Chapter 32: A Sword Vanishing the Skies

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 32: A Sword Vanishing the Skies

Yi Fei shook her head to prevent Mu Rongyue’s movements, gasping for breath as she arduously started to speak. “Xiao Yue MeiMei, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m already at the brink of death. Before I die, I want to do something that I’ve wanted to do for many years.” After she said these words, she opened her eyes and stared at the Madam in front of her.

“Mother, I’m about… about to die. I’ve always wanted to ask you a question, but I never dared to. Right now, if I don’t ask, I’m afraid I’ll never have the chance to ask. Tell me... was father killed by you?” After asking this question, Yi Fei had a pained expression on her face.

The Madam turned to stare at Yi Fei, her expression apathetic as she responded icily, “Don’t you already know the answer in your heart? There’s no need to ask again.”

Yi Fei shook her head. “No, if you don’t personally admit it, I won’t believe it. I don’t believe it’s true.” Her heart was filled with pain and contradiction. She wanted to know the truth but was also afraid of the truth.

“Alright, since you’re about to die then I’ll fulfill your wish. You’re right, your father was killed by me.” She admitted it very naturally, without the least bit of guilt or embarrassment.

The Madam’s cruelty had reached a whole new level. Qin Yu felt chills down his spine. These types of women were terrifying. She actually killed her lover who sired her child.

“You... You…!” Tears spilled out from Yi Fei’s eyes, falling like rain as bitterness and sorrow coiled up in her heart. She cried out in anger and grief, “How could you be like this? Why must you be like this? Why?!”

“He deserved to die the day he entered the Underground City! Here, he was of a different species and didn’t have the qualifications to survive. It was me who saved him.” The Madam suddenly howled furiously, “It’s ridiculous how I had actually been taken by his graceful words and flowery speech [1. When the Madam says she was taken by Yi Fei’s father’s graceful words and flowery speech, she meant that he said elegant but insincere words.] and had a vile spawn like you with that man of a different species. It caused my grand Yi Family to suffer the ridicule of others and almost get driven out! That’s why I had to kill him!”

“Originally, I wanted to kill you along with your wretched father. But while at death’s door, he pitifully entreated me not to, so I promised that I would raise you as my child. Now I know how big of a mistake that was. In the end, you are one of his kind and like him, you don’t belong here which is why you betrayed the Yi Family.”

After the Madam finished, a trace of bitterness appeared in her gaze as she stared at Yi Fei.

This time, Qin Yu was shocked. So a single woman could actually be vicious to such an extent! He had lived two lives and saw all kinds of malicious people, but it was still his first time seeing such a person. Nevermind killing her lover, she had even wanted to murder her own flesh and blood! What kind of madwoman was she?

Even if Yi Fei’s father deserved to die, Yi Fei was innocent ah! Plus, Yi Fei was her own flesh and blood. Their mother-daughter relationship was an unchangeable fact!

As the saying goes, a tiger, though cruel, would not devour its own cubs. Yet, she was even more malicious than a wild beast!

Could this be a common characteristic of women from the Underground City?

Yi Fei’s voice was filled with grief and indignation as she said, “Mother, you really are the world’s best mother ah! Hahaha!” As she howled with laughter, one could feel her soul-piercing sorrow. The blood spilling from her lips continued to flow endlessly.

“Your Yi Family is filled with cold-blooded bastards! I hate… I hate you and I hate your Yi Family!” Yi Fei seemed to have a dying burst of strength. Her voice almost cracked as she released an angry scream.

“You vile spawn! Shut up and go to hell!” The Madam went into a violent rage as she struck forth with a palm strike.

“Miss, be careful!” Ruo Ji plunged forward with a loud shout. A crisp banging sound echoed in the air. Ruo Ji had been hit by the Madam’s palm strike and the overbearingly strong energy around her palm directly pierced through his body. His entire abdominal area sunk into his body, forming a concave shape.

“Ruo... Ruo Ji! No!!!” Yi Fei screamed sorrowfully.

Ruo Ji spat out a mouthful of blood before collapsing beside Yi Fei. Blood spilled from his lips as he gazed at Yi Fei. He smiled as he said, “Miss Yi Fei, I know I’m… incompetent. I… am also a coward. I don’t deserve... don’t deserve you… But… but… I truly… truly like you. To be able to die for you, I… I am truly… very… ha… ppy…” He didn’t even have time to finish the last syllable before taking his dying breath.

“No... no…!!! Ruo Ji…!!! Old witch, I hate you! May you die a violent death ah!” Yi Fei’s screams of hatred and grief were almost close to deranged. She no longer called the Madam mother but instead called her old witch.

The Madam seemed to have also lost her mind. “Vile spawn really is vile spawn, stupid and stubborn. All of you should just go to hell!” she screamed, as she released her violent aura.

Qin Yu roared, “Old witch, if you dare to touch them again, Laozi will just directly kill your son!”

The Madam had to turn around as she glared at Qin Yu sinisterly. “Little Bastard, if you have the ability to, then do it. You still don’t have the qualifications to threaten me!”

Damn, she’s really gone mad! This woman really was a lunatic!

The only way to face a lunatic was to be more insane than them. This was Qin Yu’s logic.

“You think Laozi doesn’t dare to do it? Alright, then just as you desire, I’ll kill him!” The blade in Qin Yu’s hands moved as blood splashed everywhere. The Madam’s son who was the Yi Family’s most carefully cultivated and talented youth’s head flew high into the air, forming an arc in the sky before landing with a thump.

“No, my son! Little Bastard, you must die!” This time, the Madam had really gone mad—no, she was beyond mad. Her hair was disheveled as she charged toward Qin Yu.

This result was precisely what Qin Yu wanted. If he did this, he would attract this vicious woman’s attention so she wouldn’t harm Mu Rongyue or Yi Fei.

But naturally, by using this method, he would be throwing caution to the wind.

“Thousand Layer Palm! All of you, go to hell!” the Madam screeched before issuing a frighteningly strong attack. Qin Yu suddenly felt the ceiling above him turn dark as he raised his head to look upward before jumping in fear. Countless densely packed mirages of palm strikes filled the air above him as they shot downward. The berserk, pressing force caused the space around him to warp.

“Cloudtrack Phantom, retreat!”

“Quickly, get out of the way!” Not only was Qin Yu afraid, even members of the Yi Family were crying out in horror as they scattered. The Madam’s strike hit everyone regardless of whether or not they were ally or foe.

*Slam* *Slam* *Slam*

The pulsating palm strike exploded as dirt flew upwards while the earth trembled. The ones who weren’t able to escape fast enough were directly pounded into a meat patty and couldn’t be more dead.

“You ruthless madwoman!” Qin Yu had fled to a small slope where he hid. A trail of blood flowed from his lips. Although he had evaded the fatal strike, he was still wounded by the berserk aftermath.

He couldn’t do anything. The difference in strength was simply too much. Right now, his only choice was to use a final but risky move.

After making up his mind, Qin Yu clenched his teeth as light energy blossomed outward from the blood saber, directly rushing upward.

“Scarlet Blood Sword’s Thirteenth Form!”

The Scarlet Blood Sword originally had twelve forms. Later on, when he mastered the final form, it became the thirteenth form. This move was different from the previous twelve forms.

The first twelve forms could be used in both individual fights and group combat. However, the thirteenth form could only be used to strike once and was also the most powerful strike.

With his current strength, he was limited to all forms below the ninth form. By directly jumping up to the thirteenth form forcibly, he was truly playing with his life.

“One… Blade… Vanishing…the Skies!”

Matchlessly sharp sword energy condensed into a single point, converging together with incomparably terrifying power as it shot forward loudly. By concentrating all that power into a single point, its might was multiplied by several times, increasing dramatically. Once the sword energy was released, it would annihilate everything in its path.

“Overestimating your abilities, go to hell!” The Madam simply disregarded Qin Yu’s assault. In the eyes of a peak Transformation Realm master, the final attack of a mere peak stage Origin Realm cultivator was merely a joke.

Therefore, the Madam didn’t even take out her weapon and directly sent out another palm strike. Her internal energy flowed outward and formed a cocoon made of qi around her palm as she struck, causing the space around her to warp and the winds to dance violently.

She was confident that this palm strike would dispel the sword qi strike completely along with directly killing Qin Yu. She believed that he would directly be smashed into pieces, which would ease the hatred in her heart.

However, in the split second that the two dreadful powers collided, the Madam’s entire face instantly filled with shock. She finally sensed the sword energy’s frighteningly powerful aura. It was strong… too strong... so strong that she actually felt a trace of fear.

How could this be a move made by a peak stage Origin Realm cultivator? This was impossible.

The Madam was filled with indescribable shock. But now, everything was too late.

A crisp rippling sound echoed, awakening the Madam from her stupefied daze. The condensed sword qi had easily cut through the cocoon of internal strength around her palm and continued to surge forward.

The Madam released a mournful scream. “No—!”

*Hiss* A sound like a blade chopping through bamboo rang in the air. However, instead of bamboo being chopped, it was a person’s arm.

The arm was slashed open as the sword qi continued to press downward, easily slashing through half of the Madam’s shoulder.


The Madam released a pained screech as blood spurted everywhere and fell from the sky like rain.

At this moment, the Yi Family subordinates were all stunned. They stared at the Yi Family’s powerful Madam as she fell to the ground hugging the stump of her shoulder, howling miserably as blood spurted out from it.

Not far away, the other half of her arm and shoulder laid on the soil dripping with blood.

How could this be?

Did Qin Yu do all of this?

Nevermind the Yi Family not being able to believe it, even Mu Rongyue didn’t dare to believe it. She was completely and utterly shocked.

An Origin Realm cultivator had actually bested a Transformation Realm cultivator?! This was something that had never happened before in history ah! An Origin Realm cultivator leapfrogging realms to fight an Immersion Realm cultivator was already shocking, but there were two entire realms between Origin Realm and Transformation Realm! Moreover, the Madam wasn’t an ordinary Transformation Realm cultivator, she was at the apex of Transformation Realm ah!

However, Mu Rongyue didn’t have the time to simply stay in a shocked daze. She saw Qin Yu topple over, lying on the ground motionlessly like a dead person.

“Da Ge!” Mu Rongyue shouted loudly, rushing over at top speed.

“Da Ge, are you alright? Don’t scare me, get up!” Mu Rongyue dashed to Qin Yu’s side and jumped in fear when she saw Qin Yu’s appearance.

Qin Yu’s face was as pale as paper and the whites of his eyes protruded. His breathing was so faint that it was no different from a dead person’s.

This move had used up all of his energy, qi, and spirit. [2. Energy, qi, and spirit are the three energies of Chinese medicine.] Currently, all that remained was a hollow shell of his body. Even his soul felt unstable as it hovered inside his body unsteadily almost as if it was about to float out of his body at any time.

Qin Yu laughed bitterly in his heart. “Damn! In the future, I definitely won’t do like this again! That was really too risky ah! In the future... will Laozi still even have a ‘future?’”

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