Chapter 30: The Monstrous Madam

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 30: The Monstrous Madam

“Respected Young Master Yi Suo, Ruo Ji didn’t betray you! Ruo Ji was forced to do this!” Ruo Ji anxiously explained.

“Say less nonsense! This young master doesn’t care if you were forced or if you did this voluntarily because today, you will die!” Yi Suo’s face turned sinister as he roared, not even listening to Ruo Ji’s explanation. All he knew was that after Qin Yu had attacked half of his troops in the city, he saw Ruo Ji following behind Qin Yu.

“No, that’s not true Young Master Yi Suo! Ruo Ji has always been your most loyal slave! Please believe me!” Ruo Ji persistently explained in a pleading tone.

“What a miserable wretch,” Qin Yu commented with contempt.

“Ruo Ji, you… you don’t need to beg him anymore. It’s useless.” At this moment, a weak voice sounded from beside them. It was Yi Fei who had just awoken.

Seeing Yi Fei awaken, Ruo Ji seemed to have been injected with a stimulant as he shook off Qin Yu’s grip and swiftly ran over to Yi Fei. His voice was filled with pleasant surprise as he said, “Miss Yi Fei, thank goodness you’re not hurt!”

“Hmph, Yi Fei, you vile spawn that bites the very hand that feeds you! You’re actually still not dead yet?!” Yi Suo shouted with malicious intent.

“I won’t allow you to say that to Miss Yi Fei!” For the first time, Ruo Ji actually turned around and roared at Yi Suo.

Yi Suo’s face stiffened before he exploded with rage. He clenched his teeth as he bellowed, “Charge forward! Chop him into mincemeat!”

Upon receiving Yi Suo’s order, they charged forward with a war cry.

Qin Yu jumped up from the chariot and brandished his blood saber as he entered the group. In the next moment, blood blossomed in the crowd like a gorgeous fiery rose in full bloom.

The dozen or so men were all been killed by Qin Yu in the blink of an eye. Some of them didn’t even count as cultivators so there was no way they could resist Qin Yu’s slaughter.

Seeing his men fall, the malevolent expression on Yi Suo’s pale face twitched as he glared at Qin Yu. “How dare a trifling Origin Realm cultivator like you act so unbridled in front of this young master?! You’re courting death!” he spat out, one by one.

After he finished speaking a *clang* sounded as a longsword appeared in his hands. The longsword was very cold with a faint green light glowing around it. The sword had been tempered with poison and would kill anyone upon contact with their blood.

Seeing Yi Suo take out his sword, Mu Rongyue hurriedly jumped out of the chariot and ran beside Qin Yu. With nervousness in her voice she said, “Da Ge, he’s too strong. Even I am not his match. Furthermore, his sword has a baleful aura around it. Let’s work together to deal with him.”

What Mu Rongyue meant was that she was a cultivator at the beginning stage of Immersion Realm while Qin Yu was a level below her at the apex of Origin Realm. Since that was the case, she wasn’t Yi Suo’s match and neither was Qin Yu so by attacking Yi Suo together, there was still hope.

Qin Yu’s voice turned serious as he said in a commanding tone, “Leave this place to me. Defend them well.” He wasn’t aware that he had just commanded a princess.

“But Da Ge…” Mu Rongyue still wanted to say something but was interrupted by Qin Yu.

“There are no buts, you have to protect them well. Otherwise, the only road for them is death.” Qin Yu’s tone became grave. What he said wasn’t wrong; if both of them were to fight here then who would protect the others? Yi Fei had been critically injured and Ruo Ji simply didn’t have the strength to defend her.

Mu Rongyue also understood their current situation and could only agree helplessly. “Da Ge, you have to be very careful.”

Qin Yu gave her a firm look. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

Mu Rongyue finally returned to the chariot.

“It seems like you want to fight this young master alone. Not bad, you definitely have the spirit of a man!” Yi Suo was mounted on his tall demonic beast, looking down at Qin Yu. When he looked at Qin Yu, it was almost like he was looking at a dead person. To him, Qin Yu was already dead.

“Blood Piercing Through the Vast Sky, attack!” Qin Yu’s reply was a fierce assault with blood-colored sword energy.

“Since you want to die, this young master will fulfill your death wish! Rainbow Startling Sword!” A resplendent sword tore through the air. Sword qi whistled as it danced wildly.

*Cling* *Clang*

The saber and sword confronted one another, issuing an ear-splitting cry. Every time the two weapons collided, everyone in their vicinity couldn’t help but tremble.

They were both very powerful!

“Stop!” Qin Yu jumped out of the battle with a loud shout. He stared at the young dwarf with an inconceivable gaze.

Yi Suo dropped down from the sky, landing firmly on the back of his demonic beast. He stood and faced the wind, proudly overlooking Qin Yu as the corners of his mouth stretched into a sneer. “Are you afraid?”

Although he said that on the outside, inside, he couldn’t help but be amazed at Qin Yu’s strength. He was only a trifling peak Origin Realm cultivator yet he could actually keep up in a fight with him, a middle stage Immersion Realm cultivator. This was unbelievable. Based on normal circumstances, he would’ve been able to settle such a low-level cultivator with a single sword stroke.

“Where did you learn Rainbow Startling Sword’s swordplay?” The reason Qin Yu shouted to stop was because he was shocked that Yi Suo was actually using moves from “Rainbow Startling Sword’s” swordplay.

Nobody was more familiar with Rainbow Startling Sword’s swordplay than Qin Yu. This was because this sword art was one that he had personally crafted with his own hands in his former life. He had once taught it to a few people after its creation, but how could it have shown up down here ah?

Qin Yu interrogated him. “Tell me, who taught you this swordplay?”

There was no way Yi Suo would tell Qin Yu about the swordplay. “Hmph, you don’t have the qualifications to know!” His wild aura increased sharply as he shouted, “To die under Rainbow Startling Sword is something for you to be proud of! Now die!”

“Hold it right there!” A cold but dignified voice sounded from behind them.

Behind them was a grand and luxurious chariot towed by four massive demonic beasts with a group of elite cavalrymen in black flanking it. It arrived with a loud *boom*.

“The Black Iron Cavalry!” One by one, Yi Suo’s subordinates knelt down on the floor devoutly with fear.

Yi Suo’s face also changed as he hastily sheathed his sword and jumped down from his demonic beast’s back before walking a few steps forward and bowing down. “I respectfully welcome Mother!” [1. Here, Yi Suo refers to his mother as “大人,” which is a title of respect toward superiors.]

“M—mother...” On the chariot beside Qin Yu, Yi Fei was also emotional as she stared at the approaching chariot. Despite the state of her body, she still sat up.

Ruo Ji who was filled with terror directly kneeled down by Yi Fei’s side.

“Yi Fei JieJie, [2. Mu Rongyue calls Yi Fei “JieJie” which basically means older sister. In Chinese culture, you can call a female older than you older sister even if you’re not biologically related, similar to how you can call a male older than you older brother.] your mother came?” Mu Rongyue asked somewhat nervously as she supported Yi Fei. Since Yi Fei’s mother personally came, the situation had truly gotten out of hand.

Yi Fei slowly nodded as she gasped for breath. “Xiao Yue MeiMei, [3. Yi Fei calls Mu Rongyue “MeiMei” which basically means younger sister.] I’m sorry. Ultimately, I still wasn’t able to help you escape.” Her voice was filled with regret. Since her mother personally came, there was really no hope of escaping.

Mu Rongyue was touched as her heart trembled slightly. She hastily comforted Yi Fei, saying, “Yi Fei JieJie, I should be the one apologizing since this is all my fault.”

“This… this never had any relation to you. Everything was the sin of my Yi Family. I... I only regret being born in such a family.” Yi Fei’s face revealed a trace of pain as her deathly pale lips squeezed out the last few words arduously.

A woman’s voice interrupted Yi Fei’s words. “Daughter, being born in the Yi Family is something many yearn for even in their dreams! You should feel honored!” In the next moment, a pretty and charming short woman who was dressed luxuriously stepped out of the extravagant chariot.

Everyone from the underground city had a slightly pale face, however, this madam’s face was still rosy. Her cultivation was also very high.

“The peak of Transformation Realm?” Qin Yu’s gaze was fixed on the approaching petite and short madam. His pupils suddenly contracted as his heart turned cold. Based on the situation, trying to flee now would be very hard. Currently, he was unable to contend with a peak Transformation Realm expert.

If it was in Luosang City, this kind of expert would’ve already been at the very top. To be able to reach such heights in cultivation meant that she was basically the same as a hundred-year-old monster.

It was hard to imagine that this petite and short woman who was only in her forties would have such frighteningly high cultivation. Even if it was the entire Qiongxi Country, someone like her would still be considered a monstrous individual.

It was precisely because of her high cultivation that she was able to hear what Yi Fei said inside the chariot. Yi Fei’s voice was even smaller than a mosquito’s. If it was an ordinary person, it would have been impossible to hear her from so far away and inside a chariot at that.

A trace of despair appeared on Yi Fei’s deathly pale face as she laughed bitterly. Slowly she said, “Xiao Yue MeiMei, force your way out with your friend. Forget about me. In any case, I am going to die.”

The Madam smiled contemptuously. “Daughter, do you really believe these people can force their way out?” A long fur cape dragged behind her as she walked forward step by step. At the same time, her body released a strong pressure. It surged violently in Qin Yu’s direction, oppressing him.

Qin Yu was forced to fall back with every step she took. He quickly tried to think of a way to deal with this woman.

But despite coming up with countless strategies, all of them were rejected. He had no choice but to retreat toward Mu Rongyue’s chariot. He withdrew until he could not go any further.

“Ruo Ji, help me go down,” Yi Fei ordered.

Ruo Ji who was kneeling at the side hurriedly raised his head. He anxiously responded, “Miss Yi Fei, you…”

“Don’t say anything, just help me get down.” Yi Fei’s tone was resolute.

“Yi Fei JieJie, you can’t go down! Your injury…” Mu Rongyue wanted to stop her but couldn’t.

“Xiao Yue MeiMei, I’m alright. Help me get down, please.”

Mu Rongyue saw Yi Fei’s determination and knew that trying to persuade her would be useless. She could only helplessly support Yi Fei and help her get down from the chariot.

“Ruo Ji, just supporting me is fine.” When she finally stepped on the ground, Yi Fei stopped Mu Rongyue. “Xiao Yue MeiMei, it’s fine for you and your friend to stay here while I have a conversation with my mother.”

“Yi Fei JieJie...” Mu Rongyue choked with emotion. How could she not understand Yi Fei’s deliberate actions?

The reason why Yi Fei insisted on getting off the chariot was precisely to give Mu Rongyue and Qin Yu a chance to escape. She simply wanted to use herself to delay her mother for a while.

After Yi Fei gave Mu Rongyue a meaningful glance, she walked toward her mother with Ruo Ji supporting her along the way.

Yi Fei pleaded, “Mother, this is unrelated to them. It’s all my fault. I am willing to return with you [4. The “you” (您) that Yi Fei addresses her mother with is the polite and formal version of “you.” The normal “you” is 你.] and will stay in self-confinement. I’ll never leave the household ever again in this lifetime.”

Yi Suo angrily snarled, “Hmph! You think that everything will be over as soon as you lock yourself in confinement?! You released the woman we were going to offer to the looters, which offended them and caused our family to lose face! You devil's spawn!”

“Shut up! You don’t have the qualifications to call her that!” The Madam shouted sternly, scaring Yi Suo so much that his whole body trembled as he hurriedly bowed and apologized.

“Mother, [5. Yi Suo addresses his mother respectfully by referring to her with “母亲大人.” “母亲” means mother while “大人” is a title of respect toward superiors.] I apologize. I—it was my bad, please forgive me! [6. The “you” (您) that Yi Suo addresses his mother with is the polite and formal version of “you.” The normal “you” is 你.] I will never do so again!”

The Madam swept her glance over Yi Suo coldly. Her voice was icy as she said, “Although she really is the devil's spawn, in front of my face, you should watch that mouth of yours. Now leave.”

“Yes, of course!” Yi Suo hurriedly retreated. In his heart, he was reproaching himself for saying too much. Yi Fei truly was vile spawn beget from his mother with an above-ground human which was her sore spot. Calling her “devil's spawn” right in front of his mother was just asking for trouble.

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