Chapter 17: The Ruthless Father and Daughter

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 17: The Ruthless Father and Daughter

“Calm down a little first!” Qin Chong shouted at Qin Zhao. His cold gaze landed on the bitterly crying Lu Wushuang. Unlike Qin Zhao, he was experienced and wouldn’t be fooled so easily.

Although Lu Wushuang was sobbing endlessly and attempted suicide, the amount of tears she had shed wasn’t even a lot. Plus, when she had tried to commit suicide with that gold hairpin earlier, it had easily been grabbed by Qin Zhao and she hadn’t even struggled when he stopped her. Furthermore, if she was really bullied by somebody, she should’ve found her father, Lu Jing, first. Why would she first come here to find Qin Zhao? All of these points were very suspicious.

“Miss Wushuang, speak, what actually happened?”

Under Qin Chong’s cold stare, Lu Wushuang felt as if she had been completely seen through, causing her to lose some confidence. However, her heart suddenly flipped as she quickly thought of a countermeasure.

A thudding sound rang out as Lu Wushuang heavily kneeled down, wailing as she crouched on the floor. It was louder and filled with even more grief than her previous crying. She wept until her lungs were sore.

“Second Grandfather! You have to help Shuang’er, otherwise, Shuang’er can’t possibly live with this shame! Wahhh!!!”

Qin Zhao looked at Lu Wushuang, his heart filled with endless distress as he hastily supported her. “Shuang’er, stand up and speak.”

“No, I won’t get up! If Second Grandfather won’t help Shuang’er, Shuang’er can only kneel here until she dies! I don’t have the face to keep on living, either! Wahhh!!!” Lu Wushuang’s face was determined. She resolved to fight until her last breath.

Qin Chong laid down a guarantee. “Alright, Shuang’er. First, tell me what’s going on and Grandfather will help you.”

“Thank you, Second Grandfather! Thank you, Second Grandfather! Shuang’er will kowtow for you.” After she said this, she really did lower her head into a kowtow before telling them what happened. “Just now, my stomach was feeling unwell, so I wanted to find a remote area to go to. Unexpectedly, the area I went to was where Qin Yu was camping.”

“When Qin Yu saw me, he stopped me and brought up the former mutual affection between us, hoping to rekindle our relationship. However, I’m already engaged to Qin Zhao and in this life, I will forever be Qin Zhao’s woman until death. How could I possibly agree to marry him? Therefore, I forcefully rejected him. Who knew he would fly into a rage out of humiliation and use force against me? If he continued what he did, it would’ve been too late to change anything and I would’ve become his!”

Hearing this, Qin Zhao’s entire body trembled with rage. His eyes were bloodshot and he clenched his teeth in fury. He only wished he could find Qin Yu right now and dismember his body into a million pieces!

“I naturally didn’t just let that beast have his way and resisted with all my might. As a result, my hair got messed up and my clothing was torn by him. However, he still wanted to kiss me and I struggled as hard as I could. Although he didn’t succeed, my lips were bitten by his teeth.” Lu Wushuang lifted her head, allowing everyone to see her lips. Sure enough, her lips were covered in blood.

“Seeing me struggle so violently and how he never got his way, he was extremely furious and fiercely slapped me on the face before throwing me aside. Only then was I able to escape from his evil claws and run back here. Look! His handprints are still on my face! Wahhh!!!” Lu Wushuang cried as she lifted her face to show everybody.

Under the bright flames, the five bright red fingerprints were especially clear on her pale skin.

“Qin Yu, if I, Qin Zhao do not kill you, then I am not a human!” Qin Zhao couldn’t control his rage any longer, unleashing an earth-shattering roar toward the heavens.

At this moment, Qin Biao endured the pain and also came out from the tent. He lightly walked next to Qin Chong and spoke softly. “Second Uncle.”

Qin Chong turned his head toward him, his goatee shaking as he quietly asked, “Qin Biao, what do you think?”

Qin Biao smiled strangely. “Second Uncle, regardless of whether this is real or fake, the heavens are helping us by giving us a chance to use this as a pretext against Qin Yu…” He didn’t need to say anymore. Anyone could discern the meaning behind his words.

Qin Chong nodded, a ruthless smile flitting past his aged face. “Good, such a golden opportunity bestowed by the heavens cannot be missed. It seems that even the gods want Qin Yu to die ah.”

Besides, it seemed like the heavens really did want to make things difficult for Qin Yu and help the father-son pair. First, Qin Zhan was replaced with Qin Chong who had a good relationship with the father-son pair and now it was delivering such a good pretext to take action against Qin Yu. Everything could be said to be God’s will.

How could they let God’s will slip by? Qin Chong’s face sunk as he angrily shouted, “Qin Yu! So he was actually a beast in human skin all along! He actually dared to lay his paws on his brother’s [1. Here, the word for “brother” doesn’t necessarily mean that Qin Yu is Qin Zhao’s brother by blood. It is a more respectful term for “brother” that is used to refer to a man of about the same age. It’s similar to how close friends can call each other “ge,” which is used to refer to a male that is older.] fiancee. Such a heartless and immoral person is intolerable. It is my Qin Family’s misfortune and my Qin Family’s disgrace! Everyone, don’t tell me that he doesn’t deserve death!”

“Damn it!” Qin Zhao released a yell that echoed endlessly in the valley.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it…!!!”

Lu Wushuang’s acting was truly commendable. It really did manage to deceive countless people. Their voices erupted in agreement as it echoed in the valley and resonated through the skies. People from other powers came out from their tents one after the other as they curiously joined the crowd. They wanted to know what had happened.

“Shaung’er, what happened? How did you become like this?” At this moment, Lu Jing hurriedly came over with the rest of the Lu Family, jumping in fear when he saw Lu Wushuang’s appearance. He immediately bellowed, “Who made you like this? Who did this? Qin Zhao was it you?!”

Lu Jing glared furiously and shot daggers at Qin Zhao.

Qin Chong laid down a guarantee, “Father, it wasn’t Qin Zhao. It was Qin Yu, that beast!”

“Qin Yu?” Lu Jing was startled as he stared at Lu Wushuang.

Something was wrong ah. Earlier he had intentionally coerced Lu Wushuang to curry favor with Qin Yu. How did she run here and start calling Qin Yu a beast? What had happened?

Wouldn’t Qin Yu being a “beast” be the best result? By taking Lu Wushuang on the spot, the rice would be cooked and Qin Zhao definitely wouldn’t want a woman who had been taken by another man. That way, the Lu Family could honorably withdraw from the marriage and Qin Yu would become his son-in-law. How good would that be? But how did it end up like this?

Lu Jing was still in a daze. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He was just about to ask when Qin Chong suddenly shouted with a loud voice, “Members of the Qin Family, obey and follow us to dispose of that brute! Our Qin Family does not have such a bastard!”


The Qin Family members answered in a resonating voice. Almost everyone followed behind Qin Chong and the father-son pair.

Lu Jing glanced at the murderous looking Qin Family charging out and pulled Lu Wushuang to the side as he asked her in a low voice, “Shuang’er, what exactly happened?”

Lu Wushuang wiped her tears and looked at everybody around her who was focused on rushing forward. Nobody was paying attention to her. She was easily able to mutter a sentence into Lu Jing’s ear.

“What?! Shuang’er, you…!” Lu Jing frowned. He had really underestimated his own daughter and hadn’t thought that she would be able to bring the situation to such a degree nor did he expect she could plot such a poisonous plan to frame Qin Yu.

“Father, don’t say anything. Things have already progressed this far. I hate Qin Yu. Since I cannot obtain him, then it’s better to destroy him!” Lu Wushuang’s face exposed a cruel and resentful expression. “By killing Qin Yu, Qin Zhao would be able to continue being the number one talent of the Qin Family and by marrying him, I would be able to become the number one madam. Then, nobody would be able to shake my position. Isn’t this so?”

“Eh…?” Lu Jing stared at Lu Wushuang as if she was a monster. At this moment, he felt as if this was the first time he really met his daughter. A woman’s heart was like a needle in a haystack, incomprehensible. It seemed like his daughter had grown up and he could no longer see through his daughter’s heart.

“Shuang’er, you and your mother are truly similar. You might have even surpassed her.” Lu Jing sighed.

“Father, this is called the student surpassing the master.” Lu Wushuang stealthily exposed a proud smile. Currently, she looked nothing like her previously wretched appearance. Without the least bit of grief or heartbreak, she said, “Isn’t my resemblance to Mother for the best? Don’t forget how you became the Lu Family Master. Wasn’t that all due to Mother’s help? Alright, let’s hurry and go now. I want to see how Qin Yu dies.”

“Alright, with no poison, there is no great man [2. The idiom that is used for “with no poison, there is no great man” means that “a great man has to be ruthless.”]. In order for you to become the first madam of the Qin Family, Father will support you. Just blame that rascal Qin Yu for not being tactful and not being able to appreciate you. Let’s go!”

Finished speaking, the ruthlessly scheming father-daughter pair quickly caught up with the murderous Qin Family troops.

“Qin Yu, you bastard, get your ass here for this Laozi!”

Before he even arrived at Qin Yu’s tent, Qin Zhao couldn’t help but release a thunderous roar. The echo shook the entire valley.

Qin Yu who had just lied down immediately hopped up again. He swiftly jumped out from his tent before staring at the countless torches in astonishment. Innumerable people were aggressively charging toward him and the ones at the very front were the Qin Family, followed by a crowd that came to watch the show.

“Qin Xiong, what happened?” Wang Murong could naturally hear such loud noises and couldn’t rest. She exited her tent and stood beside Qin Yu, staring at the huge mass of people charging toward them. A trace of surprise appeared on her beautiful face.

Qin Yu stared at the approaching crowd and saw Lu Wushuang amongst them. At that moment, he seemed to have understood. A sneer appeared on his face.

“That slut! I underestimated her. Her charisma really isn’t weak if she could bring so many reinforcements so quickly.”

At first, Qin Yu didn’t care much but when he saw Qin Biao and Qin Zhao along with Qin Chong leading them, he was startled.

Qin Chong was one of the Qin Family’s Seven Great Elders. Qin Yu was naturally very familiar with him.

Because Qin Chong was very close with Qin Biao and Qin Zhao, he had always stood on Qin Zhao’s side in the never-ending competition between Qin Yu and Qin Zhao. Therefore, in the past, he had always made things especially difficult for Qin Yu and Qin Yu also hated Qin Chong to the bone.

This old man’s arrival was definitely harmful for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu didn’t understand. Weren’t the people with him from the Qin Family? If so, why was Qin Chong here and not Qin Zhan? If it was Qin Zhan here, he wouldn’t have to fear Lu Wushuang playing any schemes but now that it was Qin Chong, the situation would be different.

“Miss Murong, hurry and leave! I’ll find a way to catch up.” Qin Yu stared at the approaching mob, his tone grave.

“What’s the big deal?” Wang Murong gracefully frowned.

Qin Yu’s words were urgent. “The ones who came are all my mortal enemies. Just in case, it would be better for you to go first.”

Wang Murong smiled. “Qin Xiong, we’re friends. How could we be friends if I just left you alone during a calamity? Besides, they also wouldn’t dare to touch me. Even placing everything else aside, just my relationship with Master Tie Shou would make them helpless toward me. So you don’t have to worry about me, instead, you should be more careful.”

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