Chapter 148: Revenge

As soon as Qin Yu arrived, he saw Big Bull rushing towards him at high speed. He looked at the brawny man and laughed. “Late stage of the Transformation Realm? Not bad, Big Bull.”


Being seen through immediately by Qin Yu made him feel a little depressed, because he still could not see through Qin Yu’s real strength.


“Only late stage of the Transformation Realm. Just what realm and stage are you in?” Big Bull grumbled loudly.


Qin Yu smiled mysteriously and gave him two words: "Guess.”


"Uh..." Big Bull frowned in frustration. "I can't guess. Just tell me!"


Qin Yu was too lazy to pay him further heed. He turned to look at Mo Badao, who was standing a short distance away. Mo Badao was also looking at him, and when their eyes met, a trace of surprise appeared on both of their faces.


"Qin Yu? A pleasure to meet you.” Mo Badao nodded at Qin Yu. He also could not tell Qin Yu’s real strength, but unlike the others, he didn’t believe that Qin Yu was merely in the Origin Realm. 


"Likewise." Qin Yu nodded in response.


“Surround them." A loud shout interrupted their conversation, then a noisy wind came roaring out from the dense fog covering the hunting territory, and several human figures appeared and surrounded the people in the grass.


Their expressions instantly changed as surprise took over their hearts. Didn’t they agree to not rush out? Then why did they just rush out now? What were they planning to do, massacre them?


Wu Potian, Lu Meihong and Mu Yang were standing proudly at the front.


“Yijian, look. It’s that bastard Qin Yu.”

Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan were both among the group behind Wu Potian. When they saw Qin Yu, sparks of hatred immediately lit up in their eyes. They would never forget the humiliation they suffered during the assessment. They had been training hard ever since they entered the Zhengyang sect, and one of their goals was to get revenge for the shame of that day.


When Li Yijian heard Dugu Feiyan say that, he immediately noticed Qin Yu, and the spark of hatred in his eyes burned more vigorously. Because one of his palms had been abandoned by Qin Yu, he could not recover now. His hatred for Qin Yu was stronger than that of Dugu Feiyan, as Qin Yu had crippled one of his hands. That hand still had yet to recover. However, in front of Wu Potian, Lu Meihong, and Mu Yang, he dared not act reckless, so he could only quietly wait and endure for the right opportunity.


“What’s your name?” Wu Potian asked Mo Badao coldly.


“Mo Badao,” Mo Badao responded with similar coldness.


"Heh, what an overbearing name,” Wu Potian sneered. The arrogance of the name “Mo Badao” was on par with his own. 


"Come with us,” he said in a commanding tone.


As soon as his words fell, the wiser of the people present were immediately able to guess what was going on. No wonder they charged out, even at the expense of breaking the rules. Most likely, they suspected that the heaven-defying inheritance was in Mo Badao’s possession, and thus they wanted to steal the inheritance.


Anyhow, at least it wasn’t any of their business. As a matter of fact, some of them would actually be more than happy to see Mo Badao get robbed. As a result, the people around Mo Badao moved away one by one until only Qin Yu and Big Bull were still within his vicinity. However, Wu Potian deemed the two irrelevant and was only paying attention to Mo Badao.


“Come with you? That’ll depend on if you have the ability to defeat me!” 


“Hahaha! Indeed, you live up to the arrogance of your name. You’re the first person to directly challenge me. Then let’s fight!” Without warning, he drew back his fist and threw a thunderous punch in Mo Badao’s direction.


“Die!” Mo Badao roared, leaping up to meet Wu Potian’s attack in mid-air.




The two powers collided, sending surges of wind through the air, and a fierce battle ensued.


Their audience watched in shock, especially Lu Meihong and Mu Yang, who were astonished to see that Wu Potian could fight Mo Badao at such a level. At the same time, it also increased their enthusiasm towards the inheritance.


Mo Badao was indeed very strong. He was in the late stage of the Transformation Realm, but nonetheless, after hundreds of blows were exchanged, he was still a step weaker than Wu Potian.


“Heh…” With another punch, Wu Potian finally managed to knock Mo Badao to the ground. He took several deep breaths to regain his breathing. On the inside, he was shocked. If Mo Badao had been on the same level of strength as him, then he had no doubt that the loser of the battle would’ve been himself. What a powerful inheritance! And soon, it would be his…


“Junior brother Mu Yang, capture him." He instructed after reigning in his excitement. He planned to slowly torture and interrogate Mo Badao later.


"Yes, Brother Wu." Mu Yang happily complied. Hoping that Wu Potian would share some of the spoils with him, Mu Yang was determined to get himself on Wu Potian’s good side.


"Stop!" Suddenly, a man rushed forward and blocked Mu Yang’s path. It was Qin Yu.


Mu Yang stopped and glared at Qin Yu before roaring, "Scram!"


The thunderous roar hit Qin Yu, who remained standing with a cold sneer on his face. The roar had no effect on him.


Mu Yang was stunned. A mere Origin Realm cultivator was able to resist his attack? That didn’t make sense!


"Do you want to die?" Mu Yang's expression was fierce, but he didn't want to act rashly until he had a grasp on Qin Yu’s real strength.


"You're Mu Yang?" Qin Yu asked in a cold and murderous tone, ignoring his warning.


Mu Yang was stunned again before responding, ”Right, I’m Mu Yang.”


"And which one is you is the b*tch called Lu Meihong?” Qin Yu asked again, the murderous intent in his tone increasing.


As soon as the words fell, the disciples of the Zhengyang sect were enraged. Lu Meihong appeared in a fury and spat at Qin Yu, "Who did you just call a b*tch?"


"Who are you?" Qin Yu’s gaze was piercing and murderous.


"I am Lu Meihong,” she responded with equal murderous intent.


"Ha, good. You're both here. Then, it’s time to collect your debts." Qin Yu laughed.


His words confused their audience. Did Lu Meihong and Mu Yang owe him money or something?


The two in question were also skeptical. They didn't know Qin Yu, so when did they owe him the money?


Qin Yu sneered at their expressions. "It seems that you’ve both forgotten, so let me remind you. One month ago, at the foot of Yanshan Mountain in Luosang City, you killed one person and cut off another’s arm. At that time, you left a message: Anyone who wants to seek revenge is welcome. So, I’m here.”


After hearing that, the two finally remembered the events of that day. However, they didn't think someone would really come to take revenge.


"Just you?” Lu Meihong revealed a disdainful sneer.


"I’m enough.” Qin Yu’s figure suddenly flashed, then he seized Lu Meihong’s neck so quickly that she didn’t have time to react. None of their onlookers saw him move.


For a moment, their onlookers were dumbstruck. An Origin Realm cultivator was able to grab a Transformation Realm cultivator’s neck so easily? Did they see wrong?


"You..." Lu Meihong wanted to say something, but he wordlessly snapped her neck with a crunch, and her body fell to the ground. 


"Junior sister!" Mu Yang exclaimed. Lu Meihong had died too quickly for him to react.


"Your turn." Qin Yu's voice was like a call from the gates of hell. Fear seized Mu Yang’s heart, but before he could do anything, Qin Yu had already grasped his neck.


"Stay your hand!" Wu Potian suddenly charged forward and released a fist to intercept Qin Yu. Beside Qin Yu, Big Bull roared and defected the attack.


“I’ll fight you!” He declared before engaging Wu Potian in a fight. Like Mo Badao, Big Bull was in the late stage of the Transformation Realm, but the difference was that he was much stronger than Mo Badao. Let alone save Mu Yang, Wu Potian found himself struggling to keep himself from being overwhelmed by Big Bull’s attacks.


In the end, Mu Yang met with the same fate as Lu Meihong.


Seeing the two die, the people from the Zhengyang sect were struck dumb. They never thought that someone would dare to kill such important figures within the sect’s grounds.


"Elder Wu… Father… I’m finally avenging the two of you. Ha...hahaha!" Qin Yu threw his head back and released a peal of crazed laughter as he killed. All of the Zhengyang disciples present trembled upon hearing his laughter, especially Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan.


They could tell that Qin Yu was much, much stronger than them. Just what realm was this crazed maniac in?


As they finally realized that Qin Yu had concealed his true strength, the Bai siblings’ faces dropped. He was not an Origin Realm cultivator at all—as a matter of fact, he was even stronger than Big Bull!


"Overlord Boxing!” Meanwhile, Big Bull finally released an attack, sending a hegemonic fist down and smashing into Wu Potian. If it weren’t for the other Zhengyang sect disciples rushing to support him, he probably would’ve been knocked straight to the ground.


Wu Potian spat out a mouthful of blood. His face suddenly turned as pale as paper.


This was the strongest disciple in the Zhengyang sect? He was actually beat by a new disciple, and one whose strength was a stage lower than his too?


In that moment, the magnificent image the Zhengyang sect disciples had held of Wu Potian collapsed.


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