Chapter 25: Mu Rongyue’s Disappearance.

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 25: Mu Rongyue’s Disappearance.

Mu Rongyue still wanted to ask something but Qin Yu made a shushing gesture with his finger. “Don’t make any noise and leave,” he whispered. After he spoke, he sped up once again.

Ahead, everything seemed to have turned black. Not only the petrified soldiers but even the soil and marble under their feet had turned pitch black.

As they walked, the penetrating, destructive, gloomy and cold air of death felt tangible. Naturally, Qin Yu was unafraid, however, Mu Rongyue couldn’t bear it. She hastily took out a Soul Protecting Pill from her sleeves.

The Soul Protecting Pill was able to hold back the Yin Demon’s corrosive qi for about a day.

“Da Ge, [1. “大哥” (Da Ge) means “big brother.” It is a friendly term used to refer to older men.] the yin qi is very strong here. I have a Soul Protecting Pill here, do you…?” Mu Rongyue was worried that Qin Yu wouldn’t be able to endure and offered him a pill.

“You can keep it for yourself, I don’t need it,” replied Qin Yu. Suddenly, his footsteps halted as he stared straight ahead with an icy gaze.

“Huh?” Mu Rongyue also halted and stared ahead. Her eyes widened with astonishment as she gaped. Could the source of the Yin Demon’s qi be here?

The area ahead seemed to be separated by a transparent film. They could see the surging billows of demonic qi behind the transparent film. The demonic qi looked like a violent black cloud. It looked like there were many beasts that were violently fighting each other within the black fog.

The thick fog floated out of the cavern and surged outside. The Yin Demon’s qi that was outside originated from this place. Over the course of several hundred years, the area where the demonic qi accumulated outside formed the forbidden area.

Mu Rongyue’s face turned pale. Her voice contained a tremble as she asked, “Da this the source of the Yin Demon’s qi?”

Qin Yu nodded. With a serious tone, he replied, “This should be the source. Stay here and wait for me, I’ll go take a look.”

“No! Da Ge, you absolutely cannot go inside! We still don’t know what’s inside there. What if…?” Mu Rongyue didn’t want anything to happen to Qin Yu. If something happened to him, who would help her command the hundred thousand soldiers ah? Of course, she was also worried about him.

“It’s all right, I’ll bring some godly soldiers inside with me.” Qin Yu looked at the pitch black soldiers beside him and extended his hand. He placed them into the space ring one by one. In case something happened, they could be used for defense.

Qin Yu’s face was grave as he said, “Xiao Yue, wait for me here. If I don’t come out within four hours then just leave by yourself.”

Mu Rongyue saw that even Qin Yu himself was not confident that he would return safely. She didn’t understand why he still wanted to take such risks. But then again, she wasn’t aware that within Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness, the Earth Spirit Pearl was currently going wild, which was why Qin Yu had no choice but to go and take a look.

Besides, a cultivator’s path would always be filled with danger. Every danger one faced could be a chance to learn from a life and death experience. Without doing something with your life on the line, growth would be very slow. Furthermore, cowering in the face of danger was not Xie Di’s style.

“No! Da Ge, if you want to go in then I’m going in with you!” Mu Rongyue also threw caution to the wind and decided to go with Qin Yu.

“Eh?” Qin Yu felt somewhat awkward. If they encountered anything dangerous inside, he wouldn’t even have enough time to save himself. So how could he look after a girl?

“Da Ge, don’t forget that my cultivation is higher than yours.” Upon seeing Qin Yu’s unwillingness, Mu Rongyue stepped forward and spoke before he could. With a firm tone, she said, “If you don’t let me go with you, then I’ll just enter after you leave.”


Qin Yu didn’t think that this girl would be so tough.

“Fine, but you have to be very careful.”

Since Mu Rongyue insisted on going in, Qin Yu had nothing else to say. After nodding in consent, he took a step forward and entered the world of darkness.

As soon as he entered, a frightening black storm immediately engulfed him. It caused his long hair and robes to dance madly in the wind. If he wasn’t a cultivator, he might’ve been blown away by the wind!

Mu Rongyue also walked in behind him. Apart from having to withstand the violent wind, she also had to endure the terrifying yin qi invading her body. [1. The yin qi invading Mu Rongyue is similar to what happened to Qin Zhao earlier when he stood at the entrance and was almost sucked inside the forbidden area. He ended up being seriously injured and went into a comatose state.] Even though she had the Soul Protecting Pills, she could still be affected by the yin qi, unlike Qin Yu who was unaffected by the yin poison. The yin qi behind the transparent film was far purer than the yin qi outside so it was even more lethal.

“Da Ge, where are you?”

Even though she was a cultivator, she could hardly see anything around her.

“I’m over here. Quick, grab my hand!” Qin Yu replied with a shout.

“Alright!” Mu Rongyue reached out as she headed in the direction of Qin Yu’s voice. He grabbed her hand. She was startled by how cold and small Qin Yu’s hands were. She didn’t expect that Qin Yu’s hands were almost as small as a female’s hands.

Qin Yu who stood within the violent dark hurricane could barely make out Mu Rongyue’s silhouette. All he could do was blindly extend his hands and flounder around in the direction of her voice. He intended to pull her over but still couldn’t find her after a long time.

“Xiao Yue, where are you?” Qin Yu called and continued to search. But the roaring winds made it impossible to hear anything unless the two of them were right next to each other. That’s why there was no reply to Qin Yu’s shouts.

“Huh? That’s strange. I definitely heard Xiao Yue’s voice from here ah.” Qin Yu muttered in confusion as he simply returned back to the road he was on earlier. However, when he finally exited the black storm and found himself at their starting point, there was still no sign of Mu Rongyue.

Qin Yu’s heart shook. “Uh oh! Little Yue!”

Qin Yu loudly shouted her name as he ran headfirst into the black storm, facing the surging whirlwind of the Yin Demon’s qi directly.

Mu Rongyue never responded to Qin Yu’s shouts. The only response Qin Yu received was an ear-piercing sound similar to nails on a chalkboard.


Qin Yu was startled. He felt a sense of impending doom. His body reacted before his mind did as he swiftly jumped back. His two lifetime’s worth of experience facing enemies weren’t for naught.

A swishing sound rang out as something sharp slashed through his robes. A piece of his robe was sliced off and was swept up by the wind and carried to God-knows-where.

When Qin Yu retreated, his body was swept away by the wind. He wasn’t sure how far he had flown, but when he finally regained his footing, he was far away from where he had been originally standing.


An eerie laugh echoed from somewhere far away. The sound was carried by the wind before reaching Qin Yu’s ear.

Qin Yu’s gaze was cold as he pulled out the Blood Saber from his space ring and closed his eyes. His entire mind was pushed to its limits as he vigilantly sensed for any movement in his vicinity.

His eyes opened abruptly as his eyes emitted a trace of cold light. Suddenly, he shouted, “Attack!”

The blood colored saber struck fiercely, creating a dazzling flash of bloody marks inside the black storm.

"Heheheh." Another spine chilling laugh echoed from the shadows in a different direction almost instantaneously. Qin Yu’s fierce assault didn’t even reach the other party.

Wind. The other party’s spiritual nature was wind. Inside the storm, he could merge with the wind and follow it, moving within it or retreating from it as he wished. The wind was him and he was the wind. Here, he was the master.

There were seven forces of nature: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder and wind. Each force of nature had its own spiritual nature and by understanding the spiritual nature of a certain natural force, it was possible to use that type of natural force. Cultivators could use it along with their spiritual power and change it into a means of attack. For example, those with wind spiritual power could attack with wind blades. Basically, the seven forces of nature were seven spiritual powers.

The person attacking Qin Yu in the dark seemed to only understand the spiritual nature of wind and still hadn’t derived wind spiritual power. Otherwise, Qin Yu wouldn’t have a chance to resist if that person in the shadows directly attacked him with wind spiritual power.

But even if his opponent didn’t attack with wind spiritual power, with his understanding of the spiritual nature of wind, Qin Yu could only passively take the beating.So in order to reverse the situation, Qin Yu needed to have an understanding of wind spiritual power.

Wind spiritual nature.

Qin Yu shut his eyes. He made no further attempts to deliberately resist the violent winds, allowing the storm to tear at his body as the wind carried him.

“Hehe! Die!”

Another eerie laugh echoed, this time with a shout telling him to die. A destructive flash of light appeared from the darkness, slashing forward.

“Wind! Dodge left!” Qin Yu indifferently ordered, allowing the blade of light to slash forward.

“Heh!” A bright light streaked across Qin Yu’s body. Blood splattered out, dyeing his ash-gray robes red.

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