Chapter 143 The Matters of the World are Hard to Guess

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Hearing the fatty’s explanation, Qin Yu started thinking. Seems like he must become a famous inner disciple in order to have the opportunity to enter the Qing Feng Palace. Thinkin up to here, he asked in a low tone, “How does one become an inner sect disciple?” 


“Cough cough cough…..”  The fatty was being strangled so strongly he couldn’t reply, he could only cough fiercely. Qin Yu had no choice but to loosen his hand, to let him breathe. 


“Huhuhu…..” The fatty gasped for air for a while before recovering. Then he replied, “Of course this is difficult, but those who are strong have a chance. Every year the sect will hold a competition amongst all disciples. Participating in the competition will determine your ranking and status. When the time comes, outer sect disciples can challenge inner sect disciples. As long as they can defeat three inner sect disciples then they can directly ascend to an inner sect disciple.” 


“Of course, there’s another opportunity to ascend, but this opportunity is very uncertain. If there’s an inner sect disciple that takes a fancy to you, you can directly before an inner sect disciple. Just like yesterday, the one called Qing Yun was directly pulled into becoming an inner sect disciple by the first ranked Wu Potian. 


It seems like the effects of Qing Yun directly becoming an inner sect disciple were quite prominent, there were so many people that knew about it. A lot of people were jealous and envious to no end. 


“I-I said everything. You can let me go.” The fatty spoke very naively. 


Qin Yu smiled. But it was a dangerous smile, causing the fatty’s heart to jump in trepidation, “If I were to let you go. Would you tell anyone about me killing your companion and throwing him down the mountain stream?”


“This…… no… nono… I won’t! I definitely won’t. I swear!” The The fatty suddenly responded, hastily spitting out a poisonous oath, “If I were to say anything, I won’t die an easy death.” 


“Hey hey. Just now you hesitated to sell yourself out. So I’ll be more at ease if you just died.” Qin Yu’s handed tightened all of a sudden. 


“No-- Kakaka….” The fatty was too late in letting out a shout and the sound of his neck shattering suddenly resounded. Soon after his fate was the same as the ones before him, the same as Huang Yongyan and the skinny guy. His corpse was thrown down with the stream and it quickly disappeared into the mist. 


After throwing the corpse down, Qin Yu didn’t stay much longer. He was afraid that more problems would crop up as he stayed, so he rapidly left the area and quickly arrived back to his residence. 


Three days. After three days he could participate in the disciple entrance examination. After he became a disciple of the sect then he would a way to become an inner sect disciple. 


These three days he must properly use to cultivate the ‘Frozen Soul Miracle’ and Secrets of Eternal Life’s ‘Refining Skin’ to give himself more bargaining chips to enter the inner sect. It would also give him more of an opportunity to get revenge on Mu Yang and Lu Meihong.




Three days of cultivation passed in the blink of an eye. 


In these three days, Qin Yu basically didn’t go outside, and was constantly in cultivation. 



After a long bitter session of cultivation, the Frozen Ice Palm finally had some substance to it. ‘Refining Skin’ also had reached the minor level of success. Normal strikes have no way of breaking his skin and thus injuring him. 


After three days, it was the day of the disciple entrance examination. On this day, in the plaza outside of the New Disciples Palace stood more than a thousand newcomers. If it wasn’t for the chaos and war going on outside and Zhengyang Sect being in such a chaotic region, there would be much more in the plaza. 


This time, the ones in charge of the examination was one of the Great Outer Sect Elders. He was Han Yuan, a Spirit Realm expert.


When the more than a thousand newcomers saw that just a random elder of the outer sect was a Spirit Realm expert, they all let out gasps at the strength of the Zhengyang Sect. One must know, in the outside world, a Spirit Realm expert was extremely rare and uncommon. As long as a  power could produce a Spirit Realm expert, they could rise rapidly, and become a superpower. 


However, in this place, a Spirit Realm expert was only an elder of the outer sect. If one were to casually count the number of experts at the Spirit Realm, adding on the inner sect elders, the number of Spirit Realm experts added up to ten. And if you were to add on the other people who weren’t elders but were more incredible than the elders… counting them up, Zhengyang Sect had at least ten of these experts. So many Spirit Realm and higher experts, to these newcomers, was an absolutely terrifying thing. 


Of course, the outer sect elders were also from the inner sect. If they wanted to cultivate to the Spirit Realm in the outer sect, it was impossible. The resources and manuals in the outer sect were very limited. It was only in the inner sect where one could truly be cultivated, and this was the allure the outer sect disciples yearned to reach.



Using people from the inner sect to be outer sect elders was also to give them a lot of control over the outer sect. Beside Han Yuan was a familiar face, Li Jiuyang. Big Bull still had the command medal that Li Jiuyang had given him. 


The medal was in Big Bull’s hands. Who knew if that guy had used it the past couple of days. In any case, Qin Yu despised those kinds of things. 


Thinking of Big Bull, Qin Yu suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen Big Bull in the last three days. Even now he didn’t see him. Who knows what kind of place he had run to. Hopefully nothing happened to him. That is to say, he did arrive here with him, and if something were to have happened, he wouldn’t be able to face Wu Lao when he returned to Yan Mountain.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you all to the decennial disciple entrance examination of my Zhengyang Sect. I am called Han Yuan, I am the main examiner of this examination. I am very honored…….” Standing atop the stage, Han Yuan started his speech, and first started off pleasantries. After he was done, he started to explain the rules and requirements of the examination. 


“Alright, my long-winded words will end here. Now, some people will lead you all to the place where the examination will take place.” After Han Yuan said that last sentence, a group of people who had been prepared a long time ago raised their brightly colored banners. They faced the right side, towards a valley. 


The thousand plus people immediately started following the banners. Unhurriedly walking in the direction of the valley. 


Seeing the stream of people, Han Yuan’s face curled into a strange smile, “Jiuyang, what about the hunters you’ve arranged? Are they all present?” 


He was asking Lu Jiuyang beside him. 


Li Jiuyang hesitated for a moment, a look of fear appearing on his face, “Elder Han, everyone has arrived except for one person. I’ve already found someone to replace him.” 


“Short a person?” Han Yuan’s expression sunk, “Who was missing?” 


“The missing person is a disciple called Huang Yongyan, his strength isn’t too bad and he’s worked with Zhang Bao to receive people. Three days ago was the last time Zhang Bao saw him. Afterwards, there hasn’t been anyone who has seen him. He seems to have just disappeared. The strange thing is that there’s another two outer sect disciple missing.” The more Li Jiuyang spoke, the more terrified he seemed to become. The three of them just unfathomably disappeared. He was an outer sect manager, but not to speak of how he couldn’t find them, he couldn’t even find why or how they disappeared. This was more than enough reason for him to lose his job. 


Sure enough, Han Yuan’s face turned angry, “Three people have disappeared, what kind of manager are you! Do you know why they disappeared?” 


“Still-still investigating.” Cold sweat poured out of Li Jiuyang, “I will personally investigate.” 


“What investigate, for the time being give the responsibility to someone else. Right now your main responsibility is to conduct the examination well.” Han Yuan angrily interrupted Li Jiuyang, “Why are you staring into space? Go do what you should be doing.” 


“Yes yes.” Li Jiu Yang hastily replied, turned around to leave when he suddenly remembered something. He then hastily turned back around, “Elder Han, in the examination there should be two people, one is called Qin Yu and the other is called Big Bull. A few days ago when I was returning to the mountain I met these two. Their strengths are terrifying. Hopefully elder can be more mindful of these two. It’d be best if they could become your disciples, this way………” 


“You don’t need to worry about this. Go handle your issues first.”  Han Yuan objected to Li Jiuyang’s words, it was only two new people from outside, how strong could they possibly be? Who knows if they’d even be able to pass the examination. To become the disciple of an elder isn’t that easy, are they worthy?

Li Jiuyang saw Han Yuan’s disdainful attitude and he was unhappy in his heart but the other’s strength and position was too high. He couldn’t say anything and could only put on the face of a yes-man and retreat. 


The hunters were characters they had to set up for every assessment. It was different from the hunters in the Slaughter Array Qin Yu had experienced before. These hunters were fixed to move only in specific areas called hunting areas and their purpose was to weed out people. 


After the newcomers participating in the examination finished their assignments, they would return. However they must pass through the hunting territory. After facing the interception of the hunters, those who passed would smoothly become Zhengyang Sect disciples. However, those who didn’t pass could possibly be threatened with life-threatening danger. 


Of course, before they would have to enter the hunting territory, they could choose to give up. 


According to the rules, for every hundred examinees, there would be five hunters. This time there would be more than a thousand people so Li Jiuyang arranged for fifty hunters to enter the hunting territory. They were all Immersion Realm cultivators. It could be seen that Origin Realm cultivators would have nearly no chance in this examination. Unless, of course, a heaven-defying Origin Realm cultivator appears. 


Before entering the hunting territory, Li Jiuyang first gave out orders to the fifty people he had picked out. 

“Everyone listen carefully. Even though you all are called hunters, but you’re not actually supposed to kill. As long as you can eliminate the weak examinees that should be enough. You can loot their belongings but don’t cause life-threatening injuries……” Li Jiuyang gave out orders in a serious manner. 


“If we don’t kill people how could we be called hunters? Li Jiuyang, this really doesn’t live up to expectations.” Suddenly a voice cut off Li Jiuyang’s orders. 


Li Jiuyang very unhappily looked at the direction where the voice had come from. When he saw who the person was, he was even more unhappy in his heart. However, he could only restrain himself because the person who had come, was from the inner sect. 


In total they numbered eleven, and the one leading them was a red-faced male. He had the same surname as Li Jiuyang, he was called Li Chong. They were actually from the same village. At first they came to Zhengyang Sect together, passed the examination and became disciple together, and both of them achieved their own agendas. They both became Zhengyang Sect managers. The difference was that one became an inner sect manager and the other an outer sect manager. 


Even though they were both managers, their status just wasn’t the same. Li Chong had become an inner sect manager, and was basically a rank above Li Jiuyang. He looked down, despised and belittled Li Jiuyang at every opportunity. The last few years their conflict never ended, and the once youths from the same village were now basically enemies.


“This time laozi is in charge of arranging the hunters, don’t tell me Li Chong wants to interfere?” 


Thinking up to here, Li Jiuyang’s face grew much colder. 


When he saw two familiar faces amongst the group following behind Li Chong, the anger in his heart threatened to burst out. Those two followed closely behind Li Chong, one male, one female. If Qin Yu were here, he would definitely recognize them. 


The male was Li Yijian. He was once the genius of one of the four great powers of Luosang City, the Hidden Sword Manor and one of the seeded contestants in the Martial Examination. The girl was Dugu Feiyan who was also once a seeded genius of one of Luosang City’s powers, the Dugu Family. 


Both of them had fought Qin Yu in the Martial Examination before, causing Li Yijian to lose a hand and Dugu Feiyan disfigured. 

However, the matters of the world were hard to guess, both of them had become inner sect disciples of Zhengyang Sect while Qin Yu was just a newcomer who was only about to take the entrance examination. 

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