Chapter 18: Sinking into a Hopeless Situation

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 18: Sinking into a Hopeless Situation

As Qin Yu listened to Wang Murong, he felt both moved and comforted. He no longer needed to worry. Wang Murong’s life experiences were quite extraordinary. Although Qin Yu still didn’t know her true identity, he could guess that her background had to be monstrous. Even the most honored man in Luosang City, Tie Shou was extremely deferential towards her. The Qin Family would be courting death if dared to touch her.

Qin Yu’s heart relaxed. “Many thanks, Miss Murong. Then let’s just see what exactly this crowd wants to do.” He stared icily at the aggressively approaching mob.

The mob was finally near. Under the illumination of the densely packed torches, the originally desolate area became brightly lit, becoming very lively.

“Qin Yu, you bastard, I’ve come to take your life!”

Qin Zhao’s blood immediately boiled when he saw Qin Yu and without speaking any further, he attacked. His pre-prepared sword streaked through the night sky, aiming to kill Qin Yu in one stroke. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Qin Biao’s loud shout.

“Zhao’er, come back!”

Qin Zhao stared at Qin Yu resentfully. “Father, I must kill him tonight!”

Qin Biao ground his teeth fiercely before angrily retorting, “What kill?! Is it even possible for you to kill him?! Come back!”

Right now, Qin Biao truly wished he could give this brainless son of his a good slap. Anyone with eyes could see Qin Yu’s strength earlier and Qin Zhao wasn’t his match. Wouldn’t rushing up to kill him just be throwing away your life or inviting humiliation upon yourself? Was the disgrace he had received today not enough?

“I…” Qin Zhao stood there for a moment, unable to respond before icily glaring at Qin Yu again. In his heart, a thread of fear actually grew.

“You’re still not coming back?!” Qin Biao gave another yell. “Your Second Grandfather is here to make reprisals, so there’s no need for your impudence!”

“Yes, Father.” Qin Zhao finally returned to the crowd in embarrassment.

Within the crowd, Lu Wushuang watched Qin Zhao’s behavior and felt very disappointed. She had thought that this man would disobey his father’s order and kill Qin Yu even at the risk of his own life, but in the end, he still retreated.

What a coward.

“Qin Yu, you’re still not going to get over here and kowtow after seeing the Third Elder?!” The crowd halted their footsteps. In the Qin Family’s ranks, a thin, forty-year-old man rushed out from the crowd. He shouted loudly as he advanced towards Qin Yu. Don’t look at how thin his body was because his voice was actually very loud, resounding clearly in everybody’s ears.

“Kowtow?” Qin Yu twitched his nose disdainfully. “This young master is already no longer apart of the Qin Family. What Third Elder? This young master doesn’t recognize him.”

“You…!” The thin man was furious, pointing his finger at Qin Yu as he cursed, “You really are a disgrace! Not even recognizing your family’s own seniors! Fine, my Qin Family also refuses to have a rebellious brute like you! Today, we will dispose of you from the family!”

“Dispose of me from the family?” Qin Yu was startled. “What does that mean?”

“Qin Yu, you still don’t know your crime?” Qin Chong walked forward, his voice imposing. A cold qi surged from his body, causing his robes to dance in the wind.

This was the power of a Transformation Realm cultivator. The crowd’s faces immediately changed. They were terrified as some of the weaker ones immediately drew back, afraid they would actually be wounded by the cold qi that Qin Chong released.

Qin Yu was directly besieged by the cold qi. His expression changed slightly as his clothes and long hair were lifted by the wind. However, his young body still stood there motionlessly. He gazed sharply at Qin Chong as he started to speak, his voice filled with indifference. “What? The Qin Family’s Third Elder wants to use strength against someone who is weaker? The old is taking advantage of the young? Wow, the Qin Family really is powerful!”

“Shut up! You should be slapped for daring to say such words to the Third Elder!” The thin man released another explosive shout. He charged over in a flash, his hand moving to quickly and violently slap Qin Yu’s face.

“Don’t even think about it!” Qin Yu angrily shouted, using Cloudtrack Phantom to rush over and face the attack. He struck forward with his palm, producing a rumbling sound like muffled thunder. It was the first form of Rushing Thunder Palm—Power Like Rushing Thunder.

The thin man was startled and hurriedly tried to change his move, turning his slap into a push as it directly knocked against Qin Yu’s palm.


A sudden clap of thunder rang out. The noise scared the thin man. On top of that, he had suddenly been thrust into a battle. Qin Yu’s Cloudtrack Phantom’s speed was too fast and too strange. After the palm strike, the thin man released a painful groan as his body was sent flying backward. He created a pit in the ground as he fell, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Qin Yu moved his hand and stood there under the night sky indifferently, his gaze was like ice.

The crowd’s faces twitched as they watched. Just now, they had thought that under Qin Chong, the Transformation Realm cultivator’s deterrence, Qin Yu wouldn’t dare to show even the least bit of attitude and could only get beaten. Who would’ve thought that not only did he show attitude, he even took the initiative to attack, sending a member of the Qin Family flying and coughing blood?

Qin Chong’s face was cold. Qin Yu had actually dared to act right in front of him. Although the one getting physically beaten was somebody else, it was actually his own face that was getting slapped!

“You wretch! Are you tired of living?!” Qin Chong suddenly clenched his fists. As he spoke, his goatee danced madly.

“Haha! The Qin Family’s people are all so strong ah! A man in his forties fighting a youth that’s still only in his teens and an elder personally taking action! Wow, what a joke!”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Qing Yun’s body. A huge question mark could practically be seen on their foreheads. Just now, wasn’t it Qing Yun who had been beaten miserably by Qin Yu? Why was she speaking up for Qin Yu now? The hell?! This made no sense at all! It would be fine if anyone else here spoke up for Qin Yu, but it shouldn’t be Qing Yun ah!

Beside her, Qing Yun’s father Qing Liyuan immediately shouted, “Yun’er, don’t speak out of turn! If a younger member of the family did something wrong, could it be that an elder still shouldn’t act?” On the surface, he was shouting at Qing Yun, but in fact, the sneer in his voice was obvious.

“Oh, I understand, Father.” Qing Yun muttered, seeming to understand. However, her eyes stared in Qin Yu’s direction, an undetectable trace of concern occasionally flitting through her eyes.

In his heart, Qin Chong was infuriated with Qing Yun’s comments. A loathsome little girl had the impertinence to ridicule him! However, upon seeing Qing Liyuan standing beside her, he could only suppress his rage. He wasn’t Qin Zhan, so he didn’t dare to fight with Qing Liyuan.

After Qing Yun’s taunts, Qing Chong also found it embarrassing to directly kill Qin Yu under the eyes of so many people. After all, he needed to maintain his pride as a grand and stately elder of the Qin Family.

He released his clenched fists and faced Qin Yu. His face was gloomy but his heart was filled with incomparable amazement. Earlier, he could naturally tell that the skill Qin Yu used was the first form of Rushing Thunder Palm—Power Like Rushing Thunder, but what he couldn’t understand was how Rushing Thunder Palm could have such might. In Qin Yu’s hands, it had actually issued a boom alike to thunder!

This question could only be answered by getting ahold of Qin Yu and forcibly extracting an answer from him. For a short while, he actually didn’t want to take Qin Yu’s life so quickly. It would be better to find a reason to arrest him first before talking.

Thinking up to here, he issued an angry shout. “Qin Yu, you ingrate! First, you refuse to admit to committing actions that are even worse than a beast’s and now, you’re being unfilial and offending your elders! You even went so far as to wound somebody from the Qin Family! Tell me, how should I deal with you?”

Qin Yu sneered. “Hmph! That guy wanted to slap this young master’s face. Don’t tell me I should just stand there and allow him to beat me without counterattacking? I’m not an idiot.”

Everyone who heard it thought that it actually made some sense. If other people wanted to attack you, you couldn’t just stand there and get thrashed like an idiot, right?

“Furthermore, I’ve long since cut off relations with the Qin Family. The Qin Family’s elders aren’t my elders, so how am I being unfilial and offending an elder?” Qin Yu continued to speak. “As for the immoral behavior you spoke of, this young master wants to hear, what exactly did I do?”

“Qin Yu, you bastard! Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten all about what you had just done?” A sorrowful, weeping voice came from the crowd. Lu Wushuang’s face was filled with tears, her hair and clothes were disheveled as she staggered out from the crowd.

Seeing Lu Wushuang’s appearance, Qin Yu and Wang Murong were both startled. What caused Lu Wushuang to become like this?

They were both intelligent people and quickly had a faint guess as to what happened. The so-called action that was worse than a beast was probably the same accusations Lu Wushuang had just made against Qin Yu.

This woman’s schemes were truly deep, ruthless, and vicious!

“Friends and seniors, I am called Lu Wushuang. Everyone who knows me also knows that I am already Qin Zhao’s fiancee and this person is Qin Zhao’s brother [1. In the raws, Lu Wushuang calls Qin Yu Qin Zhao’s “兄长,” which is a more respectful term for referring to someone who is about the same age.] so I should be regarded as his sister-in-law. What happened was Qin Yu, this bastard, did actions that were worse than a beast’s toward his own sister-in-law!”

As she spoke, Lu Wushuang seemed like she was about to turn crazy from grief and indignation as her voice rose a few decibels.

“At that time, he actually wanted me to go back to him again but I refused! That’s why he forcibly insulted me, biting my lips and giving me a vicious slap!”

As Lu Wushuang spoke, she raised her face to show everyone the red handprint on her face and her bloody lips. Under the flame’s bright illumination, everyone could clearly see her blood-covered lips, as well as the bright red handprint on her face.

“Fortunately, I had ultimately vowed to die rather than obey and did everything I could to struggle free. I successfully escaped from his clutches, saving my body’s purity. Everyone, tell me whether or not such a bastard is guilty and deserves death!”

“He deserves death!” In the beginning, there were only two people who responded but more and more people joined the chant and soon the entire region was overwhelmed with shouts of “deserves death!” Even those who didn’t join the shouting stared at Qin Yu differently. For example, Qing Yun’s eyes held a trace of disappointment and resentment.

Qin Chong was very satisfied with Lu Wushuang’s actions and was even more amazed by it. Such a young girl having such shrewdness was incredible. However, he also didn’t know whether or not Qin Zhao’s engagement with such a person was a blessing or a misfortune.

Of course, now was not the time to be pondering over whether it was a fortune or a misfortune. What he was happy about now was that through Lu Wushuang’s sniveling and tearful accusation, Qin Yu had become the center of public criticism.

In such a situation, everyone always sympathized with the female and weaker side.

Now, the Qin Family could honorably arrest Qin Yu without being gossiped and sneered at. With so many people witnessing the accusation toward Qin Yu, even if he killed Qin Yu before returning to the Qin Family, nobody would say anything.

“Qin Yu, you wretch! What can you say now?” Qin Chong’s old face held a gloomy and cold smile.

Qin Yu’s face became slightly pale. Right now, he was furious. His chest burned with rage on the inside, but his expression was serene as if the one Lu Wushuang called a beast wasn’t him and somebody else.

He didn’t argue because arguing now was useless. This was because many people wouldn’t believe a woman would take her own purity to slander another person. In this world, for a great number of women, their purity was equivalent to their lives. Even the slightest stain was intolerable.

Furthermore, if you wanted to punish somebody, you would always be able to find an excuse. How could he argue while facing so many people alone?

At this moment, he seemed to have sunk into a deadlock.

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