Chapter 29: Encircled.

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 29: Encircled.

There were shouts and screams everywhere as the demonic beasts howled painfully. The crimson tide of sword qi devastated the land.

When the crimson tide of sword qi finally dissipated, the dreadful act had finally finished.

Blood… there was blood everywhere. The blood of both humans and demonic beasts merged together as it slowly flowed down the yellow earthen streets.

The team of pursuers from the Yi Family were annihilated in an instant. Many of the remaining pursuers were left injured. Only a few experts had escaped unscathed.

Seeing the ground filled with bloody corpses, the crowd was filled with terror. So people who were from the land above were actually this frightening?

The leader of the Yi Family group of pursuers seethed with anger, roaring for Qin Yu’s body to be dismembered into ten thousand pieces. However, there was no sign of Qin Yu anywhere. Qin Yu had long since disappeared down the street along with the chariot. Even Ruo Ji had disappeared too.

On the outskirts of the Demonic City was a dark cave. Qin Yu, Ruo Ji, Mu Rongyue and Yi Fei were hiding inside.

The girl named Yi Fei was wounded. A sharp arrow had pierced through her shoulder from behind and the pain had made her faint several times.

“Miss Yi Fei! Miss Yi Fei! You can’t die! You absolutely mustn’t die!” Ruo Ji seemed to care for Yi Fei very much, hugging her body as he sobbed.

Qin Yu carefully inspected this girl from the Underground City and found that she actually looked very different from the citizens of the Underground City. In fact, she looked almost the same as people from above ground.

She seemed to be at least 1.6 meters tall. Although she wouldn’t really be considered tall compared with other above-ground humans, in the Underground City, her tall and straight figure would definitely classify her as a “giant.” Her appearance was very beautiful with the exquisite and mellow features of an above-ground human but the same complexion as the people down here; pale skin and pointed ears. However, compared to the long pointed ears of many underground citizens, her ears were clearly much smaller and more delicate.

It seemed like she was the offspring of an above-ground human and an underground human.

“Da Ge, do you have a way to save her? It was thanks to her that I managed to escape, so if something happens to her I...” Mu Rongyue glanced at the unconscious Yi Fei again with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll try my best.” Qin Yu wasn’t certain she would survive, after all, her injuries were quite serious. The arrow had almost pierced through her heart.

“Alright, don’t cry anymore. Give her to me.” Qin Yu stepped toward Ruo Ji.

“No! I won’t allow you guys to touch her! I won’t let anyone touch her! It’s all because of you that she’s hurt!” Ruo Ji hugged Yi Fei tightly, crying with grief and indignation.

“Damn you! This Laozi wants to save her! Do you want her to die?” Qin Yu retorted angrily, itching to slap this scoundrel away.

“I don’t care! I won’t allow you guys to touch her no matter what! Get lost!” Ruo Ji snarled back.

“You imbecile!” Qin Yu charged forward and picked up Ruo Ji by the neck. He wanted to fling Ruo Ji out of the cave, but he was tenaciously holding on to Yi Fei, refusing to let go even if he was dead. If Qin Yu threw him out, Yi Fei would be flung out too. Qin Yu was helpless and could only release his grip as he sternly shouted, “You really want her to die?”

“Even if she dies, then I’ll follow her and we’ll together! Nobody can ever separate us!” Ruo Ji’s face was decisive, facing death with equanimity.

“You…!” Qin Yu was extremely frustrated. How could such a strange man exist in this world? What was wrong with this world?

Mu Rongyue was also worried as she saw what was happening. She hurriedly stepped forward to advise Ruo Ji saying, “This big brother, we just want to save Yi Fei Jie. [1. “姐” (Jie) is part of the word “姐姐” (Jiejie) meaning “big sister.” It’s also a friendly way of calling or referring to a female who is older. Calling someone “Jie” is similar to how people call males who are older, “Ge” or “GeGe.”] Please release her. If we delay any longer then—”

Ruo Ji didn’t even let Mu Rongyue finish her words as he roared, “Scram!”

Mu Rongyue couldn’t help but blurt out, “You! What kind of man are you?! It’s fine if you can’t save her but why aren’t you letting others save her? You—you’re really useless and abominable!”

*Boom* Qin Yu couldn’t hold it in any longer and took action. He released a palm strike aimed at the back of Ruo Ji’s head, which left Ruo Ji unconscious. Then, Qin Yu directly picked Ruo Ji up, raised his foot, and kicked him out of the cave like he was a ball. The whole process was quite brutal.

“Da Ge, this…” Mu Rongyue couldn’t bear to see what was happening.

“Don’t worry about him. Laozi is already being quite lenient with someone like him by not killing him. Let’s hurry and help Yi Fei.” Qin Yu quickly squatted down and laid Yi Fei on the ground before pressing on the Cun and Guan acupuncture points on her wrist [2. The Cun and Guan acupuncture points are part of traditional Chinese medicine. English source: and for more information, you can google translate this page:]. He released a trace of internal strength to probe inside her.

After a while, Qin Yu released his hand with a frown.

“Da Ge, how is it? Can you save her?” Seeing Qin Yu’s frown, Mu Rongyue’s heart tightened.

“Don’t worry. She won’t die on my watch. Fortunately, the space ring you gave me contains a few life-saving pills, otherwise, it’ll be very troublesome.” As Qin Yu said this, a pill appeared in his palm.

Mu Rongyue stepped forward to help. She carefully opened Yi Fei’s lips to let Qin Yu slip a pill inside.

The pill immediately dissolved so it was easy for her to absorb its medicinal properties.

"Unfortunately, this pill is only an ordinary grade pill. The pill’s quality is too low so it can only temporarily preserve her life.” Qin Yu helplessly sighed as he continued, “If we want to save her, we have to take her above ground and look for an earth grade life-saving pill.”

In fact, if he reached the third stage of “Refining Qi” in the《Secrets of Eternal Life》, he wouldn’t need a pill to save Yi Fei. Unfortunately, he was currently only at the first stage of “Refining Qi” and he still had a long way to go before he could reach the third stage.

“Go above ground? But…” Mu Rongyue was slightly hesitant. After all, this was Yi Fei’s home. Plus, she was currently unconscious so they couldn’t ask for her opinion. If they just took her above ground without giving her any say, then…”

“Da Ge, maybe the Underground City has life-saving pills that can save her.” Mu Rongyue still wanted to stay here to save Yi Fei.

Qin Yu explained the grim situation they were facing. “Possibly, but we’re not familiar with this place. Furthermore, we’re currently being chased by the Yi Family so if we entered the city it would be very troublesome. How would we be able to find the pill then? What’s worse is the fact that right now, I don’t dare to remove that arrow stuck in her shoulder so she probably won’t last long.”

“Don’t hesitate any further. If we want to save her life, we have to go.” Qin Yu didn’t have time to explain further. He carried Yi Fei as he strode out of the cave. Mu Rongyue could only follow him.

Mu Rongyue brought up a serious problem. “But we don’t know how to go up.”

Qin Yu was startled and stopped walking. His gaze just so happened to land on Ruo Ji’s body, which was lying on the floor. His eyes flashed as he said, “Then let’s take him. He can tell us how to go up.”

“Fine.” Since the situation had already reached this point, Mu Rongyue no longer hesitated and went.

Soon after, both of them placed Yi Fei along with Ruo Ji inside the chariot and ordered the demonic beast to fly toward the exit.

They had just entered the city from that exit so Qin Yu still remembered the route. It wasn’t far from where they currently were.

They traveled swiftly. After a while, Qin Yu’s chariot arrived at where he had fallen down earlier.

“We’ve arrived. Xiao Yue, take care of her. I’ll go wake up this scoundrel.” Qin Yu threw away the reins and dragged Ruo Ji out from the back of the chariot before slapping the back of his head.

The sound of the slap crisply rang in the air as Ruo Ji quivered. He suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, “Miss Yi Fei!”

“What are you screaming for…?!” Qin Yu hadn’t finished speaking when the sound of attacks suddenly shook the earth from all four sides. Countless assailants suddenly jumped out from the ground. The weapons in their hands glimmered like frost and snow as they aggressively rushed out to attack. In a flash, Qin Yu was surrounded by them.

“Haha! I knew you would come here!” A young dwarf wearing armor stood in front of them, mounted on a tall demonic beast. He laughed loudly, seeming very proud of himself.

Qin Yu could never comprehend the strange grumbles and cries the other dwarves made, but he could actually understand this young dwarf’s words.

It seems like not everyone in the underground world can speak the same language as the humans above ground.

“Young—Young Master Yi…” When Ruo Ji saw the young dwarf, his face exposed a trace of fear. His body trembled uncontrollably as if he had been struck by lightning.

Yi Suo pointed the sword in his hand at Ruo Ji as he released a deafening shout. “Ruo Ji, how dare a mere slave like you betray this young master!”

“The middle stage of Immersion Realm?” Qin Yu saw Yi Suo’s cultivation stage and frowned slightly. He didn’t think that such a small dwarf at his age could have already cultivated to the middle stage of Immersion Realm. If this was in Luosang City, he would no doubt be the number one genius.

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