Chapter 15: A Surefire Method to Kill Qin Yu

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 15: A Surefire Method to Kill Qin Yu

“Qin Yu, so your cultivation actually wasn’t crippled. That’s really great!”

In the middle of the valley, Qin Zhan’s large hand grasped Qin Yu’s shoulder. Originally, he had always treated Qin Yu very well. After Qin Yu turned into a cripple, he had always regretted how the Qin Family had lost a genius.

He didn’t expect that today he could see the former talent’s sudden comeback. To top it all off, he was even stronger than before. Not only did he surmount Dugu Ao who got first place in the qualifiers, but he had even beaten Luonan City’s number one female genius Qing Yun. It was shocking, as well as a pleasant surprise. For the Qin Family to have such a youth meant that in the future their family could continue to flourish.

Qin Yu was grateful toward Qin Zhan for defending him against Qing Liyuan earlier and for seeing him as somebody from the Qin Family, but this gratefulness extended to Qin Zhan alone. Toward the rest of the Qin Family, his opinion did not change at all. The Qin Family’s heartlessness was already etched into his bones.

Therefore, he only smiled reluctantly before speaking. “Fifth Elder, thank you for your help earlier. My friend is still waiting for me, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hold on, you’re somebody from the Qin Family, therefore, your friend would naturally be a friend of the Qin Family. Why don’t you two come rest at the Qin Family’s camp?” Qin Zhan extended the invitation enthusiastically.

“I’ve already thanked Fifth Elder and don’t wish to disturb everybody. Miss Murong, let’s go.” Qin Yu responded indifferently and decided to leave. The two quickly disappeared into the darkness.

“Ai…” Qin Zhan sighed heavily as he stared at their backs. He watched as the two figures were gradually enveloped by darkness. He knew that Qin Yu was unhappy with the Qin Family’s ruthlessness. Back then, he had opposed the Qin Family’s treatment toward Qin Yu. Alas, he was powerless in changing the family’s decision alone so he was filled with regret.

The Qin Family brought Qin Yu trauma and it seemed like they could only find a way to slowly appease him. Qin Zhan made a firm resolution that no matter what, he had to win Qin Yu over for the Qin Family.

“Fifth Elder. Fifth Elder…”

At this moment, a few people hastily rushed over. They were headed by a middle-aged man with small thin eyes and a small tidy goatee on his chin.

Qin Zhan was startled when he saw the man leading the group and blurted out in astonishment, “Third Elder, why did you come?”

The person who had come was the Third Elder of the Qin Family’s Seven Great Elders, Qin Chong.

Qin Chong’s expression showed anxiety and his robes were covered with dust. Based on their appearances, one could tell that they hadn’t properly rested before making the trip here.

Qin Zhan’s heart tightened, an ominous premonition filled his heart as he urgently asked, “Third Elder, has something happened in the Qin Family?”

Qin Chong took a few steps forward, gasping slightly to catch his breath. He quickly passed Qin Zhan a letter. “This is from your younger brother, hurry and take a look.”

Qin Zhan had an ominous premonition. He immediately tore open the letter and unfolded it. There was only a single and simple sentence inside: Brother, Mother is critically ill. Please come back quickly.

Qin Zhan’s expression drastically changed. He grabbed Qin Chong and almost screamed as he asked, “What happened to my mother?!”

“Your mother’s old illness suddenly relapsed and even Master Du Chen is helpless against it. The family head had me rush over here at top speed as your replacement in hopes that you could quickly return and see the old Madam’s last moments. Fifth Elder, hurry and go, leave this to me!” Qin Chong urged.

“Alright, then I’ll leave it to you.” Qin Zhan didn’t have time to speak further. He immediately turned around to fly away. Then, he suddenly stopped, his body turning to face Qin Chong. “Third Elder, you must keep an eye on Qin Yu.”

“Aiya, Fifth Elder! Hurry and go, otherwise, you might not be able to leave! We can talk about that cripple later! ” Qin Chong was so anxious for him to leave.

“Alright, I’m leaving.” Qin Zhan’s words weren’t even finished before he flew away like a tempest, disappearing into the darkness in a flash. The youths could only sigh in astonishment at the speed of a Transformational Realm cultivator.

Seeing Qin Zhan leave, Qin Chong finally released a sigh. Soon after the Qin Family returned to their camp, the others from Luosang City also settled down and returned.

At the Qin Family’s camp inside Qin Biao’s tent, somebody had already helped Qin Biao bandage his wound. He was currently lying down on a blanket as Qin Zhao took care of him at his bedside. The others had already been sent away.

Right now, the father-son pair both had anxious looks on their faces. “Father, what do we do now? Since Qin Yu has restored his cultivation, does that mean his memories have also been restored? If that’s the case and he exposes us then we’ll certainly, certainly…” Qin Zhao got up, frenzied.

Qin Biao immediately shouted in a low voice, “Zhao’er, calm down! This time you must stay calm. What are you so panicked about? How can you fight Qin Yu with such cowardice?”

“I…” Qin Zhao’s face turned red.

“Ai!” Qin Biao looked at his son and sighed regretfully. He hated iron for not becoming steel [1. When Qin Biao looks at Qin Zhao and “hated iron for not becoming steel” it means that he felt resentful towards Qin Zhao for not meeting expectations. He is also impatient to see his son’s improvement]. His son had a gift for cultivation and a ruthless heart, unfortunately, he wasn’t clear-headed enough to ponder over things. If something unexpected happened, he would always be distracted and over-react with fear.

“Zhao’er, you’re already nineteen years old. Next year, you’ll be twenty. I only hope that you can quickly mature so that when you encounter a problem, you can think things over with a clear mind, instead of panicking.” Qin Biao’s expression was serious as he guided his son.

Qin Zhao nodded and settled down. “Father, I understand. Then what should we do?”

“Simple, just let Qin Yu stay in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain forever.” Qin Biao clenched his teeth firmly, his eyes shining. “This time, we can’t make the same mistake as last time. We have to kill him here.” When he finished speaking, his face was sinister and ruthless.

“I also think we should kill him here, but Father, right now he’s too strong. You were even wounded. Plus, the Fifth Elder is currently guarding him now. How can we still kill him?”

When Qin Zhao asked that, Qin Biao was also dazed. That’s right, with their current state, how could they possibly kill Qin Yu? Not being killed by Qin Yu was already good enough.

“Qin Biao, Zhao’er.” At this moment, a voice rang from outside. A familiar man in his fifties walked in. He had small eyes and a goatee.

Seeing this person, Qin Biao and his son were startled before they were filled with endless delight. In their hearts, they loudly shouted that the heavens were helping them.

“Second Uncle!” Qin Biao loudly shouted with excitement.

“Second Grandfather!” Qin Zhao also loudly shouted.

The one who came in was the third elder Qin Chong. He was Qin Biao’s Second Uncle and Qin Zhao’s Second Grandfather.

“Eh? Qin Biao you don’t need to stand up! Lie down! Lie down!” Qin Chong entered with a smiled.

“Second Grandfather, please sit.” Qin Zhao quickly fetched a stool.

“Alright, Zhao’er you should also sit.” Qin Chong sat straight before staring at Qin Biao as he questioned, “How are you feeling? Do you feel slightly better?”

“Second Uncle, it’s just a small injury. It’s not that important. Why did you come?” Qin Biao was very curious about this.

“Qin Zhan’s old mother is dying, so I came to replace him.”

“That’s great!” Qin Biao was filled with excitement. Qin Zhan who was protecting Qin Yu had left and luckily, he had been replaced by his Second Uncle. The heavens were truly helping them ah! How could Qin Biao not feel moved?

“Second Uncle, do you know about Qin Yu? He…” Qin Zhao was just about to explain it to Qin Chong in detail when Qin Chong raised his hand to stop him.

“You don’t have to say it. I already know everything.” When Qin Chong returned with some people from the Qin Family just now, he heard all about Qin Yu’s power and Qin Biao’s injuries.

Qin Zhao took this opportunity to say something. “Second Grandfather, what should we do now? You must help us do something about it ah!” The thing he was most afraid of was that if he failed and was exposed, everything he currently had would be snatched away by Qin Yu. He was also afraid of Qin Yu’s revenge. With the strength Qin Yu had just shown, it wouldn’t be hard for Qin Yu to get rid of him.

Qin Chong nodded as he reassured him. “Zhao’er, don’t worry. It wasn’t easy for you to obtain everything you possess today, so I absolutely will not let others snatch it away. Besides, you’re my favorite grandson and I will always stand by your side.” [2. TL Note: Qin Chong refers to himself as “Second Grandfather” but I thought it would sound weird in English, so I replaced it with the “I” pronoun.]

Qin Chong’s words filled the father-son pair with joy as their hearts felt at ease.

Qin Chong’s face was grave as he said, “Qin Biao, you always plan things carefully. Tell me what you’re planning.”

Qin Biao clenched his teeth and spoke. “Second Uncle, we must go through with our plan [3. The idiom “只能一不做二不休” translates to something along the lines of “don’t do it, or don’t rest,” which means to either give up or go through with something until the very end.] to kill Qin Yu. No matter what, we absolutely cannot allow him to leave Ten Thousand Beast Mountain alive!”

Qin Chong’s small eyes narrowed into slits as he pondered.

Seeing that Qin Chong wasn’t speaking, Qin Biao and Qin Zhao’s hearts tightened with anxiety, fearing Qin Chong would not agree to kill Qin Yu.

“Second Uncle, Qin Yu restored his cultivation and is now even stronger than before. I suspect that he carries some sort of rare or inherited treasure. If we kill him, all of his treasures and items will be ours.” Qin Biao said that in order to make Qin Chong want to kill Qin Yu.

“Alright. Without poison, there’s no great man [4. The idiom that is used for “with no poison, there is no great man” means that “a great man has to be ruthless.”].” Qin Chong’s thin eyes suddenly opened as he agreed to Qin Biao’s method. This made the father-son pair relax. “Killing Qin Yu is fine, but we must have a fool-proof plan. After all, he is also someone from the Qin Family. You can’t just say kill and expect him to be killed.”

“En. Second Uncle is right,” agreed Qin Biao. Immediately, they began to create a surefire plan to assassinate Qin Yu.


Qin Yu had no idea that there was a deadly threat approaching. Together with Wang Murong, they chose a somewhat isolated area to prop up their own tents. Wang Murong had already prepared everything and only needed to take out the two tents from her space ring.

The tents were finally set up and they both rested. However, just as Qin Yu lied down, he heard somebody approaching his tent. In a place like this, it was a must to be vigilant at all times. Therefore, he was especially sensitive toward any signs of activity in their vicinity.

He stealthily crawled up and carefully pulled open the door to reveal a small crack to peek out from. In the dusky night, about a hundred feet from the tent was a person’s figure standing in the dark. From the person’s build, it seemed to be a woman.

The woman stood there, pacing back and forth before suddenly stopping in her tracks. For a moment she turned to leave but strangely, she hadn’t even walked a few steps before returning back to the front of his tent and stopping again. This was repeated several times.

Qin Yu was at a loss. Was this woman ill? It was late into the night, yet, instead of sleeping, she chose to run over here to his tent. Who was she?

With curiosity, Qin Yu left the tent and walked in the direction of the figure.

After walking a few steps forward, he recognized who the woman was. Unexpectedly, it was Lu Wushuang.

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