue’s face turned ugly. She really didn’t expect that a powerful expert like Ye Siyu would be unreasonable to such a degree.

Qin Yu wasn’t the least bit surprised. This was just this woman’s nature.

Qin Yu quietly whispered, “Xiao Yue, I think it’s better for you to acknowledge her as your Master.”

“But…” Mu Rongyue still felt somewhat unwilling. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have such a powerful teacher to rely on, it was how abnormal Ye Siyu seemed that made her worried about accepting her as her Master.

“Listen to me,” Qin Yu repeated. His tone was more serious than before.

Mu Rongyue was intelligent and knew that even if she didn’t agree now, she would have to agree later and so, she was forced to accept. “Alright, Senior. I agree to acknowledge you as my Master. However, you absolutely cannot harm my current Master.”

“Since you seem to have a clear understanding of your current situation, This Deity won’t kill your Master. But you two must rescind your Master-Disciple relationship. After today, This Deity is your only Master. But naturally, it also isn’t that easy for you to become This Deity’s true disciple. Right now, you are only This Deity’s disciple in name. One year from now, I’ll inspect your cultivation and if it’s satisfactory, I’ll accept you as my true disciple.”

After Ye Siyu finished speaking, Qin Yu had a very strong impulse to thrash her. After making such a fuss, it was only to bring up the concept of a disciple in name. Who was it that taught her this?!

“Yes, Senior,” Mu Rongyue agreed with a half bow.

“Uh, what’s-your-name, since you’ve now accepted Xiao Yue as your disciple in name, shouldn’t you also show us how strong you are?” Qin Yu said provokingly. He was smiling sinisterly in his heart.

Ye Siyu suddenly released an icy shout. “You brat! Is This Deity called ‘what’s-your-name?!’” She suddenly realized that up until now that brat named Qin Yu had never actually addressed her using an honorific! Mu Rongyue had always known to respectfully call her “Senior.” Was he that stubborn?” [5. Editor’s Note: In the original text, Ye Siyu asks whether or not Qin Yu’s mouth is really that “hard.” In the translated text, I decided to change it to “Was he that stubborn?” because the mouth being too hard part might sound weird.]

Ye Siyu wanted Qin Yu to address her respectfully as “Senior?” What kind of joke was that?! However, the current situation was too pressuring ah! Not only was there a big age gap between them, there was also a large disparity in strength. He had no choice but to call her “Senior.”

*Cough* *Cough* “Pardon me, what’s-your-name Senior, what I meant to say was that your strength surely isn’t any weaker than that Xie Di Senior who had passed the Scarlet Blood Sword Art onto me, right? Could you show us please? For example, you could bring a dead person back to life or directly teleport us above ground?” *Cough* *Cough*

His sentence also revealed a hint of his “evil schemes.”

Mu Rongyue’s lips twitched. She finally understood why Qin Yu wanted her to acknowledge Ye Siyu as her Master. However, even she could see through this trick, so how could a powerful expert like Ye Siyu also be fooled?

Qin Yu, however, was very clear that Ye Siyu would take the bait. As long as it had something to do with Xie Di, this woman’s IQ would drop around 80-90%.

Furthermore, he understood Ye Siyu’s personality. Both of the things he brought up were as easy as lifting a finger. Plus, she wouldn’t suffer any losses regardless of whether or not she did it. If she did do it, she could show off her strength and satisfy her vanity, so there was no reason not to do it. Therefore, Ye Siyu would definitely take the bait.

Sure enough, Ye Siyu smiled slightly. Her smile held an unconcealable trace of arrogance and pride. “This Deity’s strength naturally cannot be doubted. Very few under the Heavens can be my opponent. Besides, I’m only a tiny bit weaker than Xie Di.”

Qin Yu scoffed disdainfully in is heart. Go on, your boasting is as vast as the sky. Don’t you feel embarrassed saying that you’re only slightly weaker than me?

“It’s as easy as pie for This Deity to revive the dead and teleport you guys,” Ye Siyu continued.

Qin Yu was somewhat excited. She finally said the key sentence.

“Senior, although I completely believe in your every word, we still wish to experience your heavenly skills firsthand. There just so happens to be a person here who needs help. Could you please bring her back to life?” Qin Yu glanced at the chariot where Yi Fei laid in a pool of blood. Her breathing was almost non-existent.

“Huh?” Ye Siyu’s gaze sharpened as she swept it across Yi Fei’s body. She finally realized that damned Qin Yu was trying to exploit her.

“Obviously, if Senior can’t do it, then there’s no need to force yourself,” Qin Yu added fearlessly, directly facing Ye Siyu’s stare.

“Nonsense! You think This Deity can’t do it?” Ye Siyu swung her sleeve and in the next moment, she was already beside Yi Fei.

Yi Fei was still alive and barely breathing. In the eyes of a normal person, her faint breaths could easily be overlooked and she would already be considered a dead person. However, Ye Siyu wasn’t an ordinary person. To her, it was still possible to revive someone who was still alive.

After rummaging around for a bit, she took out a few top-notch pills and fed them to Yi Fei. Yi Fei miraculously opened her eyes and her breathing swiftly returned to normal.

“Yi Fei Jie Jie, are you alright? It’s wonderful that you’re alive again ah!” Mu Rongyue shouted as she was filled with endless excitement.

“How could she not be alright under This Deity’s care? She will fully recover after recuperating for a while,” Ye Siyu said coldly. “Alright, the person’s already revived. As for teleporting you above ground, it just so happens that This Deity needs to go above ground as well to do something.”

In the next moment, Qin Yu, Mu Rongyue, and Yi Fei were enveloped in a bright flash of light before being pulled into the void with Ye Siyu as they disappeared from their original locations.

When Qin Yu and the others finally reappeared, they had left the Underground City and were back in Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain. This remarkable ability was truly unimaginable. Mu Rongyue had already been shocked beyond her imagination.

Qin Yu was still very calm. However, his expression also changed as a dense smell of blood assaulted his senses and he swiftly stared ahead.

Small pools of blood had formed in the low lying areas of the Earth. There was blood and corpses everywhere. Qin Yu recognized some of the corpses because they were members of the Qin Family who had come to train through experience.

What had happened here?

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