Chapter 145: A Monster, a Freak.

The stone wall’s crack grew bigger and bigger until it formed a crack large enough for a person to fit through. 


Once it finished, Han Yuan spoke brightly to the crowd, “Now, everybody prepare well. We have only the time it takes to brew a cup of tea (15 minutes) to enter the hidden territory and the entrance in will close shortly after. Those unable to enter in that timeframe will be directly eliminated.”


After that was said, the atmosphere became frenzied as the thousand hurried towards the entrance, racing to get ahead as much as possible, vanishing into the crevice in an instant. 


The ones at the back were especially frantic to get forward. They regretted choosing to stand so far back and now could only do their hardest to dash forward. 


A thousand people wasn’t much, but the crevice was only large enough to allow one person through at a time. Perhaps if they preserved order and entered calmly in a line, then it would be possible to allow all thousand swiftly through. 


However, there was obviously nobody to preserve order here. Han Yuan just stood to the side, indifferent as he watched them fight with their lives at risk for a chance to get inside the tiny crack without the slightest intention to help clear the chaos.


He actually wanted them to fight to enter. Those that didn’t manage to enter had no ability and was better eliminated now. 


With nobody to keep order, the situation was in chaos. Countless tried to crowd into the crevice, with nobody letting the other through. As a result, it took far longer to enter the hidden territory. 


“Everybody f*ck off for Laozi!” 


A frantic man suddenly exploded, shouting as he began to strike with murderous intent at those around him. 


“Whoever blocks me will die!” 


A wretched howl sounded in the crowd as blood splashed everywhere.




Sounds of killing shook the skies at the area around the entrance to the hidden territory. The stronger ones simply killed a bloody path in and charged into the gap, leaving a trail of corpses behind them. 


In an instant, the entire scene fell into chaos. The entire group of a thousand people mobbed around the entrance, engaging in bloody battle. 


Qin Yu stood at the back of the group, frowning as he watched what was happening. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: Zhengyang Sect really was ruthless. Now, the assessment has already commenced. 


Qin Yu really didn’t care about the assessment so he wasn’t really in a rush to get in. However, he couldn’t find Big Bull anywhere. He couldn’t have really gotten lost right?


“Get lost, scram, everybody f*ck off for Laozi!” 


Suddenly, an especially loud shout sounded, ringing through the clamour. Ahead, a huge, dark figure roared loudly, shaking the others into taking a step back. 


Who else could this be but Big Bull?


Qin Yu’s gaze focused on Big Bull’s body that was charging forward. Following behind him were a few people, among which was the fat girl surnamed Bai, and thus, naturally Bai Li was also there. 


The Bai brother and sister following behind Big Bull he could understand. After all, this foolish cow liked that fat girl. But the strange thing was that there were a few others following behind him. Amongst them was that white faced pretty boy that Big Bull had almost strangled once. 


Obviously, this group of people treated Big Bull as a road paver. 


What kind of situation was this? When did Big Bull started mixing with that group of people? 


Qin Yu charged forward with a long stride with doubt in his mind.


Other that Big Bull’s big body, his strength could be considered terrifying amongst young people at his age. A Transformation Realm expert, yet most late-stage Transformation Realm experts wouldn’t be his opponent. How could these people possible block him. A few reckless fellows charged over wanting to rob them, however they were directly picked up by Big Bull and thrown away. Alongside with their shrieks, they were thrown to god knows where. 


Behind Big Bull’s path he paved out, the group of people followed behind as if there was nobody else there. He easily ran up to the gap in the stone wall, causing Bai Li’s heart to shake. When he first pulled in this naive bull, he was truly wise. 


Big Bull’s boldness and power attracted the attention of the powerful elders.


“Middle of Transformation Realm?” The three’s faces all had a trace of astonishment on them.


In front of these Void Realm experts, Big Bull’s age and cultivation was completely seen through by them. 


A mid-stage Transformation Realm cultivator amongst the thousand newcomers was definitely the strongest.


What caused these old men to be even more shocked at Big Bull’s appearance that was merely twenty years old. A twenty year old Transformation Realm cultivator. Even within the Zhengyang Sect could be considered a prodigy amongst geniuses. Perhaps the only person capable of matching him was first ranked inner sect disciple Wu Potian. He was also twenty when he broke through to the mid-stage Transformation Realm. 


“Hahaha, I want him that guy, don’t fight with me for him.” Amongst the three elders, the only one without a beard laughed loudly and called for him first. He stared at Big Bull acting so tyrannically below, liking him more and more. 


In Zhengyang Sect, these elders looked favorably upon those who were talented. Of course, if one wanted to be looked on favorably by them, it wasn’t an easy matter by any means. They had to be one in a generation, monstrous, heaven shaking talents. Otherwise they shouldn’t even think about such a thing. 


“Sigh. Old Third, don’t tell me you’ve found another one you want?” The oldest one amongst the three, an old man with an immortal like manner to him and long white hair and beard spoke gently, “Wu Shang, how many disciples have you taken now?” 


“Replying to senior martial brother: after breaking through to Void Realm, I haven’t taken a single disciple. So now, it’s been about a hundred years.” The old man called Wu Shang chuckled in reply. 


“Old Third, the one you like has pretty good strength. It’s just unfortunate that he seems a little stupid.” At the side, the last old man with a short beard and deeply etched frown lines added in a sentence as he stared at Big Bull with a hint of pity. He was too late. But he already had a disciple, Wu Potian, under him anyways and so he didn’t want to go fight Wu Shang over Big Bull. 


“Second Bro Wu Xu, what stupid, this is called ‘great intelligence may appear to be stupidity, hahaha……” Wu Shang continued to laugh in delight, “That youngster already managed cultivate to such a degree outside a sect so once he becomes my disciple… hehe, Second Bro, you’d better tell Potian to train harder or he’ll definitely be overtaken by my disciple.”


“Humpth, you’re just boasting shamelessly.” Wu Shang snorted disdainfully. 


“Heh……” The white bearded old man’s laugh interrupted the two, “Wu Xu, Wu Shang, the two of you have both already gotten disciples. It seems like this Wu Wei should take one as well.”


“Huh?” Wu Xu and Wu Shang were both startled as they both turned to look at the white bearded man called Wu Wei in astonishment. 


These were Zhengyang Sect’s three great Void Realm Sect Protectors: Wu Shang, Wu Xu, and Wu Wei. Wu Wei was the leader, and also the strongest so it’d be reasonable to say there wouldn’t be any difficulty if he wanted to take a disciple. However, Wu Xu and Wu Shang both clear that from the start, their elder martial brother had never planned on taking in a disciple. Regardless of before or after he cultivated to Void Realm, he had never taken a single disciple. 


For Wu Wei to say such a thing today, how could the other two not be surprised?


Could it be that somebody caught his eye today?


How could that be possible? The strongest was that large, dark man who Wu Shang had already called dibs on. Could there actually be somebody even stronger? 


Could it be that he would accept somebody weaker than Big Bull?


No way, their elder martial brother had always been number one so it’s impossible that he would take in anybody who wasn’t the absolute best.


The two thought for a while but still couldn’t figure it out. Ultimately, Wu Shang couldn’t help but ask: “Eldest Martial Brother, you, you’re not playing a joke right? Somebody really caught your eye?” 


Wu Wei nodded with a smile.


“How could that be possible? There’s no really amazing talent still down there right?” Wu Shang and Wu Xu both held expressions of disbelief. Could it be that he found somebody at Immersion Realm he liked?


“Sigh, take a look.” Wu Wei continued to smile, his eyes bright as he emitted a ray pointing at a pretty looking youth dressed in black robes below. It was Qin Yu.


Wu Shang and Wu Xu followed his gaze to finally land on Qin Yu. 


“An Origin Realm cultivator?” Wu Shang was startled before immediately shouting, “Senior Martial Brother, you actually favored an Origin Realm Cultivator? You…… wait, that’s not right…….” Wu Shang’s voice suddenly came to a halt.


“Old Third, you’ve been deceived.” Wu Xu called out. 


“F*ck!” Wu Shang burst out with a curse, rather annoyed: “That youngster’s really good at covering up his aura! I wasn’t careful and almost got deceived. The initial stage of Transformation Realm… so there was actually another Transformation Realm cultivator in the group.”


He thought about how a grand and stately Void Realm master like him had actually almost been deceived by a youngster. If this news came out, then even his great grandmother’s face would be lost.


“Look at his age, he looks like he’s only 18 years old… an 18 year old at the beginning of Transformation Realm, this…….” Wu Xu continued, his face filled with shock. 


This guy was even more monsterous than his disciple, Wu Potian. Wu Potian was 19 when he made it to the beginning of Transformation Realm, an achievement that shocked the entire sect. Yet Qin Yu had actually made it to the same level at 18, an entire year earlier than Wu Potian. 


Of course, one year could make him surprised, but not as shocked as he was now. What he was truly amazed about was Qin Yu’s background. 


Wu Potian had been at Zhengyang Sect since he was a child and had always been doted on. He received the best resources and meticulous care from the sect and only then was he able to achieve the monster feat of reaching Transformation Realm at 19. 


Compared to Qin Yu who had cultivated outside the entire time in an ordinary family (Of course they knew Qin Yu was from an ordinary family. If he really came from a great power like the Zhengyang Sect, then why would he come running to Zhengyang Sect’s new disciple entrance exam. If he was supported, then there was no way he’d do something so pointless). 


For a normal child to reach Transformation Realm at 18 meant that his natural talent and apitude was absolutely terrifying. If he had to fostering and resources of Zhengyang Sect, he would definitely mature into an unimaginable talent. 


Wu Shang also saw this and for a moment, was filled with regret. He scolded his carelessness. If he had known earlier that there was such a monsterous existence in the group, then he wouldn’t have fought for Big Bull and call for Qin Yu. 


If he was a step earlier and fought for Qin Yu, then with Wu Wei’s status as the eldest martial brother here, there was no way he would squabble with somebody younger for something. 


What a pity ah. Sure enough, ginger gets spicier as it gets older. The older, the wiser, his eye truly was lacking compared to Wu Wei’s.


Wu Shang and Wu Xu’s hearts were both filled with regret. 


Below, Qin Yu continued to flicker through the crowd in Big Bull’s direction. His movement technique was very strange, neither tense or slow, as if he was just casually taking a walk. Despite that though, nobody could hinder his way. He always found a small gap in the crowd and flitted by.


Suddenly, he felt something in the air shoot towards him. He was slightly distracted for a moment but his steps still didn’t stop moving. He only slightly raised his head, and stared at the sky intently. 


His gaze pierced through the thick fog and he saw three hidden, hazy silhouettes. Were they paying attention to him? 


Qin Yu scrunched up his eyebrows, and quickly retrieved his gaze. He lowered his head and continued walking, as if nothing had happened at all. 


“This child is scary, he actually discovered us paying attention to him.” 



In the air, the three elders frowned, shocked once again. With their strength, there was absolutely no way a mere Transformation Realm cultivator could notice they were watching them. Yet, they had actually been discovered. Impossible, how’d he know?



F*ck, what a genius! No… this was a freak!



The three couldn’t help but shiver in their heart. 

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