Chapter 23: The Princess Suddenly Reveals her Identity

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 23: The Princess Suddenly Reveals her Identity

Qin Yu looked at Wang Murong’s face, which was filled with disbelief and laughed a little. “What, does Miss Murong not believe me?”

“That’s not it!” Wang Murong finally reacted as she hastily replied. “Qin Xiong, it’s not that I don’t believe you but right now, there’s no difference between these soldiers and dead ones. It’s impossible for them to take the initiative to launch an attack, unless, unless…but how could that be possible?”

“Miss Murong, I don’t know what the ‘unless’ indicates but from my knowledge, these terracotta soldiers can be controlled by a person as long as they’re living.” When Qin Yu finished, he looked at a big terracotta soldier next to them and with a thought, ordered, “Come forward.”

The terracotta soldier walked forward with a series of thuds.

“Stop. Return.”

Under Qin Yu’s command, the soldier returned to its original position.

*Hiccup* *Hiccup*

Wang Murong’s beautiful eyes widened, her jaw dropped as she stared at the scene in front of her with shock. A strange sound came from her throat and she was unable to respond for a long time.

After a while, she turned her head slightly and stared at Qin Yu with endless astonishment, causing Qin Yu to feel a bit uneasy.

*Hiccup* *Hiccup* Extremely strange sounds still came from Wang Murong’s throat. It took her a good moment before she could finally make some normal sounds. “H—how can you command them? It’s impossible...impossible…!”

Qin Yu’s sweat dripped and he smiled bitterly. “Miss Murong, is that very strange?”

Nonsense, it wasn’t very strange—it was extremely strange! In fact, it was incredulously strange!

*Cough* *Cough* Qin Yu’s words made Wang Murong choke. After fiercely coughing a few times, she had finally recovered some strength and stared at Qin Yu again. The way she stared at Qin Yu made it seem like he was some sort of freak.

It wasn’t that outrageous, right?

Under her stare, Qin Yu felt somewhat uneasy.

“Qin Xiong, can you tell me how you achieved this?” Wang Murong finally released this sentence with a gentle voice, however, her facial expression didn’t change in the slightest. In her eyes, Qin Yu was still a freak.

With no other choice, Qin Yu could only explain what had happened in detail while concealing what happened with the Earth Spirit Pearl. Instead of saying that the Earth Spirit Pearl swallowed the spirit, he said that he was the one that destroyed the spirit and absorbed it, thereby getting the power to command these terracotta soldiers.

Hearing Qin Yu’s narrative, Wang Murong’s exaggerated expression filled with disbelief finally faded as she breathed out a sigh. “So that’s what happened. It seems like I came here through the spirit’s mind control.”

“You didn’t come here by yourself?” Qin Yu found it somewhat strange.

Wang Murong nodded slightly. “The evening after you left, I looked everywhere for you with no luck. That’s why I went into the forbidden area alone. Unexpectedly, when I reached the mouth of the cave, I was taken over and controlled by a spirit. What happened earlier was that my body was under the spirit’s control. But if it wasn’t for that spirit, I wouldn’t have been able to come here. It was also lucky that Qin Xiong came just in time, otherwise, I’m afraid I would no longer be me. Qin Xiong, thank you for saving my life.” Wang Murong bowed slightly, feeling deeply grateful.

Qin Yu waved his hand. “You don’t need to be so courteous, it was nothing.”

“Oh right, Qin Xiong, you really surprised me. With the Yin Demon’s qi outside, not even a Transformation Realm master would dare to take even half a step inside. How did you manage to pass through the Yin Demon’s qi?”

Qin Yu was left dumbfounded and speechless when Wang Murong suddenly asked. He definitely couldn’t tell her about his body’s secrets.

“This…haha, didn’t you also manage to come in?” Qin Yu answered evasively.

“I’m different. I have the Soul Protecting Pill to defend against the Yin Demon’s qi. Did you also have one too?” Wang Murong guessed with a questioning tone. In fact, she didn’t actually believe that Qin Yu had a Soul Protecting Pill. A Soul Protecting Pill was a black grade pill and needed a Black Grade Pill Master to refine it. Qiongxi Country only had one Black Grade Pill Refiner who was in King City. He was the Wang Clan’s personal pill master. An ordinary person like Qin Yu wouldn’t even have the qualifications to meet him, let alone request him to refine a pill.

Qin Yu hastily blurted out an explanation. “Ah, right! I also have a Soul Protecting Pill. I’m sure you’re aware that I have some knowledge in regards to pill refining.” He didn’t care if Wang Murong believed him or not and continued to elaborate, “Before, after I used a special technique to escape, I still got hunted down by the two masters of the Qin and Lu Family. I had no choice but to enter the forbidden area. The entire journey, I was blindly fleeing in disarray and while I was rushing around in confusion, I ended up entering this cavern.”

In order to avoid being questioned even more, as soon as he was done explaining, he immediately directed the topic back to Wang Murong. “Right, Miss Murong, why did you want to come to such a dangerous place?”

Wang Murong didn’t immediately reply to Qin Yu’s question. She raised her head and swept her eyes over the thousands of stone soldiers with twinkling eyes. Her face turned serious as she said, “Qin Xiong, this was originally my Wang Clan’s matter and I didn’t want to implicate an outsider. However, I’m very sorry. In the end, you still got pulled into this.”

Qin Yu frowned. “Wang Clan, you’re…?”

“I am Qiongxi Country’s princess and my real name is Mu Rongyue.”

The Wang Family of Qiongxi Country’s surname was Mu. Wang Murong...Wang Clan’s “Wang,” [1. Although this was translated as “Wang Clan’s ‘Wang,’” the original text said, “王族的‘王.’” This can also be interpreted as “royal family’s ‘Wang’” because “王” (Wang) means “king.” Wang Murong a.k.a Mu Rongyue used “Wang” as her pseudonym last name since she is part of the royal family. It can be assumed that when she said “王族” (Wangzu) initially, Qin Yu assumed she meant “Wang Clan” instead of “royal family.”] no wonder! Now he finally knew about Wang Murong’s frightening background.

After discovering Mu Rongyue’s true identity, Qin Yu didn’t appear too shocked. To Xie Di, a small nation’s princess wasn’t enough for him to create a big fuss.

Seeing Qin Yu’s calm face, Mu Rongyue was astonished. If an ordinary person discovered her identity as a princess, wouldn’t they be very surprised? Even if they weren’t shocked, they still should’ve had some change in their facial expression ah! Could it be that he was stunned silly because of her identity as a princess and couldn’t react?

“Qin Xiong, ar—are you alright?” Although Wang Murong had suddenly revealed her identity as a princess, the way she addressed Qin Yu didn’t change.

Qin Yu laughed. “I’m fine. What did you mean when you said you implicated me?”

“Because right now only you know how to command these soldiers, so...” Mu Rongyue trailed off and sighed helplessly. “I really can’t believe it would be you. Could this be the will of heaven?”

“I…this…” Qin Yu forced a smile. He also didn’t anticipate this ah! “Could you tell me what is going on here?”

“Well, since you’re already involved, then it’s not necessary to hide it from you.“ Mu Rongyue eased her tone and explained, “A thousand years ago, our Mu Family was only an ordinary family in the Ancient Continent of Wu. But after the sudden rise of an unrivalled genius in our family, the Mu Family’s destiny was completely changed. The heaven-defying genius climbed upon the skeleton of countless strong men before finally reaching the summit of all cultivators, becoming a Martial God. From there, the Mu Family became established as an enormous power in the western part of the Ancient Continent of Wu. That entire area is now known as Qiongxi Country. In fact, that genius was the founder of our Qiongxi Country.”

“However, it hadn’t even been a hundred years since Qiongxi Country was founded before my ancestor fought with another Martial God that resulted in a tie. In the end, he died of a serious and untreatable injury. But before he fell, he brought a hundred thousand officers and soldiers here. Using a mythical and unknown method, he petrified all of them. He left behind a trace of his soul, which I fear is the remnant soul that Qin Xiong absorbed and fused with.”

Mu Rongyue stared at Qin Yu rigidly with helplessness. That remnant spirit should have been fused with a member of the ancestor’s Mu Family ah!

“Ss!” Qin Yu sucked in a breath and shook his head. “Wrong. What I absorbed was the spirit manifestation of the Yin Demon’s qi, not a person’s remnant spirit. Wait, don’t tell me…!” Qin Yu suddenly thought of a possibility and his expression changed slightly.

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