Chapter 147: The Terrifying Vision

Chapter 147: The Terrifying Vision


Bai Li was waiting for Big Bull. He wasn’t that stupid to barge into the hunting area by himself. It just so happened that this stupid Da Niu was helping them clear the way. 


However, when he placed his gaze on Big Bull, his strength seemed to be stronger than before, to the point where it felt like a mystery to him. “Brother Big Bull, I just knew that you would also be fine and definitely would’ve been able to come out fine, hahaha……” Bai Li laughed loudly as he welcomed Big Bull. 


Big Bull laughed while walking towards the siblings of the Bai Family. His smile was crooked and they didn’t know why he was so happy. “Haha, Big Bro Bai, Miss Bai Li, I didn’t think you two would be even faster than me.”


As soon as Big Bull exclaimed ‘Master of Transformation Realm,’ it immediately caught the surrounding people’s attention. Nearly everyone stared at Bai Li. They revealed a sense of admiration and respect when looking at him. Master of the Transformation Realm. They thought of being that in their dreams. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something achieved easily. 


Seeing the surrounding respectful gazes, Bai Li enjoyed this treatment a lot. The smile on his face deepened and he purposefully acted modestly: ”Big Bull Bro is a man worthy of celebration. Your strength probably got a lot better with the hidden territory right?”  


“Haha, it’s not a lot. It’s just late stage Transformation Realm.” Once the words were out, everyone was frozen. Nani? He’s in the late stage of the Transformation Realm and he’s at least younger than Bai Li by ten years. How dare he say that he just reached the last stage of the Transformation Realm at this age? Did he need to attack them like this?


Bai Li is stunned. After a couple of moments, he just reacted. Before he thought that being a master of the Transformation Realm in the early thirties was considered a genius figure, but compared to Big Bull, what type of genius was this? There was no possibility for comparison. Constantly comparing one with another will only make them angry.


Bai Feng was frightened by this. Bai Li claimed that Big Bull was very powerful in the past, but he was unable to tell to what extent. Big Bull never indicated what rank he was. Now that she heard that he was in the late stages of the Transformation Realm, she was suddenly stunned. The gaze she held towards Big Bull didn’t dare to contain contempt and rudeness anymore. 


“Yep, Big Bull really is heaven loved genius. With you in our group, there won’t be any problem breaking through the hunting area!” Bai Li exclaimed this emotionally. What did he need to worry about with such a valiant pioneer? He will definitely become the formal disciple of the Zheng Yang Sect However, Zheng Yang Sect will probably regard Big Bull more highly than him when he becomes the disciple in the future since Big Bull was that powerful and will beat him. If there wasn’t Big Bull, he will most likely become the most powerful amongst the new disciples. Then, the benefits he will receive were obvious. 


Therefore, he planned to let Big Bull lead the way, but also think of ways to get rid of him using the hunters’ hands inside. 


“Breaking through the hunting area? Where is the hunting area?” Big Bull had just come out and didn’t hear Han Yuan explaining the rules just now. Bai Li was forced to give him a run through.


Big Bull laughed in delight when he heard the hunting area’s rules, “Haha…  My favorite thing is to hunt and kill. When the time comes, we’ll see who's hunting who.” 


“Hehe, with Big Bull Bro’s strength, we’ll definitely be hunting them.” At the side, somebody gave Big Bull some flattery before deciding, “How about we just go burst in?” 


“Yeah. Big Bull Bro, we don’t have much time anymore so let’s just charge in.” Bai Li said in agreement. 


Big Bull’s head moved around as if he was trying to find somebody. 


“Huh, have you guys seen Qin Yu yet?” 


So he had actually been looking for Qin Yu.


“Nope.” Bai Li shook his head. 


“With his little strength, he probably already died.” At the side, Bai Feng mumbled to himself. Qin Yu had always been hiding his strength so he had always appeared to be an Origin Realm cultivator, resulting in Bai Feng’s current judgment.


She was lucky that it was she who said that. If it had been anybody else. Big Bull definitely would’ve rushed up furious. 


“No way. Even I didn’t die so Qin Yu bro definitely couldn’t have died. You guys go first, I’ll wait for him.” Big Bull finally did something that would touch Qin Yu if he was there. But unfortunately, he wasn’t. Otherwise, Qin Yu definitely would’ve been so moved to the point of jumping in joy.


“This……” Bai Li was filled with frustration. He had originally planned to have Big Bull open up a path. If he didn’t go, all his plans would be ruined. 


With no better option, Bai Li and the others were forced to wait with Big Bull. Seeing that these two masters of the Transformation Realm staying still, the others hadn’t moved either. Everyone knew how safe it would be to stay behind the masters while making their way through the hunting area. 


Within the hunting area, Lu Meihong and Mu Yang’s gazes penetrated through the fogs, standing on the high platform. They firmly stared at the direction of the group of people. They had seen them move before, but now there was no movement. This led them to become angry. If it weren’t due to the hindering of the Sect’s rules, they would’ve rushed out and killed the enemies.


“Junior Martial Sister Lu, Junior Martial Brother Mu.” 


While the two people were mad, a shaking voice rang from behind. This led the two to hurriedly turn their head around. They looked at the direction of the sound. Once they see the two people who nimbly landed on the high platform, they revealed looks of shock. 


“S-Senior Martial Brother Wu, why did you come here?” Mu Yang asked with a surprised tone. At the same, he secretly glanced at the beautiful image of a woman behind. He was almost at a loss of breath from looking at the breathtaking woman. However, this was who Martial Brother Wu was interested in. He didn’t dare to think otherwise. He could only cast secret glances. 


The people who came were a handsome man wearing white robes with extraordinary temperament and a beautiful woman wearing black clothes.When the two stood together, they gave people a feeling as though they were naturally a perfect match. A handsome man and a beautiful woman. 


The male wasn’t anyone else, but the first disciple of Zheng Yang Sect, Wu Potian. He was Zheng Yang Sect’s only elder. The person behind was a young woman that he was recently interested in, Qing Yun, 


Qing Yun stood behind Wu Potian, her face cold. She looked incomparably elegant and magnificent, even more charming. She was like a goddess that was not to be blasphemed. She was ice cold but pure. 


“Oh right, Senior Martial Brother Wu, did you also come to play?” Lu Meihong immediately revealed what she believed to be a flirtatious smile in front of the handsome young man with an extraordinary temperament. Mu Yang had seen this and was extremely envious. However, he didn’t even dare to let out a breath on the surface. No matter whether it was Lu Meihong or Wu Potian, he was unable to offend them. 


Wu Potian revealed a conservative slight smile. The smile was charming which led the love-struck women to fall head over heels in love and become infatuated. At that moment, Lu Meihong was also smitten. Unfortunately, Wu Potian wasn’t interested in her. Otherwise, she would’ve kicked Mu Yang to the side. At this time, she was jealous of Qing Yun. She, who was normally rude and unreasonable, actually hated Qin Yun out of jealousy.


Qing Yun, who was an outsider, had only come to the Zheng Yang Sect for a few days. How dare she steal who she liked? Since she can’t have him, no one else can. Of course, she didn’t have the power to destroy the person. Therefore, she could only destroy who dared to steal this from her. 


“I came here to do actual work.” Wu Potian replied smilingly, “Master had a terrifying vision of the hidden territory and specially called me here to take a look. He had originally wanted to go look personally, if he suddenly came down with his status, he would be crowded until he couldn’t move so he had me come to represent him.” 


Lu Meihong and Mu Yang were startled upon hearing Wu Potain’s words. Wu Potian’s master was Wu Xu, one of the sect’s three great Protectors. What kind of amazing, world-shaking thing was it that prompted a Sect Protector to personally want to go and take a look?


Was there really something like that there? Amongst the people who had entered, those who were alive all returned and those who hadn’t probably died inside. What extraordinary thing could there be?


It seemed like it was going to firmly respond to the two people’s suspicious thoughts. Suddenly, they heard a loud sound. 




The loud sound was ear-splitting. Even the earth and sky began to shake too.


Under everyone’s shocked gaze, by the side of the sky, a light beam soared above. It immediately penetrated through the sky, causing a hole to appear. 


How terrifying- even the sky had been pierced. Everybody’s hearts trembled. 


Of course, what the beam of light had pierced was just the hidden territory’s sky, not the real sky outside. 


Everybody wondered: the hidden territory was it’s own isolated world, but now that it’s sky was broken, would the entire dimension break down as well? They really wished that it was so- if the hidden territory really did break down, they didn’t need to risk their lives with the hunting area. 


However, reality was different. The hole pierced in the sky soon faded away, resuming its previous appearance. The whole hidden territory quickly stabilized, as if nothing had happened.


“Who’s the cause of that terrifying vision?” 


After their hopes were dashed, a few people’s attention shifted to this problem. 


Inside the hunting area, Wu Potian and the others were also thinking of this. Their eyes were currently fixed on meadow, waiting to see if there was still anybody that would appear and if it was the person who triggered the vision. 


Suddenly with a ‘buzz’ sound, a white light appeared on the meadow as a person came out. Everybody’s gazes focused on the newcomer. 


That person noticed everybody’s attention and raised their head to face them. Their cold, powerful aura surged out, scaring a few close to him into trembling. 


What a cold and tyrannical aura!


If Qin Yu was here, he would definitely recognize the person. It was Mo Badao, one of the four great seeded players in the Martial Exam from the Demonic Blade Family. 


“Late stage Transformation Realm!” On the hunting area stage, Wu Potian was watching Mo Badao. Even though he was a genius cultivator, he still couldn’t help but be utterly shocked. 


Mo Badao seemed to have barely even reached twenty yet he was already a cultivator at late stage Transformation Realm, just a stage away from Wu Potian who was at the peak of Transformation Realm. If he was given another few years, he may also be able to reach the peak of Transformation Realm and his accomplishments may even surpass Wu Potian’s. 


Wu Potian knew clearly that he could only have his current status because of the Sect Protector’s guidance and nurturing under the sect’s powerful resources. Mo Badao didn’t have such things yet he still managed to reach late stage Transformation Realm at such a young age. This could only be due to one reason- he received an amazing, heaven defying inheritance inside the hidden territory and the source of the vision earlier was him. 


How could such a monstrous inheritance be left in a newcomer’s hand? You could even say left in an outsider’s hand, as Mo Badao still hasn’t officially joined the Zhengyang Sect. He was still only a contestant in the entrance assessment. 


Per everybody’s expectations, Mo Badao really did get a heaven defying inheiritance. He had directly bypassed countless levels of cultivation, going from Immersion Realm to shockingly reach the late stage of Immersion Realm. Even he himself didn’t dare to believe that this was true and not just a dream. 


“I’ve seen this person before. We went up the mountain together and at that time, he was still at Immersion Realm. How could he suddenly have become so strong?” A person’s voice rang out, breaking the silence. Once more, everybody’s hearts shook as they thought of a possibility. 


An inheiritance, he must’ve received an amazing inheiritance. Otherwise, how could he go from an Immersion Realm cultivator to late stage Transformation Realm in only a month? Just breaking through to Transformation Realm would be absolutely world shaking, but he even managed to reach late stage!


Very few doubted now that this guy was the source of the vision. The inheritance he had obtained was utterly terrifying. 


This time, everybody stared at Mo Badao with not only envy and admiration, but also greed in their gazes. They also wished they could obtain such an inheritance. 


With Wu Potian’ s strength, he could hear everything everybody was saying outside and didn’t have any doubts. He immediately determined Mo Badao to be the source of the vision. 


“Let’s go.” Wu Potian wasn’t Mu Yang. He was the disciple of a Sect Protector and so even the Sect Master had to give him some face. Therefore, he didn’t care about whatever rules of the sect and just called out loudly, preparing to rob those in the hunting area. 


He suddenly stopped after taking a step out. The reason why was because Qing Yun hadn’t taken a single step so he was forced to turn back and return to the platform. 


“Sister Yun, what happened?” Wu Potian’s attitude became gentle when he asked her this, without any of the normally seen haughtiness of Zhengyang Sect’s best disciple. 


“I, I don’t want to see so many people.” Qing Yun replied softly. Originally in the Martial Examination's Illusionary Array, she and Qin Yu both knew Mo Badao. They had a pretty good impression of Mo Badao yet right now, Wu Potian clearly wanted to go out and rob him.  She was powerless to resist and definitely didn’t want to participate, so it was better not to go as to avoid awkwardness.


Wu Potian also didn’t want to make things difficult for her and spoke gently, “Alright then, why don’t you rest here for now and I’ll be back soon.” After saying so, he took Mu Yang and the rest to rob again. 


While Wu Potian and the others were out, another brilliant splendor of light appeared from the meadow. Another group of people emerged from the hunting area. Their auras were very strong and a few were even at Transformation Realm. 


This time, nobody in the meadow was calm. Everywhere people cried out in surprise. So it turns out that the ones who came out last actually received the most benefits. With their appearances, Bai Li and Big Bull were no longer the only Transformation Realm cultivators, causing Bai Li to feel very frustrated. He had hoped that if he had Big Bull gone, he would be the strongest of the batch, but now his hopes were dashed. He couldn’t possibly kill all the Transformation Realm cultivators himself right?


Big Bull obviously didn’t care about whatever strongest and just stared wide-eyed at the groups that were coming out, looking for Qin Yu’s familiar figure. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t find him, making him grow anxious. 


F*ck, how come he still hasn’t come out? Could something have actually happened?


Just as he began to worry, a weak flicker of light appeared on the turf as a familiar figure appeared. 


“Qin Yu.” Big Bull jump forward excitedly, “I knew nothing would’ve happened to you. F*ck, why did you only just come out? You almost worried me to death!” 


The one who had come out really was Qin Yu. Compared to the ones who had just come out, not many cared for his appearance. If it wasn’t for Big Bull’s shout just now, almost nobody would’ve noticed him since he was just too ordinary. He still gave everybody the feeling of an Origin Realm cultivator. 


Origin Realm cultivator… He’s probably the only one left at this stage. 


Bai Feng saw Big Bull running to Qin Yu in excitement and spat from her fat mouth in contempt, muttering in disdain: “That Origin Realm trash actually didn’t die inside. What a lucky bastard!” 


“Qin Yu.” Although Qing Yun never stepped out onto the high platform in the hunting area, she had always been staring outside. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes focused on a familiar, delicately handsome looking youth. In that moment, she felt her whole body tremble as if she had been electrocuted.

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