Chapter 144: The Road to Death


Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan were lucky. When the Martial Examination’s Illusionary Battlefield was shattered, they had both been transported to Zhengyang Sect’s territory and were luckily assisted by Liu Jiuyang. 


Liu Jiuyang saw the two’s foundation was pretty good and had potential so he decided to take them in and nurture them as disciples.


The two didn’t fail to live up to his expectations. With Zhengyang Sect’s cultivation manuals and resources, they had already managed to cultivate to the peak of Immersion Realm in just half a year. They were only one step away from entering Transformation Realm at only twenty years old.


Twenty years old and at the apex of Immersion Realm. Such a cultivation speed would’ve made them be known as an absolute genius amongst geniuses in Luosang City. Even in the sect, they would renowned. 


Even more fortunate was that in the Sect Competition last year, the two had defeated three inner sect disciples of Immersion Realm and successfully entered the inner sect.   


Originally Li Jiuyang was very proud of the two, but who could’ve imagined that they would immediately betray him after making it into the inner sect. They broke off all ties and went as disciples under a different teacher, but what made him even more angry, was that they actually claimed he had mistreated them as their teacher. At that time, he was angered until spitting blood, wishing he could personally kill that ungrateful couple. 


Only a while after did he understand that all of was this had been secretly plotted by Li Chong. He had bribed Dugu Feiyan and Li Yijian saying that he would restore Dugu Feiyan’s past beauty and give them even better cultivation resources.


Right now, Dugu Feiyan’s beauty really was restored and her cultivation was even stronger than before. However, the amount external resources could help her was finite and she ultimately still could not break through to Transformation Realm. It simply wasn’t that easy. 


“Li Chong, this area is under this manager’s jusdrictation. I don’t need you to come here to talk nonsense and even bring your shameless disciples with you. Just scram.” Liu Jiuyang snorted coldly, his stare icy as he looked at Li Yifeng and Dugu Feiyan standing behind Li Chong. The shameless disciples he had spoken of was naturally referring to them. 


Li Yijian and Dugu Feiyan understood the meaning in Liu Jiuyang’s words, but considered it beneath them to reply. A person will seek their way up just as water seeks their way down. One should constantly strive to make progress; if you, Liu Jiuyang did not have the ability to keep them, then why wouldn’t they move to be under another’s tuitlage? They completely forgot about the fact that if it weren’t for Liu Jiuyang, they wouldn’t even be alive today. 


Li Chong ignored Li Jiuyang, a trace of disdain appearing on his fleshy red face: “Li Jiuyang, please remember your status. You do not have the qualifications to act so unbridled as a manager. Could it be that you dare to disobey the sect rules?” 


Li Jiuyang’s face turned stiff but didn’t dare to flare out. The sect rules state that those of the outer sect must lower their heads to those of the inner sect. He really didn’t have the qualifications to shout like that at Li Chong. 


He felt helpless and frustrated as he ground his teeth with anger before easing his tone: “So what did you come here for?” 


“On the Inner Sect manager Lu’s orders, I’ve brought ten inner sect disciples to temper themselves in the hunting assessment.” Li Chong walked up to Li Jiuyang, looking down on him.


“What?” Li Jiuyang’s face changed, “The sect never had any customs like inner sect disciples participating in the hunt before. Did the Patriarch approve?” 


“Humpth.” Li Chong snorted coldly, “Li Jiuyang, are you saying that if it’s manager Lu, you can disobey?” 


“I…….” Li Jiuyang choked off. An inner sect manager’s orders was not something a trifling outer sect manager could disobey. 


Li Chong felt happy watching Li Jiuyang’s frustrated appearance, a smile of delight on his face: “Li Jiuyang, let me tell you the truth. The ones wanting to do the hunt are manager Lu’s beloved daughter Lu Meihong and disciple Mu Yang. The two of them want to play in this assessment.” 


“Play?” Li Jiuyang’s face twitched. The grand and important new disciple assessment was actually being used by the two to play. How absurd. 


However, all the anger and indignation he felt inside was absolutely useless. Who asked them to be lucky enough to have been born with a good dad. The feelings of a trifling outer sect manager could only be forcefully repressed inside. 


But there was a bit that made him confused. Amongst the ten behind Li Chong, there was neither Lu Meihong or Mu Yang.


“Li Chong, since the two of them wanted to come play, then why can’t I see them here? Could it be that you’re just using their names to talk nonsense. You must know, making use of another’s name is a huge crime!” Li Jiuyang’s aura once again surged up. 


“Making use of another’s name…? Haha, you really have a good imagination. You think I would dare to falsify manager Lu’s name? Open your sh*t eyes and take a good look at what this is.” Li Chong shouted as he suddenly brought out a gold tablet. This was precisely Zhengyang Sect’s highest level gold tablet for the managers and engraved on it, was an eye-catching ‘Lu’ character. 


Li Jiuyang’s whole body shook as his eyes fell on the gold tablet unable to say a word. 


Li Chong snorted and took back the gold tablet: “Li Jiuyang, let me tell you: stop talking so much nonsense. Otherwise, you will lose your seat as a manager very soon.” 


“He can just stop being a manager now. Get lost!” A young girl’s voice rang through the air as everybody turned to look at a red clothed lady. 


Upon seeing her, not only did Zhengyang Sect’s disciples kneel, but the two managers Li Jiuyang and Li Chong as well, showing her a respectful appearance. 


The one who had come was precisely Lu Meihong, the daughter of the manager Lu, who was ranked second of the Inner Sect’s Five Great Elders. A haughty youth followed behind her- Lu Meihong’s close partner and shadow. 


Lu Meihong’s face was cold as she walked up to Li Jiuyang. She stared at him coldly in a manner similar to the way a queen looked down a slave, her voice icy: “Li JIuyang, do you think you’re very strong as an Outer Sect Manager? You even dare to treat an inner sect manager with such rudeness.”


“Miss, This Li doesn’t dare.” Li Jiuyang spoke with terror. 


“Is that so? Then who was it earlier that told me to scram?” Li Chong added in, a sinister look on his face.


Li Jiuyang hated how he couldn’t directly go up and throttle Li Chong to death. He was clearly trying to force him to ruins.


“Hehe, not bad, you really have guts huh.” Li Meihong continued to sneer with an expression of disdain. 


“Junior Martial Sister, don’t bother continuing to speak rubbish with him. Just let him scram.” Mu Yang walked up from behind her with a tone of disgust towards Li Jiuyang. 


“Li Jiuyang, didn’t you already hear? You can scream now.” Lu Meihong spoke curtly. 


Li Jiuyang trembled and hastily spoke, “But I was personally appointed by Elder Han……” 


“I’ll go talk to Elder Han tomorrow personally.” Lu Meihong forcefully interrupted Li Jiuyang, “Now I’m in charge of this area and your role as an outer sect manager stops now. Very soon, you will receive a letter of your resignation.”


Once Lu Meihong said that, not only did Li Jiuyang’s, but all the outer sect disciples felt their hearts shudder. All of this was just because she had a powerful father. With a single sentence, an outer sect manager was disposed of without the slightest ability to resist. 


At the side, Dugu Feiyan and Liu Yijian watched this scene with relief. They were lucky to have left Li Jiuyang’s tutelage for Li Chong’s so quickly. Otherwise, they would've been dragged own with Li Jiuyang, their futures ruined. 


“Hehehe……” Li Jiuyang suddenly boomed with laughter, a penetrating laugh that was filled with despair and anger: “It’s just a mere position as an outer sect manager, so what if I don’t have it! Hahaha, Li Chong, you’ve finally fulfilled your dream. You should be satisfied now, right? Hahaha!” 


Li Jiuyang continued to laugh madly as he left, leaving everybody only the sorrowful sight of his desolate back and the echoes of his crazed laughter. 




The entrance assessment this time was something no newcomers could imagine. Who could’ve thought that due to Lu Meihong’s damned “meticiulous care” wanting to play around, countless lives with limitless potential and spirit would be damned on the road on joining the Zhengyang Sect.


The thousand who had come had no idea of their fate in the entrance assessment as they made their way to the fog ridden valley. The valley was level and expansive, enough to hold thousands so the thousand currently inside weren’t cramped at all.


The clouds surrounded all four sides of the valley densely like a wall. Apart from the entrance they came from, there was no way out. 


Everybody was baffled. Could it be that it really was just a valley?


The one in charge of leading this time’s assessment, Han Yuan was at the front of the crowd. He bowed respectfully at the clouds above the stone wall, his voice clear: ”I respectfully ask the Sect Protector Elders to open the Hidden Territory Exam Room!” 


“Hidden Territory?” A fire immediately lit in everybody’s hearts upon hearing the two words. So it turns out the exam room was actually a hidden territory. 


A hidden territory was something all cultivators couldn’t be more familiar with. It was a place filled with treasures that could give them endless benefits if they got their hands on one. There was no way they couldn’t be excited. 


Qin Yu was also in the crowd and was startled upon hearing somebody mention ‘hidden territory’. He hadn’t thought that the exam room would be connected to a hidden territory.


At this moment, his heart was filled with anticipation of getting some good treasures in the hidden territory to let him breakthrough faster. For him, the initial stage of Transformation Realm was still far too weak. 


Under everybody’s anticipating and excitement, three figures appeared in the sky through the clouds and mist, floating there silently. 


Suddenly, the crowd flared up, their eyes filled with fascination, respect, and zealous admiration at the three figures within the clouds and mist. 


Void Realm. The three Zhengyang Sect Protectors were famed for their Void Realm strength. 


Qin Yu frowned slightly upon seeing the three Void Realm cultivators appear. It seems like the hidden territory was special for it to require three Void Realm experts alltogether to open it. If it really was like this, then it would really be exciting. If he could break through to Spirit Realm inside, then he would definitely be able to get revenge. However, he didn’t know how long he would be able to stay in the hidden territory. 




In the air, the three figures shouted in unison. Their power was astonishing to the point where the entire Zhengyang Sect could hear their voices. 


Rumble, rumble...


A boom sound suddenly echoed, causing the valley floor to tremble with the rumbles like an earthquake.




Countless people cried out in alarm as they hurried to stabilize themselves before staring at the now split open stone wall in shock. They were utterly stunned. 


On the split open stone wall laid a huge crevice that grew bigger as it continued to crack.  Because of the stone wall’s cracking, the two mountain peaks that laid on the two sides of the wall slowly started to be pushed apart.


With a normal person’s strength, the thought of splitting open a stone wall or moving a mountain was utterly unthinkable. However, this was done right in front of their eyes, and with only three people at that. 


This was precisely the power of a man who was a master of cultivation. 


Therefore, everybody young aspired to be a master just like them. That zealous desire burned brightly in their hearts as a spark that grew into a blaze. They wished they could just rush into the crevice and enter the hidden territory to become a powerful expert with a limitless future through that one step.


But for most of the people here, the step they took was the first to their demise. 

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