Chapter 26: Falling Down into the Abyss

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 26: Falling Down into the Abyss

The sharp pain made Qin Yu frown slightly as he continued to merge with the wind. While he drifted, he tried to comprehend its spiritual nature. If the pain he currently felt was already unbearable, how could he continue down the path of a cultivator?

The Cloudtrack Phantom skill was closely linked to the wind element. Back when he was Xie Di, he had comprehended the spiritual nature of four elements: earth, wood, water, and wind. He had even developed each of the four elements into spiritual power. Xie Di was truly a genius among geniuses to have been able to comprehend four out of seven forces of nature and apply it to his spiritual power.

That’s why it wasn’t very difficult for him to comprehend the wind’s spiritual nature.

The person in the dark had slipped up once again. They appeared to have been provoked as they released a series of violent attacks. A string of blades made out of light shot out from the darkness toward Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s body was soon covered in even more cuts.

His wounds were quickly healed by the《Secrets to Eternal Life》as he endured the pain.

*Roar* Something within the dark storm released a fierce snarl. It was infuriated by the fact that none of the blades that it sent had killed Qin Yu. Plus, it noticed how Qin Yu was slowly adapting as he nimbly avoided the violent winds with strange body movement skills as time progressed. In the end, not even the corners of Qin Yu’s clothes could be cut.

Who was he? How was he able to comprehend the wind’s spiritual nature while fighting?

“Wind, rise!”

As the person within the shadows continued to roar, Qin Yu finally moved and spat out those two words indifferently. With a wave of his hand, the trajectory of the violent winds suddenly changed as it whistled fiercely.

“Clouds, rush forth!”

As he spoke, the thick black fog surged around his body. This time, the thick fog surrounding him was more concentrated. It was also darker and more violent than the wind in other areas.

In the dark, two eyes flashed with amazement as they watched the changes around Qin Yu’s body. They were aware that Qin Yu was preparing to counterattack. However, they wouldn’t give Qin Yu an opportunity to strike back as they released another roar. The person followed the wind as a sharp sword of condensed sword qi [1. It looks sort of like this: ] struck forward, slashing down like lightning as it charged at Qin Yu. The bright light left a blinding tear in the dark storm as.

“Rushing Thunder Palm’s second form: To Surge Like a Rushing Storm, attack!”

Streaks of thunder and lightning appeared as Power like Rushing Thunder struck forward, creating loud claps of thunder as the black clouds swelled. His palm was akin to lightning striking down from behind the clouds as he penetrated through the black fog in a flash. He violently rushed forward and followed the wind’s movements toward his target.

He had been allowing the enemy to attack first before seizing a favorable opportunity to counterattack. His palm strike swept through the fiercely approaching sword qi.

The sword qi fell, splitting the dark earth under his feet. A blood-curdling scream sounded as the palm strike landed. The figure was sent flying into the air with a boom, releasing a spray of blood as it was swallowed up by the black fog in a flash.

Qin Yu didn’t think that he could use the fierce winds and Yin Demon’s qi from this area to not only understand the spiritual nature of wind, but also achieve enlightenment in regards to the second form of Rushing Thunder Palm, To Surge Like a Rushing Storm.

Wind was the force of nature while clouds were the manifestation of the Yin Demon’s qi in the form of black clouds.

If the Yin Demon’s qi were to manifest into the form of black clouds and spread outside it would cause terror. After all, the Yin Demon’s qi corroded all living things so nobody would dare to treat it lightly.

Unfortunately, it had no effect here. Those who could move freely inside didn’t fear the Yin Demon’s qi and were able to rely on their own strength to fight force with force.

Qin Yu dropped back down to the ground and sensed his surroundings for any movement in the black storm. However, he couldn’t sense any other living things, including whatever he had just attacked.

It had disappeared. But where was Mu Rongyue? Was she already…?

Qin Yu’s heart tightened as he felt an ominous premonition.


Suddenly, a deafening boom sounded from under his feet. The ground trembled violently.

“Not good! Wind, rise!” Qin Yu floated in the wind as he lifted himself off the ground.

*Rumble* A loud thunderclap rang out as the ground under Qin Yu suddenly split open, revealing an immeasurably deep chasm.

“Wind, withdraw!” Qin Yu sensed the earth’s violent shudders and hastily controlled the wind to swiftly push his body backward.

However, he soon discovered something was wrong. His control over the winds seemed to have been stolen by somebody as he sharply turned a corner in midair and suddenly rushed downward.

“No!” exclaimed Qin Yu. He tried to break through the wind but it was too late. The wind bound him up and pulled him down into the chasm where he sunk into an abyss of darkness.

“Hehe...!” An eerie laughter sounded as Qin Yu fell into the chasm.

Inside the chasm, Qin Yu’s body continued to fall and fall, causing his mind to blank out. He tried to focus his mind and calmed down.

He had already experienced so many battles so the slight danger he was currently experiencing paled in comparison.

He calmly shut his eyes and heightened his senses as he started to communicate with the wind while sensing its spiritual nature. He tried to deepen his comprehension of the wind, which would also deepen his skill.

Approximately two hours later, Qin Yu finally sensed a life force below him.

The Yin Demon’s qi corroded all living things, so in his mental world all forms of life had died out. Now that he sensed a life force, it most likely meant that he had reached some other area.

He suddenly opened his eyes. Sure enough, there was a faint glow of light below him. The wind was as strong as ever, but the black demonic qi had thinned out slightly.

It looked like he had finally arrived at the bottom.

“Wind, fall,” commanded Qin Yu as the speed at which he was falling down accelerated.

Qin Yu finally landed on solid ground with a thump as he sighed with relief. It gave one a peace of mind to finally be able to stand on solid ground again.

However, where was this and how could there be light? Shouldn’t the inside of the abyss be dark?

Qin Yu was originally prepared to see what hell looked like, but he never got the chance. He was currently surrounded by a dozen or so swordsmen who stared at him intently with cold killing intent.

Qin Yu glanced at them. His eyes widened as his gaze filled with amazement. Are these little dwarves? What species of human are they?

Of the dozen or so people surrounding him, the tallest was merely 150 centimeters while the rest were about 140 centimeters tall. Their appearances were roughly similar to the average person but their faces were abnormally pale without a trace of color. Their ears were very long and looked like bamboo shoots growing from the sides of their head. One man even had ears that grew past the top of his head.

Xie Di had seen many strange and eccentric species before, however, he had never seen anything like this.

“Who are you?” Qin Yu asked curiously.

The people didn’t understand Qin Yu’s words and looked at each other in confusion. The one with ears that went past his head stepped forward.

Qin Yu thought that he came to communicate with him so he turned his gaze toward it. But when he looked, he discovered that the dwarf was wounded and the assailant was unknown.

Actually, Qin Yu was the one who injured it. Just now in the Yin Demon qi’s black storm, Qin Yu’s “To Surge Like a Rushing Storm” skill had exploded on the dwarf’s body. Naturally, it was angry and used a special technique to bring Qin Yu here with the intention of ambushing him with its friends.

“%¥#@¥%!” The dwarf pointed at Qin Yu as it grumbled strangely. Although Qin Yu didn’t understand what it was saying, based on its angry face and furious tone, Qin Yu could tell it felt animosity toward him.

It was far from just hostility because it wanted to kill him. After it was done speaking, it unsheathed its broadsword with a crisp *shua* sound. The cold light glinted off the blade.

Compared to the dwarf’s height, the blade was very large. However, compared to Qin Yu, it seemed very light and delicate.

Although the blade was small, its aura wasn’t weak at all.

*Shua* *Shua* *Shua* Meanwhile, the others behind him also unsheathed their weapons. The dozen or so weapons glinted coldly in the air, making Qin Yu feel somewhat threatened. At this moment, he didn’t dare to belittle these little dwarves and stared at them with vigilance as he prepared to strike with his own saber at any time.

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