Chapter 16:The Young Lady's Malicious Scheme

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 16:The Young Lady's Malicious Scheme

Seeing Lu Wushuang, Qin Yu’s face exposed a trace of a sneer.

His sneer was for the former Qin Yu. He really couldn’t understand how the former Qin Yu had been interested in such a woman before. The two had once pledged an oath of eternal love. They promised that if one of them couldn’t marry, the other would refuse marriage. They also promised to love each other regardless of poverty or riches. The two would only stand by each other until old age, despite all tribulations, forever until the end of time, never changing their feelings.

And the ridiculous thing about it was during the three months that followed after Qin Yu turned into a cripple, despite their pledge of undying love, Lu Wushuang had never gone to see him once. Moreover, she never sent anyone to voice her concern. Instead, while he was bedridden and recuperating, she had actually turned her back and agreed to marry somebody else.

She was already engaged to someone else, plus it was already so late in the evening, so what was she doing here?

“What did you come here for?” Qin Yu stepped forward, his face expressionless as he spoke.

Lu Wushuang raised her head. When she saw Qin Yu’s exquisite but indifferent face, for a moment she didn’t know what to say. She was silent for a long time before finally clenching her teeth before giving Qin Yu what she believed to be a charming smile. “Qin Yu, do you still remember the promise we made?”

“Huh?” Qin Yu’s eyes shone with disdain as he sneered, retorting back, “Promise, what promise?”

“You previously said that in this life, you would only marry me. You also said that I would be your only woman in this lifetime,” Lu Wushuang stated weakly.

“Haha!” Qin Yu unexpectedly laughed. But of course, it was a mocking laugh.

“Wh—what are you laughing about?” Qin Yu’s laugh made Lu Wushuang feel somewhat uneasy.

“I’m just laughing at how vulgar you are.”

“What? Did you just call me vulgar?” Lu Wushuang’s face revealed a trace of anger. She was the grand and stately eldest miss of the Lu Family and the flower of Luosang City; who would dare to call her ‘vulgar’?

“Don’t tell me you’re not vulgar?” Qin Yu sneered with contempt. “You betrayed me for Qin Zhao, yet now you’ve come back looking for me to talk about some promise. What do you want? Could it be that you want this Young Master to favor you? Wouldn’t that be cheating on Qin Zhao? Haha! Betraying one man is already cheap enough, yet you want to continue to shamelessly two-time another man. Is there anyone else who could be more shameless and vulgar than you?”

“Qin Yu, you’ve misunderstood me! I’m only with Qin Zhao because I was forced to be with him.” Lu Wushuang put up front. “After you had turned into a cripple, everyone in the Lu Family including my Father pressured me. They wouldn’t allow me to be engaged with a cripple. I was forced to get engaged to Qin Zhao. As a kid, I had no ability to resist my family and could only submit. Obviously, this was also for your sake because I could enter the Qin Family and see you.”

“Lies. Just continue lying.” The sneer on Qin Yu’s face only grew more pronounced. These kinds of lies would only swindle a love-struck ignorant fool. Trying to deceive a man who lived two lives like him was simply a huge joke.

“Qin Yu, please believe me! Everything I said is true!” Lu Wushuang’s face was filled with sincerity as she emphasized her words.

“Are they really?” Qin Yu continued to laugh mockingly. “Earlier when Qin Zhao defeated that Luobei City cultivator, just who was it that intimately wiped his sweat and stood so happily by his side?”

“That...I…” Lu Wushuang was at a loss for words. Her face burned.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but admire this woman. She was only a young girl in her teens yet her vanity was actually so strong and her schemes were so deep. Most importantly, her face was quite thick. [1. Qin Yu says that Lu Wushuang’s face is quite thick which implies that she is “thick-skinned” and bold.] She was truly shameless.

“Don’t say any more, just scram. Don’t stand here and continue to dirty this Young Master’s vision,” Qin Yu bluntly commanded.

Lu Wushuang’s face turned stiff. Each of Qin Yu’s sentences was more malicious than the last. She had always enjoyed the praises and admiration from others. Nobody had ever dared to say such hateful words to her. However, there were some who talked behind her back and if she heard them, she always pursued the matter until the very end. Once she had inadvertently heard somebody talking behind her back in secret and that person was quickly put to death by her.

Today, Qin Yu first called her lowly, then shameless, and now he was even malicious enough to say she was dirtying his eyes. How could she endure that?

Her appearance was outstanding and she was born in the rich and noble Lu Family. Yet still, Qin Yu said she was dirtying his eyes?

“Qin Yu, you can forget about everything that was between us before, but you cannot humilate me like this!” Lu Wushuang’s tone held a trace of anger.

“How am I insulting you? Not directly slapping you a few times would already be polite of me! A slut is a slut. What qualifications do you have to demand the respect of others?”

“Shut up! Don’t call this Miss a slut!” Lu Wushuang finally couldn’t help but explode, releasing an ear-piercing scream.


The crisp sound echoed and Lu Wushuang’s shriek came to an abrupt stop, the area fell into silence leaving only the sounds of the wind.

Lu Wushuang’s face was crooked. Her entire body was stiff as she stood there. Imprinted on her face were five bright red fingerprints. ,

After a long time, Lu Wushuang touched the scorching hot, painful side of her face with trembling fingers as she slowly turned her head to stare at the indifferent youth standing in the dim light. Her eyes were filled with bitter resentment.

“ dared to hit me?”

“I dared to,” Qin Yu replied icily. “A slut like you berating this Young Master to shut up should be beaten. Now scram!”

“Qin Yu, I swear I’ll make you pay for what you just did! You will regret this!” Lu Wushuang swore resolutely before turning around and rushing into the darkness.

“This Young Master will never regret his actions.” Qin Yu snorted disdainfully and turned around to return to his tent. A woman’s beautiful figure stood nearby. It was Wang Murong.

Qin Yu had long known that Wang Murong was standing behind him.

“Miss Murong, apologies for disturbing your rest.” Qin Yu walked toward Wang Murong and apologized.

Wang Murong shook her head. “It’s nothing. But now you’ve offended that Miss Lu, what if….?”

”There’s no need to worry about. Let’s sleep early. Good night.”

“En, good night.”

They returned to their tents.

Far away, Lu Wushuang stopped after running a while and turned around to hatefully stare at Qin Yu’s tent. Her heart swelled with resentment.

“Qin Yu, since you’re being so heartless, don’t blame me for not being righteous! I said you needed to pay the price, so you will definitely pay the price!” Lu Wushuang gnashed her teeth as she spat out that sentence.

Qin Yu didn’t anticipate just how dreadful a woman’s vengeful scheme could be.

With a *sha* sound, Lu Wushuang tore the cloth around her chest. She allowed her clothing to come off, exposing her snow-white neck and chest with half of her alluring bosom showing. “

She also messed up her hair before finally placing her lips between her teeth. She hesitated for a moment before ruthlessly biting down. Blood spilled from her lips.

Everything was prepared and ready. Lu Wushuang covered her small mouth and released a loud cry, her weeping filled with grief and bitterness.

She cried bitterly just like this as she ran, passing by the camps of many other powers. Many of those inside the tents were alarmed and some of the meddlesome ones even came out to look around.

In the dusky night, they saw a messy-haired woman with her clothes ripped apart, covering her lips as she cried miserably. Based on her appearance, one would think she had been sullied by somebody.

In Qin Biao’s tent, Qin Biao, Qin Chong, and Qin Zhao were just discussing how they could kill Qin Yu in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. They thought of countless strategies but all of them were rejected in the end. From beginning to present, they still hadn’t thought of any good methods.

Just as they were discussing, Lu Wushuang’s weeping sounded from outside.

“Who’s crying?” Qin Chong was very strong and could hear how the crying sounds were getting nearer and nearer as it approached their tent.

Qin Biao and Qin Zhao immediately pricked up their ears. Qin Zhao suddenly jolted. “It sounds like Shuang’er crying!” He couldn’t be more familiar with Lu Wushuang and could naturally distinguish her voice.

“You said Lu Wushuang?” Qin Biao frowned. “Why is she crying this late at night?”

“Second Grandfather, Father, I’m going out to take a look.” Qin Zhao didn’t say any more and rushed out.

“Zhao! Qin Zhao! Where are you?” The sounds of Lu Wushuang’s mournful weeping grew closer and closer, quickly entering the range of the Qin Family’s camp.

People from the Qin Family came out of their tents one after the other, staring at Lu Wushuang in astonishment.

“Shuang’er, I’m here. Wh—what happened? Who hurt you?” Qin Zhao ran up and exclaimed upon seeing Lu Wushuang’s messy hair and disordered clothing.

“Zhao! Wahhh!!!” Lu Wushuang didn’t say anymore and just threw herself into his bosom as she bawled. Her sobbing was filled with grief and inconsolable anguish. Some of the girls in the crowd couldn’t help but be infected by the mood, shedding tears one after the other.

“Shuang’er, tell me exactly what happened! Who bullied you?” Qin Zhao clenched his teeth, forcing back his rage as he supported Lu Wushuang. The fire shone brightly, so from his position, he could clearly see that half of Lu Wushuang’s soft breast was exposed. In that moment, hot blood rushed into his head, almost turning him mad.

Men were able to bear anything. However, if their own woman was touched by another man, especially in such an intimate area, they would go crazy.

“Shuang’er, tell me who it was! I want to kill him!” Qin Zhao was furious.

“Wahhh!!! Qin Zhao, I let you down…I won’t live anymore, just let me die!” Lu Wushuang suddenly flung away Qin Zhao’s hand and took out a gold hairpin from her hair, sharply thrusting the sharp point at her own neck.

“Stop! You’ve gone insane!” Qin Zhao acted swiftly, firmly grabbing Lu Wushuang’s hands as he shouted, “Tell me what exactly happened! Who did this? Tell me!”

Qin Zhao was filled with anxiety and anger. He was almost driven mad.

“Wahhh!!!” Lu Wushuang threw herself headfirst into Qin Zhao’s bosom, crying bitterly as she said, “It was Qin Yu! He almost sullied me! Qin Zhao, you have to help me! Otherwise, I won’t have the right to stand up! I can only die ah! Wahhh!!!”

“Qin Yu. You beast! You bastard!” Qin Zhao snarled as he raised his head, “I’ll kill him!”

Right now his mind was engulfed by anger. He only needed to know who it was. As for how he would kill him, he hadn’t even thought that far yet. They dared to stain his woman, so he would kill them no matter who it was.

“Zhao’er, come back!”

A loud shout stopped Qin Zhao’s rushing footsteps. The one who had called was Qin Chong and Qin Zhao had no choice but to obey him.

“Second Grandfather, I have to kill Qin Yu!” Qin Zhao was furious. He gnashed his teeth as blue veins protruded from his fist. A cracking sound could be heard as he squeezed his hands.

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