Chapter 149 Underground City Exterminated, Murong Yue Becomes King(Conclusion)

“Qin Yu.” 



A soft and gentle voice drifted from the dense fog, causing Qin Yu to shake uncontrollably all over. He abruptly turned around, his gaze like lightning as he stared in the direction of the hunting territory. 



His lightning-like gaze pierced through the dense fog and he saw a familiar figure walking out of the fog. 




Qin Yu was stunned as he looked at the figure walking out of the fog. He was full of doubt, how could she be here? Why and how is she walking out of the hunting territory? Don’t tell me she’s a hunter as well? 



“Yun Mei, don’t come out, leave quickly.” Wu Potian discovered Qing Yun walking out of the fog and hastily shouted. Right now he was injured under the hands of Big Bull and Qin Yu, these two monsters. Especially that devil Qin Yu, who dared kill Mu Yang and Lu Meihong. He feared that Qing Yun would be in danger, after all, with how beautiful Qing Yun was, any man would find it hard to resist her allure. 



Qing Yun didn’t listen to Wu Potian and walked out. Under countless gazes, she walked all the way in front of Qin Yu. 



“Yun Mei, don’t come over, go back now!” Wu Potian worriedly spit out another mouth of blood. He wanted to stop her, but he was currently powerless. The others also didn’t dare go up and provoke Qin Yu. This guy dared to kill Lu Meihong and Mu Yang, if they were to confront him weren’t they just sending themselves to their deaths?



“Qin Yu, you’ve come.” Qing Yun’s beautiful eyes landed on Qin Yu, her eyes seemed to be overwhelmed with sorrow. 



“Yun’er. Why are you here? What’s wrong?” Qin Yu saw the sorrow within Qing Yun’s eyes and his heart felt pain. 


“Qin Yu, wahh!” Qing Yun suddenly did something that caused a lot of people to be flabbergasted. She threw herself into Qin Yu’s embrace seemingly in great pain and started crying. 



When Wu Potian saw this scene, he was completely amazed. He didn’t think Qing Yun would act like a little girl, crying in the embrace of a man. 


The last few days the impression Qing Yun gave him was an iceberg, as if even a volcanic eruption wouldn’t melt her down. 


He also felt that her heart was in pain. The last couple of days he had been wholeheartedly trying every possible way to win her favor and took care of her in the best possible way he could. However the only outcome that seemingly would never change for eternity was her ice cold attitude. He really couldn’t imagine her jumping into a man’s arms. 


Once again, what kind of relationship does Qing Yun have with this Qin Yu that suddenly appeared out of nowhere?



Qin Yu’s heart immediately melted upon the sound of Qing Yun crying. He hastily hugged her and tried to comfort her, “Yun’er, who bullied you? Tell me, I will kill him, no matter who it is. I can kill them.” 



“Qin Yu, my brother was forced to death…. sob...” Qing Yun was broken-hearted about this. She had hurried to Zhengyang Sect but by the time she arrived, her brother had already been forced to death. She couldn’t even find his corpse. “Who forced him to death?” Qin Yu asked in a cold voice, his face filled with an aura of murder. 


Qing Yun stopped her tears from falling. She left Qin Yu’s embrace and wiped away her tears. Then she slowly turned around and looked towards Wu Potian, her beautiful face had once again turned incomparably cold. 


“Yun’er… you…you all…….” Wu Potian wanted to say something, but nothing came out. 



“Wu Potian, it was you who killed my brother right?” Qing Yun’s voice was like a cold blade as it pierced him. 



Wu Potian’s heart felt cold, he hastily tried to speak, “Yun Mei, I……..”



“Shut up! Don’t call me Yun’er. I am not your Yun’er. Tell me, was it you who killed my brother?” Qing Yun was angry, her cold face suddenly full of grief and indignation. 



“That.. that was a mistake, listen to my explanation……” 



Wu Potian’s words had only been said partly when his words suddenly stopped. An ice cold blood blade had pierced his chest, protruding from his back. 



“…… You…….” Wu Potian raised his eyelids, and looked toward the indifferent Qin Yu. He looked at the blood red blade Qin Yu held in his hands. His eyes still held some incredulity at the situation, but even more unwillingness. 


“Since it was you who killed him, then there’s no need to explain. Die.” Qin Yu spoke coldly. 


“You… dare kill…… kill me…...Zhengyang Sect won’t…… let…..let you go…….” Wu Potian gathered up all his strength to declare that sentence. 


“Zhengyang Sect, hmph. Laozi really doesn’t put it in my eyes.” Qin Yu coldly humphed in disdain. He suddenly put away his Blood Blade, drawing a ribbon of blood in the air as he did so. The people supporting Wu Potian were all shocked and their faces lost all color. They opened their eyes wide in alarm, they still couldn’t believe that there was someone who dared kill Wu Potian. 


    ‘Hong long long.’ 


When everyone was still submerged in the fog, hong hong sounds came from outside. A mountain peak far away from this meadow suddenly cracked. It was the place from which they had entered this hidden place. 


Since this hidden area has opened, they could now leave. 



People started getting their consciousnesses returned from the shock. Their faces were full of joy as they started moving towards the crack in the mountain. They could finally leave. Here, they personally saw Wu Potian, Lu Meihong and Mu Yang, these three incredible people getting killed decisively. They were all scared witless and hated that they were unable to immediately leave this crime scene. 


    ‘Hong hong……!’


This time, the crack in the mountain peak was many times wider than when they had entered. When they entered, only one person could pass through at a time. This time, even ten people going through the crack wouldn’t be a problem. 



However when they saw the people outside the exit, everyone was stunned. They lost all desire to rush out at that moment. 



Outside wasn’t Zhengyang Sect’s people, rather it was a group of strange dwarves. Their clothes were also different from normal humans. Their appearance was also quite different, with them having long and pointy ears. 



Qin Yu was also stunned, underground city’s people? Have the underground city’s people take over Zhengyang Sect? 

“Ji ji gua gua…..” 


Outside, the dwarves also saw the people inside, and immediately started shouting in a strange manner as they charged in, with ‘Hu la la’ sounds several hundred of them rushed in. They ferociously surrounded Qin Yu and company. 



Qin Yu swept a glance over them. They were pretty strong, they were all Transformation Realm experts. Several hundred Transformation Realm experts. In Qiongxi Country this was considered excessively terrifying. When did Transformation Realm experts become so common? 


He could imagine that in order to deal with Zhengyang Sect’s strength, the underground city dispatched a terrifying amount of strength. These Transformation Realm experts only had average strength. There might be even stronger experts. 



Sure enough, there were a few figures standing in the void. In an instant they appeared in the air above Qin Yu and company. Their small eyes peering down below at their group. They were led by someone wearing a green paozi[1]. Unexpectedly, a strange green tree-like organism grew atop his head. 



Immortal Realm expert? 



Qin Yu’s gaze grew sluggish, even an Immortal Realm expert made their move. It seems like Zhengyang Sect was done for. They had been in the hidden area all this time so they didn’t know what was going on outside. Only now did they know that the underground city had already destroyed Zhengyang Sect. 



“Inferior humans, who was it that caused that vision? Whoever can tell me won’t die.” The Immortal Realm expert suddenly spoke up in an ear-piercing voice. He was speaking the human language so Qin Yu and company could understand. 


‘Inferior humans?’ Not waiting for others to speak up, Qin Yu was immediately angry, “You bastard dwarves, you really have the nerve to call us inferior humans. What a joke, you all are the inferior race.” 



Qin Yu’s words caused all the dwarves to angrily shout. 



“Ha, ignorant inferior humans. Go die!” The green person’s small palm struck down. That small palm exploded out, yet it carried with it the hand imprint of a small mountain. Directly pressuring Qin Yu and all the people in his surroundings. Seeing this terrifying palm imprint falling down on them, the people below were terrified and their courage shattered. 


“Qin Yu be careful.” Qing Yun involuntarily screamed. 


Who knew that Qin Yu would smile cold in disdain. “Down down for laozi!” He roared. 


Under the gaze of countless shocked eyes, Qin Yu suddenly rushed into the sky and with a fist shattered the palm imprint. In the next moment a palm landed on the green person with an explosion of cold air. Like a housefly, he was directly swatted onto the ground. 



The green person shrieked miserably. When his the ground they were originally planning to get up, yet in an instant he had turned into an ice sculpture. 



Qin Yu had already successfully refined the Frozen Soul Palm, so its explosive strength was at it peak. 



The underground people were all dumbstruck. This was their respected god, an Immortal Realm expert. He was just so easily swatted to death by a palm. 


Big Bull and company was also dumbstruck, they raised their head blankly to look at that figure standing in the sky. In that moment they understood, the vision that had pierced the sky of the hidden area was him. In front of this tyrannical, overbearing strength, they weren’t even qualified to carry his shoes. 



“Motherf*cker, what realm is this kid in?” Big Bull firmly swallowed his saliva. 


“Inferior humans, you should all die, the underground is your world, you don’t belong here.” Qin Yu’s death-like voice erupted from the sky. In the next moment, cold air seemed to stream in all directions chaotically, covering the sky as it covered the dwarves on the ground. After which, one ice sculpture after another appeared. These Transformation Realm experts didn’t even have a chance to resist. 


After freezing all of the dwarves, Qin Yu dropped to the ground. He grabbed onto Qing Yun’s hand and waved to Big Bull, “Let’s go.” 


“Ah, ok ok.” Big Bull came back down to earth and hastily rushed to follow Qin Yu’s footsteps. Inquisitively, he asked in a loud voice, “Qin Yu, in the end, what realm are you at currently?” 


“Guess.” Qin Yu only had a single word to say. 


“F*ck, are you trying to kill me?!” Big Bull was almost driven mad, “Where are we going now? You should at least tell me this.” 


“Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.” 



“Ten Thousand Beast Mountain? Why are we going there? Fighting dwarves?” 



“You’ll know when we get there.” 



Qin Yu was really too lazy to answer Big Bull’s lousy questions. 



The three of them kill their way out of the hidden area. They kill their way down Zhengyang Mountain. Everywhere they passed they were blocked by the people from the underground city. Qin Yu turned all of them into ice sculptures. 



Since they didn’t have anyone to stop the dwarves, the Bai family sister brother and company all let out screams. As soon as Qin Yu’s three people left the dwarves left behind put all of their anger onto them. They grabbed the females to vent their lust till they died while the males were just chopped up and thrown to the devil beasts as food. 



Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Qin Yu and company entered the forbidden area and went into the cave that held the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers. 



Inside the cave, that pharaoh of the underground city was still researching a way to control the Godly Soldiers. It was only until Qin Yu stood right in front of him that he left his mind of thoughts and returned to the real world. 



“You, who are you? How did you come in?” This forbidden area had already turned into the underground city’s barracks. There was a massive army outside, he really couldn’t understand how Qin Yu and company could so quietly appear in front of him. 



“Hehe, we’ve destroyed your leader.” Qin Yu smiled treacherously. After speaking he waved his hand and the supreme high pharaoh had been turned into an ice sculpture immediately. 



“My mother! Qin Yu, there are so many soldier statues.” Big Bull looked at lines of statues of which he couldn’t see the sides. 



“They aren’t statues, they are actual soldiers.” Qin Yu took Big Bull’s words, and then continued, “You guys retreat a bit. I’m going to strengthen them a bit.” 


Soon after Qin Yu let loose a very large amount of cold air. He gave those soldiers a bright layer of ice armor. After spending three months, he finally covered all of them in ice armor. This way these hundred thousand Godly Soldiers offensive and defensive capabilities were all raised. 


After accomplishing this huge task, Qin Yu, Qing Yun and Big Bull rested a few days in the cavern. Afterwards, they took the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers and kill their way out of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Wherever they went they swept away the underground city’s armies. 


At this time, the underground city’s generals realized that the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers they had left behind had turned into a nightmare for them. 


Qin Yu brought the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers and followed the footsteps of the underground city’s armies. They killed their way to King City.


King City was the symbol of Qiongxi Country’s power and authority. When the dwarves were about to break through in their attack into the city, a hundred thousand Godly Soldiers seemed to have appeared out of nowhere as they endlessly slaughtered. They killed until nearly the entire underground city’s army was exterminated. 


Qin Yu put an end to the underground city’s forces that weren’t able to enter the city. Then he charged into the palace, and saved Murong Yue from Mu Tianqi and Murong Rui’s imprisonment. 



Soon after, under Murong Yue’s request, Qin Yu drove away all of the dwaves from Qiongxi Country and back to their underground city. 



The expedition the dwarves had spent countless years and had countless hot-blooded hearts preparing for, ended in failure. They had paid with the loss through the death of millions in their army. They could only return underground, to the place they came from, in a crestfallen manner. The following thousands of years, none of them would dare take a step onto the surface. 


How could they not want to fight, they had lost everything to the hands of a youngster. 


After dealing with the calamity that was the underground city, Qin Yu removed all of Mu Tianqi and Mu Rongrui’s power and beheaded them in the middle of the King City’s most lively street. 



As soon as the father and son had died, for a time there was no one to replace the family head. Mu Rongyue’s imperial father and imperial brother had long since been killed by the Mu Tianqi and Mu Rongrui father and son. The only one left was Mu Rongyue. 



Under the assistance of Qin Yu, Tie Shou and others, Murong Yue started a new phase in the history of Qiongxi Country. She ascended the throne and became Qiongxi Country’s first female Queen.


Three years after Murong Yue became queen, she was already in control of all the affairs of the country. The entire country entered a state of peaceful development. 



Qin Yu left, already done everything that he could’ve done. He left behind the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers, and brought Qing Yun and Big Bull and left quietly. Qiongxi was too small, it could not stop his footsteps. He needed a much bigger stage and a life full of magnificent and grand things. 


Murong Yue also knew that Qiongxi Country was too small for Qin Yu’s path. Thus she wanted Qiongxi Country to become very big, so big that maybe someday she could catch up to Qin Yu’s footsteps. 



As a result, ten years later, after everything had been prepared, Qiongxi started a mad and frantic war. A hundred thousand Godly Soldiers were unstoppable in their assault. Qiongxi Country turned from a small south western country into a super power that every country on the continent would be terror stricken everytime news came pertaining Qiongxi Country. 



Murong Yue’s title also continuously changed. From a Queen she became an Empress. From an Empress she became a Monarch. Qiongxi Country also finally became a super empire, restoring themselves to their past ancestor’s glory. So much so that they surpassed the height of glory their ancestors had achieved previously. Furthermore, the borders and territories she ruled over were continuously expanding. As long as she didn’t catch up to Qin Yu’s footsteps she would not stop……..



PS(AKA Author’s note): This book ends here. Writing those words really hurts my heart. I have spent a lot of time and effort writing this xuanhuan novel. I had thought that by the end of this novel, it would have at least 3 million characters. But it’s such a tragedy, this book has failed. I’ve said it before, I write the book. However, I don't decide the book's fate. It is the subscribers. The tragic number of subscribers has told me that this book is done for. 



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[1] Paozi: Chinese gown

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