Chapter 146: Hunting Area

In front, Big Bull had fiercely been opening up a path the entire time, escorting Bai Li and the others to the cracked stone wall. He allowed them to go in first while he defended them. 


He was just about to enter himself when he suddenly found Qin Yu behind him and hastily shouted, “Qin Yu, come in!” 


Qin Yu heard Big Bull shouting for him and couldn’t help but feel gratified. Looks like this guy still has a bit of a conscience. 


“Let’s go in together!” Qin Yu shouted back in reply as he appeared next to Big Bull. One after the other, they quickly dashed into the gap. 


Inside, the dense fog made everything hazy to the point where it was almost pitch dark. Even though the two were both at Transformation Realm, under such a dense fog, they still couldn’t see more than three meters. People with lower cultivation could probably see even less. 


“Huh, how come there’s nobody here?” 


The two explored the dense fog and found nobody at all. Big Bull couldn’t help but mutter curiously. Earlier, there had already been a lot of people who had gone in first, so how come nobody was here?


A flash of doubt flashed in Big Bull’s mind when Qin Yu suddenly shouted, “Big Bull, be careful!” 


“What happened?” Big Bull turned to look at Qin Yu only to see him frantically throwing himself at him. 


However, Qin Yu was too late. He could only watch as a large flash of light appeared and Big Bull’s figure vanish. 


“Big Bull!” Qin Yu shouted loudly as he dashed into the white light, also disappearing without a trace. The area soon restored it’s peace, creepily silent and empty. 


Outside, fifteen minutes quickly passed and the stone wall was already sealed up. There were still several hundred people who still hadn’t made it in. If you also included the corpses on the ground, then just entering would’ve directly eliminate 500 people, half of all the participants. 


The eliminated participants saw the shut entrance and couldn’t help but sigh. Wanting to join the Zhengyang Sect really wasn’t easy. They didn’t even have the qualifications to enter the exam room. 


“Han Yuan.”


At this moment, an aged voice sounded from the skies. 


Han Yuan hastily bowed and answered respectfully: “Han Yuan is listening.” 


“We’ll be leaving this place to you. After a month, we will return.” 


“My respectful farewells to the Sect Protectors.” 


Han Yuan bowed again.


Within the deep fog above the stone wall, three figures flitted by, disappearing in an instant. 


After sending off the three Sect Protectors, Han Yuan got up and faced the eliminated contestants: “Everyone here has already been eliminated. Soon, somebody will come to lead you out so for now, everyone can do their own thing.” 


The eliminated people were helpless as they turned around dejectedly to leave. Everybody felt a sense of regret, but the weaker few couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. At least they were still alive, and not like the corpses on the ground. 




A month’s time passed by quickly. 


In the hidden territory exam room, everybody was transported to a different place filled with both treasures and dangers. 


The unlucky ones turned into yet another corpse in the hidden territory, forever unable to leave. The lucky ones escaped the danger alive and were returned to their original locations. 


Right now, there was no longer the dense fog from earlier, revealing only a spacious meadow.  The turf was covered in rows of gravels in endless massive heaps. The rocks emitted an aura of death, so chilling that one could not help but tremble.


“Everybody, congratulations for making it through the dangers and coming back here alive.” Above the meadow, Han Yuan’s voice rang out. 


“Now, there is only one more assessement for you guys. The Hunting Area.” Han Yuan’s voice suddenly grew louder, “After entering the area, you will have become the hunters’ prey. If you succeed in escaping, you will have the honor of becoming a Zhengyang Sect disciple. Otherwise, you will either be eliminated, or left as a corpse on the ground.” 


Everybody trembled upon hearing the word ‘corpse’. It wasn’t easy for them to come back here alive and they didn’t think they would have to experience one more life risking trial to become a Zhengyang Sect disciple. Was this worth it? 


“Of course, you guys have the choice to give up here and choose to be eliminated.” Han Yuan’s voice continued to ring out. After saying that sentence, he no longer spoke, giving them time to think. 


There were altogether a hundred people who had returned. Compared to the five hundred who had gone into the hidden territory, the survival rate wasn’t even 50%. Maybe there were a few who still hadn’t come out yet, but there shouldn’t be too  many. 


Many people were a bit afraid, staring at the strong deathly aura emitting from the stone piles hesitantly. 


But if they gave up here, it was hard for them to accept. They’ve managed all the way up to here and it was the last step. Giving up now would really be too much of a pity. 


“Humpth, how can you be afraid of death on the road of cultivation? If you guys won’t go, I will.” One of the stronger people in the group shouted loudly, lifting his sword as he valiantly charged in between the thick stone piles, disappearing into the fog without a trace. 


Inside the heaps of stone, a demonic figure moved in the fog. They crouched in preparation to hunt. 


They concealed themselves between the stone mounds, their eyes bloodthirsty as they stared at the intruder. Their faces were filled with excitement- hunting like this was their favorite.


On one of the stone heaps was a high platform where a male and female stood. The female was dressed in red robes- Lu Meihong. The one who stood beside her was precisely her attendant and boyfriend, Mu Yang. 


The two stood on the elevated platform, staring loftily at the crowd. Lu Meihong’s voice was angry: “What a group of trash, none of them even dare to come on. Such little courage and yet they still hope of joining the Zhengyang Sect, what a joke!” 


“Don’t worry. Look, somebody came.” Mu Yang interrupted from the side.


Lu Meihong also saw somebody come in. 


“Late stage Immersion Realm, too strong.” Mu Yang shook his head in disappointment, “Let’s have somebody else kill him.” 


“No, let him pass. Only then will the people afterwards dare to enter.” A hint of a cold smile appeared on Lu Meihong’s face. 


“Heh, Junior Martial Sister’s the smartest. Then we’ll let him pass.” Mu Yang gave her some flattery then frowned again, “Hey, do you really think there could be somebody here that can help you understand the dao and help you break through to the middle of Transformation Realm?” 


“How would I know if I don’t try? If we find a group of powerful people fighting wildly, perhaps we can gain a spark of comprehension and break through.” Lu Meihong’s voice was filled with anticipation, “Plus, even if we don’t break through, it’d still be good practical experince. Just treat it as a playday since I’ve been bored to death shut off in that room for the past two days.”


“Alright, since you want to play, I’ll go with you.” Mu Yang’s face held a cold smile as he watched the prey outside. They discovered by now that nothing dangerous had happened to the man who had gone in first and so quite a few more started to enter the gravelly area. 


Outside, the Bai Family Siblings- Bai Li and Bai Feng, were both lucky enough to come out alive. Furthermore, both had gotten a lot of fortuitous encounters and became far stronger. 


Bai Li was originally just at the apex of Immersion Realm but now had already broken through to Immersion Realm. A thirty year old Transformation Realm cultivator could already been considered a heaven blessed genius. Bai Feng had also reached the late stage of Immersion Realm and so her confidence has gone up a lot as well. 


“Brother, let’s go in too.” Bai Feng saw that many people had already gone in and spoke with an urgent tone. 


Bai Li shook his head, “Wait a bit.” 


“What are we waiting for?” Bai Feng was puzzled. 


“Heh, I came back alive!” The Bai Sibling’s conversation was broken off by a tiger like roar. 


Bai Li heard the voice and smiled: “The one we were waiting for has finally come.”

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