Chapter 33: Ye Siyu

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 33: Ye Siyu

“Da Ge! Qin Da Ge! Quickly, get up! You absolutely cannot die!” Mu Rongyue used up all her strength to help Qin Yu sit upright as tears pooled in her eyes.

“D—Don’t worry about me... J—just go...” Qin Yu’s lips trembled as he spoke almost inaudibly. Right now, his situation was even worse than when he had used Blood Shadow’s Evasion. Last time, he was able to move a little but now, he didn’t even have the strength to speak. Even a child could casually poke him to death with a finger.

If Mu Rongyue didn’t leave, he feared that she would be buried along with him. But how could Mu Rongyue just abandon him?

When the Madam’s pain eased, her voice almost cracked as she released a terrible screech. “You group of trash, go and dismember their bodies into ten thousand pieces!”

The Yi Family’s subordinates finally reacted. One by one they charged forth to kill them.

“Xiao Yue, hurry up and leave!” This time, Qin Yu’s voice seemed to be more audible than earlier.

Qin Yu was startled and hastily used his internal strength to inspect what was happening inside his body. Apart from the《Secrets of Eternal Life》helping to restore his body, the small black Earth Spirit Pearl in his sea of consciousness was sending him its energy. But as a result, the pearl’s light started to dim.

Qin Yu was quite touched. He had lived two lives and the Earth Spirit Pearl had accompanied him through both of them. There were many times it had not hesitated to consume its own energy to help him at the critical juncture between life and death.

Unfortunately, the Earth Spirit Pearl’s current grade was too low. The energy it could give was limited so it was impossible for it to help him quickly restore his energy in a short amount of time.

Therefore, when Qin Yu saw the Yi Family’s cultivators aggressively charging at them, a despairing smile appeared on his face. I wonder if my soul will resurrect once again after I die this time, he thought.

“All of you, stop.”

Suddenly, a calm and apathetic voice rang in the air. The tone was very mild as if she was just speaking casually, but it actually contained a formidable force behind it that made it even stronger than the roaring of a hundred thousand people. The voice quickly resounded through the area, causing everyone to jolt to a stop.

Hearing this voice, the Yi Family’s subordinates seemed to have fallen into a spell as all of their faces filled with reverence and fear. The weapons in their hands clanged as it fell on the ground. A very strange scene soon followed. One person dropped to their knees with a *plop* before everyone else also kneeled down one by one, piously crouching on the ground as if they were waiting as a god descended.

Even the miserably bawling Madam stopped her crying and resisted the sharp pain as she knelt down on the floor devoutly with the rest of the Yi Family.

Qin Yu and Mu Rongyue were flabbergasted. What happened? Did they see a ghost?

Soon, a strong aura surged in the air. Qin Yu seemed to sense something. The familiar aura caused his heart to shake as he thought, It’s her! How could she be here?

In the air, minuscule ripples formed as a figure tore open the space as she directly strode out from the tear in the air. [1. TL Note: To further explain what is going on, here is what’s happening: When you strike at air with enough power, the space "breaks" or "tears" apart and what's inside the tear is the "void" or the space that is mentioned. Essentially, when she tears open and crosses through the space, she is portaling. She was at one area before she tore open space at that area as a shortcut and enters the void and then exits the void by tearing apart space again.]

A person who could directly tear apart space to travel meant their strength was unparalleled. Their strength was a special type of strong. In fact, they were so strong that they could’ve already surpassed the Martial God realm.

It appeared as if the Yi Family’s members had already experienced this person’s strength before since apart from the deep reverence in their hearts, they did not appear very shocked. Naturally, this was because they had already been shocked before.

Mu Rongyue, an ordinary cultivator, was different. Nevermind seeing such a person, she had never even heard of or thought that somebody in this world could be capable of directly tearing apart space to travel through. Therefore, she was completely and utterly shocked.

Qin Yu was just as shocked. However, it wasn’t because of how strong the cultivator had to be in order to travel through space, rather, it was because the person who had stepped through space was somebody he knew.

A beauty that could cause the downfall of nations with a perfect body, cold appearance and arrogant aura in a pink cheongsam [1. A cheongsam or “qi pao” is a traditional Chinese dress for females. Google it! It’s very pretty~ ;)] stepped through. Her aura was so powerful that anyone from the secular world would fall onto their knees in worship upon seeing her. For Qin Yu, all of that was extremely familiar. For a moment, memories relating to her surged up violently in his head, forming a complete scene:


The sunset’s glow was akin to blood.

The blood-red light shone behind the tall mountain peak, illuminating a man’s dignified figure and drawing out his long shadow. Behind his shadow, a beautiful woman in a pink cheongsam knelt on the ground. Tears dripped down her face like rain.

“Xie Di, why… why are you doing this? You can accept all those other women but why can’t you accept me? Tell me! Tell me ah!!! Is there really not a single redeeming feature on me?!” The woman cried these words out questioningly before starting to sob. She was heartbroken.

*Sigh* The imposing and domineering man sighed as he raised his head to look at the fiery sunset before responding in a cold tone, “Ye Siyu, do you still need to ask me why? You yourself should already understand the reason why.”

“I know, it’s my fault. On our wedding night, I should not have kicked you off the bed and insulted you by calling you trash. However, it’s already been many years since then. Could it be that you still can’t forgive me? Could it be that all these years I’ve spent doing everything for you still can’t make up for that one night? In your heart, could it be that I mean nothing to you?”

Endless questions, endless tears, and endless pain.

“Ai.” The man sighed as he helplessly shook his head. “Ye Siyu, you still don’t get it. I’ve long forgotten about that. The reason why I can’t accept you is because your heart is too narrow and too vicious. Meng Qi was a kind-hearted girl who only had feelings for me, yet you almost killed her. Tell me, how should I deal with you?”

After the man spoke, an oppressing pressure was suddenly released from his body. However, when he looked at the delicate woman in his arms, his eyes revealed a trace of tenderness and guilt.

“You actually want to punish me for her? I don’t accept it! I am unwilling!” Ye Siyu cried indignantly. “Shi Bingying, You Ying, Su Xue… I know I can’t compare with these women and I’m perfectly willing to be placed beneath them. However, that woman... why... why is she also above me? I hate her! I want to kill her!” *Sobs* “I act like this all because I love you so how am I wrong?”

“Love?” A disdainful sneer spread across the man’s face. “Ye Siyu, do you even understand what love is? Tell me, why do you love me?”

“I…” Ye Siyu stuttered. After a long time, she answered, “Loving someone doesn’t need a reason.”

“Is that so?” The man continued to sneer as he said, “In this world, there’s no such thing as loving or hating somebody with no cause or reason. What I noticed about you since day one is that you never loved me. The reason why you wanted to be my lover all these years was only to fulfill your own vanity and greed. Furthermore, the way you treat Ying’er and the rest of them with such envy and hatred is just…”

“No! No, it’s not like that…! Listen to my explanation!”

“I don't need an explanation.” An overbearing voice interrupted Ye Siyu’s words as an ice cold and imposing aura was released from the man’s body. A split second later, cracks appeared and distorted the space, creating long tears in the void as it formed an iron entrapment around Ye Siyu.

Ye Siyu was shocked as she screamed, “What are you doing?! Do you want to kill me?!”

“I have enough reason to kill you based on the fact that you killed Meng Qi. But considering your many years of contribution along with your father and uncle’s contributions, I’ll spare you this time. However, even though you are exempted from death, you are not exempted from hardship. Listen carefully, immediately leave the Godly Prefecture. [1. Interestingly enough, the Godly Prefecture (神州) was actually the old name for China] You are forbidden from taking even half a step into this place for the next ten years, otherwise, don’t blame me for what happens after. You’d better follow this rule!”

The man spat out these words icily before restraining his oppressing aura. His body flickered and the imposing figure faded away as his image dissipated. There, on the high mountain peak, only an indignant and grieving woman remained.

The setting sun glowed like blood behind her, illuminating her frail and distressed figure.


Ye Siyu, she actually came here?

Qin Yu returned from his trip down memory lane and sighed in his heart as a bitter smile formed on his face.

That day, in order to tame her by wearing down that woman’s temper and ruthless personality, he had no choice but to banish her. However, he never thought that Ye Siyu would end up here. Now he knew why Yi Suo was able to use the first form of “Rainbow Startling Sword.” He had almost thought that he was mistaken. If his guess was correct, then Yi Suo most likely learned from Ye Siyu’s teachings or what Ye Siyu passed on to others. When he had created the swordplay that year, he had taught it to Ye Siyu.

Unfortunately, the world liked to mess with people. Who would have imagined that the former wild and tyrannical Xie Di would’ve fallen and that they would meet again in such a place? Before, it was Xie Di who was facing Ye Siyu, but now the situation had changed. He was a weakling who couldn’t possibly be weaker.

Back then he had thought that after being banished for ten years, Ye Siyu’s temper would’ve curbed. However, who could’ve imagined that they would meet again before ten years was up but with different people involved.

If Ye Siyu knew that the Xie Di who had previously banished her had now turned into an ant, nobody could imagine what she would do!

Fortunately, after Ye Siyu was banished and left the Godly Prefecture alone, she went to the Underground City where no news from the outside world would be able to reach her. Therefore, she couldn’t have known that Xie Di had already died and that the ant in front of her eyes was once the world’s most tyrannical man, Xie Di. In this respect, Qin Yu could happily rejoice.

“Greetings to the Holy Immortal!”

Ye Siyu’s presence was like an immortal’s. Her beautiful face remained as cold as ice while she strode down from the air as if there was a staircase under her that came down from the heavens. This kind of power was simply unfathomable.

She walked slowly and unhurriedly toward the Madam.

The Madam trembled in fear and trepidation. Her arrogance and overbearing attitude from earlier was nowhere to be seen now. Currently, she was only a petty and lowly servant who shivered as she knelt on the ground. Her head was bowed so low that it almost burrowed into the soil.

Ye Siyu’s ice cold gaze landed on the Madam. Her tone was cool as she said, “A grand cultivator at the apex of Transformation Realm like you was actually beaten by an Origin Realm ant? Speak, what should I say to you?”

“Holy Immortal, please punish me! I’m useless! I’m trash! I… I… Ah!!! No, Holy Immortal! Please spare my life! Ah!!!”

The Madam’s miserable shriek caused everyone to tremble as a layer of frost covered her body. The frost erratically spread across her body, freezing her. In a flash, the Madam had completely turned into an ice sculpture, unable to make another sound.

“Since you’re useless, then there’s no need for you to continue living in this world.”

Mu Rongyue and the others felt their hearts tremble violently. She was too scary! She didn’t even need to move since her icy gaze alone was enough to directly freeze a person to death. How high must a person’s cultivation be in order to do this ah?

Water spiritual nature evolved into water spiritual power. Water could change into ice and ice could freeze over a thousand miles so freezing only a single person naturally wasn’t anything difficult.

Qin Yu’s heart also couldn’t help but tremble. This woman’s strength had grown even stronger. At the very least, her mastery over the spiritual power of water had reached its pinnacle. However, one thing hadn’t changed, which was her ruthlessness. In fact, she was as ruthless as ever.

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