Chapter 3: Restoring his Crippled Meridians

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 3: Restoring his Crippled Meridians

“Yu’er! Hurry and save your Father.” *sobs*

Mother Qin didn’t need to say anymore before Qin Yu rushed forward. He urgently held Qin Wu up and reached out to grab his wrist, using a thread of internal energy to probe inside him. Within Qin Wu’s body, his qi and blood were pushing against each other, causing his nerves and meridians to suffer serious damage. If the situation was prolonged, there would only be two outcomes: total body paralysis or death!

Qin Wu had really gone crazy. What he had done was the act of somebody who didn’t want their life!

Qi deviation was the biggest fear of all cultivators. Even mild consequences of qi deviation would leave the person only barely alive, let alone the severe symptoms of qi deviation that Qin Wu was currently suffering. Apart from Qin Yu, there probably wasn’t a single person in the entire Luosang City who had the ability to save Qin Wu.

It was very lucky that the current Qin Yu was no longer the former Qin Yu. Instead, he was Xie Di, the one that possessed all kinds of heavenly means. He had 40 different techniques to treat qi deviation and could also refine over 30 types of pills. But now it was obviously too late to refine a pill, so he could only use a technique.

Qin Yu quickly laid Qin Wu down neatly on the floor and released martial energy from his palm before unceasingly striking every acupuncture point on Qin Wu’s upper back. Seeing Qin Yu skillfully use a myriad of techniques with great accuracy, Mother Qin, who was sitting on the side was dazzled. Such a scene made Mother Qin wonder once again whether or not the youth in front of her was really her son.

Qin Yu couldn’t afford to notice Mother Qin’s amazed and doubtful gaze and continued to single-mindedly continue his palm strikes. While he was treating Qin Wu, he sensed a meridian displaced from its proper location inside his body. It was coiled up into a spiral, causing the qi and blood in that area to clot and push against each other.

This meridian was what martial cultivators called the “naturally crippled meridian.” Those who had a “naturally crippled meridian” would be recognized as cripples that couldn’t cultivate.

But in Xie Di’s eyes, these so-called “naturally crippled meridians” weren’t truly crippled meridians at all. Instead, it was merely a small problem that could be solved after straightening the coiled meridian. Although it would be somewhat difficult for him to fix it now with his current strength, it wasn’t impossible. If anything, it would just take a little bit longer to fix.

After Qin Yu finished his strikes, Qin Wu finally let out a few coughs and spat out a mouthful of congestion before gasping for breath. His ashen face also slowly restored a trace of color.

Seeing this, Mother Qin was overjoyed at the unexpected outcome and anxiously shouted, “Wu-ge [1. Ge = elder brother, and is also used to refer to older men in both a casual or respectful setting], are you alright? Don’t try to cultivate again, ok? Do you not want your life?” Her voice was filled with pain as she pleaded with a trace of blame present in her voice.

“Ai…” Qin Wu sighed weakly. His face was heavy with despair and resentment. “I refuse to accept this! As a child, I was born with naturally crippled meridians and couldn’t cultivate. Now, even Yu’er has been turned into a cripple after being viciously assaulted. If I can’t manage to cultivate any martial arts, how will our family of three mouths still be able to survive? Both of you follow my lead and will have to live under other people’s noses for your entire lives, never being able to lift your head high ah!”

Qin Wu was incomparably mournful, seeming to be filled with both pain and loathing towards his own incompetence. He still didn’t know that his so-called “naturally crippled meridians” had already been healed by Qin Yu and that he was already no longer a cripple.

When Qin Wu finished his words, he suddenly thought of something and shouted loudly, “Wrong!” The abrupt, ringing shout from Qin Wu startled Mother Qin and Qin Yu, making the two of them jump. 秦武说

“Wu-ge, wh—what happened?” Mother Qin looked worriedly at Qin Wu. What else was wrong?

Qin Wu’s eyes rigidly stared at Qin Yu’s body. “Yu’ you struck me just now, I sensed that you used some internal energy. Didn’t you lose all your martial arts?”

Although Qin Wu was a natural-born cripple who was incapable of cultivating, he had been forcefully cultivating numerous times over the past few years and knew about the internal energy of martial cultivators.

“Internal energy, this…I…” Qin Yu was startled. His face turned stiff and for a moment, he wasn’t sure how to explain.

Could he just tell them that the one occupying Qin Yu’s body was Xie Di? Of course he couldn’t just say it like that!

“Eh, this…just now it really did feel like I used some kind of energy. So that was actually internal energy?” Without any other way, Qin Yu was forced to continue pretending he had lost his memories. At first, he had wanted to tell Qin Wu that his “crippled meridians” were already cured, however, based on the current situation, it was better to not say anything or else he wouldn’t have any way to explain.

“It is, ah! Yu’er, that’s precisely internal energy! You also forgot about that? It’s a martial cultivator’s exclusive internal energy ah!” Qin Wu was so emotional, he couldn’t help but grab onto Qin Yu’s hands. With a trembling voice, he said, “Yu’ did you accomplish this? Has your cultivation been restored?”

“I…I also don’t know ah.” Since Qin Yu “lost” his memory and wasn’t sure how to explain himself, he could only continue to play dumb.

“You don’t know?” Qin Wu frowned, looking at Qin Yu strangely. “You, try to circulate your qi following this diagram practice book."

Qin Wu fished out a cultivation atlas from his bosom as he spoke and handed it over to Qin Yu. This diagram book was precisely the cultivation manual he had just used.

Qin Yu hesitated before accepting the book and opening it. The book contained lessons on how to meditate and included a picture of a cultivator taking in and releasing spiritual qi with some explanations below it.

Flipping through it once, Qin Yu scoffed at the rudimentary cultivation manual.

There was a big difference between low-end and high-end cultivational manuals. After all, cultivators of the same realm could have vast differences in martial energy based on which one they learned from. A martial cultivator with a high-end cultivation manual would have a steadier foundation along with more strength. They would also be able to skip a grade when fighting against other martial cultivators with a low-end cultivation manual.

After flipping through it, Qin Yu laid down the cultivation atlas and sat beside Qin Wu before closing his eyes and starting to circulate his qi.

Qin Wu had Mother Qin support him; his eyes rigidly watched Qin Yu’s movements attentively. His pupils were slightly dilated as the expression on his face slowly became more amazed and incredulous.

When Qin Yu began, his movements weren’t much different from the diagrams. But unconsciously, his movements began to change, becoming more diverse, abstruse and profound.

Mother Qin hadn’t cultivated martial arts before and couldn’t see any difference, however, Qin Wu could. Although he couldn’t cultivate, he had focused on researching the Qin Family’s cultivation manual and could tell from a glance that Qin Yu’s cultivation method was far more abstruse and profound. Even he had no idea what some of the movements were.

When did Qin Yu comprehend another martial cultivation manual? Wasn’t his cultivation method always based on the cultivation manual passed down the Qin family lineage?

After circulating a few rounds of internal energy, Qin Yu slowly lowered his hand. From experience, he allowed the internal energy in his body to surge and felt it flow through his meridians. The internal energy flowed freely and smoothly with no hindrances. Qin Yu couldn’t help but raise his head and release a long whistle.

The whistle not only startled the bewildered mother-father pair standing at the side but also the entire Qin Family. A few experts who were in the middle of cultivating in seclusion raised their heads in succession to stare with shock in the direction of the sound’s source. Alarmed, they asked in their hearts, “Which expert in the Qin Family just broke through, producing such an earth-shattering sound? Could it be that the Grand Elder broke through? Only he could release such a big movement when breaking through. But the direction the sound came from was the stray courtyard ah, the Grand Elder doesn’t live there. If it’s not the Grand Elder then who was it?”

In the Qin Family’s side courtyard, Qin Wu stared at Qin Yu as if he was looking at a monster. His throat was stuck for a long time before he finally spat out a sentence. “Yu’er, you...what are you…?”

Qin Yu’s whistle ended and he returned to reality. He looked at their over-exaggerated facial expressions and immediately realized that while he was engrossed in cultivating, he may have gone a little too far.

“Father, I…” Qin Yu wanted to explain, but before he could speak, a stab of pain suddenly appeared in his sea of consciousness. The sea of consciousness was the weakest part of a man’s body and if it was attacked, the results would be devastating.

The sudden jab of pain left his guard completely down as he released a blood-curdling screech as he clutched his head in agony.


Qin Yu screamed and fainted, scaring Mother Qin into crying out in fear.


When Qin Yu woke up, he wasn’t sure how long he had lost consciousness for. The first thing he saw was the Mother Qin and Father pair sitting by his bedside with eyes filled with incomparable worry. When they saw Qin Yu awaken, their worried faces slowly eased up to show pleasant surprise.

“Yu’er, you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?"

Qin Yu rubbed head, which was still aching before struggling to sit up. He looked at Qin Wu, his voice carrying regret as he said, “Father, I’m sorry. What you asked me, I…”

Qin Wu smiled slightly, patting Qin Yu’s shoulder. His voice was gentle as he said, “Yu’er, it should be Father saying sorry to you. I knew your brain was seriously injured yet I still kept questioning you. Father won’t ask again and you also shouldn’t try to think about the past. Just let nature take its course. If you remember, it would be great and if you can’t, then just forget about it. No matter if you remember or not, we’ll always still be a family.”

Qin Wu still thought that it was his fault for questioning Qin Yu so much about memories about the past, which stimulated the brain too much and caused him to faint.

Mother Qin continued his speech, saying, “Right ah! Yu’er, we’ll always be your family. Even if you can’t recall the past, we are still a family.” Each and every word was filled with the deep and profound emotions between mother and son.

Qin Yu hadn’t thought that the Qin father-mother pair would be so magnanimous, choosing to directly stop questioning him. He felt moved as he released a sigh of relief. In the future, he would no longer need to think of ways to explain and provide an answer.

“Qin Yu, are you there or not? If you are, hurry up and come out!” At this moment, a hoarse voice suddenly yelled from outside the door.

The people inside were startled. Qin Wu got up first, saying, “I’ll go out and take a look” before taking wide strides to the door. “Mother, I’m thirsty,” Qin Yu told Mother Qin who was standing at the side after Qin Wu left.

“Alright, Mother will go and bring you some water. Sit here properly and don’t flail about.” Mother Qin softly replied before also leaving.

After they both left, Qin Yu hastily sat up straight and closed his eyes to enter a meditative state to look inside his sea of consciousness. Inside the sea of consciousness was a milky white space of primordial chaos with a black pearl floating within it.

“Earth Spirit Pearl, so it was actually you that had awakened.” Qin Yu was overjoyed at the unexpected good news.

The Earth Spirit Pearl was something that was linked to him. It was a rare spirit pearl that existed inside his sea of consciousness. He didn’t expect that it would pass through rebirth and awaken within him again. It was truly an unexpected surprise.

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