Chapter 142 Killing to Prevent Leaking of Secrets

Chapter 142 Killing to Prevent Leaking of Secrets

Facing the two’s inquiries, Qin Yu could only put on a show, “He left a long time ago.” 

“He left? That’s not right. Just now I didn’t see him coming out.” Big Bull scratched the back of his head, his face covered with doubt, “My eyes and senses have always been very good, there’s no way I wouldn’t have discovered him ah?” 

Qin Yu really wanted to strangle Big Bull. 

    “He left already and that’s that. Don’t say so much nonsense.” Qin Yu unhappily shouted, “Don’t we need to go register? Are we going or not?” 

“Going, of course I want to go.” Big Bull hastily replied loudly. 

“Then let’s hurry along.” After saying this much Qin Yu pushed aside Big Bull, and focused on the road he was walking down. Bai Li and Big Bull could only follow after his footsteps. 

What caused Qin Yu to have some hesitation was the fact that all the people they came with had already registered. Not a single one cowered away. They had all suffered through adversity and spent much energy to arrive just for the sake of entering Zhengyang Sect as a disciple. None of them were willing to give up before they even tried. The unreconciled feelings they’d feel if they were to give up aside, they would also lose face amongst their peers. 

After registering and receiving their entrance slips they would use them three days later to enter the entrance examination. “Big Bull, you guys go back first, I’ll go take a walk.” Spoke to Big Bull after receiving the slips, and leaving the New Disciples Palace.

“That’s perfect! I also wanted to take a look around. Why don’t we call the Bai family’s brother and sister and we can all walk around together?” Big Bull proposed an idea. 

“Roll!” Qin Yu let out an impatient low voice, causing Big Bull to be unable to make head or tail of what was going on. 

Big Bull blankly stared at Qin Yu, his dark face showed that he was completely at a loss, “What’s wrong?” 

Qin Yu bitterly smiled as he shook his head, “Big Bull, that fat girl doesn’t suit you. Don’t keep on thinking about her. 

Big Bull looked at Qin Yu’s distant silhouette. He was depressed as he whispered, “I like Miss Bai, why is Qin Yu unhappy? Could it be that he also likes Miss Bai? But I snatched her first so he’s unhappy?” 

If Qin Yu were to hear him, he might just jump down a mountain to his death. 

“Brother Big Bull, what’s wrong with your brother, Qin Yu? He looks very unhappy?” The Bai family’s Bai Li and Bai Feng walked over and it was Bai Li who opened his mouth to ask. 

Big Bull quickly recovered his spirits, and his face his trademark honest smile appeared, “Hehe, It’s nothing. He just doesn’t want me to follow him. This way is perfect as well, Older Brother Bai, Miss Bai, let’s go take a look around. We can also get familiar with the surroundings.” 

“En. Alright.” Bai Li cheerfully agreed. 

Bai Li agreed, but beside him, Bai Feng’s expression was full of unwillingness. If it wasn’t for Bai Li who had warned her that Big Bull was an expert, she wouldn’t have been pulled along. 

The examination in three days was going to be full of danger; their lives might even be in danger. If they could bring along an expert, why not? That is to say, Big Bull’s foolish and dim-witted appearance was the easiest to use. However, Bai Li was somewhat afraid of Qin Yu. He couldn’t see through Qin Yu’s profoundness. 

“Younger Sister Feng, let’s go.” Bai Li pulled Bai Feng and gave her a look. Only with this did Bai Feng forced herself to follow the two. 

The three of them had just stepped onto a mountain road when they saw that there were a few people at the side also going up the road. Bai Feng immediately stopped moving. She put on the kingdom-toppling smile of a beauty, faced one of them and said, “Young Master Dongfang. Are you all also here to take a walk around?” 

Big Bull and Bai Li turned to look. Big Bull recognized him, he was the pretty boy that he almost strangled last night. Bai Feng seemed to be very interested in this gigolo, which caused Big Bull to feel very unhappy. 

The pretty boy was called Dongfang Jing, a very feminine sounding name. 

Dongfang Jing looked over at Bai Feng and saw Big Bull. His white face immediately turned gloomy. Following which, he didn’t bother to reply to Bai Feng and turned around to whisper to the wax-yellow faced man next to him, “Big Brother, it was that dark-skinned bastard that bullied me. Last night I almost died in his hands and I almost didn’t have the chance to meet you in this life.” 

When the waxen yellow faced man heard this, his gloomy gaze immediately fell onto Big Bull. But when he felt how strong Big Bull was from his aura, his eyebrows scrunched up.

Young Master Dongfang, why don’t we go together. The more people the merrier.” Upon seeing that she had been ignored by Dongfang Jing, she stuck her face out towards Dongfang Jing to invite them. 

Dongfang Jing didn’t have any interest in that fat girl, and even felt some disgust. Naturally he didn’t want to go together with her. He was just about to refuse when the wax-yellow male beside him whispered to him, “Agree with her, we will go together with them.” 

Dongfang Jing was stunned, he whispered confusedly, “Big Brother, why are we going together with them?” 

“That big black guy isn’t normal at all. If we go with them we can have a greater understanding. At the same time we can look for an opportunity to get rid of him to get revenge for you.” The wax-yellow male explained in a low voice. 

As soon as Dongfang Jing heard that it was for the sake of getting revenge for him, all his retorts disappeared. He immediately turned around to face Bai Feng, “Ok, let’s go together.” 

“Gugu…. That’s great!” Bai Feng was extremely excited as she ran to Dongfang Jing’s side, her fat face was smiling so much that her fat started to tremble. Upon seeing this, Dongfang Jing was very disgusted, but for the sake of revenge, he endured. 

“Young Master Dongfang, let’s go.” Bai Feng didn’t see the disgust Dongfang Jing felt towards her. She still happily sent him an enthusiastic invitation. 

“Ok, let’s go.” Dongfang Jing struggled to push down the disgust he felt as he nodded. 

Soon after, Dongfang Jing and company joined Big Bull and their numbers grew to seven. Together they walked up the mountain. 


On the other side of the mountain road, Qin Yu walked through a remote area. It was with difficulty that he found a mountain stream. Looking around and seeing no-one, he took Huang Yongyan’s corpse out of his space ring and threw him down the misty, foggy mountain stream. The stream went so far down that there wasn’t even any echoes. 

“Who’s there throwing random things?” A voice suddenly appeared, causing Qin Yu to jump in fright. Even deep within the forest there was still someone who discovered him.

Qin Yu quickly turned around to a fat and skinny figure. Both of them were wearing Zhengyang Sect’s disciple uniform. They were charging over to where he was with anger. 

Qin Yu’s face curled into a brilliant, yet harmless smile. However, in his heart waves of killing intent flooded out. In order to avoid a troublesome situation, these two must be killed to keep the secret to himself. 

Both of them very quickly ran over in front of Qin Yu. The fat guy pointed his finger at Qin Yu as he yelled, “What did you just throw away?! Don’t you know that you’re not allowed to throw things randomly here?” 

Fortunately they only saw that Qin Yu had thrown something down, they didn’t know that what Qin Yu had thrown down was Huang Yongyan’s corpse. “Eh? I’m sorry, Senior Disciples, I’m new here. I didn’t know the rules……..” Qin Yu put on the appearance of a newcomer that had been scared witless.

“Stop spouting nonsense, what did you throw down just now?” The skinny one cut off Qin Yu with a loud voice. His lungs were surprisingly much bigger than the fat ones. His expression was also much more cruel. 

“No-nothing. It was just some dirty clothes.” Qin Yu tried to explain with a trembling voice, “We traveled a thousand li to hurry here… we were rushing so we didn’t have the chance to wash our clothes. When we arrived, we changed clothes… we didn’t know how to deal with the dirty clothes so I just threw- I just threw them.” 

“You swine head! Don’t you know you should go wash the clothes?”  The skinny one cursed maliciously. 

Qin Yu had a slight smile on face, his heart got colder. Anyone who dared to curse him as swine had never lived past the day. 

“Junior Disciple, don’t say so much to him. Take him to the Punishment Hall to have him punished. Even though we know he’s new, having a taste of the rod is a must.” The fatter one laughed evilly. 

“Hmph hmph. Let’s go.” The skinny one shouted, his hand clawing out to grab onto Qin Yu’s shoulder. He wanted to use strength to drag Qin Yu along. However, Qin Yu still stood there unmoving. 

“You?” The skinny one was startled, his facial expression changing in an instant. 

“What’s wrong?” The fatty walked over, confused as to what happened. 

Now, both of them were very close to Qin Yu. It was the most optimal time to make a move. Qin Yu’s small smile suddenly turned into a grim smile as both of his hands abruptly charged out. They seem to have turned into iron pincers as he strangled their necks. 

Both of them were greatly alarmed. The skinny one, who was close to Qin Yu, wanted to resist but unfortunately he was just an Immersion Realm cultivator. In the hands of a Transformation Realm Expert like Qin Yu, he had no chance of struggling at all. 

Qin Yu used strength and a crisp, ‘kacha’, resounded through the air. The skinny one’s neck had been broken. Following which, Qin Yu flung his arm and a tragedy occurred. Just like with Huang Yongyan, his corpse fell disappeared into the mist and once again, there wasn’t any echoes. 

“Junior….. Junior Disciple………” The fatty was being strangled by Qin Yu. His throat was thicker so he wasn’t as quick to die. However, he quickly suffocated.

His face no longer held any of his previous viciousness. His face held only terror, and that was all that was on his face, terror. He never would’ve thought that Qin Yu who had looked like an Origin Realm cultivator, would turn out to be a Transformation Realm expert. 

Immersion Realm cultivators, in front of Transformation Realm experts, were unable to even withstand a single blow. 

“You… who in the world…. Are you?” He could still force out a strenuous low, raspy voice. This was Qin Yu’s intention, to let him be able to speak, but not very loudly. 

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is do you want to live or die?” Qin Yu had turned from the previous harmless youth into this cruel and vicious evil wolf. His gaze he shot at the fatty caused him to quickly fall into a bottomless of abyss of fear.

“I want to live, I want to live! Don-Don’t kill me!” On the face of the fatty large beads of sweat started rolling down his forehead, his originally ruddy face had turned pale white like paper. 

“Tell me, where is the Qing Feng Palace?” Qin Yu asked very fiercely.

Huang Yongyan had told Qin Yu about the Qing Feng Palace, that Qing Yun was there. Just now he had killed Huang Yongyan too quickly, he forgot to ask where the Qing Feng Palace was located at. Fortunately now someone had sent themselves to his doorstep to offer information. 

Hearing the three words Qing Feng Palace, the fatty’s face turned even paler, “Yo-you, what do you want to do there? That isn’t a place we can go to…….” 

“Shut up with your nonsense. You just need to tell me where it is.” Qin Yu made a low shout. 

“Qing Feng Palace is further up Tiantai Mountain. It is our Zhengyang Sect’s most sacred place. Ordinary people do not have the qualifications to enter, and we outer disciples have even less qualifications to enter. I’ve been in the Zhengyang Sect for almost ten years but I've never been there…. So I c-ca-can’t tell you where it is exactly.” 

When the fatty got the latter half of his words he started to tremble even more uncontrollably. He was terrified that if he said that he didn’t know, Qin Yu would immediately strangle him to death and then throw him down the stream as well. 

“However, if you really want to know, you can go ask an inner disciple. A lot of them have had the opportunity to go there.” 

The fatty was afraid Qin Yu would get angry so he hastily followed up with a few more words.

"Where are the inner disciples?” Qin Yu quickly asked. 

“The inner disciples live separately from us, they live at the foot of Tiantai. If we want to go to Tiantai we have to pass through where they live……” Speaking up to here, the fatty had to open his mouth wide to pant deeply. He almost couldn’t take it anymore. 

“How do I get to the inner sect?” Qin Yu didn’t care if he lived or died as he continued interrogating. 

“If you want to go to the inner sect you must be outer sect manager. Otherwise you need to get one of the outer sect elders to bring you in. Otherwise, we ca-can’t en-enter.”

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