Chapter 20: The Forbidden Area of the Yin Demon

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 20: The Forbidden Area of the Yin Demon

The one who first appeared outside of the small valley was Qin Chong. With regard to Qin Yu’s current strength, a Transformation Realm cultivator was truly dreadful. He used a top class special escaping skill like “Blood Shadow Elusion,” yet he was still tracked all the way here. This also showed how he still wasn’t skillful enough at using the skill, otherwise, there was no way a trifling Transformation Realm cultivator could be able to pursue him all the way here.

Qin Chong’s footsteps halted as he neared the small valley. He seemed to have sensed something here but after he stopped and carefully probed, he couldn’t find anything.

Qin Yu knew how to conceal his aura, allowing him to hide from anyone who was probing with their spiritual sense. However, he could only conceal his aura and nothing else. But there was one thing he couldn’t conceal which was the Blood Core Grass’ unique and matchless stink.

Qin Chong quickly smelled the stink. As a Transformation Realm cultivator, he had naturally heard of the Blood Core Grass’s odor. However, he didn’t think that Qin Yu was hiding here, but rather that there was just a lot of Blood Core Grass here.

The Blood Core Grass was a spirit grass and to cultivators, spirit grass were naturally a treasure. Although Blood Core Grass was only a low level spirit grass and he had no use for them, it would be very useful for the younger generation of the Qin Family if he plucked them and returned with it.

He could naturally smell how strong the odor was. It was proof that there were a large number of Blood Core Grass inside. If it was only one or two, then he wouldn’t have bothered getting such a low-level herb.

The heavy stink came from inside the small valley and so, he went inside.

In a flash, Qin Chong arrived at the area Qin Yu had just been. Qin Yu had long left, leaving only the stinky fumes behind.

Qin Chong swepted his gaze around, astonished. The stink was here but there wasn’t any Blood Core Grass, how could this be?

Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something as he abruptly turned his body, his gaze like electricity. He launched toward a certain direction. There, in the underbrush was a person frantically dashing away, running into the darkness ahead.

“So you were actually here! You still want to flee?” Qin Chong shouted loudly as he rocketed, becoming a meteor in the sky as he shot toward the figure at tremendous speed.

Qin Yu didn’t run very far before halting his footsteps. Up ahead was a V shaped mountain path with a stone tablet. Several large, eye catching words were engraved on the stone tablet: Forbidden Area: Yin Demon. Unauthorized People Will Die.

Surging black qi blew from the mouth of the canyon. A human’s eyes were simply incapable of seeing what was beyond the darkness as the billowing black qi released a surge of cold winds. The winds blew to the valley, bringing forth a bone chilling cold.

The strange thing was that although the cold wind blew out from the canyon’s mouth, the surging black qi only boiled at the canyon’s mouth. It was constantly rushing forth, but never flowed out of the canyon mouth by even a hair.

“Hahaha…! Qin Yu, you evil creature! Today, the heavens want you to die! Let Laozi see where you’ll run now!” Qin Chong appeared in front of Qin Yu as he released a sinister laugh.

Behind Qin Yu’s back was the canyon mouth. Step by step, he retreated into the canyon.

This startled Qin Chong. “What, you really want to go in and court death?”

He knew how terrifying it was inside the forbidden area. The cold winds that blew at the entrance was devastating. Nobody could stand it. Even a Transformation Realm cultivator like him only dared to stand there for a short moment. Going inside meant certain death without any remains for an Origin Realm cultivator like Qin Yu.

Qin Yu grinned. “Dying? Don’t tell me that I won’t die if I’m left in your hands?”

After speaking this sentence, Qin Yu directly walked into the canyon. Qin Chong loudly shouted. “Wait! Qin Yu, as long as you hand over your cultivation resources, I’ll be lenient and spare you!”

Qin Yu turned around, his face containing what appeared to be a smile yet wasn’t a smile. “What do you want?”

Qin Chong wasn’t verbose and immediately replied, “First of all, your meridians were crippled and you had lost all your cultivation however, you’re not only completely healed but your cultivation is even better than before. You must’ve obtained some sort of heavenly, inherited cultivation treasure, otherwise, all of this would’ve been impossible! Second of all, just now, you used the Qin Family’s Rushing Thunder Palm with unusual strength. Have you obtained the true cultivation manual of Thunder Rushing Palm instead of the forged one we currently have? If so, hand over those two things I had mentioned and on my honor, I guarantee I absolutely will not harm you.” Qin Chong put on a very sincere appearance.

“Haha…!” Qin Yu roared with laughter, his disdain clear. “On your honor? You old matted haired, what honor do you have?!” [1. “杂毛” meaning “matted hair” is a demeaning way to call someone. Source and more info:]

“How audacious! How dare you call me a matted haired?!” Qin Chong was furious but because he still hadn’t obtained Qin Yu’s inherited treasures and cultivational resources, he could only temporarily bear it. In any case, Qin Yu would undoubtedly die today and it wouldn’t be too late to kill him after he obtained Qin Yu’s treasures. It was only a matter of time now.

“So what if I curse you, you old matted haired? Bye!” Qin Yu cried out as he laughed and turned around, walking into the canyon with large strides.

“Stop!” Qin Chong shot forward, fiercely clawing for him as he swiftly charged after Qin Yu toward the canyon’s opening.

A whistle sounded as a dense, cold wind surged up violently. It assaulted the senses, making people feel like they were being suffocated.

“Not good!” Qin Chong shouted and frantically retreated ten meters back. His hand grabbed a piece of torn clothing. Qin Yu’s figure had already disappeared into the canyon, slowly vanishing into the surging black qi ahead until it faded away completely.

“Bastard!” Qin Chong fiercely threw the piece of torn cloth onto the floor as he let out a string of curses furiously. Qin Yu had already chosen to destroy himself and he hadn’t benefited from it.

He was even more amazed by Qin Yu’s performance. Since when did Qin Yu become so proud and unyielding, as well as heroic and unafraid of death?

He also knew the former Qin Yu. Although the former Qin Yu was resentful toward him, he had always been too afraid to do anything. But now, there was a difference as wide as the sky. It didn’t seem like he had changed on the surface, but the change in his temperament and aura was like heaven and earth.

“Third Elder, Second Grandfather…!”

At this moment, those from the Qin and Lu Family finally caught up. They quickly ran over to Qin Chong upon seeing him stand at the mouth of the canyon.

“Third Elder, what happened to that brute Qin Yu?” Lu Jing asked hatefully.

Qin Chong stared at the forbidden area up ahead and snorted. “That bastard went inside there.”

“What?!” Lu Jing’s face turned pale as he looked at the mouth of the canyon, crying out in surprise, “He dared to go inside the forbidden area of the Yin Demon?!”

“Second Grandfather, let’s go in and kill him!” Qin Zhao had just arrived and howled to go inside. With so many experts behind him, he was very confident about his backing.

“Return!” Qin Chong and Lu Jing shouted the exact same word simultaneously but Qin Zhao still rushed ahead. It just so happened that there was a burst of icy wind, swiftly drawing him inside.

“Ah—!!!” Qin Zhao released a strange scream. His entire body seemed to have fallen under a curse as it moved uncontrollably toward the mouth of the canyon. The penetratingly cold winds invaded his body. It brought with it an aura of death, causing him to feel true fear.

“Grandfather, save me!” He released one final cry for help, exhausting the last of his strength before falling into despair.

While he was in despair, a large hand suddenly grabbed his body from behind, frantically pulling him backward. It narrowly saved his life from entering the gates of hell.

“Acting so recklessly, do you not want your life?” Qin Chong cursed angrily.

A big bruise was now on Qin Zhao’s face as his whole body shivered. He looked like he was about to die.

Qin Chong didn’t dare to neglect him and hurriedly laid him down properly before placing a hand on his back. He frantically transferred his internal energy into Qin Zhao, trying to force out the sinister energy inside his body.

Nobody dared to disturb him. Everyone moved to the side anxiously.

In approximately the amount of time it took to brew a cup of tea, all of the sinister energy in Qin Zhao’s body had been forced out, as his face finally recovered a trace of color. It was lucky that Qin Chong was there, otherwise, there was no doubt that Qin Zhao would’ve died there today.

After this, everyone finally knew how truly terrifying the forbidden area was. This was only its entrance and they hadn’t even gone inside yet. For Qin Yu who had gone inside, the only possible ending for him was a miserable death with no remains.

Knowing Qin Yu would undoubtedly die, those who had come to chase after Qin Yu also didn’t want to enter such a demonic place. As a result, nobody stayed for long, as they swiftly left.

Inside the Forbidden Area of the Yin Demon, the endlessly surging waves of the Yin Demon’s qi was like a rolling flood. It roared, wrecking havoc, as tried to tear apart Qin Yu’s body in a frenzy.

Qin Yu sat on a black slab and meditated, circulating his qi. He wouldn’t die that easily, or else he would just be like the former Xie Di, taking rash actions. The reason he dared to charge in here was because he knew that he wouldn’t die here, otherwise, only an idiot would run in here.

The Yin Demon’s qi was not only unable to take his life, but was actually the nourishment he needed.

At this moment, something strange occured. The surrounding Yin Demon’s qi seemed to have been summoned by something, unceasingly converging in Qin Yu’s direction. Suddenly, it flooded into his nose, mouth, and ears, before fading away.

In Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness, the originally milky white space was completely swallowed up by the jet black Yin Demon’s qi. It violently poured inside, occupying the space.

Inside the space, a bright black pearl was frantically spinning as the surging demonic qi formed a vortex around it. The pearl was absorbing the qi’s essence wildly as bits of rubbish was thrown out of the vortex.

This was the Earth Spirit Pearl  Qin Yu was nurturing inside his sea of consciousness. The Yin Demon’s qi was the best nourishment for the spirit pearl.

Qin Yu naturally didn’t let this opportunity slip by. After he circulated his qi a few times, a special palm skill from the Yin Demon’s qi appeared in his mind—Bone Eroding Evil Winds.

Bone Eroding Evil Winds was one of the supreme skills of Xie Di and could only be cultivated with the Yin Demon’s qi. This palm skill only had one move that was separated into nine different levels. With each level of improvement, an extra layer in the form of a pulse was added to the attack.

As Qin Yu allowed the spirit pearl to frantically devour the Yin Demon’s qi, he also cultivated the Bone Eroding Evil Winds Palm while simultaneously replenishing his blood.

It was very easy to lose track of time when cultivating. Unconsciously, several days had already passed and Qin Yu finally finished all of the rations he had brought with him. When his hunger became too hard to endure, he stopped cultivating and realized he needed to find something to eat.

For low level cultivators, food was still necessary and that didn’t start to change until one became a Transformation Realm cultivator.

In the Yin Demon’s area, no living things could survive. The Yin Demon’s qi had a strong corrosive effect on all living things so finding something to eat inside here would only be wishful thinking. The only way was to go out.

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