Chapter 34- I'll fall into becoming a demon and kill everyone.

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 34- I'll fall into becoming a demon and kill everyone.

Facing a woman like Ye Siyu, Qin Yu was very clear on the fact that it was possible for him to die tragically if he wasn’t careful. If he was still the former Xie Di, he would be filled with disdain and contempt toward this woman. [1. TL Comment: *Cough* *Cough* Karma maybe? XD] But today, he had to treat her cautiously or he wouldn’t even know how he died.

After Siyu froze the Madam, her gaze swept over the Yi Family. The group that had previously charged forward aggressively appeared as meek as mice in front of a cat. They were all either begging for forgiveness or trembling on their knees. Some of the subordinates who were closer to Ye Siyu couldn’t stand her tyrannical and icy cold aura and directly fell on the ground limply.

Ye Siyu actually never had any interest in them. After she swept her gaze over them, her icy gaze landed on Qin Yu’s body. Qin Yu felt a chill and couldn’t help but shiver.

“Don’t hurt my Da Ge!” Mu Rongyue was afraid that Ye Siyu’s gaze would directly freeze Qin Yu into an ice sculpture and quickly dashed forward in fright, covering Qin Yu’s body with her own.

“You two are siblings?” Ye Siyu asked expressionlessly.

“No, but he is my Da Ge.” Mu Rongyue tried to make her tone as respectful and polite as possible because she was afraid of angering such a frightful character. “Senior, everything happened because of me. They don’t have anything to do with this, so if you want to kill me then kill me. I’m begging you, please let everyone else off! I think you are a very talented and honorable person, so surely you’re able to see even the finest details and distinguish between right and wrong. Plus, I don’t think you’re the type of person that would harm the innocent.”

“Hmph, you’re quite eloquent,” Ye Siyu snorted coldly. “Since you aren’t siblings then there is no need for you to protect that guy. Men are never a good thing.”

“Senior, I…” Mu Rongyue still wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Qin Yu who stepped forward.

“Xiao Yue, move aside. Let me talk to her.”

Mu Rongyue was pleasantly surprised. “Da Ge, you can stand up now.”

Qin Yu nodded. Even with the help of the Earth Spirit Pearl and the《Secrets of Eternal Life》, he was still barely able to stand up. A small child would still be able to poke him to death.

“Da Ge, be careful. Don’t be impulsive.” By now, Mu Rongyue was able to somewhat understand Qin Yu’s character and was truly worried that he would do something impulsive. However, she still didn’t understand Qin Yu enough. Even though Qin Yu was formerly Xie Di and still had Xie Di’s arrogant and domineering temperament, he wasn’t an idiot and wouldn’t court death.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be alright.” Qin Yu comforted her as he stepped in front of Mu Rongyue, directly facing Ye Siyu.

“Looks like you have some of the guts a man should have.” Ye Siyu was still cold as she slowly walked toward Qin Yu.

Mu Rongyue saw Ye Siyu approaching and was somewhat nervous. Qin Yu held her hand, giving her a comforting look as he whispered, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

“En.” Mu Rongyue’s heart shook as she felt something tug at her heartstrings. This man before her eyes was somebody she could rely on. So as long as she was by his side, she really didn’t feel that nervous.

Ye Siyu didn’t have much interest in Mu Rongyue and walked closer to Qin Yu. Her icy gaze landed on him as she slowly asked, “Was the final form you used just now Scarlet Blood Sword Art’s ‘Heaven Slaying Slash?’”

Ye Siyu was attracted here because of the move “Heaven Slaying Slash.”

Although Ye Siyu hadn’t been there at that very moment, with her strength, no movement within a thousand miles could escape her eyes as long as she was willing.

Ye Siyu knew that the Scarlet Blood Sword Art was the skill that made Xie Di famous. Originally, it only had twelve forms but he created the thirteenth form, “Heaven Slaying Slash.”

The final form he created was extremely strong and the repercussions on the user were costly. Therefore, although he had passed on the sword art to his disciples, he never taught anyone that move. In other words, in this world, Xie Di was the only one who was able to fully use “Heaven Slaying Slash.”

But Qin Yu had just used it. Although its power was a million of times weaker than Xie Di’s, it could still be considered an inferior version of “Heaven Slaying Slash.” It was clear how strong the move was based on how Qin Yu, a mere Origin Realm cultivator, was able to wound a Transformation Realm master. Ye Siyu couldn’t deny that if Qin Yu grew stronger, the move’s power would only become more and more frightening.

Of course, that wasn’t what she cared about. What she wanted to know right now was how Qin Yu was able to learn that move. Could Xie Di have been the one who taught him?

Did Xie Di really just impart this supreme skill on a nobody like this Origin Realm ant? Although it was truly hard to believe, it also wasn’t impossible. Xie Di’s actions were always unconventional since he did what he pleased, which was why they called him “Xie Di.” [1. Xie Di (邪帝) literally translates to Evil/Demonic Emperor.]

Only now did Qin Yu realize why Ye Siyu came out. So it was actually because of “Heaven Slaying Slash.” He knew that it would be impossible to conceal this move, so he calmly admitted it. “Yes, it’s indeed the thirteenth form of Scarlet Blood Sword, ‘Heaven Slaying Slash.’”

Ye Siyu’s icy and beautiful face trembled slightly when she heard his answer. “Who taught it to you?”

“He wasn’t willing to tell me so I’m not sure of his name. However, his appearance is quite memorable. Imposing, cold, stern, domineering… sometimes, there was also a hint of demonic charm.” The appearance of the person Qin Yu described was the former Xie Di.

Ye Siyu’s frosty expression couldn’t stay cold any longer as her face changed slightly. Her body seemed to tremble slightly as she said emotionally, “It’s him... it’s really him! Youngster, where did he pass on the Scarlet Blood Sword Art to you?”

“At Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. At the time, I was training there to gain experience but encountered danger and was saved by him. Maybe we were brought together by fate since he passed on this sword art to me.” Qin Yu couldn’t do anything but continue to weave his story. Now, only the name of Xie Di could scare away this woman. If he wanted to leave the Underground City today unharmed, he would have to rely on his relation to Xie Di in the story.

But he hadn’t expected that someone else would believe his fabricated story.

Ever since Mu Rongyue met Qin Yu, she had always been puzzled by Qin Yu’s skills. However, it was like the clouds had cleared and she could see the sun now since she finally understood how Qin Yu changed from a cripple to a genius, as well as how he knew about both pill and tool refinement and how he could use a powerful sword art like Scarlet Blood Sword. So from the beginning, everything was because he had received this honorable senior’s inheritance.

“What?! Ten Thousand Beast Mountain?” Ye Siyu suddenly lost her cool as her expression turned strange.

“He came to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain but why didn’t he see me? Why?” She seemed to be talking to herself, as well as asking Qin Yu at the same time.

Qin Yu deliberately assumed a confused expression. “May I ask if you had something to do with that honorable Senior?”

“N—no, nothing...” Ye Siyu naturally didn’t want to let a trifling ant know what had happened between her and Xie Di. “Tell me, why did he come here? Don’t tell me that it was just to pass on the sword art to you?”

Qin Yu hastily shook his head as he responded, “Of course not. That honorable Senior only said he came here to see a friend and just saved me along the way.”

“Friend? What friend does he have at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain?” Ye Siyu stepped forward and asked while staring fervently at Qin Yu.

“About that... I’m also not sure.” Qin Yu could only continue to fabricate his story as he said, “That Senior didn’t wish to tell me, however, I accidentally heard Senior mumble somebody’s name while he was dreaming. What was it again?” Qin Yu pretended to think hard.

“Who was it?! Tell me!” Ye Siyu almost screamed. Her icy expression and arrogant aura had long since disappeared.

“What... what was it ah? I…” Qin Yu rapped his head as he tried his best to remember.

“You damned youngster! If you can’t remember, I’ll kill you!” Ye Siyu shouted sternly in a tone laced with menace.

The threat seemed to have really worked on Qin Yu as he suddenly appeared to remember before he shouted loudly, “Ah, I remember! The surname was Ye! Ye something... The name… I truly can’t remember the name...”

Qin Yu’s face was bitter, appearing helpless as he spoke. The reason why he didn’t say the whole name “Ye Siyu” was so that Ye Siyu would say it herself, thereby raising his credibility.

“The person’s surname was Ye? Was it Ye Siyu?” Ye Siyu blurted out. Just like Qin Yu calculated, she was filled with excitement.

“Ye Siyu, that’s right! It was Ye Siyu! Hey, wait a minute, how did you know?” Qin Yu deliberately put on a very amazed expression. He stared at Ye Siyu in shock, his eyes filled with surprise, as if he had just seen superman.

“I… I…” *giggle* Ye Siyu suddenly laughed like a lunatic. “Hehe! Great, just great! He still hasn’t forgotten about Ye Siyu and still remembers that the world has such a woman that loves him so dearly.”

“Eh? That, um… are you alright?” Qin Yu looked startled as he watched Ye Siyu act as if she had lost her mind. In his heart, he thought, This woman’s already so old, yet how is she still so damn crazy?

“I’m fine.” Ye Siyu’s smile abruptly disappeared. Her expression suddenly sinking as her voice once again became incomparably cold. “Brat, where is your honorable senior now?”

Since Xie Di came to look for her, why didn’t she see him? She had to know the reason why.

Qin Yu scratched his head. With a voice filled with distress he replied, “He left three months ago.”

“What? He left?” Ye Siyu once again screeched, “He hadn’t even seen Ye Siyu! How could he have left just like that?”

Qin Yu exposed another exaggerated expression of surprise (which was naturally fake), “How did you know that he didn’t see Ye Siyu?”

“Speak less nonsense and just answer my questions. Why did he leave?” Ye Siyu angrily interrogated.

Qin Yu face turned bitter again as he said, “How would I know? When he left, he only said something weird. He said, ‘it’s better to not meet than to meet. After ten years, I’ll return.’ I’m not sure what that means...” After speaking, he adopted a harmless face and an expression of bewilderment.

What Qin Yu said made the previously excited Ye Siyu incomparably gloomy. She stared at the ceiling soullessly as she mumbled repeatedly, “Better to not meet than meet... ten years, you still remember your ten year rule. Alright, after ten years, I hope you’ll give me an explanation and gifts. Otherwise, I would rather fall and become a demon, killing the common people with your name and killing all the women and close relatives that you loved most. Hahaha…!”

Toward the end, the originally sacred immortal aura around her body suddenly changed drastically as demonic flames leapt in her eyes. A strange red light flitted past her pupils with a ray of bloodlust that matched her crazy laughter. She was originally a fairy like character, yet now she was a terrifying and deranged demon.

Qin Yu stared at Ye Siyu as his heart trembled. Had this woman gone insane? What kind of demonic art did she cultivate?

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