Chapter 28: The Ji Family’s Pursuers

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 28: The Ji Family’s Pursuers

The two remaining looters saw their comrade killed in a flash and blanked out for a moment before roaring furiously, “Huuuu!”

“Hu, your sister! Go to hell!” [1. The insult used here “Hu, your sister” can be interpreted as similar to “your mom” insults. Qin Yu mimics and mocks the other looters when he repeats “Hu” btw.]

Qin Yu didn’t understand why the Underground City’s citizens would always make a “Hu” sound whenever they were angry. What the hell did it mean?

The two looters hadn’t finished roaring, “Hu!” before Qin Yu attacked, leaving trails of dust behind as he charged at one of the looters.

“They’re so weak, yet they actually dared to rob others?” Qin Yu snorted coldly. His voice was filled with contempt.

Ruo Ji shook his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Those were merely the looters’ scouts. When the real looters appear, you won’t say that.”

“What real looters? For once, can you please finish your damn words?” Qin Yu was somewhat irritated. He absolutely hated it when people gave cryptic explanations.

“Yes, yes.” Ruo Ji’s trauma wasn’t light and he immediately explained, “Looters are a mysterious group in the Underground City. They’re also extremely strong. The average person wouldn’t dare to provoke them. Generally speaking, it would be wise to immediately run away or take the initiative to hand over your valuables if you ever run into a looter. You must never anger or kill one of them!”

“If you kill one of their people, you’re as good as dead! This is because they’ll never stop sending people to assassinate you until you’re dead.”

As he finished speaking, Ruo Ji’s expression turned ugly. Even though he wasn’t the one that killed the looter’s scout, since he was seen together with Qin Yu, he would also be implicated. Especially because the looters wouldn’t listen to his explanation.

“The assassins are the real looters. Every single one of them is at least a Transformation Realm cultivator.”

Qin Yu was slightly startled. Based on his current strength, a Transformation Realm cultivator was very powerful.

“To tell you the truth, the reason why Young Master Yi Suo kidnapped your woman was because he wanted to gift her as an offering to the looters.”

His words made Qin Yu’s face pale visibly. “Why do you give offerings to the looters?”

Ruo Ji didn’t dare to conceal anything and explained everything in full detail. “I’m not too sure about this myself as I’m only a servant, but because the young master wanted to give offerings to the looters, we were sent out to go above ground and look for high-level demonic beasts. In the end, we didn’t find any demonic beasts, however, we found that girl instead.”

“Let’s go. You better pray that she’s fine, otherwise, it won’t matter if it was you, Yi Suo, or the looters because this young master will slaughter all of you! Not a single one of you shall remain!” Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with an ominous and bloodthirsty glint.

Ruo Ji’s body trembled as he hastily led the way, continuing to walk toward the Demonic City. However, he sneered internally. Qin Yu was merely boasting shamelessly. [2. In the Chinese raws, Ruo Ji said that Qin Yu words were “大言不惭,” which implies that Qin Yu’s words are very audacious.] Qin Yu couldn’t even handle the assassins of the looters, not to mention, Yi Suo Family’s experts. Qin Yu was basically as good as dead and right now, Ruo Ji was only taking Qin Yu toward his inevitable death.

After about an hour, they both stood in front of the grand and imposing city gate. The city was at least several times larger than Luosang City. The city walls were a yellowish color and it looked like the entire wall was constructed with soil. It was nothing like the gates above ground which were built using bricks.

Qin Yu was very skeptical about how strong the walls made from soil actually were, so when he entered the city, he pinched the wall with his hand. Unexpectedly, the earthen walls were even stronger than stone. He had no idea how they had managed to solidify it to such a degree.

As they walked, Qin Yu was surprised as he glanced around the busy and bustling streets which were livelier than Luosang City.

Despite how lively the streets were, the architectural design of the buildings couldn’t compare with the beauty and glow of Luosang City’s architecture. The houses were low and the colors of the buildings consisted of gray, white, or black. Although there were many densely packed and intricate streets, all of them were very narrow.

The design of the buildings and streets here were most likely due to the body types of the people here. Within the crowds filling the streets, the average height was about 1.5 meters. Very few people exceeded 1.5 meters in height and it was rare to see anyone taller than 1.6 meters. Anyone who was taller than 1.6 meters [3. In case anyone doesn’t know, 1.5 meters is about 4 ft 9, while 1.6 meters is about 5 ft 2.5.] was practically a giant and at Qin Yu’s height, he was practically a giant amongst giants.

That’s why as Qin Yu walked by, he immediately attracted countless amazed gazes.

Sensing the stares from the crowd, Qin Yu felt slightly uncomfortable.

All of the people here had pale and expressionless faces. Nobody interacted with each other. This paired with the monotonous hue and the gloomy and cold environment made one feel as if they were in a ghost town.

“Hya! Hya! [4. In case anyone doesn’t know, “Hya!” is the sound that people who ride horses make. It’s kind of similar to how cowboys say, “Yeehaw!”] Get out of the way! Out of the way! Everyone get out of the way!”

Suddenly, the quiet street was filled with noise and clamor. Finally the streets were lively. The strange thing was that as Qin Yu listened to the voice, he thought it was rather familiar. It sounded like Mu Rongyue’s voice.

“Xiao Yue?” Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he immediately turned in the direction of the voice.

Up ahead was what appeared to be a horse-drawn chariot. However, it wasn’t exactly a horse-drawn chariot because what pulled the chariot was a six-legged demonic beast.

The demonic beast’s six hooves moved as it flew forward, madly rushing through the crowd. Those in the vicinity of the demonic beast screamed as they scattered in all directions.

Once he could see clearly, he saw that the one on the chariot really was Mu Rongyue along with another woman. The two of them were each holding a side of the demonic beast’s reins, frantically whipping the whip as they urged the beast to charge forward.

There was a squadron of soldiers mounted on demonic beasts that roared as they pursued them. From time to time, somebody would release a sharp arrow at the two girls but fortunately, it was hard to aim while moving so each arrow was always avoided by the two ladies.

“Miss Yi Fei!” Ruo Ji dashed forward swiftly, shouting loudly at the incoming carriage.

Qin Yu grabbed him, shouting as he asked, “You know them?”

“Yes, of course!” Ruo Ji hurriedly nodded as he explained, “The girl driving the chariot at the front is our Yi Family’s Miss Yi Fei and the other girl is the one you were searching for. The people pursuing them should be assassins sent by the Yi Family.”

Assassins from the Yi Family were chasing after the Yi Family’s young miss? What the hell were they doing?

But now was not the time to ask these questions. Seeing that the chariot at the forefront was heading toward them, Qin Yu released Ruo Ji and flew up to the chariot. Everyone else was running away, yet he was rushing right up, causing the fleeing crowd to give a cry of alarm when they saw.

“Xiao Yue!” Qin Yu loudly shouted. His voice shook the earth. [5. Raws technically said sky/heavens/atmosphere here but…they’re underground so.] When Mu Rongyue heard the familiar voice, she hastily raised her head to look at Qin Yu and shouted back with pleasant surprise upon seeing his face, “Da Ge! Hurry and get up here! Miss Yi Fei, let’s go in that direction!”

The maiden named Yi Fei didn’t respond as she immediately pulled the reins to dash in Qin Yu’s direction.

“Da Ge, get on the chariot!” Mu Rongyue loudly shouted.

Qin Yu looked at the accumulating pursuers behind them and didn’t jump on. Instead, he just brushed past Mu Rongyue’s chariot saying, “You guys go first! I’ll deal with them.”

“Da Ge, be careful! They have power in numbers,” Mu Rongyue urgently shouted back. She had wanted to pull the demonic beast to a stop but the violently charging demonic beast simply couldn’t stop and continued to directly rush forward.

The mounted pursuers were closely chasing after them. Suddenly, a man rushed up to obstruct their path. The leader smirked before shouting a series of grumbles and cries. Qin Yu didn’t understand a single word but from the way their riding speed had suddenly sped up, he could guess that they were planning to trample him underfoot.

Since they wanted to trample him into mincemeat, Qin Yu didn’t bother with any courtesies as he leaped into the air with his blood saber in hand. He spun the blade in the air and shouted, “A Thousand Shadows of Blood, [6. TL NOTE: Blood of a Thousand Shadows → A Thousand Shadows of Blood. I changed it because I feel like it better represents the skill’s effects (as the former sounds like it’s attacking with the blood of a thousand people, whereas the latter sounds more like a thousand streaks of blood attacking]attack!”

Under the crowd’s shocked stare, the color of the dark underground sky suddenly changed. In a flash, the space above the pursuing troop’s head was engulfed in a crimson red tide. Within the crimson tide were thousands of sword qi [7. Remember, Qi = Energy. Do you peeps prefer energy or qi?] blades densely packed together like lightning. It warped and tore through the air, bringing with it a terrifying and destructive power as it crushed down the crowd below with earth-shattering power.


“Hurry and get out of the way!”

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