Chapter 31: The Most Poisonous Woman

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 31: The Most Poisonous Woman

“Mother, don’t tell me that in your heart I’m really just a vile spawn?” Yi Fei’s face revealed a trace of pain as her body trembled slightly.

The Madam didn’t reply and just continued walking forward. At 1.5 meters tall, she was significantly shorter than Yi Fei.

She reached out and gently caressed Yi Fei’s delicate face as if she was appreciating a piece of art. “I have to say, daughter, you’re very beautiful. But it’s a pity that in the end, you aren’t the same race as us underground folk. Your heart isn’t here nor is it with the Yi Family.” As the Madam spoke, the hand that was stroking Yi Fei’s face fell to Yi Fei’s shoulder where the arrow was.

The arrow was too close to her heart. Earlier, Qin Yu had left it in because he was uncertain of what the outcome of taking out the arrow would be. What did the Madam want to do?

Soon, they got their answer.

The Madam suddenly gripped the arrowhead and suddenly tugged, bringing forth a spray of blood.

“Ah—!” An anguished and agonizing blood-curdling scream tore through the air. It reverberated in the space, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“Miss Yi Fei!” Ruo Ji shouted in alarm.

“You old witch, die!” Qin Yu suddenly shot up and loudly shouted, “Power Like Rushing Thunder!”

A loud rumble sounded as the palm strike violently attacked the ruthless Madam.

The Madam sneered disdainfully and casually waved her hand. Although her hand was small, the wave that ensued contained the power of five hundred pounds. A large bang sounded as Qin Yu was sent flying into the air.

The Madam sneered disdainfully. “Hmph, you’re overestimating your strength!” Suddenly, her smile turned stiff as a pitch black figure appeared above her head. It held a pitch black broadsword. The wind whistled as it slashed down from above her.

“Go to hell!” The Madam coldly shouted as she sent forth another palm strike.

A loud *bang* sounded as the figure was directly crushed to pieces, changing into bits of fine powder as it scattered and fell downward.

The Madam swiftly jumped about 30 meters away, avoiding the falling bits of powder. Unexpectedly, it was all lime and crushed stone.

Was it not a person?

The Madam was startled and still hadn’t fully understood what was going on before three more pitch black soldiers charged over with a swooshing sound. This time, she could clearly see that they were Qin Yu’s stone puppets.

A puppet made out of stone, as well as the appearance of a soldier. Isn’t this…?

The Madam finally thought of something and her expression changed. She immediately got up and laughing heartily. “So you could actually control that army of a hundred thousand above ground! Hahaha! Coming here really wasn’t a waste of my time and effort!”

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* The Madam roared with laughter as she leaped up and waved her hands. Three of the puppets were instantly reduced to ashes.

The peak of Transformation Realm was way too strong!

“Da Ge, be careful!” shouted Mu Rongyue. She hadn’t even finished speaking before her sword was already charging toward the Madam.

After the Madam annihilated the three puppets, she wildly threw herself at Qin Yu. Right now, this guy was a treasure ah! Catching him would be equivalent to seizing the hundred thousand stone warriors above ground.

The people of the Underground City had long known about the secret of the hundred thousand army and all of them thirsted for control over it. Right now, the key to the hundred thousand army was right in front of her. It was impossible for the Madam to let such an opportunity slip out of her grasp.

“Wind, drift away! Soldiers, attack!” Qin Yu turned into a hurricane and frantically retreated while simultaneously ordering a dozen or so puppets to resist the Madam who was quickly advancing toward them. The space inside the space ring was limited and could only hold so much so all the puppets he had now was his entire inventory.

“Hmph, are these puppets even useful?” The Madam went berserk. She struck forward with her palm. Two puppets were directly destroyed in the air. At this moment, Mu Rongyue’s sword had just arrived. She was at the beginning stage of Immersion Realm and the sword she used was extremely sharp. But in the Madam’s eyes, it wasn’t even worth looking at. The Madam sent a palm strike at the side and both the person and sword energy was sent flying backward. In terms of cultivation, Qin Yu and Mu Rongyue were simply no match. It was impossible for them to resist.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* The Madam continued to advance as she easily destroyed the puppets. For a moment, the booming sounds continued as lime and crushed stone flew everywhere. It pervaded through the air, turning the whole space foggy.

When the Yi Family saw this scene, they were filled with indescribable shock. So a cultivator at the peak of Transformation Realm was actually this strong? For a moment, everyone, including Yi Suo, was shocked silly.

However, nobody expected that after a gust of wind swept past them, a blood saber would be placed around Yi Suo’s neck.

Yi Suo suddenly felt something cold on his neck and felt a cold shudder. By the time he recovered from his stunned state, it was already too late.

“Don’t move, otherwise, Laozi will have your neck severed immediately.” A cold and detached voice sounded from behind him. The large shadow was unexpectedly Qin Yu.

“You! You—!” Yi Suo couldn’t understand what kind of secret art Qin Yu used to get behind him.

“I told you not to move! Do you take Laozi’s words as a joke?!” Qin Yu’s voice was cold as he placed some pressure on his hand, causing the sharp edge of the blade to immediately make a thin cut on Yi Suo’s neck. A small stream of blood flowed out.

“Nononono! I won’t move! I won’t move, so d—don’t mess around!” Yi Suo tried his best to control his trembling body. Otherwise, his neck would be gone just like that!

“Bastard! Lay down your sword!” The Madam finished destroying the dozen or so puppets and walked out from the cloud of dust. After noticing that Qin Yu had disappeared, she turned to see her son’s situation. When she turned around, she discovered that she had been tricked; this youngster was way too sly!

“Hehe.” Qin Yu grinned wickedly as he said, “Old witch, I’ll release him if you let us go.”

The Madam stared at Qin Yu attentively. Her tone was firm as she said, “It’s impossible for you to leave. Especially for you, lad. You shouldn’t even think about leaving.” There was no room for negotiation.

Qin Yu saw how the Madam looked at him and he shuddered. Could she have fallen for Laozi? Well, damn!

“I cannot agree with that.” Qin Yu’s face turned grave as he pressed down on the Blood Saber a little bit more, causing Yi Suo to scream loudly.

“Mother, save me! Save me!”

The Madam furiously scolded, “Useless thing!” before she threatened Qin Yu. “Lad, if you kill my son, you will all die. If you don’t believe me, then just try it.”

This woman was truly vicious. Earlier she had pulled out the arrowhead without caring about her own daughter’s life or death and now she also didn’t seem to care about her son’s life. She could be described as the world’s most vicious woman and even that would be an understatement.

“You told me to try it, so I’ll try it. How could Laozi be afraid? In any case, we’ll die anyway so dragging your son along with us sounds pretty good.” Qin Yu obviously wasn’t somebody easy to deal with. They still believed that he wouldn’t dare to actually do it.

“No, I don’t wanna! Mother, save me! I’m your only son ah! I’m about to die! You can’t let me! Mother…! Ah—!” “

Sword qi flickered as he released a scream. Blood splashed everywhere as he fell.

“Lad, you really have guts. I’ll kill you!” The Madam glared at Qin Yu Her eyes were wide as a gale angrily hissed from her palm, striking forward with destructive power.

“If you dare to take another step, Laozi will behead him.” Qin Yu gripped the blood saber with both hands, the air buzzing as he prepared to chop down.

“No, stop!” The Madam halted right in her footsteps. The ground was covered in deep cracks after she hastily stopped.

“Hehe.” Qin Yu wickedly grinned again as the edge of his saber stopped an inch away from the muddle-headed Yi Suo on the floor. The old witch seemed to still care about her only son.

Just now, Qin Yu had only chopped off one of Yi Suo’s ears and a part of his scalp. But who would’ve expected that this cowardly little guy would’ve been scared to death just like that?

“Alright, release my son and I’ll let you go.” The Madam bit her teeth and pushed down the anger in her heart. Her voice was filled with unwillingness.

“You can be considered quite tactful.” Qin Yu immediately turned to Mu Rongyue who was at the side as he asked, “Xiao Yue, are you alright?”

The damage Mu Rongyue had received from the Madam earlier wasn’t light and she had to wait a long time before she regained the power to get up from the floor. Right now, she was arduously crawling up, completely disregarding the blood spilling from her lips as she rushed toward Yi Fei who was lying on the floor.

Yi Fei was being supported by Ruo Ji. Blood flowed endlessly from her shoulder and the clothes around her bosom had long since been drenched red. Looking at it from afar, it looked like a huge, crimson plum flower was blooming on her chest. The bright, scarlet color was dazzling, creating a ghastly sight. Her mother was truly too ruthless.

Ruo Ji had been helplessly weeping at Yi Fei’s side without trying to assist her. It made Qin Yu so angry that he truly wanted to just rush up and kick this damn man with shame to death. However, right now he couldn’t move and had to firmly restrain Yi Suo. This was the Madam’s sole remaining son.

“Yi Fei JieJie, how do you feel? Hold on, we’ll be leaving immediately. I’ll find you a Godly Pill Master.” Seeing the blood drench Yi Fei’s clothes, Mu Rongyue was also frantic as she didn’t know what to do.

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