Chapter 19: Blood Shadow's Elusion

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 19: Blood Shadow's Elusion

“What, you have nothing to say? Then you’re admitting you’re guilty!” At this moment, Qin Biao saw Qin Yu was silent and stepped forward, taking the opportunity to say something.

Qin Yu smiled, laughing weirdly. “Which ear did you hear that this young master was going to plead guilty?”

Qin Biao suddenly raised his voice and said, “Your silence is already tacit approval, so do I still need to listen?”

“If you want to blame me, what can I say? However, I just want you to know that this young master has no interest in such a rubbish woman. Just looking at her is dirtying my eyes. But would you guys believe that?”

“Ha! Of course I don’t believe that! Everyone knows how much you admired Miss Wushuang before and how you followed her every day. Even if I believe your words, other people wouldn’t.”

What Qin Zhao said was true. Qin Yu had no choice but to admit that the previous Qin Yu truly was infatuated and head over heels in love with Lu Wushuang, as if he had never seen a woman before. But that was the former Qin Yu, the current Qin Yu truly felt disdain and contempt toward such a trashy woman.

Naturally, he couldn't explain his situation to others and even if he did, very few would believe it.

“Since you don’t believe it, what do you want me to say?” Qin Yu spoke the words indifferently as he turned his body to look at Wang Murong behind him with a determined expression. “Miss Murong, I wish you well.”

Wang Murong’s delicate body trembled. From beginning to end, she had stood behind him and never said a word but in fact, she had always been thinking of a way to help Qin Yu escape from such a hopeless situation. In the end, she could only think of one way and that was to expose her identity to help Qin Yu. Once she showed them proof of her identity, nobody in the entire Qiongxi Country would dare to not give her face.

However, up til now, her whereabouts had always been kept hidden. Exposing her identity now was equivalent to revealing her location which would be extremely detrimental to her.

But she had no other choice. It was either help Qin Yu or watch Qin Yu die.

She had experienced it before when she saw Qin Yu unyieldingly stand there so proudly and arrogantly in Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop and now, she was seeing it once again. She could tell by the resolute and determined expression on his face that if she didn't step in now, anything could happen.

Wang Murong made a firm resolution. She couldn’t just continue to watch on helplessly as a talent was slain. She had to reveal her identity to save him. She stepped forward. First, she needed to calm Qin Yu. “Qin Xiong, calm down first. I have a way to help you.”

Qin Yu laughed before immediately shaking his head. “Miss Murong, many thanks but it’s not necessary.”

“Qin Xiong, please believe in me! I can help you!” Wang Murong emphasized her words and stepped in front of Qin Yu. Her beautiful eyes flickered as she swept her gaze through the crowd, which ultimately landed on Lu Wushuang.

Wang Murong’s beauty and temperament suddenly made countless young men feel a rush of excitement. After Wang Murong swept her gaze across the crowd, each and every one of them subconsciously fell quiet. They stared at the beautiful young woman as they let their imaginations roam freely.

“Everyone, please listen to me! I [1. Wang Murong refers to herself as “小女子,” which translates to “this little female.” It is a very humble way for a young female to refer to themselves] am Wang Murong. I accompanied Qin Yu as a friend. My tent was set up right beside his, so I am especially clear as to what happened earlier between Qin Yu and Miss Wushuang.”

Wang Murong’s words made many people interested. They were all curious about the truth. Wang Murong was the only witness at the scene. They wanted to know what actually happened.

Wang Murong suddenly raised her voice. “She’s lying! What she said is slander!” Her words resonated crisply in the night sky, clearly spreading into every person’s ears.

“I can testify that Qin Yu didn’t commit any improper actions toward Lu Wushuang. What really happened was…”

“Shut up!” Lu Wushuang suddenly screamed, interrupting Wang Murong’s speech. She naturally couldn’t let Wang Murong reveal the truth. “Everyone, don’t listen to that slut! That woman is Qin Yu’s companion and they’re working together! Neither of them are good people! In fact, they're the definition of a dog couple! Everyone, kill them together; exterminate evil for the good of everyone…!!!”

Lu Wushuang’s words were incomparably malicious and nobody in the crowd, including Wang Murong’s admirers moved. They thought that Lu Wushuang had gone a bit too far.

Qin Yu deserved death for sullying you, but Wang Murong didn’t sully you as well, right? So why are you going so far as to ruthlessly kill others? There were even some who questioned Lu Wushuang’s actions. Wang Murong was standing there and giving her testimony, but couldn’t even finish before being interrupted by Lu Wushuang who was yelling to kill her. Was this killing somebody to keep their mouth shut? If so, then it seemed like the truth wasn’t what they thought it was.

“Slut, just go die!”

Before Lu Wushuang could finish her words, a roar shook the night sky. The figure turned into a shadow that was similar to a ghost. Sounds of thunder rang in the air from the figure’s palm as he charged at her with the intent to kill.

Everyone was alarmed, their faces changing greatly.

“Qin Xiong, wait a moment!” Wang Murong wanted to block him, but it was already too late.

“Shuang’er, be careful!” Lu Jing shouted loudly while simultaneously throwing out a ferocious palm strike.

*Bang* Qin Yu’s palm strike hit Lu Wushuang’s body first. A painful scream sounded as Lu Wushuang’s body was sent flying into the night sky and over the crowd. Streaks of blood soon rained down from the sky.

The crowd was shocked by Qin Yu’s actions. This time while facing such a situation, they really hadn’t thought that Qin Yu would still dare to attack so fiercely. His guts were far beyond anyone’s expectations!

If Qin Chong had anticipated Qin Yu’s attack, he would’ve been capable of stopping Qin Yu. After all, he was a powerful Transformation Realm cultivator who stood near Lu Wushuang. However, he truly hadn’t expected Qin Yu to do such a thing and by the time he reacted, Qin Yu had already struck. Furthermore, Qin Yu’s speed was extremely fast and his footwork was also strange, which gave him no time to respond.

According to any normal person’s train of thought, if they still wanted some hope for survival, they should’ve acted meek. But instead, Qin Yu fought back.

Wang Murong was shocked and could only sigh in her heart. Qin Yu was too impetuous. Before, she could’ve revealed her identity and saved them. But now, everything was futile. Qin Yu’s attack had completely cut off any other roads to survival, so even if she revealed her identity, she would be powerless to stop anything else from happening.

“Shuang’er!” Lu Jing howled with grief, pooling even more power into his palm strike.

“Cloudtrack Phantom!” After Qin Yu struck, he swiftly retreated, leaving an after-image at his previous spot.

*Bang* A muffled sound rang out. Lu Jing’s palm strike fiercely attacked the after image, dispersing it.

“I want you dead!” His palm changed into a violent fist as he chased after Qin Yu in a fit of rage.

Lu Jing was at the peak of Immersion Realm. Although there was still a big gap between his current cultivation level and Transformation Realm, his cultivation level was still one that an Origin Realm cultivator could not contend against. Plus, Qin Chong who was a Transformation Realm cultivator had also taken action. His fingers stretched out like talons. It created a hissing sound as if it was tearing apart the atmosphere as he aimed for Qin Yu’s head in an attempt to rip it off.

The two experts attacked Qin Yu simultaneously. Even if his body movement techniques were faster and his footwork was even more unpredictable, the gap between their cultivation levels was too large and he would still be powerless to fight back.

Was such a once-in-a-generation talent about to fall like this? Wang Murong felt unbounded regret.

“Blood Shadow Elusion!”

Qin Yu released a loud shout as a big puff of bloody mist suddenly arose. A flash appeared before it dulled. Qin Yu’s figure faded away inside the bloody mist.

The attacks of the two experts reached his spot in a split second, scattering the bloody fog.

“Eh? Where did he go?” Everyone stared, amazed as the bloody fog dispersed to reveal that nobody was standing there. Were the combined attacks of the two experts so strong that he didn’t even have remains left over? But even if it was a Transformation Realm expert, they shouldn’t have such an ability.

“Running away won’t be that easy!” Qin Chong shouted loudly from inside the amazed crowd. He flew into the dark night, disappearing in a flash.

When everyone else reacted, they charged out murderously in Qin Chong’s direction.

It was hard to believe that Qin Yu actually had such a strange method of escaping. Earlier, they had thought he was being impulsive but now they knew clearly that he wasn’t mindlessly acting on impulse. Rather, it was a well-thought-out plan to retreat.

In a small valley more than ten kilometers away, Qin Yu suddenly appeared with a bright flash of light. As soon as he landed, he vomited a large mouthful of blood before falling limply to the ground.

Blood Shadow Elusion was one of Cloudtrack Phantom’s special skills which consumed one’s own blood for a chance of “elusion”. It was a top class escaping skill which could be used at a high price. That was because it consumed 50% of the blood in a cultivator’s body. Qin Yu didn’t even have the strength to stand up, as a result of such a cost, as well as being wounded by Lu Jing and Qin Chong’s attacks while he was fleeing. If it wasn’t because it was his last resort, he wouldn’t have used it. There was no difference from using it and being barely alive.

Right now, he could only lie motionlessly on the ground as the《Secrets of Eternal Life》automatically healed him. He could rely on the《Secrets of Eternal Life》to treat his injuries, but it was incapable of restoring all the blood he had lost. He could only wait for his body to slowly recover or consume some Blood Enrichment Spirit Pills to replenish his blood.

Luckily, Qin Yu had collected a wide variety of spirit grasses ever since he had entered Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Amongst the spirit grasses were a lot of blood enriching spirit grasses. But right now, he didn’t even have the strength to take out the spirit grass and could only slowly wait as he recovered.

He was actually in a very dangerous situation right now. In Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, even if the weakest demonic beast came out, it could easily kill him.

Fortunately, his luck was quite good and by the time he could move his hand, no demonic beasts appeared.

After he could move his hand, he hastily reached into his bosom and took out a pouch. He opened it and found some red blood spirit grasses.

Blood Core Grass was a low level spirit grass which was specifically used for enriching the blood. This type of spirit grass had a unique characteristic which was having an incomparably stinky odor. Just one sniff would make anyone feel sick so for a person to eat it, they would have to be very brave.

Qin Yu didn’t even frown as he rolled the Blood Core Grass into a ball and shut his eyes. He directly stuffed it into his mouth decisively, chewing and gulping it down.

*Barf* “Blegh…!!!”

As he swallowed it down, gagging noises constantly sounded from his throat. However, he still gulped it down forcibly. One plant, two plants, three plants… Only when he had finished all the Blood Core Grass did the gagging sounds finally stop. Beads of sweat actually rolled down from his forehead.

This thing really wasn’t edible. Even a pig or a dog would be unwilling to eat it. Yet he had actually clenched his teeth and finished all of it. If there were still some left, he would’ve definitely continued to force it down. Right now, to him, there was nothing more important than replenishing his blood.

After he finished eating the Blood Core Grass, Qin Yu sat up with difficulty and crazily cultivated “Refining Qi” from the《Secrets of Eternal Life》.

“Refining Qi” couldn’t restore blood, but it could heal his injuries and accelerate the absorption of the Blood Core Grass. Furthermore, every time he healed in this manner, it would upgrade “Refining Qi” stage’s recovery ability and grade.

Along with the passing of time, the Blood Core Grass quickly assimilated into his body and the aftermath of the attacks he had received had also been healed to a large degree. His complexion finally had some color but his face was still very pale. The amount of blood the Blood Core Grass replenished was limited. After all, the Blood Core Grass hadn’t been refined into a pill, so the effects gained by eating it directly was very different.

Qin Yu originally wanted to continue cultivating here when suddenly, his eardrums shook. Somebody was flying to his location.

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