Chapter 27: Underground

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 27: Underground

“Hu.” The long eared dwarf took the initiative to attack first. It swung its sword and viciously aimed for Qin Yu’s stomach.

Qin Yu released a murderous aura. Since these people took the initiative to attack him, he naturally wouldn’t be courteous. Blood-colored sword qi suddenly blossomed as it loudly slashed in the direction of the dwarves. At the same time, Qin Yu retreated a few steps backward while curving his body to avoid the blade.

The dwarf’s attack speed was beyond Qin Yu’s expectations. The broadsword flashed as the sharp edge of the sword instantly streaked across Qin Yu’s abdomen, bringing with it a blast of cold air. It was a pity that the dwarf’s arm was too short, which was why the broadsword was unable to reach Qin Yu’s stomach or even cut Qin Yu’s robes.

By the time the dwarf realized this, blood-colored sword qi was already aiming toward its neck.

“Wa!” A strange shout sounded as the fearful dwarf stomped its foot. The earth under its feet split open as it disappeared underground in a flash.

“Earth Evasion!” Qin Yu was slightly startled.


The blood saber slashed downward as it entered the earth underneath. A miserable scream sounded. When Qin Yu pulled up his sword, it was covered in blood.


This time, the dozen or so dwarves were completely infuriated, releasing war cries as they swarmed Qin Yu. All kinds of weapons whistled as they rained down on Qin Yu. In a frenzied storm of attacks, Qin Yu saw the gleaming flashes of afterimages everywhere around him. Their attacks were vicious as they pounced on Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s fighting spirit surged. His blood was boiling as he attacked. “Waves of Blood Overflowing the Heavens!” Violent waves of crimson sword qi flooded out like the waves of the great sea, roaring as it threw itself over the crowd of assailants. It submerged all of them in an instant. All that was left was the afterimage of a scarlet sword weaving through the crowd.

*Clash* *Clang* *Clash*

A series of clings and clangs could be heard as their weapons collided with a cry of alarm sounding from time to time.

After one move, the two sides separated.

Qin Yu grasped his sword as he faced the wind, staring at the dwarves overbearingly. The bloodlust in his gaze made the dwarves tremble with fear.

Horror was etched into the pale faces of all the dwarves present. They didn’t expect Qin Yu’s sword art would be this terrifying as he fought them head on. They were helpless against him despite their large numbers. The floor was covered in severed limbs and corpses. After a dozen or so dwarves clashed swords with Qin Yu, only nine remained.

On the other hand, Qin Yu hadn’t suffered any severe injuries apart from his bloodied mouth. The most astonishing thing was that some of his smaller injuries had already healed.

They were destined to suffer losses from the start. After all, their bodies and weapons were too small so some of them had directly been chopped in half by Qin Yu’s blade. In their eyes, Qin Yu’s blood saber was huge. The weight alone was enough to take them on. All of these facts paired with Qin Yu’s terrifying sword arts made it natural that they would be seriously injured.

“Friend, who are you and why did you intrude into our world?” Amongst the remaining people, the tallest spoke. It appeared to be the leader.

Qin Yu was startled. He could actually understand its words. So it turns out they were able to speak the same language.

“Tell this young master, what world is this?” In an overbearing tone, Qin Yu answered its question with a question.

“Friend, I asked you first, so you should answer my question first.” The dwarf leader’s tone wasn’t happy.

“I’ll count to three. If you still haven’t answered me by then, I’ll just shut your mouths forever.” Qin Yu ignored its words and only cared about getting answers. His gaze was icy as his killing intent surged. With his blood-colored sword and oppressing murderous aura, the sight of him was truly terrifying.

“Friend, don’t go too far. Don’t forget, this is our domain.” Oppressed by a youth like Qin Yu, the leading dwarf became agitated. Although he was slightly short, he was still older than Qin Yu by over twenty years. Furthermore, as the leader of the dwarves, he was rarely ever treated with such disrespect.

“Three! Time’s up!” Sword qi blossomed from Qin Yu’s blood saber and rose up as he shouted, “Blood Piercing the Vast Sky!”

The sword qi left blood-colored traces as it cut across the horizon, slashing down with soul-shaking power.

“Huhuhu…” The dwarves angrily counterattacked. All kinds of weapons flashed as sword qi soared upward, colliding against the blood colored qi blade. [1. Qi blade can also be read as energy blade. Imagine an energy blade shooting forward.]

Another blood-curdling scream sounded as four dwarves were beheaded by Qin Yu’s blade. Now, only five dwarves remained. Of the five, three of them were left empty-handed after their weapons were sent flying.

The dwarf leader was the strongest so he still had his weapon. With fear and anger in his voice, he questioned, “Friend, you said you would count to three so why are you attacking without even counting?”

Qin Yu sneered as he replied, “I did count to three.”

“You—!” The dwarf leader almost coughed up a mouthful of blood in his fit of rage.

Qin Yu didn’t care if he angered the dwarf leader, as he coldy said, “I’ll ask you one more time, where is this place?”

This time, the dwarf leader didn’t dare to say any more superfluous words. Biting his teeth, he hatefully spat out, “This is the underground city.”

“Underground city? What underground city?” Qin Yu questioned curiously.

“The underground city is the counterpart of where you came from. It’s the world underground. Altogether, there are 81 cities and the total population is a hundred million,” explained the dwarf leader.

The underground world actually had this many people?! How did they survive and where did the light here come from?

Qin Yu looked around curiously and finally saw where the light was coming from. In the distance, strange stubby vegetation grew on a low hill. The color of the plants were monotonous and an ashy gray with a tinge of green. The light was actually radiating from the thick stems and leaves.

The light from the outside world came from the sun while the light from the underground world came from these plants.

The world was truly filled with countless bizarre and strange things! Even though Qin Yu had lived for two lifetimes, he still hadn’t seen all of the mysteries the world had.

“Let me ask you again, why did you guys ambush this young master?” Qin Yu’s face sunk as his expression turned cold.

The dwarves trembled and the dwarf leader hastily explained, “Earlier in the world above, you wounded one of our comrades. He was the one who dragged you down here and had us ambush you. This matter is unrelated to us and it’s all his fault.”

Qin Yu raised his voice as he asked, “Who is he and where is he right now?”

“He was the first person you killed.”

“He’s already dead?” Qin Yu looked at the area where the dwarf had been killed. Apart from the blood around the crevice, the dwarf had already been buried underground.

Naturally, the dead couldn’t be questioned, so he could only question a living person.

Qin Yu locked his icy gaze on the dwarf leader and demanded in a stern voice, “Speak! Earlier on the surface, there was a girl around the same age as this young master. Was she kidnapped by you?”

“A girl…? This…” The dwarf leader hesitated to reply.

“You’re courting death!” Qin Yu was furious as his blood saber slashed one of the weaponless dwarves.

“Ah!!!” There was a blood-curdling scream as the dwarf was chopped in half. Blood splattered over three feet high and splashed all over the dwarf standing beside him. It frightened the dwarf so much that he directly fell on the floor trembling with fear.

“This young master’s patience is limited! If you still don’t give this young master a satisfactory answer this time, I’ll just directly kill you!” Qin Yu’s eyes flashed ominously as he threatened the dwarf leader.

The dwarf leader’s body trembled as his originally pale face turned deathly pale.

“Alright, I’ll say it. She was taken away by our young master.”

“Who is your young master?!” Qin Yu’s killing intent suddenly exploded as he pointed his blood saber at the dwarves who trembled in fear.

“Our young master is the young master of the Demonic City’s Yi Family and is called Yi Suo. It was him who carried away that woman! This has nothing to do with us so please don—don’t kill me!” The dwarf leader finally collapsed with fear as he stared at the bloody sword pointed at him.

“Very good. Now take me there,” Qin Yu ordered.

The dwarf leader’s face was filled with fear as he said, “N—no, if Young Master Yi Suo found out we betrayed him, he will definitely have us killed!”

“Then are you not afraid of Laozi killing you?” Qin Yu threatened with a shake his sword. 。

“No! Wait!” A drop of sweat rolled down the dwarf’s face. “I can bring you there, but only if...only if...” As he spoke, he glanced around at his comrades.

Qin Yu paused and immediately understood what he was trying to say. He couldn’t help but admire how ruthless this guy was. But of course, he was even more ruthless. The blood saber streaked through the air as the dwarves standing next to the dwarf leader released a miserable shriek. Their heads rolled onto the ground as they died not knowing why.

After killing them, Qin Yu apathetically said, “Alright. Now nobody will know that you betrayed your young master.”

“Fine, but I’m only taking you to the entrance of Yi Suo’s family manor. You absolutely cannot let them see me! Otherwise, I’ll definitely die!”

“Sure,” Qin Yu readily agreed as he sneered in his heart. After they arrived at his destination, the dwarf would be unneeded.

After the two negotiated, they started walking in tandem with one taking the lead and the other walking behind.

Qin Yu was eager to find out what the underground city was like. In his previous life, he had seen an underground palace, but this was his first time seeing an actual city underground.

As they traveled, Qin Yu tried to ease the tension by asking “What’s your name?”

“Replying to young master, this humble servant’s [1. Ruo Ji refers to himself using “小人” here, which is a way to humbly say “I.”] name is Ruo Ji[2. Ruo Ji’s name literally translates to “so strange” (偌奇).],” Ruo Ji respectfully replied.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. His name really sounded strange.

“@#¥!” Just as the two were walking, three people wearing devil masks suddenly rushed out from a fork on the road. They obstructed Qin Yu and Ruo Ji’s path, shouting something Qin Yu couldn’t understand.

Ruo Ji hastily stopped and his expression changed slightly. “Looters.”

Qin Yu saw Ruo Ji’s expression change and couldn’t help but curiously ask, “What are looters?”

“Simply put, they’re robbers. However, they aren’t ordinary robbers.” After Ruo Ji briefly explained, he muttered, “How could they show up here?”

Since they were robbers, then there wasn’t any more reason for superfluous words to be said.

“Attack!” Qin Yu held his blood saber and suddenly attacked. How dare they try to rob him?! They were simply courting death!

“Wait!” Ruo Ji shouted. He wanted to block Qin Yu, however, he was too late. In that split second, Qin Yu’s saber had already cleaved through one of them. His speed was simply too fast.。

“We’re finished.” Ruo Ji saw that Qin Yu had already sliced one in half and his face filled with fear and despair.

Qin Yu didn’t know the terrifying consequences of killing a looter.

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