Chapter 21: The Murderous Terracotta Soliders

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 21: The Murderous Terracotta Soliders

When Qin Yu thought of going out, he carefully checked his surroundings only to discover that the area had actually changed. Originally, he had been sitting on a black stone slab. However, the slab had disappeared and he was currently sitting on bare soil.

There was no differentiation between night and day in this place. Daytime was filled with violent winds while there was endlessly surging demonic qi during nighttime. Even if it was a cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to see further than ten meters. Unwittingly, even Qin Yu didn’t know where he had been pushed by the demonic qi.

There was nothing he could do. Qin Yu was forced to follow the demonic qi’s current, fumbling forward like a blind person.

The whole way he stumbled forward. He still couldn’t manage to leave the boundless demonic qi and he had no clue as to how long he had been walking for.

Continuing like this was clearly out of the question. He wouldn’t be able to escape even if he walked for a lifetime. Even though he was a cultivator, he would still starve to death after a long period of time. Furthermore, he didn’t have much time left. There were only ten days left before the preselections for the Martial Exam began and he was afraid that half of that time had already passed. If he couldn’t get out soon, he would be forced to miss the preselections.

He sat down and entered a meditative state, inspecting his sea of consciousness.

Inside his sea of consciousness, the Earth Spirit Pearl had already stopped absorbing the Yin Demon’s qi and its previously rapid rotation had slowed down dramatically. Now, it seemed to be digesting the absorbed essence of the Yin Demon’s qi.

The impurities that had been discharged by the spirit pearl earlier had turned into a foul, black fluid. Qin Yu sunk into his mind, using his thoughts to connect with the spirit pearl in the hopes that it could help him escape this damned Yin Demon’s place.

The Earth Spirit Pearl received Qin Yu’s intentions and decisively stopped rotating. It faded away from his sea of consciousness in a flash. In the next moment, a small bright, black pearl flew out of Qin Yu’s forehead with a *whoosh.* The pearl released a long black trail of fog as it flew in a certain direction.

Qin Yu swiftly jumped up, chasing after the flying spirit pearl. After recovering for the past few days, he had replenished most of his blood. He also became slightly stronger than before as a result of cultivating. Thus, his cultivation speed wasn’t much slower than when he was at his most optimal state.

The Earth Spirit Pearl that contained powerful spirtual energy deserved to be called a spirit pearl. After about an hour, Qin Yu could sense his surroundings changing. The Yin Demon’s qi wasn’t as heavy and violent as before and his field of vision also cleared up quite a bit.

Inside the black fog not far ahead, a bulging hillside could be seen. The Earth Spirit Pearl was flying toward it.

“Could it be that there’s an exit there?” Qin Yu was overjoyed as he sped up his pace.

He soon arrived at the hill and found that there was actually an opening there. However, it wasn’t the exit. Rather, it was a very large cave. Inside it was pitch black, resembling the wide bloody mouth of a gigantic beast, waiting for somebody to devour.

After the Earth Spirit Pearl arrived at the mouth of the cave, it stopped for a moment before heedlessly flying into the cave with a *whoosh.* Seeing this, Qin Yu had no choice but to prepare himself to rush into the pitch black cave.

The cavern was very dark and it took a moment for Qin Yu’s eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could faintly make out bits and pieces of his surrounding.

The only good thing about this place was that it didn’t have any berserk, turbulent demonic qi outside. However, it had many daunting bursts of cold wind that came from the innermost part of the cave. What laid within was truly a mystery. What made Qin Yu really gloomy, however, was that he hadn’t seen the Earth Spirt Pearl since he had entered and didn’t know what direction it went.

There was no choice. He could only blindly walk forward with arms streched out as he raised his vigilance.

He continued on just like this and turned once as he followed the root. Everything seemed to be safe. The whole journey through, there were no perculiarities or dangers.

Qin Yu’s body and mind gradually relaxed and he was no longer as vigilant as before.

Ahead, there was another turn. Corners were usually the places with the worst visibility because it was impossible to see what was ahead until you actually turned the corner. Therefore, Qin Yu was very careful when he reached this turn. He prepared for whatever dangers may arise at any time.

Like the previous corner, there were no anomalies. Qin Yu released a sigh of relief and continued to walk forward when suddenly, an icy wind attacked swiftly and violently. It aimed at his neck, approaching dangerously.

“Cloudtrack Phantom!” Qin Yu frantically dodged as he released a loud shout. “Attack!”

Rushing Thunder Palm exploded out as the sounds of thunder rumbled inside the cave. It echoed over and over as it reverberated in the cavern, causing the entire cave to slightly tremble and some sand to fall from the ceiling.

A strange banging sound sounded as a black shadow was smashed by the palm strike, changing into black qi as it disintegrated in the air.

“What’s this?” Qin Yu frowned at the disintegrating black shadow but before he could dwell on it, another burst of icy wind came to attack him.

“Attack!” Qin Yu released another loud shout, this time using Bone Eroding Evil Winds Palm to attack. After cultivating for the past few days, he had finally cultivated one pulse and wanted to test its strength.

His palm struck out, the cold winds whistling as the black qi surged out, attacking and engulfing the yellow figure in a flash.

The yellow figure was actually a girl clothed in yellow. Her familiar face made Qin Yu cry out in surprise. “Miss Murong!”

*Bang* The same noise from earlier sounded again as the figure dissipated.

Why was it Wang Murong?

There was definitely something strange inside.

Qin Yu’s expression sank as his eyes sharply stared ahead. In the next moment, he no longer hesitated, walking forward with long strides.

He walked for about a kilometer. The entire way was free of danger and he didn’t encounter any more attacks.

Qin Yu was confused as his footsteps sped up. He wanted to see what exactly was inside here.

About fifty meters ahead, the cave became a lot brighter and a flame was faintly discernable.

There’s actually fire in here?

Qin Yu was very curious as he dashed forward. But when he arrived at the fire, a large bang sounded from behind him. The earth shook as dust flew everywhere.

Qin Yu abruptly turned around. A huge boulder had fallen down, blocking his way out. His face changed slightly as he swiftly turned around to look ahead, his eyes widening when he saw the scene in front of him.

A girl clothed in yellow slowly walked out from the direction of the flames. A warm and charming smile was on her lips. Her beautiful eyes rippled as she stared at Qin Yu.

“Wang Murong?”

Qin Yu was startled as he stared at the approaching Wang Murong. A thought appeared in his mind. Originally, when they had first entered Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Wang Murong had said she was going somewhere dangerous. Could this be the dangerous place?

This area was extremely dangerous so it was possible that this was where Wang Murong was going to go. However, Qin Yu didn’t understand how Wang Murong came in here. He was only unafraid of the Yin Demon’s qi because he had the Earth Spirit Pearl.

Could it be that Wang Murong had some sort of strange treasure on her that allowed her to withstand the Yin Demon’s qi outside? Furthermore, since she was Wang Murong, then why did she attack him just now?

“Qin Xiong, you’re late.” Wang Murong’s voice was gentle as she walked closer, interrupting Qin Yu’s train of thought.

“Miss Murong, it’s really you?” Although Qin Yu’s mind was filled with questions and amazement, his expression was still indifferent without any fluctuations.

“Hehe, don’t tell me that Qin Xiong forgot about me?” [1. Wang Murong refers to herself as “小女子” which is a humble way for young females to refer to themselves] Wang Murong smiled brilliantly. Her smiling face resembled blossoming flowers and it was very moving.

“Of course I remember you. I just find it strange. Why did you attack me earlier? What are your intentions for blocking my escape route?”

“Qin Xiong, there’s nothing strange. Earlier, it was too dark, so I couldn’t see Qin Xiong. I only realized who you were afterward. Plus, I never attacked you throughout our entire journey together, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to come here with no mishaps,” Wang Murong patiently explained with a warm smile on her face. “As for blocking the escape route, it’s very simple. That was a mechanical trap gate, so if you aren’t careful and stepped on one of the traps, the boulder, the stone gate would automatically fall down.”

“Is that so?” Qin Yu turned his head to glance at the boulder. His face showed a hint of relief. “So it’s like that.”

“Qin Xiong doesn’t need to worry, I have a way to open the gate. Let’s go inside first, there are many fascinating things inside that I think Qin Xiong will definitely be interested in.”

“Alright.” Qin Yu didn’t ask any more questions as he walked forward, however, a sharp gleam flashed through his eyes. He became more vigilant as his body tensed up in preparation for a fight.

Wang Murong led the way up ahead as they advanced into a strange area. When they arrived, the bright scene before Qin Yu’s eyes made him stunned.

The space had suddenly expanded several dozen times before his eyes. The width was about 500 meters and the end couldn’t be seen.

In the middle was a paved marble path with orderly statues of soldiers that stood on either side of the path. They each held a weapon in their hands with shining eyes. At first glance, it seemed like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses [2. The idiom used here “千军万马” literally translates to “thousands of men and horses,” which means an impressive display of manpower.]. Their ferocious aura engulfed Qin Yu, causing his heart to tremble slightly.

Terracotta soldiers? That was a possibility, however, they were definitely not normal terracotta soldiers. These terracotta soldiers had killing intent; the real killing intent of an army.

On the walls on both sides of the terracotta warriors were huge braziers set a few distances from each other. The brazier burned with raging fire, illuminating every corner of the place, including the cold faces filled with killing intent.

The surging killing intent became even stronger as they walked along the marble path. Qin Yu’s eyes turned cold as he slept his gaze across each of the soldiers’ cold faces with a trace of a sneer on his lips.


As soon as a cold smile appeared on Qin Yu’s face, the killing intent surged toward him.

“Retreat!” Qin Yu swiftly drew back.

“Execute!” A voice rang from behind him as a stone sword chopped forward.

“Power Like Rushing Thunder, attack!” Qin Yu bellowed as the sound of thunder exploded out with a rumble. Behind him, a terracotta soldier was crushed into pieces by the explosion and he took the stone sword that dropped to the ground.

The terracotta soldiers really weren’t normal. Now that they had been revived, their attacks were more powerful than real soldiers.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

More killing noises arose. This time, five terracotta soldiers and horses charged at Qin Yu with the intent to kill.

“Chop!” Qin Yu chopped down quickly and violently, spitting the leading terracotta soldier’s head in half. However, the soldier didn’t fall, instead, it continued to charge forward with its weapon in hand to kill Qin Yu!

“Retreat!” Qin Yu moved back once again. The footwork of Cloudtrack Phantom was more skillful than before. His figure was like a demon’s as he weaved between the terracotta soldiers. “Power Like Rushing Thunder, attack!”

Another clap of thunder exploded as power violently exploded from his palm. This strike finally exploded the headless terracotta soldier into fragments.

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